Ans headshot Photographer in LA will tell you that you should always try to use hashtags on Instagram and Twitter to find people with similar outlooks and experiences. Look for the trending hashtags in the acting community and join in!

2. Be active

Only opening an account on social media is never enough. To build effective relationships, you must keep a steady presence online. Check your notifications on a regular basis and reply to anyone who interacts with your posts. Thank your fans and the people who retweet and share your posts, especially if they do it multiple times. It shows your humility and appreciation.

3. Ask a Lot of Questions

This is the perfect way to start conversations with other professionals in the industry. If you’re on Twitter, use hashtags often as they will bring people to your account who don’t follow you (yet). Many of my clients find me through online recommendations when someone asks “Do you know any headshot photographer in Los Angeles?” And most of my previous clients or facebook friends tag me in the comments. Answer questions you find on platforms and people who agree might click on your profile. Then you will get on their radar as an interested member, a fan, a coworker or a colleague.

4. Be Open

Listen. Just like any normal relationship, a meaningful conversation online involves speaking and listening. When you join a discussion, always read the whole text and understand the context, don’t skim. Always express your point of view and try to understand those who disagree. Be sure your opinions are insightful, well-thought-out, and not self-centered.

How can I get more followers?

Once your headshots have been uploaded, your podcasts episodes are up, and you have laid the base of your digital brand you will want to grow your online following. In order not to overdo it and lose your current followers, you must be tasteful and subtle. Excessive hashtags, robotic commenting, and empty compliments will be immediately recognized and will stick to and harm your brand. The line between being genuine and being annoying is very thin, and most people will see through your actions.

Thus far, we have talked about how to build your brand, and now it’s time to discuss how to make your following without being obvious and tormenting everyone.

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