Do you need plastic surgery to succeed in Hollywood?

We have all, at one point, or another consider getting plastic surgery. It might be a small lip filler or rhinoplasty, but trust me, I’m a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, everyone has been there. Especially if you’re trying to build your acting career and to succeed in Hollywood. Did you know that due to the overwhelmingly large number of actors with facial modifications, Chinese acting schools have stopped accepting students who have had plastic surgery done? They say that even the smallest change will affect the actor’s subtle facial expressions.

Last year, while casting for Youth, the famous director Feng Xiaogang said at the premiere that he is okay with other movies having actresses who have gone through plastic surgery, but his films have different standards. In order to show that all the actresses in his film were naturally beautiful, he turned the premiere into a “makeup removal event” by using wipes to clean all the makeup off the actresses’ faces and pinching their noses. Now the question that remains is whether plastic surgery is necessary to succeed in Hollywood or not. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I would like to share my thoughts on this.

The Importance of Looking Realistic

Surgery or no surgery, to succeed in Hollywood, you must be authentic. Whether it’s your agent, your audience, or your headshot photographer, they all want to see something real. In Los Angeles, it’s hard to be authentic when everyone around you is trying to fake embodying a luxurious lifestyle. But I want to highlight the importance of looking realistic.


You know that disappointing feeling when you bite into what you think is a chocolate chip cookie. But you find out it’s really a raisin cookie. That is precisely what agents think when they invite you to an audition, and you end up looking nothing like your headshots. Read the full article “Do you need plastic surgery to succeed in Hollywood?”

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