Corporate Headshots are a must for every serious company in Los Angeles.

LiveChat Software

LiveChat Software is a software company that provides different customer services. As you may understand, people are the essential stakeholders of their company; therefore, they should do their best to grab their attention and gain their trust. For this reason, LiveChat Software chose a very creative method for its Team Page.

They organized thematic photo sessions for each of their employees to get some fun images.


A company that calls itself creative should have had an innovative approach to its clients. Another great example of a company that has corporate headshots on their website. And the first step towards the clients is the atmosphere they create on the team page. Calling that section “Rethinkers,” the company uploaded creative photos of the staff members. Here you can see some of them. Moreover, maybe want to ask a professional photographer in Los Angeles to make similar ones for your website.

Aren’t they cool? This company makes the visitors willing to stay on their website thanks to the photos of their employees.

A professional corporate headshot is a chance for your company to create a positive image. Besides, you may possibly even turn your website, visitors, into potential consumers of your products or services. Firstly, you should do as an employer is looking for a professional headshot photographer in Los Angeles: a person who will put effort into providing your website with perfect corporate headshots of your staff members. That’s why, you may contact me for a professional approach to your wishes. And, we could draw special pricing depending on your team size, location, and other preferences.

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