What is Heller Approach?

Another Los Angeles Acting youtube channel that you should follow if you want to develop your acting career in Los Angeles. This channel is different than the ones discussed above, which makes it an absolute requirement for you to subscribe.

The Heller Approach is actually not a famous academic approach. It is an acting technique that a University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) former professor Brad Heller invented. Brad Heller is an actor and director himself, and he took the path of teaching this art in one of the best Los Angeles Acting youtube channels.

What to find on the Channel?

On The Heller Approach Los Angeles acting youtube channel, you will find acting lessons based on the Heller Approach. Moreover, Brad Heller himself speaks in the videos. By the way, he also gives acting classes in his acting studio in Los Angele, which you can visit. The studio is located at 211 Victory Avenue, Burbank. The videos of this Los Angeles YouTuber include the following:

How to:

  1. find the conflict
  2. connect to the audience
  3. find your style
  4. choose your emotion
  5. make your scene natural
  6. internalize your feelings
  7. effectively memorize your lines
  8. figure your character out
  9. start actor’s preparation

Why subscribe?

As an actor and director, Mr. Heller teaches his own technique of acting, which you may find truly interesting to learn about. Besides, Obtaining the traditional knowledge of Stanislavski’s system and other methods, it is worth spending some time to increase your professional academic arsenal.

“Where people learn how to be actors and actors learn how to be people.”

Mr. Heller

Therefore, be curious and take the opportunity to learn something new about your career. Click here to read the full article.