Stepanyan Photography offers corporate headshots for law offices and other Los Angeles based companies, like medical companies, real estate agencies, and IT companies, etc. The corporate headshot sessions take place both in our photo studio and on-location. There’s a $300 fee for on-location shoots. See our headshot pricing page for more information. Check out our headshot reviews on yelp and google.

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How to make your clients trust your company?

The presence of headshots and multiple photos will engage visitors to your website. However, how to make them get interested in your company and become clients? Photos and corporate headshots on your website can contribute to this goal, but there are specific characteristics you should follow. Here they are:

1. Professionalism

The professionalism of the headshots will make the clients trust your company and become a regular consumer. If you get professional headshots for your employees, the consumers will be sure about the quality and the professionalism of your company. The customers will know you are the right specialists and have serious missions and a respectful attitude towards them. Contact a professional headshot photographer in Los Angeles to get the best for your website. Invest in your future!

2. Uniqueness

Even though you should follow some professional standards, nobody said your headshots should be niche. Depending on your website’s content, think of a unique theme for your employer’s headshots. Even if you are a serious business organization, your mission is to create a friendly atmosphere to attract clients. Think of a special conception, dress code, accessories, and other things to have a themed team page.

3. Looking Real

Do not insert stock photos on the website of your company. You should have authentic images taken by a headshot photographer in Los Angeles. Your consumers should be sure that whatever the content of your website is, it is real. This way, the stakeholders of your webpage will take your company seriously and be willing to cooperate with you.

4. Human and Relatable

The headshots on your website should be natural. They need to talk to the visitors conversationally. This way, they will know the team outside the office and make a good opinion about your company outside the office.