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Seda Stepanyan
December 30, 2020
Actors' "Type" in Los Angeles 2021

Los Angeles actors will succeed if they know about the “type” of an actor before starting their career. What is it, and how can one know his or her exact type? Acting is like a business, where we can consider the actors as products and the audience as consumers. In order to sell your product efficiently, you have to know where it exactly fits and what characteristics it has. Actors in Los Angeles can understand their type based on the dimensions of age, sex, physical characteristics, personality traits, and job title. Knowing your type as an actor has lots of advantages, such as saving your time while looking for a job, knowing who will be interested in you, avoiding getting typecasted, etc. So, let’s understand whether everyone suits any type, how you can find yours, what exactly is typecasting, and other questions together. 

Does every actor have a type?

It finds out that every actor has a type. Even the ones who are very versatile and flexible Los Angeles actors and seem to have played lots of roles have a type. In fact, the actors who just started their acting career will benefit from knowing their. They will find a language with casting directors and prospective agents easier. The reason is that the latter will take them more seriously. After gaining some credibility and visibility, it becomes easier to act against and delineate from your type. This is because knowing the roles you can play will bring you to the cast from the audition room. Then, you will do what you love. Experience shows that when you do what you love, you will grow really fast. Latter, eventually, will let you change your role easier as a famous actor.

Some common types

There are lots of “types” of actors that we meet very often in the movies and series. Each of them has its own characteristics. We have separated some of the common “types” below.

“Girl next door”

This role is usually someone who is easy to approach and young. She is crushable, clever, and the one who can make you laugh hard. However, this is not usually the “queen bee” and is someone, not the most popular or hottest.

“Bad boy biker”

This character’s appearance usually underlines his leather jacket and tattered jeans. He usually creates a feeling of mystery and resilience. Although, may sometimes be misunderstood. We meet this type, especially in high school dramas and comedies.

“Queen bee”

This one is usually the leader. She is cold-hearted and analytical. Eventually, gets what is coming to her, usually ends up being a CEO or occupying other high positions. While its difference from the “girl next door” proves the fact that the former would become a mother of three children.

How to figure out your type

The first thing which will help you understand your type is self-observation. Being self-conscious and knowing about your traits is always important, but be more attentive while determining your “type.” Stand in front of the mirror and examine your hairstyle, clothing, expression of your eyes, and overall appearance. Pay attention to whether you look older or younger from your age. Do you imagine real you with all your characteristics in a comedy movie or a serious drama? Sometimes it is really hard to accept ourselves with all our advantages and disadvantages. However, try to be honest and examine your traits honestly.

If you are not very well at self-observation, ask questions to others. This may be difficult because people who know you well will answer in a biased way. That is why you can ask your close people just to list several adjectives that they think describe you the best. And, it is better to ask questions to strangers or those you have just met. The questions might be: “How old do you think I am?” or “What role would suit me the best, you think?” And it is important to be ready for every answer and accept them with a smile.

If you are an actor in Los Angeles, you are probably participating in lots of headshots or photo sessions. You can benefit from it and ask your headshot photographer in Los Angeles these questions and explore how professional or artistic you look in front of the camera. And, again, be ready for every answer. Sometimes, what you think you do not fit with reality. If you want to grow as an actor, you have to accept yourself as you are at first.

Another way of exploring your type is by trying yourself in a process like during Actors’ networking event in Los Angeles, as experience brings the skill. Improvisation classes, where you will have to act quickly at the moment, will help you discover your hidden talents. Trusting your instincts, you will find out more things about your characteristics. Workshops for Los Angeles actors will give you diversity. You can try as many roles as possible to find out which suits you the best. On-camera classes will let you observe your play after the class. You will look at yourself from the side, which may be very beneficial.

There are some more ways to figure out your type. Even if you do not manage to attend lots of acting workshops and classes, you can take advantage of films, TV, and theater. Try to watch lots of movies, soap-operas, plays, and try to examine the characters carefully. Write down a list of the traits you think the characters have that are similar to yours. Also, write down the ones which you would like to have, but you think you do not yet. You may have productive discoveries about yourself through the comparison with others. And you can also improve yourself while thinking about the traits you would like to develop.

The role of age you think you can play

Very often, the casting directors ask the actors what age they can play. If your answer is “Better you tell me” or “Something between 18 and 60,” you will not be taken seriously, for sure. The directors may think you are not a professional, as the professional would surely know that crucial detail about his or her acting. An important point here is to know that actors can usually play a role within the range of 5 years. And, in order to find out exactly which 5 years, you can use the methods mentioned above: self-observation, asking questions, gaining experience, etc. 

It is often better and more accepted to play for an older role even if you look younger than the contrary. When you choose the age range, it is essential to come into the field of reality. If you are not quite that young, forget your wrinkle-free or in shape times. You should accept yourself as you are now, not 10 years ago.

How your type affects the time in the audition room

You have to know your type in order to have an appropriate wardrobe and clothing for it. That is because when the directors call you to the audition room, you will already know what appearance to appear with. For example, imagine you know your “type” will suit the lawyer’s role, and you have heard that it is one of the suggested roles by the directors. Now, you will choose the corresponding clothes from your wardrobe. But the thing to highlight is that your acting is the most important part. The appearance is not the most crucial thing in the audition room. Hence, you do not need to add any extra or heavy or any kind of detail to your clothing, which may disturb your acting.

Another importance of knowing your type is how you will present yourself in your resume. It is not a secret that we try to adjust the information about ourselves to the job or the role we want to get through our resume. And, we include our headshot photos in it very often. Discuss the role you are willing to apply for with your Los Angeles headshot photographer. Consider Los Angeles headshot rates and photoshoot rates because you may need lots of headshots in order to find the best photo. Decide how you are going to present your “type” in order to get the role you want. However, do not get too far, because you will need to show yourself in an honest way. Do not forget that they will find out the reality at the end working with you.

What about standing out and showing your uniqueness?

We already said that you will have to know how to introduce yourself in order to get the role you want. And we already mentioned that, before that, you have to know your type and be realistic in your role choices. Very often, actors in Los Angeles hear “be yourself” in the audition room. So, how to overcome the contradiction of introducing yourself in a needed way and being yourself? The key point here is that you will always have to take into account all your unique characteristics and traits as a Los Angeles actor and not to hide them. The role you are applying for should not be totally different from your essence. It should just be your characteristics extension. And, indeed, it should save your specific and unique descriptions, which make you a differentiating actor. Just extend and modify them for a little.  

Typecasting and how to avoid it

Knowing your type has lots of benefits, as we already mentioned. You will probably play the same “type” roles during your path to success and growth and will be accepted according to that one exactly. Typecasting, which is changing the “type” may become difficult over time. And here may emerge the hardest problem: if you are enough professional and experienced but want to try new things in a new role, how can you do it? It will be very difficult to convince the directors that you are more suitable for the role you want to try than for the one you have experience in. The process of convincing may be difficult, but you can find some tips to succeed. Indeed, the changes in your acting style may be beneficial. 

Another good way maybe, again, how you will present yourself via photos. If you are a professional and famous actor, you would have probably already participated in lots of photo sessions in Los Angeles. During your next Los Angeles photoshoot, you can try to present yourself in another way. For example, if you have always played good roles and presented yourself in a positive atmosphere, but now want the devil role, try to present yourself as a bad guy.

Another option to avoid typecasting is not being afraid to start acting “against the type.” The beginning is always difficult, but do not overthink it. You may have to choose places for changing that are not very glorious or famous. However, that is what will make you succeed. You can start acting against typecasting in web series or indie, which are very comfortable for the beginning. Then, you will have more proof to convince the directors that you are suitable for the “against-type” role you want. So, be attentive to taking the opportunities and chances you are given.


If you are going to become a Los Angeles actor and have not known a lot about an actor’s “type,” I hope this was helpful and will help you to succeed in your Los Angeles acting career. To sum up, we looked through the type of actor, whether it refers to everyone, the most common types, and how you can find yours. We also concentrated on how knowing your “type” is connected to the audition process or whether you need to highlight your unique characteristics or not. In the end, we talked about typecasting and how to avoid it.

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Seda Stepanyan
September 22, 2019
7 Tips on Business Headshots

Living in a world of business, you have definitely faced the need of having business headshots.

Headshots are an essential element for the image of a businessman. You may understand the importance of getting headshots and even find a professional headshot photographer in Los Angeles. However, there are several factors you should take into account when you get headshots. Here they are:

1. Headshot Wardrobe

What you wear for your headshots is extremely important for your image. As Alexander McQueen once said, “Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, where you are going.” This quote of the outstanding couturier is tightly connected to your look in headshots. Your headshot is your ID in your business, and that is why the way you are dressed there should correspond to your name of a business persona. In a business headshot, your outfit should reflect seriousness and confidence. Here you can find a couple of tips on how to dress for a business studio headshot.

No T-Shirts

You are a business persona, not a teenager. Forget about T-Shirts and put on a classic shirt. Classic shirts are a sign of seriousness and solemnity. More specifically, they reflect that you have a steady approach to your work. T-Shirts, on the other hand, will present you as a more frivolous persona. This fact will not create your desired reputation, but instead, will give a wrong interpretation of yourself. 

No Strips

It is preferable to wear a plain shirt with no kinds of strips on it. Strips do not look good on camera. Strips construct a sort of a rippling pattern, which is exclusively noticeable when your headshot image is small. It may sound too loud, but strips are frequently associated with prisoners, which may create a wrong impression. Instead, you may want to seem like the owner of yourself, so choose a classic shirt. 

No Images

Images on a shirt talk about special interests and preferences. For a business headshot, you would better avoid subjectivity and inclination. Those images may look really cool; however, they may create an extra visual impression. Images may shift the attention on themselves while diverting attention from yourself. That will obviously distract the viewer from your professional look and, therefore, spoil the image.   

No Bright Colors 

Usually, business headshots are black and white. For this reason, you may want to pay attention to the color of your shirt. There should be some contrast between your shirt and your tie. If you choose a white shirt and pink tie, you should clearly review your choice. That may be a perfect combination in real life, but on a black and white headshot, the colors may look the same. For that reason, choose dissimilar colors in your clothing.  

You can find more information about some appropriate and inappropriate wardrobe choices for your business headshots.

2. Headshot Hair

Regardless if you are a man or a woman, your hairstyle is significant for your business headshots. Still, women have more options for their hairstyle, and here are some tips for them. 

Face, not Hair 

Never let your hair cover your face. You may have the most beautiful blonde curlies in the world; however, they should never compete with the look of your face. Your eyes should be the first thing that one notices on your headshot. Therefore, do not let your hair fall on your eyes. 

Smooth Your Hair

It is important that your hair does not look wild. Smooth hair always talks about being well-groomed. That kind of look is especially significant in business headshots. Your look should be as sharp as possible. That distinguishes business environment from any other. 

No Coiffures Needed

Avoid any fancy styling for your business headshots. This is what many professional headshot photographers would suggest. Styling will only create unnecessary artificiality. The simpler your hair is, the better your look in a headshot will be. Less means more!

Do Not Make a New Haircut Right Before Your Headshot

Many people go to freshen their hair before important events. However, this practice is not recommended. It is essential to give yourself time to get used to your new haircut. It is very important to feel comfortable and natural about your hair. When the length or the form of your hair is new to you, you may not sense the required comfort in the first couple of days. That is why you should give yourself time after you get new hair. 

Dying Your Hair

Again, if you decide to dye your hair before getting a business headshot, never do that right before. New color of hair means a huge change in yourself. You need time to make the new color part of yourself. There is one more nuance regarding the color of your hair. As mentioned before, your headshot is the face of your business project. Your customers should see in your company the way they saw you on your headshot. So, make sure your hair colors of now and then match. 

3. Accessories 

Accessories are beautiful tools that contribute to your outfit. They enrich your outfit and help you to look special in some ways. However, accessories need a limit; otherwise, they would prevail your total look, which is absolutely inapplicable for corporate headshots. 


A tie is a symbol of formality. The presence of a tie on your shirt will immediately create an impression of a business persona about yourself. Ties also provide gentleness to men and unintentionally present them determined professionals. However, ties decorate not only men’s outfit but also that of the women. If you are a woman or a lady, do not hesitate to wear a tie for your business headshot. Apparently, do not wear a male tie, but rather, choose an elegant scarf-like female ties. You will look very elegant and serious at the same time. 


You may see a lot of corporate headshots of women with huge scarves around their necks. Usually, those scarves are very colorful and full of patterns as well. Many women think that as in headshots only their top is seen, then there should be something beautiful to decorate that. That is a nice idea; however, a scarf is not the best option. The truth is that most of the time, scarves fully hide your neck. Hiding the neck talks about anxiety and confusion. You, as a business persona, do not want to face such an opinion about yourself. That is why put all your scarves away!


It is natural that women intend to wear accessories to seem prettier. Sometimes they wear accessories for no apparent reason. However, when you want to get a corporate headshot, you may want to reconsider your accessories. Accessories often accentuate the personality and give more elegance. However, for business headshots that accentuation should be slight. For that reason, avoid wearing big and very visible necklaces. What is more, never wear necklaces that contain figures specific to a particular culture. Be neutral! 


Once again, accessories should just contribute to your elegance. They should not draw too much attention to themselves. Your earrings should provide confidence and status. It is better to wear studs and avoid wearing hoops or chandelier. Hoops and dangling earrings will get messed up with your hair and maybe even spoil it. For business headshots, it is necessary to be simple but elegant. Your earrings should be slightly visible from your hair. No extra chic is needed!  

Remember! When getting a corporate headshot, all the attention should be on your face, and not on your clothes and accessories. Jewelry and things such as scarves and ties can draw attention from yourself. Still, you can bring the accessories you like to the studio, and your headshot photographer will suggest which ones to go with. 

4. Makeup

This section refers to our beautiful business ladies. Every woman, regardless of her age or status, wears makeup. Cosmetic makeup is women’s best friend, but when it comes to business headshots, it needs balance. 

Do Not Go Overboard 

This is a business headshot, not a celebration. Don’t forget about that. You may be wearing heavy makeup to work, and that is absolutely normal. However, it is something more personal, where you should look as natural as possible. Choose light colors for your lipstick and avoid smoky eye shadowing. Keep it simple and elegant!

Do Not Make It Too Little Either

Any professional headshot photographer would say that right makeup is essential. However, the word “right” is a key one here. Your cosmetics should reflect your status. It is not a secret that cosmetic makeup gives confidence to ladies, especially to the ones with career ambitions. Business ladies should never look pale, especially in Los Angeles. 

Your makeup on a headshot should make you look confident, business ladies. It should be little enough to show your seriousness, yet much enough not to show you pale.

5. Skin

Most of the time, when you get headshots, the photographer takes time to prepare the studio and set up the lights. This is a part of headshot photographers’ job, as these activities will contribute to getting a better business headshot of yours. However, there are sometimes disadvantages related to this studio headshot setup. The worst impact of artificial lighting lies on the skin. Ladies and gentlemen, take care of your skin before getting a corporate headshot. You can read more about getting your skin ready for the shoot.

6. Smile

As serious, you may look with your outfit, hairstyle, and makeup, as much relaxed you need to seem on your business headshot. A good way to show that you feel comfortable and calm is to smile. 

No Forced Smile 

Just relax. Do not imitate delight and artificial happiness. Headshot photographers always tell their clients not to open their teeth as if they are smiling. Smile has to come naturally. Think of something positive during your headshot session; remember a friend who makes you laugh or a funny event. This will help you to relax and look natural as well. A really professional headshot photographer will tell you something to make you smile. A forced smile has the potential to make you seem deceitful; thus, remember to avoid it. 

Smile with Teeth vs. Without Teeth 

Doesn’t matter! Smiling both with and without teeth is applicable for corporate headshots. You can smile however you feel more comfortable. Still, closed mouth smile is considered more formal and subtle to catch one’s attention. With teeth, smile is associated with a more informal atmosphere. However, you already look formal with your outfit, so you can easily apply with teeth smile.  

If you are not sure if your smile looks well, ask your photographer to take some test shots so that you can see what smile you look better with.

7. Choose the Right Side

You have probably met people who say that a particular side is more preferable for them while taking photos. Those people know how they will look on the picture if they stand on the left or on the right side. This is usually because there are certain features on a specific side of the face they do not want to be taken by the photo. You certainly want to look in the best possible way in your business headshot, so consult these points:

Tell Your Headshot Photographer

Your headshot photographer should know about your special side preferences. It is extremely important to inform him/her in the very beginning of your business headshot so that he/she can set the lights and the studio correctly.

Let Your Headshot Photographer Choose a Right Side for You

Photographers are like therapists: you should trust them. Your photographer is the first person who sees your corporate headshot before it is even made. So let them tell you how you look good. Do not panic! Photographers never lie. They want the best!

Your headshot puts a face into your business. In your headshot, you have to follow the requirements of formal appearance that features business personas. However, at the same time, you should look natural, so avoid any artificial investments to your look. Trust your headshot photographer to make the best corporate headshot of yours. 

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