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Seda Stepanyan
February 4, 2020
How to Do a Professional Photo Shoot at Home

Wouldn’t it be great if each of us could arrange a professional photo shoot at home? For example, when there’s a need for a new profile picture for Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and we want it to be fabulous. Or maybe you want to become a professional photographer, and experimenting at home on different models and subjects will be the right thing to do. Besides being affordable, this also allows feeling like a headshot photographer in Los Angeles for a day. You can be your director and get creative as much as you can. There are a lot of places in Los Angeles where you can do affordable headshots. But photo shoots at home can be more interesting. You just need to be patient, and you’ll see how step-by-step each next picture comes out better than the previous one. As a headshot photographer, I want to share these simple tips which will guide and help you to create masterpieces. 

1.Simple Ways to Create the Right Setting

The setting is the base of professional photo shoots. If you have ever gone to photoshoots in Los Angeles, you probably have noticed how professional everything is organized. And that’s one of the logical reasons why the photoshoot pricing in Los Angeles may seem high. The right angle, lighting, location, and attributes can completely change the final result. At first, it may seem hard to have the perfect setting but believe me, it’s worth the time and nerves. There are a lot of cases when because of the wrong setting, the photoshoot failed. So it is better to spend some time in the beginning than fail at the end. Keep in mind those tricks and try the same at home.

Select the Location

Find a place at home where there is a natural light coming from the window. Remember, there’s no need for a huge room. Most of the headshot photographers in Los Angeles may prefer large places because working with light and space there is more comfortable. But even in a small room, you can create a perfect setting. You just need to use the capacity of your room wisely. To make a studio atmosphere, find a white wall in the room. If there’s no white wall there, don’t worry, this also can be fixed. Ask someone for blank white sheets, and hang it from the ceiling, and now you already have a white background. Professional photographers also may use white sheets to do photoshoots in Los Angeles. This is one of the few secrets of getting affordable headshots. You’ll see how the simple room is transformed into a studio quite effortlessly.

Lighting and the Style

Light and style are interconnected with each other. Best headshots in Los Angeles are taken when the photographers know how to control the light. At first, choose in which style you want your photos to be and then match the lighting. How you work with lighting determines what will your final result be. Many photographers prefer to work with natural light. It helps to create stunning pictures with no other additional element. During the day, at different hours and weather conditions, natural light behaves differently, hence the images come out in various styles. If you want to have a professional photo shoot with the help of sunlight, then you must try to control the sunlight, which fills the room. You can play with it in different ways. For example, with the curtains or with additional sheets, etc. Be creative and don’t be afraid to try. 

Another way of lighting is lamps. Headshot photographers in Los Angeles, when do actors or other types of headshots, may use different lights for achieving their desired lighting. You can use one, two or even more lamps. In the case of professional photoshoots in Los Angeles, especially actor headshots, sometimes headshot photographers may need different types of lights. But in the beginning, you don’t need too much. If you don’t have one, then I am sure one of your friends may have one. If no one has, you may buy a small lamp, which you can use in different ways in the future. So it will be a wise purchase.


Now it’s the time to accommodate everything in the room and work with the light. To have a soft glimpse on your subject from above, place a light facing the ceiling. You’ll see how the reflection does the magic. To lighten the shadows of the photo, put another light in the distance from the subject. It may be located in the back of the room. And of course don’t forget about the natural sunlight, as it can accompany the lightings mentioned above. But while working with the natural light, you must be fast and careful, because in different hours it changes. You’ll see in how many ways you can play with it. Use your imagination, and be quick; it will only help you.

Necessary Elements

Adding a little interest to the photo will be very beneficial. Of course, at first, you must carefully choose the style and then decide what you need to add to the photo. Headshot photographers in Los Angeles work with different objects very carefully, in order not to ruin the photo. For instance, sometimes while doing actor headshots, it is better not to use any props. But thoroughly selected items will add character to the photo and make it even more beautiful. You don’t need costly staff. Try to make affordable headshots by selecting from things that you have at home. In the case of a male or female model, you may add a chair. They may sit on them or use them as support in different ways. Or if you are taking a picture of your dog, you may give him his favorite toy. It would be quite interesting to take photos while he is playing. So, experiment with props, and the pictures will become even more appealing.

2. Choose the Models 

Now when we finally have the perfect setting, it’s time to think about whom we are going to take a picture of. It can be anyone: a friend, relative, or professional model. Choose someone with whom it will be easy for you to work. It is better to work in an atmosphere where you both enjoy the process. Because the exciting part of photo shoots is that not only the final result is important, but also the process. The best headshots in Los Angeles are created when both the model and the photographer feel comfortable. Now before rushing to take the camera, there are several very important things to know.

The Appearance 

A picture tells a lot about a person. The way someone poses, smiles, dresses are important parts of any picture. Details matter, and even the smallest things which may seem not very important, can change the whole image of the end result. Once again, think about the style of the photo shoot. What should the model wear in order to correspond with the mood? If you have time, you can experiment with the looks. For example, try on different clothes and change styles from casual to classic, from sporty to more dressy. This will help to have more interesting and diverse pictures. Professional photo shoots like professionalism in everything. So pay attention to the makeup and hairstyle. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I know that there are a lot of mistakes that people make regarding pre photoshoot preparations. To be well prepared, here are introduced some common mistakes which everyone should avoid


Professional models, of course, are experts in posing, and they know how to work with the camera. But if you are working with non-professionals, then ask them to feel free and try various poses. If they don’t feel comfortable, you can help them with different props, as mentioned above. For example, hand them something so their hands can be occupied. Or, ask them to sit on the chair or maybe on the floor and try different poses while being seated. Be clear on what you want, and try to express your thoughts as simple as you can. Make a comfortable atmosphere for the model so that they can feel more relaxed. You can even turn on some good music, it always helps.

3. Now It’s Time to Shoot!

The setting is ready, and the model is already waiting. Now it’s time to take the camera in your hands and try to make your first masterpieces. As I am a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I know how it feels when you start taking pictures. Even if you have done it thousands of times, working with each new model, setting and lighting is a whole new journey. If you love photography, then I am sure that you are curious about the different types of cameras. Today, there are a lot of advanced cameras. Most of the professional photographers use the best cameras, and hence the photoshoot rates in Los Angeles become higher. Remember that for the beginning, you don’t need the best one. With the experience, you’ll try different cameras, and each time you’ll have a better one. In order to be well informed, here are presented some of the best cameras. 

Set the Camera

Every work needs patience. There’s one thing that still needs to be prepared before the professional photo shoot starts. Before clicking the shutter release button, you need to regulate the settings of the camera. While doing it, take into account the lighting that you have already set. So maybe you’ll need to turn off the flash. In order to work properly with lighting, you need to find the right angle. This part also needs experimenting. Choose a couple of angles in the room, and try your best to make the perfect picture. If one angle doesn’t work, then try another one. It’s all about trying and exploring. 

Take Pictures

I am sure you have been waiting for this moment. Everything is already ready. The camera is in your hands, and the model is in front of you. The lighting is perfect, and there’s no need to wait. It’s finally time to do the professional photo shoot. Be creative, make sure that you work with the light, the model, and the space of the room. Don’t be afraid of the quantity of the pictures. Take as much as you can because you have spent a lot of time on preparations. Ask the model to change poses and facial expressions. If you feel that it’s time to change the clothes, then ask him or her to do so. Although you have already set the settings of the camera, you can switch to a different setting in the middle of the photo shoot. 

4. The Final Result

Congratulations, you already have a lot of pictures from which you can choose the best. I am sure, one of the favorite parts of most of the headshot photographers in Los Angeles is looking at the final result. While scrolling through them, choosing the best ones, and editing, we remember how the photos were being created. Photoshoots in Los Angeles are not only about the final result but also the process and all the emotions. With the experience, every next photo shoot will be better than the previous one. Don’t stop working on yourself and developing.


In the end, every photo needs a little editing. When you choose the best ones, you need to edit them. Use the photo editing tools on your computer. Those tools allow you to make your final result even better. There are a number of ways to do so. For example, you can crop the picture, change the colors, and clean some imperfections. Every photo needs a little help. But be reasonable, because if you try too hard on the editing, then you may make it worse. Just fix a little bit, and enjoy what you have got. After editing, you already have your desired photos, and they are ready to be shared with others. 

As you can see, everything is possible, even with the minimum necessities. A little while ago, you may not have imagined that even at home, it is possible to make professional photo shoots. All you need is to practice as much as you can and try different styles and techniques. And as I have already mentioned, this is also very affordable. Headshot rates in Los Angeles may vary from $100-$600 and maybe even higher. Sometimes photoshoot rates in Los Angeles may be very high, and not affordable for everyone. Every headshot photographer in Los Angeles was once a beginner. And before starting to do actors headshots in Los Angeles studios, they also were practising at home with their friends and family members. I am sure that these tips will help you to get one of the best headshots in Los Angeles. So start trying right now, and do your first professional photo shoot at home. 

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