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Seda Stepanyan
March 2, 2020
Actors' Networking Events in Los Angeles

Every actor dreams about a successful career in Hollywood. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, who does many affordable headshots for actors, I know that many young talents work hard to be one of the most successful actors. But in this sphere, being talented and having a good portfolio is not enough. In order to stay in the game, you must develop your networking skills during your whole life. Networking is one of the essential skills that every actor must-have. It makes your circle of connection bigger and helps to get to know many people who may play a massive role in your life. Many actors fail at the beginning of their careers. One of the reasons, which explains this may be that there are many barriers, which are hard to conquer if you don’t know how to network. So, as a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I am going to share with you why networking is so important, and give you an easy guide on how to behave during actors’ networking events in Los Angeles. 

Why Networking is Beneficial for Actors

Networking doesn’t mean that this is the only way to get your desired roles in the movies or become successful. It means that in order to become one step closer to your dreams, you must meet people and get yourself known by other actors, directors, writers, etc. Maybe during one of the actors’ networking events in Los Angeles, you may meet a director who tries to find new and interesting talents for the upcoming movie. This is also an excellent opportunity to learn from people who may have been longer in the industry. Even if you talk to them for 5 minutes, you can get a lot of valuable information and use it for your future career. For headshot photographers in Los Angeles, 5 minutes is a whole eternity to capture beautiful pictures. So even in 1 minute, it is possible to make an impression. As I am a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I also try to learn from others and, at the same time, have an opportunity to share my knowledge.

How to Start Networking Right Now

For most of the actors, one of the first questions is “ How to start networking?”. At first, it may seem hard, because you may think that you don’t have enough experience. Especially when you are fresh to the industry, everything is strange for you. But once you start communicating with other people, you’ll notice how even the first experience helps you to develop your networking skills. If you are in Los Angeles, I can assure you that there are many ways that you can meet people from the industry. You may meet with someone accidentally, and then that one meeting can change your life. I am sure you have read or watched a lot of success stories like this. But let’s not rely on life’s fate and start creating your path yourself. So to be well prepared here are a couple of tips that every actor must be familiar with.

Attend Acting Classes

One of the ways to start your networking journey can be by attending acting classes. I will recommend you to get involved in an acting class which has a good reputation. Such courses arrange their events, and many people from the industry attend those events. This will help to meet other actors, agents, directors, and get to know many talented and well-known people. Those classes will not only be a source of new information but also you will have an opportunity to communicate with other beginner actors. I am sure that they also can recommend some events or places which you must check out. And it is always useful to talk with people who share the same path as you do. They may tell you about things that you have never heard or thought about. Here you can find a couple of best acting classes in Los Angeles.

Find Special Events

As I have already written above, those classes arrange their events. The best acting classes may organize huge events for special holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.), so you don’t need to miss those events. But there are also other ways to find actors’ networking events in Los Angeles. You can ask other people from the industry for some recommendations. But if you don’t know whom to ask, you can use the unlimited amount of information that the internet provides. If you search, you’ll notice that many events get published in famous publications. Even if you find a huge event that is far from where you live, I highly recommend you to do your best to reach that place and attend the event. For example, Los Angeles is one of the centres of such events. Of course, big cities may host more significant and more influential events, but if you are from a small town, that doesn’t mean that you are unable to attend those events. 

Social Media

And of course, today, one of the best ways to get new information is social media. With the help of social media platforms, it became more comfortable and faster to connect with people and find what you want in a couple of minutes. I am sure there are many groups which are posting things that actors like you may need. Try to join those groups, and you’ll get a massive amount of information. There are many blogs that will also be very useful. In one of my articles I wrote about them, so you can check it out here. Don’t be afraid even to start your small group. You can create a group that will connect with other beginner actors, and this will make it easier for you to acquire useful information. You may post questions, and I am sure many people will give you their answers. So make sure that you follow certain pages and keep yourself updated. 

How to Behave at Actors’ Networking Events in Los Angeles

As I have already said, networking events are full of influential people in the industry. Many producers, directors, writers try to find new talents who will be part of their stories. They try to find people who are new and who will bring fresh waves with them. This doesn’t mean that you need to look extravagant or do crazy things to get noticed. There may be many people in the game, so to stand out from the crowd, you need to be open and communicate easily. Don’t try to be fake; just be who you are and try to feel comfortable. Nowadays, people appreciate honesty more than fake things. Start a conversation with people, and you’ll see how smooth it will go forward. Grab your favourite drink, and just enjoy the evening and appreciate the opportunities that you have. For taking beautiful and affordable headshots, most of the headshot photographers in Los Angeles also try to find people who are not ordinary and have their unique energy. 

Build Up the Relationship

Attending actors’ networking events in Los Angeles and communicating with people is not enough. You should try to keep in touch with them even after those events. This may be a little bit hard at first, but when you start communicating with other people, you’ll see how many topics you can share. You can suggest they meet and talk about the actor industry, your profession, etc. Networking doesn’t mean that only you need to have a good relationship with others. Other people also may need to communicate with you. So your professional relationship may be beneficial for everyone. This process is not simple, but it gets more exciting and easy in time. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I always try to build relationships with other photographers, clients, and people from my industry because there is always a place to learn from them, share my knowledge and just have a great circle of connections. 

Become More Confident 

I know that it is tough to get out of your comfort zone and start to try new things that you have never tried before. But as you are an actor, you need to know that confidence is the key to your success. You must be courageous enough to talk to strangers and introduce yourself to them in a proper way. But if you feel shy at the beginning, you can ask someone to come with you to actors’ networking events in Los Angeles, so that you don’t feel alone. Suggest one of your parents, siblings or friends to accompany you. But remember that this doesn’t mean that you must talk only to your friends. They are there to help you to be more confident, but you should try to communicate with other people and introduce yourself. This is what you should do in order to survive in the industry, so start to master your skills beginning from today. 

Quality not Quantity

At the actors’ networking events in Los Angeles, you’ll meet many people, but it is important to understand that you don’t need to get close to everyone. This will disturb you, and others may build a wrong idea of you. For example, I know a lot of cases when someone made fast relationships with others, and after a short time, they started not to talk to each other. When you attend actors’ networking events in Los Angeles, try to make deeper and quality contacts with the ones to whom you speak. Nothing happens quickly, so you will work hard and try to nurture your relationship with others. Your biggest goal is to step-by-step become closer to your dream career, so be wise in your moves. If you talk to someone, and suddenly understand that he or she is not the one with whom you would like to have contact, then it is not shameful to stop talking to them. It is essential to be patient and flexible.

Provide Your Help to Others

Remember that this industry is full of people who may also need your help. The truth is that for many people, it would be important to know how you can help them before they help you. It is crucial to listen to people carefully and understand their needs. If you go to those events, only for satisfying your needs and only for finding people who will help you, then I want to tell you that you are not on the right path. You should try to offer them your help as well. For example, if someone is filming a movie and he or she needs a particular prop which you have, it would be very useful if you could offer it to them. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles who does affordable headshots, I always try to help the ones who may need my professional advice, skills, or something else. This is very important in the professional world, so I advise you to be as open as you can.

In Conclusion…

In every industry, you need to work very hard to achieve your goals. You can’t effortlessly reach any kind of heights. Especially if you are an actor in Hollywood, you must be aware that each year thousands of people try to make their steps in Hollywood, and you should move forward in a persistent manner. As you saw, one of the most important skills of this journey is networking. Even if you are the best in industry, knowing how to network will lead you forward in many situations. If you can’t communicate with others, then it may be impossible to attract the attention of many famous people. There are no specific rules for this. All you need to do is to be natural, open, and easy to communicate with. Be ready to meet with different people, and don’t be afraid of diversity. So I highly recommend you to start mastering your networking skills right now and discover actors’ networking events in Los Angeles. 

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