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June 28, 2020
Do You Tip Photographers in Los Angeles?

Should I tip photographers in Los Angeles? If you have worked or are working with a photographer, this question probably popped up to your mind. Tipping photographers is a topic of immense debate. Some think that it is not ethical not to tip photographers. But some people believe that tipping is unnecessary. As photography rates in Los Angeles are relatively high, many clients may not afford to tip. Me as a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I have encountered many cases when clients tip. I also tip when I like how people provide different types of services. I think that it is a great way to show our appreciation. And also it makes others happy.

Clients may tip photographers for different occasions, such as weddings, engagements, birthdays, professional photoshoots, affordable headshots, etc. Sometimes they may even tip photographers in advance for motivating them to do better work. This is especially common during weddings or other parties. In any situation, there are a couple of factors that affect whether it’s appropriate to tip photographers or not. In this article, I will represent everything that you need to know about tipping photographers in Los Angeles.

What is Tipping?

For every photo shoot, usually, there is a fixed amount that a client pays. But there are certain situations and occasions when the client wants to show a little gesture to the photographer. For example, when they are pleased with the result and want to thank the photographer in Los Angeles. Tipping is widespread in the hospitality industry, especially in restaurants and cafes. And when we like the service, the food, and the overall atmosphere, we tip to show our appreciation. Mostly it is reasonable to pay 5-10% of the total bill as a tip. But, this is not a rule; each of us can choose the desired amount. And it is normal to not tip anything if the service and food were bad.

There are countries that have their tradition in regards to tipping. For example, in Japan, tipping may seem a little bit offensive. So, if you go to Japan, make sure to be aware of their traditions. It will help you to avoid unpleasant situations. But in the United States, tipping is normal. And even there are industries, such as hospitality, that not tipping can seem offensive. As you can notice, there are many opinions connected with tipping. Some think that it is a beautiful gesture; others believe that it is inappropriate. Overall, tipping is very typical in many industries, and it is up to the client to decide whether tip or not.

Whom Should I Tip?

This is another common question. Usually, clients can’t orientate whether they should tip independent contractors or agency photographers. Often agency photographers get their minimum monthly wage from their managers. And in this case, clients may want to give some additional money to them for their work. This may happen when the client likes how kind and patient the photographer is. And especially if the result is appealing, clients may tip after they receive the pictures. But it is not a common practice to tip agency or corporate photographers. But once again, situations are different with each client and photographer. 

In the case of individual contractors, many self-employed photographers set their pricing. They are their managers, and usually, they take all the money. So they decide the amount by taking into consideration their skills, photoshoot conditions, etc. If they charge a lot of money, then you may not tip. But there are cases when photographers in Los Angeles work with a lot of people and under challenging conditions. For example, in cold weather. You, as a client, can show your appreciation by tipping a small amount to them. In Los Angeles beginner photographers provide affordable headshot rates. And many clients try to motivate them at the beginning of their careers by tipping.

Do Photographers in Los Angeles Expect Tips?

This question is very debatable and doesn’t have a specific answer. It depends on the country, culture, industry, etc. There are industries, like hospitality, where workers in the restaurant expect tipping. But in regards to photography, usually, the occasion and the situation decide if tipping is expected. The most useful thing that I can recommend is to discuss every aspect of the photoshoot with the photographer. If they include every service in the fee, then the tip may not be expected. But if you ask for some additional services during the photoshoot, the photographer may expect a tip. Tipping very much depends on a particular situation. So if your friend tipped the photographer once, it doesn’t mean that you should tip as well. Consider all the aspects, and of course, rely on your feelings and emotions.

Is There a Tipping Etiquette?

In reality, there is no guide on whether you should tip a client or not. Tipping is very individual, and as I already said, it depends on the situation. It is essential to understand that tipping is not a formal act. In some cultures, it is acceptable; in others, it may seem weird. So, before tipping, you should know the tipping culture of the country. As I mentioned, in the United States, tipping is accepted and is quite common. And, of course, tipping is also common in the photography industry.

There are some types of photoshoots where tipping is necessary. For example, during a wedding, photographers usually work hard. They take pictures of hundreds of people and in different conditions. Clients sometimes tip even at the beginning of the marriage. So, in that case, the right decision should be to tip. But there are also cases when clients don’t tip, and it is normal. Below I will touch on a couple of the examples separately.

Tipping Headshot Photographers

If you need a professional headshot photo for a special occasion, then you need a headshot photographer. Of course, you can arrange a photoshoot by yourself at home and have a pleasant result. But if you don’t have time or need a professional approach, find a headshot photographer. However, you may not need to tip a headshot photographer. But if you were pleased with the result and the service very much, go ahead and tip! In addition to this, there are many affordable headshots in Los Angeles. So tipping may be accessible. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I faced many cases when the client tipped. This is not only motivating but also it helps always to keep high standards. In this way, you will show your appreciation, and the photographer may be very motivated.

Tipping Wedding Photographers

As I already mentioned above, it is common that the clients tip wedding photographers. Wedding photography is the most appropriate case to tip. During weddings, photographers put a lot of effort into taking great pictures. They spend all day with you in order to make the dream result. Sometimes photographers work in very harsh conditions. For example, even if it is extremely hot, they can take pictures for hours under the burning sun. Besides taking photographs, they try to handle all the stress and pressure. Because during the wedding everyone wants to have a magnificent picture. So it is excellent when clients tip the photographers. It is up to you how much to tip, but between $50 and $100 is an average amount to tip. But of course, you are the one who decides how much to pay.

Tipping Engagement Photographers

For couples, engagement day is also an exceptional occasion. Of course, most couples don’t celebrate engagement as big as they celebrate the wedding. So, during the engagement, photographers’ jobs are not as tense as during weddings. Engagement photographers do a lot of work during the engagement as well. But the overall task is not very complicated and time-consuming. Before the event, you should confirm everything with the photographer, and they will tell you the fee. Most of the clients don’t tip engagement photographers. But if you are planning to have a big party, then you may consider tipping.

Tipping Portrait Photographers

In this situation, there are a couple of aspects to take into account. For example, if a photographer takes only your portraits in the studio for 30 minutes, you may not tip. Usually, such kind of photography rates can be high in Los Angeles. In addition to this, photographers give you the exact amount that you should pay for them in advance. And they provide service which corresponds with the fee. So you may not tip at the end. 

But if you are hiring independent photographers to take portraits of your family, you can give a small tip. As a headshot photographer, I know that family photography can be tough and time-consuming. So you can leave 5% or 10 % tip, and it will be enough. Photographers in Los Angeles work hard to make your portraits appealing. So a small tip can be a beautiful gesture for them.

Tipping Baby Photographers 

I know that this is an exceptional photoshoot for the parents. It is one of the cutest moments when someone takes a picture of your baby. And then you look at the pictures and remember all the great memories. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I was part of such photo shoots, a lot. It is not only emotional but also very important. So such pictures are very worthwhile because parents keep them forever. Many photographers in Los Angeles do such photoshoots. Baby photography rates in Los Angeles are not very high. So, in the end, there may be clients who tip. There is not an exact rule about tipping baby photographers. But if you like the work that the photographer did, then, of course, he or she will appreciate the tip. 

Tipping Real Estate Photographers

If agencies hire real estate photographers, then most probably they will not tip the photographer. But even if a client hires a photographer to take pictures of the home, usually tipping is not common. In this case, the photographer has a fixed and technical job that doesn’t require additional services. They are just trying to capture the house so that you can distribute it on the site. So they will provide a fee which includes all the aspects of their job. Hence in the end, when you pay, you may not tip. Mostly, real estate photographers don’t wait for tipping. But, again, there is not an exact rule. You may feel that the situation requires tipping and paying some extra money at the end.

Tipping Photo Booth Attendant 

Photo booth attendants are usually a representative of an agency or an entertainment company. I am sure in different department stores or during events, you have taken a picture in the photo booth. Usually, photo booth attendants take two or three photos, and you may not even interact with them. Hence it is not common to tip them. There are many cases when photo boots are self-managed, and there are no attendants. Of course, this helps people to avoid these tipping situations.


Above I tried to include everything that could be useful for you. The most important thing to remember is that no one can force you to tip. It should be your decision, and there are no specific rules for that. I understand that sometimes the service is not worth tipping. And tipping may not be appropriate. Most of the time, photographers include all the services in one fee. So tipping is just an additional way to show your appreciation and a beautiful gesture. If you want, you can tip at the beginning of the photoshoot, to motivate the photographer. Anyway, if you don’t want to tip, there are other ways to show your appreciation. For example, you can leave a good review on a website or social media. There are many ways to thank photographers in Los Angeles, choose the one which is the most convenient for you.

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