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Seda Stepanyan
January 16, 2020
6 Best Free Casting Websites of 2020

Today, thanks to the development of technologies, actors who are about to begin their acting career in Los Angeles, have the chance to find job opportunities online. Casting websites make that process accessible to actors, thus making it simple to respond to Los Angeles casting calls. It is no more necessary to print out your resume and a headshot made by a Los Angeles headshot photographer. Opening your computer right now, you have the chance to find casting opportunities that are appropriate and free. If you are a starting actor and if you are looking for a place to make your first step in, this is the right place for you to be. Below you can find the best free casting websites of 2019 with detailed descriptions.

1. Backstage


Backstage is one of the dominant acting websites. It describes itself as a platform that educates and informs emerging actors about the requirements of their career. Backstage essentially leads actors to become talented performers and achieving their goals. It is a a webpage that is looking for your talent and does everything possible to make it possible for you to reach your purposes. 

You can see Los Angeles casting call opportunities just by entering the casting calls section of Backstage. You will find out more than 10000 acting job opportunities there. It provides the following information for each job opportunity:


Backstage provides a detailed description of each casting opportunity it offers. You can select the “read more” button of each of the description sections, and you will find all the information you need about that job. It enables you to find the company name, the production details, and the suggested roles. You will also be able to apply in this section just by clicking the Apply button. 

Dates And Locations

You will find the location of the production and what time you need to be there right below the Description section. You will also see any dates with important meetings or rehearsals that you need to attend. If a special interview date is listed, don’t forget to take your resume and headshot. You may need these two at any moment. 

What are you auditioning for?

A commercial? A theater performance? Or, a film? What kind of film is it? You will see a small icon in the upper part of the job offer. In case you are interested in the particular form of an acting career, you may consider this tool helpful. 

Additional Information

Backstage also notifies with a green icon whether the job is paid or not. Further, the casting call provides some information about additional requirements, such as the desired age or gender for a specific role. 


The ability to filter among the thousands of job opportunities is the best thing about this website. It enables you to filter the characteristics of the casting call you wish to have. You may choose a special role type, production, and location. You can also filter your gender and approximate age in order not to waste time. 

Backstage serves as a casting streaming tool where you can find a job among numerous Los Angeles casting calls. You can get quality opportunities here as it truly cares about your career and is willing to work with emerging talents.

2. Casting Frontier

casting frontier los angeles

Casting Frontier is one of the first innovators to implement an online casting opportunity. Launched in 2006, it made it possible to do the step-by-step audition online. Now there is no more need for struggling through the stress of entering the audition room. This platform allows casting directors to post their announcements on the website. Consequently, it becomes easier for emerging actors to do the preparatory work, including writing a resume and getting a headshot at a Los Angeles headshot photographer’s studio as the auditioning process itself is less stressful.  

Casting Frontier, as one of the best casting websites, suggests the following 4 steps that lead to reaching your goals. 

Create Your Profile

Here you can showcase your professional resume, headshot, and demo reel.

Find Acting Roles You Want

You can search among dozens of casting calls and filter with characteristics that are applicable to you.

Apply To Auditions With A Click

The only thing you have to do for applying to a casting call is just one click. 

Audition From Anywhere

You can be located anywhere in the world, and the casting directors can contact you remotely. 

On this website, with numerous casting calls in Los Angeles and other locations, you have three membership options. Signing in to the Casting Frontier, your free account will include the following:

  1. An online resume 
  2. 1 headshot by a professional headshot photographer 
  3. Casting call submissions with limited role possibilities 

The free subscription already provides decent opportunities. However, if you want more professional headshots and other options, you can pay for premium or premium plus membership level. 

Thanks to casting frontier, it becomes easier both for the actors and for the casting directors to organize the auditions. Take advantage of the fact that it is free and start your phenomenal acting career in Hollywood.  

3. Casting Networks Incorporated

casting networks los angeles

Casting Networks Incorporated is also one of the best free casting websites that is a pioneer in this field. It was one of the first organizations that understood that the so-called talent scouting is not making the casting process productive. That is why this is a great place to respond to Los Angeles casting calls and audition online. 

Casting Network Incorporated scheduled 14 million auditions since its creation in 2002. As you can see, Casting Network Inc. is one of the best casting websites right now, so you can think about finding your dream job here. 

There is a free account opportunity on this website, but it requires you to have agency representation. The free membership includes the following:

  1. A free professional headshot 
  2. A profile that casting directors can search and find
  3. An online resume with a personalized Uniform Resource Locator
  4. Free access to new projects 
  5. Access to people such as directors, Los Angeles headshot photographers and acting coaches

Casting Network Inc. is a professional website and one of the best ones where you can find quality casting calls. Therefore, even if you do not belong to any agency, you might think about paying $25 and becoming a member here. 

4. Playbill

playbill casting agency los angeles

If you live in the United States, you have probably heard about playbill. You should be familiar with playbill as a magazine, and you may associate it with the famous yellow pamphlets. Some people find them cool, while others think they are annoying. But did you know that Playbill does something more than just producing those yellow pamphlets? Yes, it does, and it is actually what you desperately need if you are an actor.

The company has a casting website where you can find numerous casting calls in Los Angeles and other cities as well. On the website of Playbill, you can find new jobs and auditions every day. This website serves as a free resource for you to look for opportunities to start your career or to earn some money as an actor. 

Unfortunately, Playbill does not have a submission portal; however, all the posts are legitimate and of high quality here. They provide all the necessary contact information so that you do not have difficulties. It also provides information on what you should have for your application, including the number of headshots, the details about your demo reel, etc. Make sure to know how to prepare an excellent demo reel and where to get a headshot by a professional LA headshot photographer. 

5. Actors Access

Los angeles casting calls

Actor Access is a fantastic platform today not only for emerging talented actors but also for casting professionals. Breakdown Services run this website, which talks about nothing else but the professionalism of the website. Being one of the primary distributors in the acting industry, Breakdown Incorporation makes Actors Access one of the best casting websites in 2019. 

Actors Access is a website where you can find high-quality gigs even if you don’t have an agent. As the website has a free membership opportunity, you may want to know what it includes:

  1. All-day access to breakdowns in the website 
  2. A resume, a size card and 2 headshots to upload for free 
  3. A 7-second-long video where you introduce yourself 

As in any casting website, Actors Access also has maintenance fees. Therefore, the additional elements that you wish to have in your profile need payment. However, the free membership provides opportunities that are surely enough for responding to Los Angeles casting calls. 

There is one thing that makes Actors Access special among the other best casting websites. It has a tool called Showfax, which allows you to search for future projects in your city. For instance, if you live in Los Angeles, just choose your city here and find the best casting calls that have the potential to put a start for your acting career in Hollywood. 

Actors Access provides every single service that may come to an actor’s as well as a casting director’s mind. It is a perfect place for the actors to make the first step towards their acting career in Hollywood and. It is also a great place for the casting directors to find the most talented actors for their projects. 

6. Mandy.com

casting Los Angeles

Among the free casting websites that you had a chance to read here, Mandy.com is the one with the highest recognition. There are certain characteristics that define Mandy.com as a quality website. 

Many opportunities 

Mandy.com provides free access to auditions in different spheres of acting, including theatre roles, films, and TV productions, voiceovers, and child acting. What is more, in case you are interested in, there are also casting opportunities for musicians, dancers, and singers at Mandy.com.


Mandy.com is very simple. Right after entering the website, you make your free registration and start looking for casting calls. 


Mandy.com has over 6500 casting calls each month. You can have access to various job opportunities with their contact information and choose the best one for your acting career. 

In addition to this, Mandy Network is in the leading position among the best free casting websites thanks to the services it provides. Here they are:

Instant Job Alerts

Registering at Mandy.com, you will receive notifications about new jobs and auditions via email. This may seem natural. However, the ones that you receive will match your location and correspond to your skillset. Sounds great, right? Mandy.com facilitates your research.  

Professional Profile

You will have the opportunity at Mandy.com to create a personal profile, where you can upload your headshots made by your Los Angeles headshot photographer. You will create a platform where casting agencies will be able to find out some information about you as well. 

Network and Connections

In a community with over 2.7 million participants, you will be able to find new contacts and new opportunities to achieve new goals in your acting career.

Create a Website

The Mandy Network creates the opportunity to turn the profile you made into a real website just with one click. 

As you may already guess, Mandy.com is a fantastic place to consider for starting an acting career in Hollywood. It is also a great place for agents to find new jobs for their clients. The Mandy Network is a professional platform and is in a leading position among the best casting websites. 

So, let’s imagine that you, as a starting actor, have just finished writing your resume and have just got a fantastic actor’s headshot from a Los Angeles headshot photographer. It is now time to look for Los Angeles casting calls for your career. As you already know, it is not necessary to go to a casting agency physically. The new age with digital technologies allows you to look for opportunities and build your career with the use of your electronic devices. You can get your job online thanks to the best casting websites that you had a chance to read about above.

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Seda Stepanyan
October 12, 2019
Networking Dos and Don'ts for Los Angeles Actors

Invited to a party? Now that’s where you’re wrong. When you are an actor, any party is an important networking event. Of course, you should bring your dancing shoes, but for you, what’s essential is lying outside of the dance floor. Firstly, you should know networking dos and don’ts for actors in Los Angeles.

Yes, being talented and perfecting your craft is essential, but the talent is never enough. To be a well-known actor in Hollywood, you must look around and utilize everything and everyone you have around you. Networking is creating and maintaining relationships with professionals in the industry who might be able to help you in a hasty manner or in a way that you could never imagine.

Being an experienced headshot photographer in Los Angeles comes with its perks. Read on to see my tips on the common mistakes and unknown methods of good networking for actors in Los Angeles.

Be Proactive

If you’re at a party where you don’t know anyone, it’s common to feel timid and shy, maybe even hide in the bathroom. But, to take the first step, you must build up some confidence and go for it. Chances are everyone around you is doing the same thing. So don’t miss out. Any Los Angeles party is a hidden group of agents and actors looking to be paired up. 

Represent yourself

Always put your best foot forward. Having your “elevator pitch” ready will put you at a much higher advantage over those who are going in unprepared. Try to summarize your past experiences, your hobbies, your motivation, and personality in a short 1-2 minute speech-type text. This should not be too heavy and hard to take in, and should not sound like you’re robotically reciting a text that you have no connection to.

Be quick, precise, and accurate at all times. Ensure you have the listener engaged. Try to hook your listener and make it memorable by starting with an action phrase and ending with a call to action. Use simple language, but do not dumb it down too much. 

Having your “elevator pitch” ready will put you at a much higher advantage over those who are going in unprepared.

Ask Questions

Asking questions will allow you to better what you already know and learn new things about the industry. Before going to any event, try to research and ask around about who will be present there along with you and look them up. Find their work and other information you can, and note down some questions you would like answered. Always have a few more vague questions in mind in case you meet with someone you didn’t know before. When answering questions, the person in front of you will feel a sense of importance and appreciation. And, in the end, this will only benefit you. 

You should engage not only with known professionals but try to approach people who are drinking a cocktail alone or are looking around. They may be on the same level as you. Everyone has different experiences, and they may tell you about an agency or an open call you don’t know about. Asking questions will also help steer the conversation to more interesting topics if you feel that it’s becoming awkward or repetitive. This is one of the most important networking dos and don’ts for actors.

Keep in Touch

At the end of a conversation, always ask for the person’s contact information and preferred platform. It’s essential to keep in touch but also to stay in touch and to follow up. Send articles once you think they’d like or ask about something you know they’re interested in. Try always to keep your business cards on hand. I am a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, and I also keep my cards on hand, because I can find a client in the most unexpected places. 

It is also vital to stay in contact with your old friends, coworkers, teachers, classmates, headshot photographers, and so on. They can be a huge help if they see an opening that matches your description, or maybe one of them might be friends with an agent. I am not saying send them a text message every single day but try to keep in touch. That’s one of the networking don’ts for actors. In Hollywood, the more people you know, the more opportunities you have. 

Do Pay Attention

When talking to any person, it is important to look out for signs that will show you how they’re responding to what you’re saying. It’s vital you do not ignore the emotions shown by the person in front of you, or you will leave a bad impression. You must pay attention to what you are saying and what response you are receiving in return. 

Don’t Ask for Things

When you approach someone who you know is in the industry, NEVER start off by asking for a part or something similar. Even if you know this person from your research still take the time to get to know them. Find common ground and use this as an ice breaker or conversation starter. The common ground could be a favorite drink or an episode of a show, anything to keep the conversation going.

When you approach someone who you know is in the industry, NEVER start off by asking for a part or something like that.

If you approach someone and say that you know they’re looking for an actor for a part, you will immediately get rejected. Not only does it make you seem desperate and annoying, but it also dehumanizes the person you’re speaking to. It reduces them to a walking job poster, which is not what you’re aiming for.

After a light conversation, you may steer the conversation towards a more specific topic and maybe even exchange contacts at the end. 

Listen and Learn

Of course, it is important to always prepare questions and conversation starters beforehand, but it is just as important to listen. In front of you are professionals with many many years in the industry and have been through unimaginable things. Take your time and carefully listen to what advice they give and what they recommend. What they say you will find nowhere, not online or in any book.

The rule you should follow is the 80/20 rule. That means to listen to the other person 80 percent of the time, ask questions 10 percent of the time, and share your own opinion 10 percent.

When people say what they want to say, they are more likely to focus afterward on what you have to say. 

Even if they aren’t a world-famous agent, you can collect tips anywhere. If someone tells you about their bad experience with a specific agency, you should make your own research and if it turns out to be true – avoid that agency. It’s better to learn from others’ mistakes than to waste time making the same mistakes yourself. I always take the time to get to know my client during the headshot session and give them tips I’ve learned from past clients. 

Don’t Overdo it

Pay close attention to the person in front of you. Don’t be too much of a fan and ask too many questions about their past and their experience. If you feel the person getting uncomfortable, change the topic, and tone it down.

Don’t pile your experiences on them and don’t ask for a job.

If you feel them getting distracted and look around, maybe it is time to part ways. Exchange contacts and find someone else to talk to. Don’t feel down on yourself if you can’t feel a connection, you will meet thousands of people every week and not all of them will work out. Time is valuable in this industry, and you must respect your time and their time. Let them talk to other people and find someone else to talk to yourself. 

After some time, you will get the hang of this and realize how long networking conversations usually last. You must talk enough, so you are memorable and leave an impression, but you should be careful not to overdo it. 

“All the richest people in the world look for and build networks; while everyone else looks for work.”

Network Everywhere in Los Angeles

You never know who’s the person jogging next to you every morning or taking that Zumba class with you. Have you talked to your neighbors, do you know what they do for a living ? Especially in Los Angeles, sometimes it is even better to meet industry professions in a relaxed, non-industry setting.

Actors’ networking like this feels more organic and authentic and takes some pressure off combining with Los Angeles vibe. If you become genuinely interested in the world and start paying more attention to the people surrounding you, you are sure to get farther than those who only give business cards out at specific events.

Don’t Give up

You have chosen a very challenging path, so you must understand that it won’t always be easy. Giving up sounds relieving, but I’m sure that deep in your heart, you will miss this industry. I can’t tell you how many times the people I meet at my headshot photography sessions in Los Angeles tell me that this is the last straw and they are going to quit, but then they get that one role. Networking takes time, and building connections takes lots of effort, but it will only benefit you as an actor. 

Lose Count

Strive to speak to as many people as you can and use your time wisely. Don’t stay with one person too long, or you might miss out on a bigger opportunity. Limiting yourself is wrong. Most likely, 90% of these connections won’t lead to something right away, so the more connections you make, the better off you are.

Talk to everyone in your vicinity and don’t try to keep count. Valuable contacts can also be people outside of your field and people who look to have less experience than you. You don’t know who can make that one introduction you need.

If you don’t connect with someone and something feels off, just move on and don’t dwell on it.

Don’t Expect an Immediate Response

In fact, don’t expect any response. Fans of the “Friends” show might remember when Rachel was newly unemployed and ran into a former coworker who immediately offered her a job in Paris. It would be fantastic if networking worked this way in real life, but sadly this isn’t what it is like. You will be building ongoing relationships for months before one of these relationships leads to an actual job. That’s okay!

It takes some time to build trust and to make your abilities known. The only problem you have is the image in your head of how it should be. Go in without any expectations, and disappointment will not greet you.

Networking events will not lead to a job the next day, but they will give you connections. Connections that will put you ahead of your coworkers. 

Be Authentic

People who have been in this industry for a long time can immediately tell apart the genuine from the fake. So, your best bet is to speak truthfully about your work, your motivations, and what you hope to gain from the profession. Don’t act like the ideal actor character you’ve created in your head, instead be who you really are. Chances are, people will pick up on your genuineness and that will leave an impression.

If you lie about your experience in Hollywood, professionals will find out immediately and it will destroy your reputation.

Prior to the event, make sure that all the information about you online and on social media is up-to-date and accurate, your digital brand matches you and your headshots are new. If someone takes a liking to you, but the resume you have online is old and doesn’t include everything that will immediately put them off. 

Networking seems easy at first, but there is so much more to it than shoving your business card down the other person’s throat.

It includes minor details and actions that might or might not get you that connection. Follow these tips, and your networking is sure to be a success. Los Angeles is full of people looking for the perfect person for the one role, or have a director friend looking for someone to fill some role, and networking will help you find these opportunities easily. 

Never take an invitation to an event, a dinner, or a party lightly, and always try to find out who will be there. Be prepared but also enjoy the process; networking is one of the most fun parts of the industry. It is also vital for an actor’s career. So many of my friends in the industry have gotten major roles by a word from people they met somewhere. Then what are you waiting for? Get your evening gown on and hit the town with your business cards. 

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