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Seda Stepanyan
January 28, 2020
Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles

 We’re halfway through winter, which means that one of the most romantic days of the year is near. Many couples are already professionals in planning Valentine’s Day and choosing the right gift, but for some, it is still really hard to choose something special for their loved ones. Sometimes it may seem that there are no ideas at all, and at that exact second, the panic starts. Take a deep breath, and remember that in spite of everything, you must enjoy that day with your significant other. Whether you are planning to have a fancy dinner or have a photoshoot in Los Angeles, it is crucial to make February 14th a special day for both of you. To do so, start planning ahead of time with the help of these unique ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles.

1. Photoshoot in Los Angeles

Special moments need to be saved. It may seem that only the result of photoshoots is important, but in reality the process of creating pictures together should be as enjoyable and exciting as looking at the images after you receive them. So, photoshoots can be a great way to spend quality time together. For me, as a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, it is crucial to make sure that people are sharing my passion and enjoying the process as much as I do. 

Studio Photoshoot 

During the day, we enjoy taking dozens of pictures with our loved ones in our phones, and we like scrolling through them from time to time. We ask our friends, family members, and even strangers to take a picture of us. And when there is no one around, of course, selfies save us. But sometimes the lightning, background, and overall quality of images taken by someone may not be as good as we imagined that it should have been. Having a professional photo shoot at the studio on a special event like Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles can be a great way to show and celebrate your love, and be sure that the camera is in the right hands. At Stepanyan Photography, it is always a delight to be part of any special day and be able to help you create exceptional memories and save them forever. 

Outdoor Photoshoot

Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles is always beautiful and full of a tremendous amount of love, which you can feel everywhere. Even when you walk in the streets, you can see couples who hold each other’s hands, dance, kiss, and enjoy their day. Outdoor photoshoot in Los Angeles allows feeling the atmosphere and at the same time, have gorgeous pictures. It gives room for creativity and several options for photogenic locations. And of course, as lightning is one of the essential parts of a beautiful picture, there is an unlimited source of sunlight and shades during outdoor photoshoots. So, pick beautiful locations in Los Angeles with your partner and get creative in creating stunning pictures. And remember, the sky’s the limit!

Hiring a photographer to Follow you Everywhere in Los Angeles

Do you remember the place where you first met your loved one? Or where you confessed to each other, your love, and kissed? For each couple, there are places where memorable and meaningful things happened. And whenever you go to the same place, you go back in time and feel the same emotions as you felt years ago. Valentine’s Day is the right day to recall all the memories by revisiting each important place. You can organize a tour where you can pick a couple of places where something memorable happened, and plan a special surprise there. A professional photographer in Los Angeles can follow you through the day and save all the beautiful and valuable moments which you definitely will have. The most beautiful pictures are the ones that contain a lot of honest emotions, and those are the ones that make you smile every time you look at them.

2. Romantic Dinner in Los Angeles

Sometimes the simplest things are the most worthwhile. Having dinner, eating your favorite food, drinking some fine wine, and just having conversations for hours sometimes is better than anything else. Don’t forget that you should also plan and organize dinner in a careful manner. Still, luckily there are several options to prepare an unforgettable dinner on Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles.

Dinner on the Rooftop

Isn’t this romantic? Pick a roof which will have a breathtaking view of Los Angeles. The sky and the stars will be the ceiling. Have dynamics with you, and on the background turn on your favorite songs, spend time and decorate the rooftop with a couple of beautiful decorations, with your pictures, flowers, balloons, etc. To add even more romance to this, you can make a Valentine’s Day menu and name each course with a unique name. The romantic atmosphere can be made in different ways, get creative, and enjoy the moment with your loved one.

Picnic at the Park

Valentine’s day in Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Even nature celebrates love, and it seems that everyone carries a massive amount of love in themselves. Spending this special day in nature will allow you to enjoy the impressive view, breathe fresh air, and rest with your loved one. You can lie down on the grass, look at the sky, and enjoy the presence of each other. Close your eyes and recall all the fantastic months or years that you have spent with each other, and imagine that many more beautiful moments are still waiting for you two.

Dinner Night at Home

Especially on Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles, most of the restaurants are very crowded. If you want to have a comfy evening alone with your partner, then spending quality time at home would be the best option. And instead of ordering food from somewhere else, you can choose a recipe and cook together. This option will also be affordable, and in a small budget, you can have a great day. Even if you think that your cooking skills are not efficient, don’t worry, because together you can create a masterpiece. A romantic movie will complete the evening, so pick a good one and enjoy your meal while watching the movie. Here are some interesting films from which you can select.

4. Road Trip

Get a car, a map, and plan an exciting road trip from Los Angeles with your loved one. Pick places that both you have never visited before, and discover them together. One of the ways to enjoy each other is to travel. Road trips help connect, and it is an excellent opportunity to talk about things that you have never talked about before. At the end of the road trip, you will feel how much you have discovered in each other. Turn on your favorite music and sing together. Even if you can’t sing, don’t be afraid of it. Here are some interesting places to consider as a destination.

Palm Springs

The distance from Los Angeles to Palm Springs is approximately 106 miles. You can have a calm weekend there by simply resting in the hotel and sunbathing alongside the pool, or you can visit a couple of fascinating tourist attractions. The beautiful nature, tasty restaurants, and exciting attractions of Palm Springs will always stay in your mind, and you will want to come back again and again.

Las Vegas

The best way to travel to Las Vegas is by car. Even though flying would be faster, but it would not be as enjoyable as the road trip. The distance from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is about 270 miles. But you will not notice it with the right companion. Las Vegas is full of fancy restaurants, luxury hotels, clubs, concerts, shows, etc. You will have a long list of activities from which you can choose the best option for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Just make sure that you have done proper research before going there, so you can be well prepared. Plan everything ahead of time and enjoy Las Vegas!

Joshua Tree National Park

If you enjoy magical and exciting places, then Joshua Tree National Park is the right place for you to go on a road trip. It is an open-air museum, where you can enjoy picturesque scenes and nature. If you enjoy camping, then keep in mind that there are places where you can camp here and have one of a kind experience. And if you do so, then you will experience Joshua Tree National Park in a completely different way. Every Los Angeles photographer knows that February is one of the peak seasons for camping, so you need to plan weeks before to have a great campsite. Do your research in order to get familiar with this place, be prepared, and wait for the adventures.

3. Gifts

There is a list of classic gifts for every occasion. Flowers, balloons, chocolates, teddy bears, and the list goes on and on. But thoughtful and unique gifts will definitely make your loved one feel that they are special and valued.


Today, in this kind of a digital world, receiving a scrapbook from someone important, can be very impressive and touching. And the process of making the scrapbook is as enjoyable as the final result because while you combine all the valuable memories, you feel all the emotions again. This is a great way to think creatively and show your significant other your love and how much you treasure every moment which you have spent together. Thinking outside of the box helps to create one of a kind gifts. 

Gift Cards 

Gift cards are always a great idea when you hesitate and can’t make the final decision. For example, if you know what your partner’s favorite shop is, then giving a gift card from that shop would be a wise decision. Another option could be giving them a gift card to attend some classes in Los Angeles, for example, painting, cooking, pottery making, etc. In Los Angeles, there are a lot of exciting courses which may be very interesting. And of course, on every occasion giving someone a gift card for a photoshoot, especially in Los Angeles, is an attractive option. Being a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I know how people get excited when they receive such a gift.

Personalized Gifts

Items that are made only for him or her are as significant as it sounds. This shows that you have put ideas in your gift and that it is made solely for one person in the whole world. How romantic is this? If you think that giving jewelry as a present is cliché, then when you add her name to it or the initials of your names, it will change the whole meaning of the gift. Even flowers, balloons, and chocolates can be customized and transformed into something different. This kind of gifts also require a lot of creativity, so don’t be afraid of experimenting and make your imagination a reality.

“You can’t blame gravity for falling in love”-Albert Einstein.

Love is not a science, and there are no specific rules and theories that can explain it. Each of us has our formula, and hence only we know how to make our loved ones happy. There are thousands of ways to celebrate February 14th. You can have a fancy dinner at the restaurant or buy a simple gift. But in every case, the most important part is to enjoy the day as much as you can and make each other happy. It doesn’t matter if you spend $50, $100 or $500 during that day. Without any doubt, even with the smallest budget, you can have an unforgettable day. At the end of the day, both of you will only remember all the emotions and how fortunate you are to have each other. So begin to plan right now, enjoy every moment of organizing. And in the end, fully enjoy Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles with your significant other.

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Seda Stepanyan
October 8, 2019
10 Halloween Photo Shoot Spots in Los Angeles

It is fall already, and you maybe thinking about doing something cool and memorable. Obviously, there is nothing more exciting than Halloween, right? Yes, it is. What about a Halloween photo shoot in Los Angeles? Everybody looks forward to this date impatiently and starts preparing a costume on the very first day of October, or maybe even earlier. 

A truly cool thing to do on this special day is to organize a photo shoot in Los Angeles. You may want to make this day a memorable one by getting great photos taken by a professional photographer in LA. The very first thing you should consider is the location of your photo shoot. Los Angeles is a huge city, and there are numerous beautiful places here. But which ones are the best for Halloween?

Halloween Photo Shoot Spots in LA

Paid Locations

For getting Halloween photo shoot in Los Angeles, you will need to spend some money. However, it is more than worth doing that as you will have unforgettable emotions besides the fantastic photos your professional photographer will provide you with. 

Any of these places will be a perfect choice for a photo shoot in Los Angeles. Undoubtedly, it will be the best investment of the season. You will get amazing new photos, thrilling emotions and of course, wonderful memories. 

1. Pumpkin Nights at Pomona Fairplex

This can be a fun place for both an individual and a family photo shoot. Going there, you will appear in a real world of pumpkins. You can get photos with pumpkins of different sizes and with different faces. The 3000 pumpkins created by talented designers will guarantee you cool Halloween themed images and outdoor headshots. The event will take place from October 10 to November 3 at Pomona McKinley Avenue. The price of the tickets ranges from $14-$60. So you can just schedule a date with your LA professional photographer, and go to Pomona for getting unforgettable emotions. 

2. Santa Monica Pier

This is one of the popular Halloween photo shoot locations for tourists. Can anything in the world be compared to an amusement park? Your photo shoot here will be a combination of joy and fear. Actually, you can get photos with different themes here. 

The lights in this place will be a fantastic supplementation to your photos. The atmosphere of the park is already holiday-themed. Besides, you will not have to take care of the equipment. There will be dozens of pumpkins and other Halloween decorations provided by the park. Everything will correspond to the holiday atmosphere and the only expense you should make is to get a ticket for the park. 

So, the only thing you will need is a crazy Halloween costume. If you choose to get joyful images, you should probably not choose a tragic costume. The best Halloween costume idea for this place is probably a movie character. Even though Santa Monica is not a theme park, your character will fit well with the atmosphere. Scary costumes will always match the environment. A witch in front of a Ferris wheel sounds really cool. And above everything, an amusement park is a worthy place where you can have amazing photos. So, why not combine it with Halloween?

3. Madame Tussauds Museum

The Madame Tussauds museum of Hollywood introduced a new exhibition named ILLUSIONS OF HORROR. Here you can find large and photo-centric installations of famous personages as well as other scary figures. You can feel yourself in a horror movie while the professional photographer you hired in LA captures the moments of your delight.  

Now it is time to get wonderful photos walking through the horrifying attractions that perfectly correspond to the Halloween atmosphere. You can pose next to vignettes and wax figures in an environment that is truly horror-inspired. You get get a picture with Dracula, Frankenstein, and various monsters. For incredible images in this atmosphere, a professional headshot photographer would recommend dressing either into monsters like these or into their victims. 

The location of the Madame Tussaud Museum is 6933 Hollywood Blvd. You can go there on the day of Halloween, October 31. The prices for the tickets start from $16.99. 

4. Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

One more scary place for a Halloween photoshoot in Los Angeles. The Haunted Hayride in Los Angeles takes place in the most haunted spots of the city. There are numerous opportunities for a real Halloween photoshoot here. If you prefer the scary component of Halloween, then this is the best place for you. 

In the Haunted Hayride, you will find figures and silhouettes of ghosts, monsters, Dracula, and everything connected to vampires and psychs you may even imagine. 

The fact that the Hayride is in the place of the Old Zoo is a real plus for your idea of Halloween photoshoot. You can go for searching resident ghosts and your photographer will spot spontaneous images of your feelings. 

The Hayride is located in Griffin Park, which itself is known to be haunted. It is open from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Depending on your budget and special wishes for a photoshoot, you may choose tickets at different prices. They range from $39 to $120 per person. Don’t forget to get a ticket for your professional headshot photographer, as well. 

5. Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Another location to have the greatest movie-themed Halloween photo shoot. Every every year, Universal Studios comes up with new attractions related to famous horror movies, and they are becoming bigger each year. Isn’t it a terrific idea to get a Ghostbuster photo shoot? 

You will enter a thrilling atmosphere with the best possible equipment for a Halloween photo shoot. On every single step, you will meet a place to get a photo. 

You can put on any costume as it will fit the whole park. You can have a real nightmare themed photo shoot.

Universal Studios is a place where you have been at least once for sure. However, do not hesitate to go there once more for a Halloween photo shoot. You will also have some great time with your professional headshot photographer during the marvelous shows that are going to be held there. The ticket price is from $65-$97.

Free Locations 

Who said that everything should be paid? You can absolutely have a free Halloween photo shoot variant in Los Angeles in places no worse. You can get fantastic photos and headshots by a professional photographer in places that you could have not even imagined. Trust your photographer in this sense. Photographers are people who notice something unique when our eyes see the regular. Photographers know places perfectly appropriate for photo shoots and headshots in LA that you have not even thought about. Here are some locations from the professional point of view where you can get perfect photo shoots with a Halloween theme. 

halloween photoshoot locations Los Angeles

6. Laurie’s House

The famous house from 1978’s mystery by John Carpenter “Halloween.” Located in Oxley St., South Pasadena, this beautiful house with its surroundings can be an original and meaningful place for a photo shoot on Halloween. 

At first glance, it may remind an ordinary house. However, the real fans of this movie will recognize the house immediately and will certainly appreciate your choice. This place is a classic in Hollywood movie history. A place to which real movie lovers have attachment and memories. A place, which itself means Halloween. A real embodiment of scare and ghosts. 

By the way, this is a place where you can do a professional photo shoot both in the evening and in the afternoon. The place is so recognizable that it will remind you about Halloween, even without the darkness. In the evening, however, your photographer will be able to create a real thriller photo shoot. 

This is a privately owned house, so you will not have to deal with any formalities to get a photo shoot there. Just make sure to have a plan B, in case anybody appeared to be as creative as you and took the area for a longer photo shoot. 

7. Marina del Rey

Pirate costumes are extremely popular at Halloween. Have you decided to put on one? If yes, then the haunted pirate ships at Marina del Ray are the best choice for your Halloween photo shoot. You can dress like a real Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean and get a photo on a real boat. Another variant is to be Jim Hawkins from the Treasure Island. 

The best thing about this place is that it will be very fun to go there both in the afternoon and in the evening. 

The event will take place on October 26th and 27th in Mindanao Way, Los Angeles, California. The admission is free. So just schedule the photo session with your photographer asap. 

8. Hollywood Walk of Fame

There truly is some sense to take advantage of the fact that that this famous place is free. Why not choose the company of Hollywood stars for a Halloween photo shoot? Going there with no special occasion may seem boring, but going there for a professional Halloween photo shoot is truly a good idea. 

Imagine dressing up into Charlie Chaplin and taking photos next to each star with a different grimace. You will both have fun and get wonderful photos. 

Above everything, Hollywood Walk of Fame is a special place for Los Angeles and it really does make sense to have one of your best photo shoots exactly here. Obviously, you will need to take some requisite with you. The thing you should look here for is the atmosphere, and famous views. Photos with those views will be cool not only with a Charlie Chaplin costume, but some scarier ones as well. 

9. Rodeo Drive

Too cliche? It may just sound so. Imagine dressing up into Miranda Priestly from “The Devil Wears Prada” and taking a photo next to the Prada boutique with a pumpkin in your hands. It would be the most unique thing one could do at Halloween. Miranda Priestly is an elegant monster, so putting on her look, you will absolutely correspond to Halloween requirements. You will be scary yet elegant. 

However, any other costume will look wonderful at Rodeo Drive. This is a place where LA headshot photographers have huge experience of taking photos. Trust her and she will find perfect views for your special Halloween photo shoot. It may not even be necessary to take requisite as the street will be decorated accordingly. Rodeo Drive will be equally perfect for group photo shoots. However, LA professional photographers would highly recommend choosing early evening hours for a photo shoot here. 

10. The Cemetery 

Scary after the previous one, right? But what Halloween without ghosts and dead men? 

In case you and your photographer are not too anxious, a cemetery is a great place for a Halloween photo shoot in LA. Even if you have goosebumps, isn’t it even better on Halloween? This is a brave and incredibly unique idea.  

You should probably not get headshots here, but Halloween themed photos will be fantastic. Photos with a ghost costume in a real cemetery. It will be the photo shoot of the year. 

Hollywood Forever Cemetery would be a perfect choice for a professional Halloween photo shoot. You may feel a little more comfortable here, as besides being a cemetery of famous people, it is also sightseeing place in Los Angeles. The access is free here from 8:30 a.m. to 5 or 5:30 p.m.

In the end, quoting Black Widow, “Too shy or too scared?” Too excited, probably! Overcome your fear, and you will get a crazy photo shoot from a headshot photographer in LA.

As you can see, photo shoots in the free locations of Los Angeles can be no worse than the ones in special places. You can surely enjoy your time and get fantastic photos as well. 

Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays in Los Angeles. There are numerous events all over the city. An exclusive way to pass this year’s Halloween is to get a photo shoot by a professional headshot photographer in Los Angeles. Halloween is truly the best time to get a terrific photo shoot. So, don’t hesitate. Pick a location and contact me – your professional photographer.

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