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Seda Stepanyan
February 25, 2019
8 Amazing Locations for Headshots in Los Angeles

Where to go for a great headshot session in Los Angeles? What is the best photo session location in Los Angeles?

Dear actors, models and photographer, we have picked our top photogenic spots in LA.

The usual locations for headshot sessions are either parks or urban areas. Beaches are also an option, however, it could be challenging to get the best light.

If you are looking for an urban location it is preferable to schedule the session early in the morning to avoid distractions and groups of passers-by.

We recommend the newbies to photography to arrive early to be able observe the lighting, the location and the background options.

We have made two lists of locations paid and free ones.

FREE Photo Session Locations in Los Angeles

1. Pasadena City Hall

headshot in los angeles
Source: https://hoodline.com/

One of the most popular locations for photography in LA. Weekend mornings are recommended to avoid crowds of people.

2. Santa Monica Beach and Pier

photo session locations

If you are looking for various backgrounds like the ocean, the surf, sand and the Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica is irreplaceable. Again, you will have to go there as early as you can or just before the sunset. Beware of heavy traffic during the weekend.

3. Walt Disney Concert Hall

headshot in los angeles

If you are looking for a location with amazing architecture and lighting, go there. Preferable times are 8am and before sunset.

4. Old Town Pasadena

headshots locations los angeles
Source: https://www.oldpasadena.org/

Here is another urban location for headshot session in Los Angeles. It is one of the most picturesque places with its museums, old but well-preserved buildings, cultural institutions, rose gardens, unique coffee shops. You can get any type of background for a photo session here.

5. Travel Town Museum

photo session
Source: reddit.com

If you are looking for a vintage train setting, Travel Town Museum is a great choice in LA. There are no fees however you need to call them prior to the photosession to get a permit for free.

Paid Photo Session Locations in Los Angeles

6. Arboretum of Los Angeles County – Fee $50+

headshots Los Angeles

This is a perfect location for portrait photography in Los Angeles. Many actors prefer getting headshots there because of the perfect lighting and an amazing garden setting.

7. Arlington Garden – Fee $100+

photo session locations
Source: westcoaster.net

It is an amazing location for mini headshot sessions. However, you should be aware of all their rules and regulations. Amateur photographer is allowed free of charge, however you cannot use professional equipment like lights, reflectors and props.

8. Descanso Gardens – Fee $300+

Source: descansogardens.org

Here is another great location not only for headshots but also for engagement sessions. If you can afford it, I would definitely recommend it.

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