Podcasts aren’t a recent technological outbreak. But they have become trendy recently due to HQ audio tools becoming more affordable and accessible, and the simplicity of editing software. As part of digital branding for actors, podcasts are the perfect place to gain tips on acting, auditioning, getting perfect headshots. And everything you need to know about building you career. With podcasts such as the “Hollywood Close-Up” actors Natalie Lipka and Wayne Frazier show you how to create a career in the entertainment industry. However, they also provide a great platform to gain new followers and discuss all types of work and non-work related topics. People listen to podcasts when they’re driving, cooking, and doing day-to-day activities, so if you portray your brand, you are sure to gain long-time listeners.

Can digital branding actually get me jobs?

The answer is YES! There are different ways in which digital branding can help you get gigs, some straightforward, others more indirect. You have to work on networking and visibility, and the more thoroughly branded you are in the digital scene, the more connections you will make. Along with the links, you will also be able to build your fanbase. The more people you know even online, the more projects and open slots you will know about.

Here are 5 ways that actors can find and create serious acting relationships using social media.

1. Be Outgoing

Twitter and Instagram are like a big gathering of people where you don’t know anyone. To meet new people, you will need to engage! You can introduce yourself and make yourself known by liking or commenting and following others. This might give you a follow-back, and that can lead to many new possibilities. Social media is an open door to access professionals without making an appointment at their office. You should not wait for them to make a move. Be the first one to do it and take advantage of this opportunity.

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