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Seda Stepanyan
January 28, 2020
Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles

 We’re halfway through winter, which means that one of the most romantic days of the year is near. Many couples are already professionals in planning Valentine’s Day and choosing the right gift, but for some, it is still really hard to choose something special for their loved ones. Sometimes it may seem that there are no ideas at all, and at that exact second, the panic starts. Take a deep breath, and remember that in spite of everything, you must enjoy that day with your significant other. Whether you are planning to have a fancy dinner or have a photoshoot in Los Angeles, it is crucial to make February 14th a special day for both of you. To do so, start planning ahead of time with the help of these unique ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles.

1. Photoshoot in Los Angeles

Special moments need to be saved. It may seem that only the result of photoshoots is important, but in reality the process of creating pictures together should be as enjoyable and exciting as looking at the images after you receive them. So, photoshoots can be a great way to spend quality time together. For me, as a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, it is crucial to make sure that people are sharing my passion and enjoying the process as much as I do. 

Studio Photoshoot 

During the day, we enjoy taking dozens of pictures with our loved ones in our phones, and we like scrolling through them from time to time. We ask our friends, family members, and even strangers to take a picture of us. And when there is no one around, of course, selfies save us. But sometimes the lightning, background, and overall quality of images taken by someone may not be as good as we imagined that it should have been. Having a professional photo shoot at the studio on a special event like Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles can be a great way to show and celebrate your love, and be sure that the camera is in the right hands. At Stepanyan Photography, it is always a delight to be part of any special day and be able to help you create exceptional memories and save them forever. 

Outdoor Photoshoot

Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles is always beautiful and full of a tremendous amount of love, which you can feel everywhere. Even when you walk in the streets, you can see couples who hold each other’s hands, dance, kiss, and enjoy their day. Outdoor photoshoot in Los Angeles allows feeling the atmosphere and at the same time, have gorgeous pictures. It gives room for creativity and several options for photogenic locations. And of course, as lightning is one of the essential parts of a beautiful picture, there is an unlimited source of sunlight and shades during outdoor photoshoots. So, pick beautiful locations in Los Angeles with your partner and get creative in creating stunning pictures. And remember, the sky’s the limit!

Hiring a photographer to Follow you Everywhere in Los Angeles

Do you remember the place where you first met your loved one? Or where you confessed to each other, your love, and kissed? For each couple, there are places where memorable and meaningful things happened. And whenever you go to the same place, you go back in time and feel the same emotions as you felt years ago. Valentine’s Day is the right day to recall all the memories by revisiting each important place. You can organize a tour where you can pick a couple of places where something memorable happened, and plan a special surprise there. A professional photographer in Los Angeles can follow you through the day and save all the beautiful and valuable moments which you definitely will have. The most beautiful pictures are the ones that contain a lot of honest emotions, and those are the ones that make you smile every time you look at them.

2. Romantic Dinner in Los Angeles

Sometimes the simplest things are the most worthwhile. Having dinner, eating your favorite food, drinking some fine wine, and just having conversations for hours sometimes is better than anything else. Don’t forget that you should also plan and organize dinner in a careful manner. Still, luckily there are several options to prepare an unforgettable dinner on Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles.

Dinner on the Rooftop

Isn’t this romantic? Pick a roof which will have a breathtaking view of Los Angeles. The sky and the stars will be the ceiling. Have dynamics with you, and on the background turn on your favorite songs, spend time and decorate the rooftop with a couple of beautiful decorations, with your pictures, flowers, balloons, etc. To add even more romance to this, you can make a Valentine’s Day menu and name each course with a unique name. The romantic atmosphere can be made in different ways, get creative, and enjoy the moment with your loved one.

Picnic at the Park

Valentine’s day in Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Even nature celebrates love, and it seems that everyone carries a massive amount of love in themselves. Spending this special day in nature will allow you to enjoy the impressive view, breathe fresh air, and rest with your loved one. You can lie down on the grass, look at the sky, and enjoy the presence of each other. Close your eyes and recall all the fantastic months or years that you have spent with each other, and imagine that many more beautiful moments are still waiting for you two.

Dinner Night at Home

Especially on Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles, most of the restaurants are very crowded. If you want to have a comfy evening alone with your partner, then spending quality time at home would be the best option. And instead of ordering food from somewhere else, you can choose a recipe and cook together. This option will also be affordable, and in a small budget, you can have a great day. Even if you think that your cooking skills are not efficient, don’t worry, because together you can create a masterpiece. A romantic movie will complete the evening, so pick a good one and enjoy your meal while watching the movie. Here are some interesting films from which you can select.

4. Road Trip

Get a car, a map, and plan an exciting road trip from Los Angeles with your loved one. Pick places that both you have never visited before, and discover them together. One of the ways to enjoy each other is to travel. Road trips help connect, and it is an excellent opportunity to talk about things that you have never talked about before. At the end of the road trip, you will feel how much you have discovered in each other. Turn on your favorite music and sing together. Even if you can’t sing, don’t be afraid of it. Here are some interesting places to consider as a destination.

Palm Springs

The distance from Los Angeles to Palm Springs is approximately 106 miles. You can have a calm weekend there by simply resting in the hotel and sunbathing alongside the pool, or you can visit a couple of fascinating tourist attractions. The beautiful nature, tasty restaurants, and exciting attractions of Palm Springs will always stay in your mind, and you will want to come back again and again.

Las Vegas

The best way to travel to Las Vegas is by car. Even though flying would be faster, but it would not be as enjoyable as the road trip. The distance from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is about 270 miles. But you will not notice it with the right companion. Las Vegas is full of fancy restaurants, luxury hotels, clubs, concerts, shows, etc. You will have a long list of activities from which you can choose the best option for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Just make sure that you have done proper research before going there, so you can be well prepared. Plan everything ahead of time and enjoy Las Vegas!

Joshua Tree National Park

If you enjoy magical and exciting places, then Joshua Tree National Park is the right place for you to go on a road trip. It is an open-air museum, where you can enjoy picturesque scenes and nature. If you enjoy camping, then keep in mind that there are places where you can camp here and have one of a kind experience. And if you do so, then you will experience Joshua Tree National Park in a completely different way. Every Los Angeles photographer knows that February is one of the peak seasons for camping, so you need to plan weeks before to have a great campsite. Do your research in order to get familiar with this place, be prepared, and wait for the adventures.

3. Gifts

There is a list of classic gifts for every occasion. Flowers, balloons, chocolates, teddy bears, and the list goes on and on. But thoughtful and unique gifts will definitely make your loved one feel that they are special and valued.


Today, in this kind of a digital world, receiving a scrapbook from someone important, can be very impressive and touching. And the process of making the scrapbook is as enjoyable as the final result because while you combine all the valuable memories, you feel all the emotions again. This is a great way to think creatively and show your significant other your love and how much you treasure every moment which you have spent together. Thinking outside of the box helps to create one of a kind gifts. 

Gift Cards 

Gift cards are always a great idea when you hesitate and can’t make the final decision. For example, if you know what your partner’s favorite shop is, then giving a gift card from that shop would be a wise decision. Another option could be giving them a gift card to attend some classes in Los Angeles, for example, painting, cooking, pottery making, etc. In Los Angeles, there are a lot of exciting courses which may be very interesting. And of course, on every occasion giving someone a gift card for a photoshoot, especially in Los Angeles, is an attractive option. Being a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I know how people get excited when they receive such a gift.

Personalized Gifts

Items that are made only for him or her are as significant as it sounds. This shows that you have put ideas in your gift and that it is made solely for one person in the whole world. How romantic is this? If you think that giving jewelry as a present is cliché, then when you add her name to it or the initials of your names, it will change the whole meaning of the gift. Even flowers, balloons, and chocolates can be customized and transformed into something different. This kind of gifts also require a lot of creativity, so don’t be afraid of experimenting and make your imagination a reality.

“You can’t blame gravity for falling in love”-Albert Einstein.

Love is not a science, and there are no specific rules and theories that can explain it. Each of us has our formula, and hence only we know how to make our loved ones happy. There are thousands of ways to celebrate February 14th. You can have a fancy dinner at the restaurant or buy a simple gift. But in every case, the most important part is to enjoy the day as much as you can and make each other happy. It doesn’t matter if you spend $50, $100 or $500 during that day. Without any doubt, even with the smallest budget, you can have an unforgettable day. At the end of the day, both of you will only remember all the emotions and how fortunate you are to have each other. So begin to plan right now, enjoy every moment of organizing. And in the end, fully enjoy Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles with your significant other.

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Seda Stepanyan
January 2, 2020
12 Amazing Locations for Headshots in Los Angeles

Attention all aspiring models and actors! As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I know how hard it is to find the perfect location for headshots. It may look like every corner of Los Angeles is a good location. But, sometimes the slightest thing in the background may distract from your face in your headshots. I have gathered here my favorite list of places to shoot headshots in Los Angeles. This is actually the second part of my list of locations, you can check out more sites here.

1. The Griffith Observatory

Griffith Park Photoshoot

The Griffith Observatory is a facility in Los Angeles that sits on the slope of Mount Hollywood. It overlooks all of Los Angeles, including Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, and even the pacific ocean. Weekends are usually crowded, so consider going sometime during the week! This is one of the more trendy and beloved spots for access to pictures with the Hollywood sign! Parking is also a difficulty. So you should either take an UBER up to the top or parking outside the park and hiking up. 

2. The Bradbury Building

Los Angeles Photoshoot

Aside from being a hotspot for cafes and shopping malls, downtown Los Angeles also has many beautiful historic must-sees. The Bradbury Building is the place to go if you are looking for a more vintage style in your photos. The main feature is the elegant elevator shaft and circling stairs. Both the stairs and the elevator catch rays of light that stream down from the skylights. This is a great spot for history and drama! This location may be perfect for some but may cost others their casting. So, make sure to know what you are looking for when choosing a site according to your desired role. 

3. Echo Park

Los Angeles photographer

If you enjoy the outdoors and would like to somehow integrate it into your headshots without it being too much, Echo Park is the place to go for you. Echo Park is a neighborhood with colorful street murals, trendy bars, and food trucks along Sunset Boulevard, along with cute coffee shops and boutiques. This park also has a beautiful skyline, especially during sunrise or sunset. 

4. Union Station

headshot photographer LA

Another one of Los Angeles’ most iconic and historical spots for great headshots. This station has even been dubbed “the last of the greatest railway stations”. Union Station is the heartbeat of the city, combining the hustle and bustle of travelers with luxurious decoration from times long gone. The main area for photography is the lobby with iconic chairs, high ceilings, and intricate finishes. This location gives off a very vintage and rustic vibe. So, before choosing this spot, be sure to evaluate what your brand is.

If you want to be cast in modern movies, this may not be the location for you. Your headshots must always reflect who you are, and what type of roles you are aiming for. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles and have been in the industry for quite some time, so I will help you with this task once you book your session

5. The Korean Bell of Friendship 

photoshoot locations in LA

The Korean Bell of Friendship is a massive bronze bell located in a stone pavilion in Angel’s Gate Park. This is in the San Pedro neighborhood of Los Angeles. This is a stunning yet very specific location. Once again, your brand will decide if this place is right for you or not. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I will be able to tell you if we should shoot here or not once you tell me what roles you imagine yourself doing. 

6. Venice Beach

photo session location in Los Angeles

Venice beach is one of my most favorite locations for headshot sessions in Los Angeles because of its variety. It has a bohemian feeling to it and is always buzzing with soul and adventure. Venice beach is a famous beach town with many cafes, restaurants, and food trucks. It is also full of cool shops, street performers, and beautiful murals. There is also a skate park nearby and the beach. A picturesque collection of canals is surrounded by modernist homes, which make for a great background. There is also a skate park nearby full of graffiti, which will portray a mix of natural and urban in your headshots.

The Venice Canals are also at this location, with a beautiful set of small bridges and palm trees for a relaxed and natural background. We can pick our location here together, and find what fits you best. There are many options, and it will take some time to find the perfect spot. This location is also beautiful during sunset. Venice Beach is a very touristy spot, so try to book your session during a weekday so it will be less crowded.

7. Grand Central Market

professional photo session location in LA

The grand central market is basically a huge food court with a somewhat vintage and urban style. It is a very iconic and well-known spot, and many people come here for food, so you must be ready as it will take some time to get the perfect shot. It is full of food vendors and even a neon sign mural, which makes for a great backdrop. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I will be able to move around this busy location with ease and find us the perfect background for your headshots. 

8. Downtown Los Angeles Rooftops

professional photo session in Los Angeles

Any local you will talk to will tell you that part of Los Angeles’s life is all about rooftops. Rooftops offer a great view of the city and are beautiful at night with a background full of lights. They are also never crowded, so you will not have to worry about having people walk by in the background. I know some people are shy when it comes to photoshoots, so rooftops offer a mostly private area with excellent backdrops. You can already imagine how great sunsets and sunrises on these rooftops are. Some of these rooftops are open to the public, but some are not.

As a long-time headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I know a few locals who will happily give us access to their rooftops for your headshot session. There are also no worries about permits, parking, and closing hours when you are shooting on a private rooftop. The only concern is the weather, so check before you book and pick the day and your outfit accordingly. 

9. “Urban Lights” at LACMA

LACMA photoshoot location

Urban Light is a large-scale art piece/sculpture on the Wilshire Boulevard entrance to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This installation consists of restored street lamps from the 1900s. This is a spot you’re sure to have seen all over Instagram. Even though it might seem obvious or overused to you, it is still a great location if you know how to use it. It is essential that your headshot photographer knows how to get the most out of a location and not make it cliche.

Being a headshot photographer in Los Angeles for quite some time now, I have seen how people waste a perfect background with a wrong angle or lighting setup. Depending on the type of photo you would like to get, we can choose whether we want to try shooting at this location during the daytime or nighttime. Shooting at different times of the days will give your headshots totally different moods. During the night, these lights are turned on, and during the day, they provide a great architectural background. 

10. Santee Alley

professional headshot location in Los Angeles

Santee Alley is located in the Los Angeles Fashion district and is not for those who get tired quickly. This is a location that offers many unique photo opportunities if you are willing to test your creativity. Santee Alley is a narrow street for pedestrians filled with shops on both sides. It is usually full of people, which adds to the atmosphere but can also make your photo background distracting. Since there is no one iconic spot for photos, we must look around before we choose someplace for your headshots.

Being a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I have been to Santee Alley many times for professional and personal reasons, so I know just how to make this location work for you. I will recommend the perfect time to go, so it is full of life yet not too crowded with people. Then, after discovering photo ops in Santee Alley, we can explore the rest of the District of Fashion that is full of colorful stores, food trucks, and street art. You must keep in mind that with popular local locations such as this one, finding the perfect non-distracting background and lighting might take some extra time, so clear your day before booking!

11. Micheltorena Stairs

locations for instagram shoots in LA

The Micheltorena stairs are the most Instagrammed stairs in the world and are a must-see for all those looking for cute pictures. The colorful stairs and big heart offer a very vibrant and full-of-life backdrop for headshots. If you’re looking for a sweet girl-next-door role or if you are looking for a good location for kids’ headshots, then this is the spot for you. Once you book a headshot session with me, we will take the time to talk over what role you’re looking for and choose if the spot you selected is right for you or not.

Since this is a very colorful and bright background, you must be portrayed so that you stand out but do not clash with the colors. Both of my headshot session packages include wardrobe consultation, so a professional will tell you what to wear according to your brand and chosen background. These packages also include unlimited looks, so if you cannot decide what to wear, just bring all the options with you, and we will try them out to see which goes best with the background. 

12. The Huntington Library Botanical Gardens

professional photoshoot in Los Angeles

The Huntington is mainly known for the Library and Art Museum. But, what most people do not know is that it houses a vast botanical garden full of very well-cared-for plants and natural photo backgrounds. The space is very large, so you are sure to find precisely the background you are looking for. There are green spaces and spaces full of all types of flowers if that is what you are searching for as a backdrop for your headshots. A natural and flowery background isn’t the ideal choice for everyone, so evaluate your brand carefully before you select this option. Parking is also free at this location, so that’s one less thing to worry about. The ground space here is very large, so there will be no crowds of people in the background of your photos. 

As a Conclusion…

Before choosing a headshot location in Los Angeles, always remember to keep your brand in mind. Your brand is what should get across to the casting directors when they look at your headshots. It should include parts of your personality and what roles you’re searching for. If you’re looking to be cast in a cowboy western-style movie, then headshots from Echo Park or rooftops locations are surely not going to get you that role. I am a headshot photographer in Los Angeles and have been in this industry for some time, know what details in headshots get the attention of casting directors and what loses them.

Once you select the type of roles you are looking to get cast for, we will go through a few location options together and select the ones most suited to you. Both headshot session packages I offer also include free wardrobe consultation, to help you match well with the background we choose and the type of energy you’re looking for in a headshot. I know it’s hard to choose an outfit for a shoot, especially when you don’t know how it will go with the background. I suggest you bring them all with you to the shoot! Both packages include unlimited looks, so you can try all types of outfits to find the one you love. With all these perks and this list of locations, you are sure to get the headshots of your dreams!

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