“I do not regret many of my enhancements, but plastic surgery is not something that should be glorified. Take it seriously.”

Heidi Montag

If you’re insecure about a feature on your face and you think that you must go under the knife, try to find the root of the problem. Do you really hate your chin, or is it due to the pressure or societal stereotypes of the person who succeeds in Hollywood? Usually, it is all in your head. Once you are able to overcome this and embrace your “flaws” it might even help you build your brand as a performer.

If you find that you still need the surgery, then go for it. But be careful and consider all the negatives before you go in. In my professional opinion, as someone who is part of the industry and lives in the center of it all (Los Angeles), I say it is not something that is necessary. I’ve seen many people with distinct and unique features make it big without any alterations. Building a successful acting career in Los Angeles includes many steps, but plastic surgery is not one of them.

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