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Seda Stepanyan
February 17, 2023
Is a Professional Headshot Worth the Money?

A professional headshot is an essential marketing tool for many professionals, including lawyers, actors, and business executives. In Los Angeles, headshot sessions can be quite expensive, leading some to wonder if they’re worth the investment. In this blog post, we’ll explore why headshot sessions are expensive in Los Angeles and whether a professional headshot is worth the money. We’ll also recommend Stepanyan Photography, a headshot photography studio in Downtown LA, for anyone looking for a high-quality corporate headshot.

Why are Headshot Sessions Expensive in Los Angeles?

Gear and Studio Rent 

One of the main reasons why headshot sessions are expensive in Los Angeles is because of the high cost of gear and studio rent. Professional headshot photographers need to invest in high-end cameras, lighting equipment, and backdrops to create high-quality images. Additionally, the cost of renting a studio in Los Angeles can be very high, which adds to the overall expense.

Photographer’s Experience 

A professional headshot photographer with years of experience and a strong reputation will likely charge more for their services. These photographers have honed their skills over time and can provide a level of quality that less experienced photographers cannot.

Hair and Makeup Services 

Many headshot photographers offer hair and makeup services as part of their packages. This additional service can add to the overall cost of a headshot session, but it can also make a significant difference in the final result. Professional hair and makeup artists can help to ensure that you look your best in your headshot.

Marketing Expenses 

Like any business, headshot photographers need to invest in marketing to attract new clients. This can include expenses like website design, advertising, and social media marketing, which can add to the overall cost of a headshot session.


Professional headshot photographers often offer retouching services to help you look your best in your headshot. This can include removing blemishes, reducing shine, and adjusting color balance. Skilled retouching can be time-consuming and requires specialized software, which adds to the overall cost.

Props and Wardrobe 

Depending on the style of headshot you’re going for, you may need to invest in props or wardrobe items to complete the look. For example, an actor may need to bring costumes, while a business professional may need to invest in high-quality suits or blouses. These additional expenses can add to the overall cost of a headshot session.


If you’re not located near a headshot photography studio, you may need to travel to your session. This can add to the overall cost of your headshot, especially if you need to book a hotel or rental car.

Time and Expertise 

Creating a high-quality headshot takes time and expertise. Professional headshot photographers need to know how to pose you, adjust lighting, and capture the right expression to create a compelling image. This expertise comes at a cost and is reflected in the price of a headshot session.


In some cases, headshot photographers may charge more for their services because they’re in high demand and can only take on a limited number of clients. This exclusivity can add to the overall cost of a headshot session.


Finally, some headshot photographers may specialize in a particular niche, such as actor headshots or business headshots. If you’re looking for a photographer with specialized knowledge and experience in your industry, you may need to pay more for their services.

Is a Professional Headshot Worth the Money?

While a professional headshot can be expensive, it’s often worth the investment for many professionals. A high-quality headshot can help you make a strong first impression, convey a professional image, and set you apart from the competition. Additionally, a professional headshot can be used for a variety of purposes, including on your website, social media profiles, and business cards.


If you’re looking for a professional headshot photographer in Los Angeles, we recommend Stepanyan Photography. Their team has years of experience creating high-quality headshots for professionals across a variety of industries. As a headshot photography studio near you, they’re conveniently located in Downtown LA, making it easy to schedule a session.

In addition to their technical skills, Stepanyan Photography provides hair and makeup services to ensure that you look your best for your headshot. They also offer a range of packages to fit different budgets and needs, making it easier for you to get the headshot you need without breaking the bank.


In conclusion, while headshot sessions can be expensive in Los Angeles, they’re often worth the investment for many professionals. A professional headshot can help you make a strong first impression and convey a professional image, which can be a valuable asset in your career. When choosing a headshot photographer, be sure to consider their experience, the services they offer, and their reputation. With the right photographer, you can get a high-quality headshot that’s well worth the investment. And if you’re looking for a headshot photography studio near you, we recommend Stepanyan Photography in Downtown LA.

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Seda Stepanyan
December 1, 2021
How To Get Professional Realtor Headshots in 2022

Not many people love standing in front of a camera, but in 2022 a professional headshot will help you stand out in the job market. Our tips to help you get the best real estate headshots. Realtor headshots are vital for anyone that wishes to look professional and trustworthy. 

Unprofessional or outdated headshots can ruin your marketing efforts and make your potential customers pass on you. This article will help you to make the headshots work for you and avoid mistakes.

As a headshot photographer, I’ve worked with hundreds of real estate agents to update their headshots. And, now I am ready to share this guide with you for you to get professional realtor headshots even if you are not photogenic. 

Why Professional Realtor Headshots are a Must in 2022

This is how you make a first impression on your clients. You may spend time and money on networking and on word of mouth referrals, however, based on recent statistics 99% of Millennials search for realtors online.

Putting efforts into your online presence and professional headshots will make it more likely that these people will choose you whenever they need you. Besides, the first impression is what matters the most. According to studies, your clients size up your competence and trustworthiness, just by looking at your LinkedIn profile picture or your headshot on your website.

In short, your pictures and headshots do matter. A professionally taken headshot is a photo that builds your reputation and a connection to your business.

Define your Target Market

Depending on the types of homes you sell your headshot has to be different. That is why, firstly you need to define your target market, be it luxury homes, homes in small towns or condos. 

Another question is who your potential customer is. Your photo has to resonate with the right people you are targeting. 

Hire a Professional Headshot Photographer

Don’t ruin your reputation by posting an amateur headshot. We all have friends with a DSLR camera or iPhone 13. However, professional realtor headshots are more about lighting and coaching rather than about equipment. And, of course, let’s not forget about a professional retouch that you cannot do by yourself. 

The smartest way is to trust the professionals and hire a professional realtor headshot photographer in Los Angeles, or wherever you are located. Just ask for recommendations or google search for a realtor headshot photographer near you. As soon as you have the names, make sure to check the photographers’ portfolio and read reviews on Google and Yelp. Professional headshot photography rates may be much higher than you could have imagined but you should view it as an investment in your

Choose Your Location

The background you use for your headshot can contain a message and communicate to your audience. You can choose the location yourself, or ask your photographer for recommendations. 

Here is a list of portrait locations for professional realtor headshots in Los Angeles, or wherever you are located:

  • In Studio
  • Cityscape
  • In a neighbourhood
  • In a home 
  • In your office space
  • In the city 

With the right camera lens, your professional headshot photographer can blur out the background enough, at the same time give a feel for your brand.

Day of Photoshoot Tips

It is not a secret that you should look perfect in your real estate headshot. Here are a couple of tricks to do so. Firstly, stay out of the sun the day before your shoot. Sleep well to make sure you look fresh and rested. Have your clothes ready in advance. Take extra clothes with you in case you spill something on yourself. All these small things will help you avoid stress right before the shoot. 

Practice your smile in the mirror before the shoot. Studies show that smiling headshots communicate approachability, competence, and warmth to your potential clients. This will make your clients more confident reaching out to you, especially over the phone. An experienced photographer, will not let you fake your smile. They will make you laugh to capture your “after smile”.

Your Good Side and Posture

Though the photographer will help you define your good side, try to do it yourself before the shoot. It will make you feel more confident. Another important thing is to stand up straight. The right posture will make you look more confident and competent. 

No Double Chin

The right photographer will show you how to get rid of the double chin and make sure you follow the instructions. You will need to push your forehead forward and chin down. Do it in front of the mirror and you will see its magic. 

Trust your Photographer. Now that you have hired a professional photographer that’s because you liked their work. It is time to give it a try, relax and trust your photographer. Experienced photographer with a rich portfolio knows what they are doing. If you are ready to take advice and be coached, you will experience less pressure and look more relaxed in the photos.

After Your Professional Realtor Headshot Session

Now that you have all the retouched images it is time to update your profile pictures on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and, of course, on your website. If you need to crop it, make sure to ask the photographer to do it for you as there are specific rules to follow. Otherwise, you can easily ruin your professional headshot by just cropping it in the wrong way. 

I hope the professional realtor headshot guide helped you and you will be able to get the best professional headshots in 2022. Our next blog will be about what to wear for your realtor headshot session and how to pose for pictures. You can view more Professional Headshots | Los Angeles Headshot Photographer on our home page. 

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Seda Stepanyan
October 4, 2021
What Do LA Working Actors Need to Know?

As a professional headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I see how many people wish to be working actors in LA but they never will be. And, it is not because of lack of hard work, luck or talent. It is rather because they usually have a wrong attitude. 

With plenty of hard work and the right mentors or teachers, many of you hope to become successful actors. But, merely talent and hard work are not all it takes. 

In reality, to become a successful professional actor, you need to view acting as a career. It means that you should gain the mindset of a working actor along with other skills and professional headshots. But how to think like a professional working actor?

Be Easy to Work with

Besides delivering good work, casting directors usually search for actors who are easy to work with. If you perform well, and are polite to the people around you, and are trustworthy, anyone would want to work with you again and again. Even I sometimes go the extra mile with a professional headshot session if the person is pleasant and polite. This is the most important thing in building a successful acting career in Los Angeles.  

Get into the Habit of Listening

Being able to listen is a key factor if you wish to work with directors, photographers, actors and other professionals in the Los Angeles entertainment industry. This does not mean that you shouldn’t have your own ideas and opinions. It rather means you listen to the directors and your fellow actors’ ideas and give them a thought. 

As you are trying to get into the film industry, you should remember that the director is the authority when it comes to the final decisions. And their decision is the final one. A failure to listen to the director’s instructions can get you blacklisted faster than anything.

Accept Rejections and Move on

Any actor in Los Angeles should understand that they are going to get rejected – a lot. It is the nature of the LA film industry: actors spend less time on acting than auditioning. You cannot control the casting director’s decisions no matter how perfect you think a part is for you, or how talented you are. You should learn not to crush any time you get rejected as it is more than normal. You should not take it personally, and you better develop a thick skin to take everything easy. 

Be Confident without Developing Huge Ego

It is important for actors to professionally achieve the right balance of humility and confidence. However, it is also vital to avoid developing a huge ego. Nobody wants to deal with a diva. You should remember that nobody is irreplaceable, especially in the Los Angeles film industry. Irrespective of how talented you are, the casting directors will find someone else if you are rude or miserable. 

No matter how successful or famous you are, always be respectful and polite to everyone from the director to the film crew, and your fellow actors. Remember, that everyone has their key role in the production and they deserve to be treated with respect. 

Learn Every Day  

You always need to remain open to learning new things if you wish to build a sustainable acting career in Los Angeles. The most important lesson you need to learn is that you can never know everything about acting. That means you should never stop taking acting classes, polish your skills, and develop new ones. 

As a headshot photographer, I’ve heard a lot of my clients say that every audition is not only an opportunity to get casted but also a great chance to learn. Have the attitude of improving your acting skills every day with every chance you get. Never underestimate the power of watching your fellow actors perform or taking people’s feedback. If you want long-term success as a professional actor, keep all these in mind. 

As a Conclusion

Remember that as an actor, you need to develop a strong mindset. Wherever you are in your career you will have to deal with criticism, insecurity, rejection, dream stealers, and the massive highs and lows. They are all just part of ‘normal’ life for an actor in Los Angeles. This is what I’ve heard from my clients as a professional headshot photographer. And, you will have to not just deal with all these but stay positive and focused through it all. 

You can view more Professional Headshots | Los Angeles Headshot Photographer on our home page. 

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Seda Stepanyan
August 19, 2021
How to Communicate with your LA Headshot Photographer?

It is not a secret that communication is key to every relationship, and the relationship between headshot photographer and actor is not an exception. Nowadays, you can look through professional LA headshot photographer s’ websites, social media pages like Facebook or Instagram, google and yelp reviews to get the idea of who you are going to deal with. Usually, people choose someone whose work they love and whoever they can afford. We have collected a few tips on how to communicate with your headshot photographer to ensure you are on the same page. 

Send your headshot photographer samples of photos that inspire you! 

Photographers are mostly visual. If you wish to create a specific character, style, or mood, show them the images that are close to what you are looking to get. Sometimes people can understand your words differently. This is why we recommend you to show rather than tell. One of my clients once told me she wanted a headshot that was “commercial, sexy, powerful and at the same time vulnerable”. I told her to show me. And after a couple of hours, she sent me a couple of headshots from my portfolio and it became clear what she wanted. 

My clients send me photos from my website or Instagram or other LA headshot photographer s’ works just to clearly explain what they want. Mostly, they are looking for some specific character or feeling, sometimes it’s just a lighting style. 

What character are you going to create?

When my clients call me to schedule a headshot session this is one of the first questions that I ask them: “What character are you going to portray? What are their features? Is it a leading woman? A housewife? A girl next door?”. And when we have the answers we start working on creating the characters, defining the style, clothes, backdrop colors, etc. I usually send them samples of every character to make it easier for them to choose. They also send me a list of movie character names to make it more understandable. 

Choose the best way to communicate with your headshot photographer! 

Based on my experience, most of my clients prefer to communicate over the phone, however, some prefer to text or email. If you feel it takes too much time and effort to describe your thoughts it is better to call or even to schedule a meeting or a facetime call before the shoot. It will help us both to get a clearer picture of what we are going to create. 

During the free consultation, I’m happy to brainstorm with you, discuss all the details, answer all the questions you might have. I even recommend you a makeup and hairstyle and makeup artists and hairstylists. And at one point we start talking by texting or emailing photos to each other to better explain what we mean. 

What if you don’t like your headshots?

This is a topic for a whole blog post that I’ll write in future. However, I’d like to give you an idea of how this process goes on. During the headshot session, I show you your images so that you know how to look on the camera. It helps you to make changes if you don’t like anything in your posture, clothes, hair or makeup; or if there’s something that bothers you concerning studio lighting of the backdrop color. We fix everything and continue to shoot. After the session, I offer my clients to stay and take a look at their headshots on a big screen so that we can shoot again while you are at the studio. My clients always leave the studio already knowing which images they’re going to choose for the retouch.  

In which cases you can get a free reshoot?

After receiving all the images you think you don’t like any of them, you can call me and tell me about it. If there’s something wrong with lighting, angle, or background that you didn’t like I will always offer you a free reshoot to fix it. And no matter, you told me everything was fine while you were checking out the images at the studio. However, I don’t take “I just don’t like my headshots” as an answer. If you don’t like them because of your hair, makeup or anything else that was your responsibility it will not be fair to blame the photographer for it. It happened to me once, though.

In conclusion!

Make sure you share all your thoughts with your photographer with the help of images. Take time to call your LA headshot photographer before the session, or even schedule a video call or meet her in person. Be sure you like everything in your photos before leaving the my Los Angeles photo studio. Don’t hesitate to ask for a reshoot if you don’t like anything that has to do with the photographer’s skills.

You can view more Professional Headshots | Los Angeles Headshot Photographer on our home page.  Check out our headshot photography pricing/rates.


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June 28, 2020
Do You Tip Photographers in Los Angeles?

Should I tip photographers in Los Angeles? If you have worked or are working with a photographer, this question probably popped up to your mind. Tipping photographers is a topic of immense debate. Some think that it is not ethical not to tip photographers. But some people believe that tipping is unnecessary. As photography rates in Los Angeles are relatively high, many clients may not afford to tip. Me as a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I have encountered many cases when clients tip. I also tip when I like how people provide different types of services. I think that it is a great way to show our appreciation. And also it makes others happy.

Clients may tip photographers for different occasions, such as weddings, engagements, birthdays, professional photoshoots, affordable headshots, etc. Sometimes they may even tip photographers in advance for motivating them to do better work. This is especially common during weddings or other parties. In any situation, there are a couple of factors that affect whether it’s appropriate to tip photographers or not. In this article, I will represent everything that you need to know about tipping photographers in Los Angeles.

What is Tipping?

For every photo shoot, usually, there is a fixed amount that a client pays. But there are certain situations and occasions when the client wants to show a little gesture to the photographer. For example, when they are pleased with the result and want to thank the photographer in Los Angeles. Tipping is widespread in the hospitality industry, especially in restaurants and cafes. And when we like the service, the food, and the overall atmosphere, we tip to show our appreciation. Mostly it is reasonable to pay 5-10% of the total bill as a tip. But, this is not a rule; each of us can choose the desired amount. And it is normal to not tip anything if the service and food were bad.

There are countries that have their tradition in regards to tipping. For example, in Japan, tipping may seem a little bit offensive. So, if you go to Japan, make sure to be aware of their traditions. It will help you to avoid unpleasant situations. But in the United States, tipping is normal. And even there are industries, such as hospitality, that not tipping can seem offensive. As you can notice, there are many opinions connected with tipping. Some think that it is a beautiful gesture; others believe that it is inappropriate. Overall, tipping is very typical in many industries, and it is up to the client to decide whether tip or not.

Whom Should I Tip?

This is another common question. Usually, clients can’t orientate whether they should tip independent contractors or agency photographers. Often agency photographers get their minimum monthly wage from their managers. And in this case, clients may want to give some additional money to them for their work. This may happen when the client likes how kind and patient the photographer is. And especially if the result is appealing, clients may tip after they receive the pictures. But it is not a common practice to tip agency or corporate photographers. But once again, situations are different with each client and photographer. 

In the case of individual contractors, many self-employed photographers set their pricing. They are their managers, and usually, they take all the money. So they decide the amount by taking into consideration their skills, photoshoot conditions, etc. If they charge a lot of money, then you may not tip. But there are cases when photographers in Los Angeles work with a lot of people and under challenging conditions. For example, in cold weather. You, as a client, can show your appreciation by tipping a small amount to them. In Los Angeles beginner photographers provide affordable headshot rates. And many clients try to motivate them at the beginning of their careers by tipping.

Do Photographers in Los Angeles Expect Tips?

This question is very debatable and doesn’t have a specific answer. It depends on the country, culture, industry, etc. There are industries, like hospitality, where workers in the restaurant expect tipping. But in regards to photography, usually, the occasion and the situation decide if tipping is expected. The most useful thing that I can recommend is to discuss every aspect of the photoshoot with the photographer. If they include every service in the fee, then the tip may not be expected. But if you ask for some additional services during the photoshoot, the photographer may expect a tip. Tipping very much depends on a particular situation. So if your friend tipped the photographer once, it doesn’t mean that you should tip as well. Consider all the aspects, and of course, rely on your feelings and emotions.

Is There a Tipping Etiquette?

In reality, there is no guide on whether you should tip a client or not. Tipping is very individual, and as I already said, it depends on the situation. It is essential to understand that tipping is not a formal act. In some cultures, it is acceptable; in others, it may seem weird. So, before tipping, you should know the tipping culture of the country. As I mentioned, in the United States, tipping is accepted and is quite common. And, of course, tipping is also common in the photography industry.

There are some types of photoshoots where tipping is necessary. For example, during a wedding, photographers usually work hard. They take pictures of hundreds of people and in different conditions. Clients sometimes tip even at the beginning of the marriage. So, in that case, the right decision should be to tip. But there are also cases when clients don’t tip, and it is normal. Below I will touch on a couple of the examples separately.

Tipping Headshot Photographers

If you need a professional headshot photo for a special occasion, then you need a headshot photographer. Of course, you can arrange a photoshoot by yourself at home and have a pleasant result. But if you don’t have time or need a professional approach, find a headshot photographer. However, you may not need to tip a headshot photographer. But if you were pleased with the result and the service very much, go ahead and tip! In addition to this, there are many affordable headshots in Los Angeles. So tipping may be accessible. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I faced many cases when the client tipped. This is not only motivating but also it helps always to keep high standards. In this way, you will show your appreciation, and the photographer may be very motivated.

Tipping Wedding Photographers

As I already mentioned above, it is common that the clients tip wedding photographers. Wedding photography is the most appropriate case to tip. During weddings, photographers put a lot of effort into taking great pictures. They spend all day with you in order to make the dream result. Sometimes photographers work in very harsh conditions. For example, even if it is extremely hot, they can take pictures for hours under the burning sun. Besides taking photographs, they try to handle all the stress and pressure. Because during the wedding everyone wants to have a magnificent picture. So it is excellent when clients tip the photographers. It is up to you how much to tip, but between $50 and $100 is an average amount to tip. But of course, you are the one who decides how much to pay.

Tipping Engagement Photographers

For couples, engagement day is also an exceptional occasion. Of course, most couples don’t celebrate engagement as big as they celebrate the wedding. So, during the engagement, photographers’ jobs are not as tense as during weddings. Engagement photographers do a lot of work during the engagement as well. But the overall task is not very complicated and time-consuming. Before the event, you should confirm everything with the photographer, and they will tell you the fee. Most of the clients don’t tip engagement photographers. But if you are planning to have a big party, then you may consider tipping.

Tipping Portrait Photographers

In this situation, there are a couple of aspects to take into account. For example, if a photographer takes only your portraits in the studio for 30 minutes, you may not tip. Usually, such kind of photography rates can be high in Los Angeles. In addition to this, photographers give you the exact amount that you should pay for them in advance. And they provide service which corresponds with the fee. So you may not tip at the end. 

But if you are hiring independent photographers to take portraits of your family, you can give a small tip. As a headshot photographer, I know that family photography can be tough and time-consuming. So you can leave 5% or 10 % tip, and it will be enough. Photographers in Los Angeles work hard to make your portraits appealing. So a small tip can be a beautiful gesture for them.

Tipping Baby Photographers 

I know that this is an exceptional photoshoot for the parents. It is one of the cutest moments when someone takes a picture of your baby. And then you look at the pictures and remember all the great memories. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I was part of such photo shoots, a lot. It is not only emotional but also very important. So such pictures are very worthwhile because parents keep them forever. Many photographers in Los Angeles do such photoshoots. Baby photography rates in Los Angeles are not very high. So, in the end, there may be clients who tip. There is not an exact rule about tipping baby photographers. But if you like the work that the photographer did, then, of course, he or she will appreciate the tip. 

Tipping Real Estate Photographers

If agencies hire real estate photographers, then most probably they will not tip the photographer. But even if a client hires a photographer to take pictures of the home, usually tipping is not common. In this case, the photographer has a fixed and technical job that doesn’t require additional services. They are just trying to capture the house so that you can distribute it on the site. So they will provide a fee which includes all the aspects of their job. Hence in the end, when you pay, you may not tip. Mostly, real estate photographers don’t wait for tipping. But, again, there is not an exact rule. You may feel that the situation requires tipping and paying some extra money at the end.

Tipping Photo Booth Attendant 

Photo booth attendants are usually a representative of an agency or an entertainment company. I am sure in different department stores or during events, you have taken a picture in the photo booth. Usually, photo booth attendants take two or three photos, and you may not even interact with them. Hence it is not common to tip them. There are many cases when photo boots are self-managed, and there are no attendants. Of course, this helps people to avoid these tipping situations.


Above I tried to include everything that could be useful for you. The most important thing to remember is that no one can force you to tip. It should be your decision, and there are no specific rules for that. I understand that sometimes the service is not worth tipping. And tipping may not be appropriate. Most of the time, photographers include all the services in one fee. So tipping is just an additional way to show your appreciation and a beautiful gesture. If you want, you can tip at the beginning of the photoshoot, to motivate the photographer. Anyway, if you don’t want to tip, there are other ways to show your appreciation. For example, you can leave a good review on a website or social media. There are many ways to thank photographers in Los Angeles, choose the one which is the most convenient for you.

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Learn more about headshot pricing in Los Angeles.

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You can view more Professional Headshots | Los Angeles Headshot Photographer on our home page. 




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April 9, 2020
How Successful Models Network in Los Angeles

Networking is one of the essential parts of a successful career in any sphere. This skill may help you to open a lot of doors and be one of the most useful tools for you. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles who does many affordable headshots for actors, I have already written an article about actors’ networking events in Los Angeles. This time, I want to talk about how models network in Los Angeles.

Today, the modelling sphere is also very competitive, and besides being beautiful and having the original appearance, you must even know how to network with people from your industry. You should know how to represent yourself in the best way, and get recognized by your communication skills. Of course, at first, this may seem scary because not everyone likes interacting with others, but believe me, if you master that skill, you will notice how it benefits you over time. So read carefully, and you will gain a lot of useful information on how models network in Los Angeles.

What is Networking?

Most of us know the meaning of this word, but it is crucial to make sure to understand the purpose and meaning of it entirely. Networking is communicating and building relationships with influential people from your sphere, which is an essential skill for a successful Los Angeles modeling career. One of the purposes of networking is to have connections with different people, who have passed a hard road in your field. Of course, this will not happen very fast, and you should know that you must put a lot of effort to build connections.

To start networking, you must be courageous to start a conversation with strangers and be confident enough. This may make you get out of your comfort zone. But you should take risks to enjoy the success fully. Try to be natural and create a friendly atmosphere. I am sure people around you will like to talk with you if they feel your positivity.

Where Should you Network?

If you wish to become a part of the Los Angeles modelling career, then you should know that it is a must to be aware of all the opportunities. Remember that even the dullest conversation can transform into something huge. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, who does affordable headshot, I know many cases when an elevator speech helped to make a great impression. The most important thing is to be confident. The best places to interact with other people from your industry are parties, fashion shows, and different events. I highly encourage you to be prepared before going to places like this. Do a little bit of research and get to know the ones who may attend these events.

Use social media, where the organizers of the event will probably post information about the events, and you’ll know the ones who may attend. Such kind of events always has its pages on Instagram or Facebook. Also, join different forums and other useful sites and try to be open and friendly during different jobs that you may do. So make sure to be informed and well prepared. This will help you to make a good impression.

Who Should You Start Networking with?

Models networking in Los Angeles may be hard because the competition is severe. Every model wants to be one step ahead of the others. But in every situation, if you show a friendly attitude to other models, then I am sure people around you will notice it. It would be great if you could have a good relationship with models. That’s because there will be different situations in life that you may need help from them, and also you may help them in response.

As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, who takes affordable headshots for many actors and models, I would highly recommend you to be in a good relationship with photographers as well. If they enjoy working with you, then I am sure they will introduce you to other photographers, designers, and influential people from the industry. You will notice that step-by-step, you get to know different famous people from your industry, with the help of your positive and friendly character. Here is a simple guide on how to behave while networking.

1. Get Acquainted with the Person

In the conversation, it is important to listen to what the other person talks about. Sometimes staying silent and carefully listening is better. Try to ask appropriate questions in order to get to know the other person better. Tell about yourself, also about your achievements and current projects. Always make connections, so that the conversation goes smoothly and in a fun atmosphere. I am sure you will have a lot of common topics with other people who are connected with the Los Angeles modelling career. So even in 5 minutes, you can have interesting and memorable conversations. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I know that in such a big industry, it may be hard to stand out of the crowd. But keep in mind that you are unique in your way, and it will be noticed.

2. Point out Your Uniqueness

As I have already mentioned above, the models’ network in Los Angeles may be quite hard. There are a lot of beautiful girls in the business, and you should bring something unique with you in order to stand out from the crowd. I am sure, right now, there are a lot of modelling agencies, fashion designers, headshot photographers in Los Angeles who are tired of ordinary appearances. They want to find someone who will bring something unique to them.

Today, if you want to be successful in your Los Angeles modelling career, you have to be natural and bring a new wave with you. And also, not only the appearance is important, but also what is inside of the person. Be smart, intelligent, kind, helpful, and you’ll see how the doors are opening for you. Because anything that is cliche is getting out of style. So find your uniqueness and represent it to others.

3. Choose Appropriate Dress 

When you make the first impression, usually, the way you are dressed is critical. Los Angeles modelling career is very much connected with the fashion industry. And many fashion designers will appreciate your sense of style and the way you are dressed. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I pay a lot of attention to how the model is dressed while I am taking affordable headshots. Sometimes many people ask me why Los Angeles headshot rates are high.

The most logical answer to that question is that headshot photographers in Los Angeles pay attention to everything in order to have quality pictures. Another important thing is that you should wear something in which you feel comfortable. During events you will not stay in one place, so choosing the most comfortable dress and shoes is the right thing to do. This will help you to concentrate on what is important during the evening, and not worry about what you are wearing.

4. Leave Alone the Phone

I know that sometimes it is hard not to get distracted by our phones. We are highly connected to our phones. But if you are planning to network during an important event, then a good thing will be not to pay attention to your phone for a couple of hours. Your biggest goal is to have conversations with people and make connections with them. If you sit in the corner and check your Instagram or Facebook profiles all the time, then people may think that you are not interested. If you want to be successful in the models’ network in Los Angeles, then you must fully engage in the process. Of course, it is not simple, but nothing huge happens effortlessly. So you must be very attentive and make your steps. Also, you should know that you are not the only one who is nervous during these events. There will be a lot of beginner models who came there with the same mission as you.

5. Be Confident

Confidence is the key to successful networking. In every situation, people will notice your confidence, and you will make a positive impact. If you want a little help during your first experience, you can ask one of your relatives or friends to join you. They may accompany you so that you know that you are not completely alone. I am sure when other models network in Los Angeles, they also ask their friends to come with them. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you must talk only to your friend for the whole evening. They are coming with you to motivate you and make you more confident, but you must spend your time getting to know other people. After some time, when you become more confident, you can already attend these events alone as you may know many people from the industry. 

6. Listen Carefully

As I have already mentioned above, listening is one of the main skills that you may need while networking. You should listen very carefully. In your industry, there may be a lot of professional and smart people who can give you precious advice. And even in a small amount of time, you can learn a lot from others. If you listen to what the other person says, it will make it easier for you to continue the conversation. And with the help of it, you will be able to keep the conversation smoothly. In addition to that, listening carefully is a sign of being respectful.

As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I always try to listen carefully to my peers, clients, colleagues, and other professionals from my industry. This helps to develop my skills day by day and make not only professional and affordable headshots, but also be aware of my industry. I highly encourage you to watch this informative video about listening. 

Continue Communicating after Events

You will network a lot during these events. And you will get to know a lot of different people. But after the events, it is important to continue keeping in touch with them. Because after some time they will forget about you, and by reaching to them after the events you will make them remember you. I highly recommend you to ask for their emails during your conversation. This channel is one of the most professional ways to get in touch with someone. Of course, there is also social media, but most fashion designers or photographers communicate via emails.

But with your peer models, you can also communicate through Instagram and Facebook. Also, you should always remember that most of the people that you may write to are very busy. It will take a couple of days and even weeks before they write you back. Even if you face a couple of rejections, then it will only make you work even harder and get your goals.

As a Conclusion…

If you are an introverted person, then networking may be scary for you at first. But if you want to reach something significant, then you should fight that fear. And after some time you will notice how you stop being scared. And you will start already feeling very comfortable while networking. The first thing that you must keep in mind is that you have to make a good impression. You will not make a deep connection with anyone during networking events, but because of your positivity, people will remember you. And it will be an excellent base to build up your relationship with them. If you want to have a successful experience while networking, then you should nurture your relationship with them. So don’t be afraid and start networking. Remember that you are not the only one on the journey. There are many models who start networking in Los Angeles.

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Seda Stepanyan
February 13, 2020
Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas - Part 2

Air is already full of love, which means that one of the most beautiful and romantic days of the year is around the corner. And we all know that Valentine’s day is the perfect day to have a romantic photoshoot and save memories forever. In my previous article, I have already shared a couple of unique Valentine’s day photoshoot ideas. But as I am a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I always search for new and inspiring ideas to make them a reality. The truth is that there are hundreds of ways to have a photoshoot and experiment with ideas. You can have great and affordable headshots anywhere, and It doesn’t matter if it’s a park, your home, or a photo studio in Los Angeles. So here are more ideas on how to make Valentine’s day photoshoot even more memorable. 

1. Photoshoot with Balloons

Balloons may seem too simple, but they always bring too much joy to everyone. And on each holiday besides gifts, people also give balloons to each other. There are many ways to experiment with them and eventually get creative photos. One of the advantages of balloons is that you can get beautiful pictures with them in any location. It doesn’t matter if your Valentine’s Day photoshoot takes place in the park, at home, or in the photo studio in Los Angeles, balloons add character to every place. Also, you can play with them in many ways. Being a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I recommend you to choose balloons in different colors, shapes and with different writings on it. You can also match your clothes with the colors of the balloons. This will help to capture more interesting photos. You can be sure that balloons will be a great prop for Valentine’s day photoshoot, and will help to take affordable headshots. 

2. Make a Gift with Your Photos

I am sure you would like to have a calendar for the year with your photos on it for each month. Valentine’s day is a perfect opportunity to make this idea a reality. You can have a themed photoshoot for each month and then allocate every picture for the corresponding month. For example, for December, you can have a photoshoot in the characters of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. This is a great way to get creative because there are 12 months, and a lot of ideas can be generated. In addition to this, there are many photo studios in Los Angeles, which provide low photoshoot rates and where you can do this type of photoshoot. So, you don’t need to spend time on choosing a location. But if you enjoy exploring and finding different places, then this idea can be turned into reality everywhere. Headshot photographers in Los Angeles like when clients share their ideas because in that way, the result is always better.

3. Interesting and Unique Accessories

Holiday photoshoots are the perfect time not to be afraid of experimenting. You can use themed accessories to make your look even more festive. For example, big heart-shaped sunglasses or funny hats. On other days you may not want to have a Valentine’s Day photoshoot with a funny hat or something else. But Valentine’s day is all about creativity, love and fun. So instead of having a regular photoshoot, you will have a fun and interesting one. If you want to make the preparations for the photoshoot more exciting, then you can make DIY accessories. Today, there are a lot of useful tutorials that will help create fast and easy accessories. So, this would be a perfect way to spend time together. After the photoshoot, you can keep the accessories as a souvenir. 

4. Go to the Countryside

If you are tired of photos taken in the cities, and you don’t want to go to the photo studios in Los Angeles, then this is a perfect option for you. Pick a place where there is a magnificent nature, and you can enjoy both the view and photoshoot. Headshot photographers in Los Angeles can recommend beautiful places, but you also can do some research and find a place which you like the most. Because of the behavior of light, you can have photos in different styles, with beautiful views. This is a good opportunity to have a rest and enjoyable photoshoot at the same time. If you want to make your pictures even more beautiful, then you can find a place with a breathtaking view during the sunset. In that case, you will have one of a kind pictures. And even after years, you will look at the pictures with excitement. 

5. Photoshoot of Your Hobbies

Most probably each couple will have a hobby which they both like. If you are one of those couples, then you can use this idea for your Valentine’s day photoshoot. For example, if you both like playing tennis, then you can ask a headshot photographer to take pictures of you while you are playing. Or if you both like painting, then you can paint together a picture, and at the same time, the photographer will capture the most beautiful moments. In this case, you can also play with the paints, and maybe also paint each other for funny pictures. As this is Valentine’s day photoshoot, don’t forget to add something connected with that special day. For example paper hearts or balloons. This is not only an opportunity to take affordable headshots with low photoshoot rates in Los Angeles but also do what you love together. 

6. “Follow me” Photoshoot

It may seem that this type of pictures are everywhere on the internet, and it is no longer a creative idea. A couple of years ago, this became a trend, and everyone started to take pictures like this. But there are many ways to make this type of photos magnificent, and if you show your love in then, I am sure that every type of picture will be perfect. For example, if you have a favorite location in the city, you can take “follow me” pictures there, and then combine them. In addition to this, if there are interesting places in your city, then the pictures will be even more appealing. This is also a great way to avoid high photoshoot pricing in Los Angeles, but at the same time enjoy Valentine’s day photoshoot. Every couple has its unique approach to any idea, so don’t be afraid to create your signature. 

7. Create Backdrop at Home

At first, this idea may seem a little bit scary, but even at home, you can make a place that looks like photo studios in Los Angeles. If you don’t want to go to crowded places and don’t want to pay high photoshoot rates in Los Angeles, then photoshoot at home will suit you. And also, at home, you will be more confident, so it is the perfect place to create a backdrop with your significant other. Find some interesting ideas for making a quick and beautiful backdrop, and then make it together. For example, you can create a backdrop from your pictures, hearts, balloons, etc. Even at home, you can effortlessly make a photo studio. Just follow a simple guide and step-by-step turn the room into a real photo studio in Los Angeles. As I am a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I have shared my tips for a perfect photoshoot at home, which you can find here

8. Photoshoot with Lights

Garland lights add sparkle and romance to any type of photo. For a romantic atmosphere, you can turn off the lights of the room and grab garland lights. You can hang them from somewhere, or even put it on yourself. In the dark atmosphere, it will create a special ambiance, and every ordinary photo will immediately become unique. You can make a heart shape with your hands and wrap the lights around them. Garland lights add magic and romance to everything. Also, this can help you to take affordable headshots because this idea can be made into reality even at home, and with simple lights left from the Christmas tree. But of course, if you want more professionalism, then you may go to photo studios in Los Angeles. Garland lights will look perfect with the lighting of photo studios in Los Angeles. Photoshoot rates may be higher, but the quality and service are worth it. 

9. Search for Adventures

If you like taking risks, feeling adrenaline, and just trying new things, then this is exactly for you. Valentine’s day is a perfect day to try new things, which you have never tried before. For example, if you have always dreamed of riding a parachute, then don’t be afraid and try it with your significant other. Find this type of activity in your city, and choose one of them with your loved one. Photoshoots in this type of condition may be hard, but headshot photographers in Los Angeles are professionals who love capturing moments on every occasion. The photoshoot rates may be high for this kind of photoshoots, but you can be sure that this will be a lifetime experience. Also, I am sure most of us wanted to try something like this at least once during our lives. Adventures will add a lot of emotions to your picture and be fun to look at. Don’t forget about safety and chase adventures. 

10. Photoshoot with Smoke

One of the most popular props of photoshoots is smoke bombs. They not only add creativity to the picture but also create a specific type of mood. With different colors, in different locations, and with various poses, you can make magnificent pictures. They will make your photos more alive and will help to have a unique photoshoot. The smoke will help to achieve effects, interesting background, and atmosphere. Choose a place which will not be too crowded, so that the smoke doesn’t disturb anyone. To have a great experience with smoke bombs, here are some tips on how to use them. Most of the headshot photographers in Los Angeles use smoke bombs a lot so you can rely on their experience. But to be well prepared, do some research before the photoshoot, so that it would be easier for you to cooperate with the photographer. 

11. Create a Retro Style

Another way to take affordable headshots is to recreate different styles with your partner. Valentine’s day is a perfect day to dress-up. I think most of us dreamed, at least for once, to look like the characters from old, retro movies. Those movies had so much romance in them that it would be ideal to be able to recreate the styles from them. Usually, headshot photographers may use black and white style, or other techniques to transform the retro mood. In addition to this, you can use different accessories, which will complete your retro look. These types of photos are always stunning, and the process of making them is very enjoyable. 

12. Dance Together

Dances help to take out all the energy and express real emotions. I am sure you don’t want to have just an ordinary photoshoot with ordinary pictures. The most important thing is to show emotions and be happy together while doing a photoshoot. You just need to choose your favorite music, dance, and catch the beat. If you think that you are not very good at dancing, then you can look at different tutorials on the internet, and try the same during the photoshoot. Right now, there are no rules on how to dance, so you can even create your dancing style. Dancing will help to create dynamic photos and have a lot of fun. This is another option to have affordable headshots everywhere. 

Even the smallest detail can be a perfect addition to the photo. You need to test your creativity, and not be afraid to try crazy and various things. As you saw, it is possible to have any type of photoshoot. So even if you think that many options may have high photoshoot rates, then there are also a lot of options to take affordable headshots. The only thing that you have to do is to enjoy every moment of Valentine’s day photoshoot, and value each day spent with your loved one. 

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Seda Stepanyan
February 11, 2020
Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas - Part 1

Valentine’s day is near, and couples are already counting the days until February 14th. This is the perfect day to show your loved ones how special they are. Each day of the year must be a celebration of love. But we all know that February 14th has a unique energy, and we always want to make that day memorable. Most of the couples plan their surprise ahead of time, and others just wait until the last day. But remember, it is essential to be creative so that your significant other always remembers that day. It is the perfect time to make memories and capture them forever in order to look at them after many years. If you think that Valentine’s Day photoshoot rates in Los Angeles are high, then I can assure you that there are many ways to take affordable headshots. Doing a photoshoot on Valentine’s day is not only super romantic but also a great way to spend quality time together. As I am a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I have selected a couple of unique and romantic ideas for Valentine’s day photoshoot.

Outdoor Photoshoots

One of the most important advantages of outdoor photoshoots is the opportunity to choose from dozens of locations. It gives room for creativity, which is a must for Valentine’s day photoshoot because I’m sure you don’t want to have ordinary pictures. You can go to the park, to a rooftop, to the seaside, or just walk in the street and have street style photos. This is a perfect way to take affordable headshots, which at the same time, will be beautiful and original. As photoshoot pricing may seem high at the photo studios in Los Angeles, this option is a good substitute. Here are some ways to make outdoor photoshoot even more appealing. 

Capture the Golden Hour

los angeles headshot photographer

The famous “Golden Hour” which does magic in the world of photography. Every headshot photographer in Los Angeles tries to capture beautiful pictures during the golden hour. It doesn’t matter where you have chosen to take pictures- the golden hour will add warmth and romance to it. But to make your photos even more breathtaking, I highly recommend choosing a beautiful place which has a stunning view. For example, a rooftop, where the whole city can be visible. Or if you are able to go to the seaside and catch the golden hour there, then I assure you that your pictures will be magnificent. You just have to catch that magical hour and be fast, since it may last only a couple of minutes. Although it’s duration highly depends on the season and location. So make sure to know every detail about the golden hour and enjoy it. Here you can find a guide on how to take a perfect picture during golden hour. 

Amusement Park Photoshoot

There’s always a fascinating atmosphere at the amusement parks. If you think that photo studios in Los Angeles are not for you, then this option may be one of your preferences. This place will allow you to have a stylish photoshoot and have a lot of fun. Since there are a lot of different lights in those parks, the pictures will be even more beautiful. In the evening that lighting creates a special mood, which will be transferred through the camera. Walk around the park, play games, buy cotton candy, and ride the attractions. All of this will create honest emotions, and the pictures will be beautiful and creative. Enjoy your day, and the hours spent in the park. You’ll see how alive are all the photos, and that both of you had a great time. Try to get pleasure from every moment. 

Photoshoot on the Rooftop

As I have already mentioned before, catching the golden hour while being on the roof is a blessing. But with the help of imagination, we can think of many ways to make a rooftop photoshoot even more exciting. For example, in the evening when the city lights are on, you can capture a lot of beautiful pictures with the view of the city. You can also decorate the rooftop the way you want and create a unique ambiance. Use different props, and don’t be afraid to make your imagination a reality. It is possible to create your photo studio in Los Angeles wherever you want. And besides being very romantic, this is also another way to take affordable headshots during Valentine’s day photoshoot.

Indoor Photoshoots

If you are not a fan of outdoor activities, then don’t be sad because indoor photoshoots can be as creative and interesting as outdoor ones. Especially right now, when it is winter, and the weather in many places may not let you do any kind of outdoor photoshoot. So, in this situation, indoor photoshoot ideas save the situation. Photo studios in Los Angeles are one of the best, and photographers always make sure that besides having beautiful pictures, you also enjoy the process. In addition to this, in many photo studios in Los Angeles you can take affordable headshots. But If photoshoot rates in Los Angeles seem high, remember that even at home, it is possible to make a small studio. This may take time, but a few easy steps will help you to create your dream studio. Step-by-step, you’ll see how an ordinary room transforms into a real photo studio in Los Angeles. It is possible to generate many ideas, the only thing that you need is space and creativity.

Stay at Home and Have Fun

You can think of so many creative ways of arranging home photoshoots. You don’t even need to set up or decorate something. The most beautiful pictures are the ones that express honest emotions. You don’t always have to pose or stare at the camera. Valentine’s day photoshoot at home is an excellent idea because you can be yourself in the most comfortable way, and get affordable headshots. Wear matching and comfy sweatpants with your partner, and just stay at home. Order a pizza, lay on the couch, watch TV, have a pillow fight, wear funny socks, and ask a photographer to catch all the emotions. This is an effortless way of arranging a photoshoot, but I am sure for many couples, this option would be more enjoyable than any other. 

Return to Your First Date

There are some days, dates, and locations which stay in mind forever for couples. One of the most important memories is the first date, and where it happened. The place where you first went on a date is full of emotions because, for every couple, it is one of the most responsible days. So, imagine how romantic it would be to recreate everything connected to your first date and have Valentine’s day photoshoot at that place. You can order the same dish that you have ordered that day, and even wear the same clothes (if you still have them). This will not only be an opportunity to take affordable headshots but also to have dinner and have fun in one of your favorite locations. For every headshot photographer in Los Angeles, it is important to catch simple moments that contain thousands of emotions. 

Professional Photoshoot at the Photo Studio

Today, there are a lot of photo studios in Los Angeles, which are one of the best. Having a photoshoot in such kind of photo studio is a memorable experience because the quality and the level of professionalism is very high. You can be sure that the setting, lighting, and overall atmosphere will be organized most fabulously. Because of this, the photoshoot rates in Los Angeles are sometimes a little bit high. The photo studio and each headshot photographer in Los Angeles try to provide the best service. But I am sure if you search, you’ll find places where you can get affordable headshots. At Stepanyan Photography, one of the most important parts is the quality and to make sure that clients enjoy the process. If you desire a high level of professionalism, then photoshoots in the photo studios in Los Angeles is the best option. Here you can get acquainted with the services and photoshoot pricing at Stepanyan Photography. 

Photoshoots with Props

People like to experiment with the props because it adds character to the pictures. It doesn’t matter where you are; in the studio, in the park, at home or somewhere else, props help to make images even more enjoyable. Headshot photographers in Los Angeles may use a couple of different accessories during a photoshoot. And with each accessory, they may change the style and also the lighting of the picture. You don’t need too much stuff, moreover, you don’t need to spend too much money on buying props. I’m sure you can find things at home or borrow from someone and still be able to take affordable headshots. In the case of Valentine’s day photoshoot, there are many romantic ideas, which will perfectly complement the photoshoot.

Powdery Paints

In order to have one of the brightest and colorful Valentine’s day photoshoots, you should use special powdery paints. Play with those paints as much as you can. You can throw them in the air and let them pour on you. Use different colors and be quick, to capture the best shots. This type of photoshoots will not only be entertaining, but also, it will help to create one of a kind pictures. You can find paint like that in stores or order online. But be aware that this option will be good for an outdoor photoshoot. Because I’m sure you don’t want to have a powdery paint all over your house or other location. Many headshot photographers in Los Angeles may use this type of paint during photoshoots in photo studios, but of course, it needs to be cleaned very carefully. 

Experiment with Looks

One of the best ways to create unique pictures is to try on different looks. Try on different outfits, or recreate styles from different movies or cartoons. For example, if you both love movies about superheroes, then try to be one of those characters for the photoshoot. You can also try to create different moods. For example, you may decide to form looks inspired by the 1920s, 30s, 40s, and so on. It would be exciting because those times had extraordinary hairstyles, makeup, etc. If you have vintage stuff at home, add them to the picture too, to create a unique atmosphere. Old suitcase, vintage typewriter, a book may be a great supplement. Most of the headshot photographers in Los Angeles enjoy playing with the looks, so suggest to them your ideas. It doesn’t matter if you are going to have Valentine’s day photoshoot at the photo studio in Los Angeles, at home or outdoors, this idea can be made into reality anywhere. 

Ride Together

Using any means of transportation as a prop during a photoshoot is not only creative but also adventurous. You can take a bike, and ride in a beautiful park or on a beautiful road. At the same time, a headshot photographer can capture fascinating pictures. It would be better to choose an uncrowded place so that you could enjoy your ride alone. You can also rent a vintage car and get creative with it. Fell yourself as a movie star for a day, and try to make different exciting pictures with your loved one. You can ride a car and go on a small journey, and at the same time, take photos in beautiful locations. To make it even more attractive, you can take additional props with you like lights, sparkles, etc. You will explore different places and, at the same time, have beautiful pictures captured by a headshot photographer.

It doesn’t matter where you choose to have a photoshoot. Select any place, wear your favorite clothes, take with you a couple of props and just enjoy the process. As you saw there are many ways to avoid high photoshoot rates in Los Angeles, so even with a small budget, you can have a great photoshoot. When you are with your loved one, especially on Valentine’s day, everything makes you happy. Having a photoshoot on this special day is a great way to save memories and have something to look at after many years. There are many times when we experience something beautiful with our favorite people, but there is no one to capture the moment. Well, now, with the help of these unique ideas, you can be sure that Valentine’s day photoshoot will stick in the memory forever. 

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Seda Stepanyan
December 26, 2019
8 Common Mistakes on Actors' Websites

The resume, the headshot, and the demo reel are an essential part of the marketing of emerging actors. However, as online casting has become a popular concept today, actors have to take specific measures to adapt to this situation. In the fast-moving era of technologies, neither a terrific resume nor a headshot made by the best Los Angeles headshot photographer can guarantee you success. Having a website is no longer a luxury but a necessity for an acting career in Los Angeles. You may say, “OK, what’s the deal? Let’s create one.” Do not rush; it is not as easy as it seems. There are numerous nuances you should take into consideration when you create a website for yourself. The following are the 10 common mistakes of the actor’s website that you should try to avoid making. 

1. Too many Headshots

The fact that you have a website does not mean that you can post every single photo or headshot you have taken so far. Let’s set a basic rule. The site has to reflect your professionalism primarily. The opportunity of having multiple galleries on your website makes it possible for you to post headshots, set photos, and red carpet photos. However, your job is to choose only the best pictures. 

As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I understand that you have difficulties with choice. That is natural. However, remember that you are an actor and not a model. Casting directors are looking for one or two headshots at most. They don’t want to see every single look you have done but rather the best headshots that demonstrate you as a professional actor. 

Do not make casting directors waste their time when they get to your website. Make it easy for them by providing your best headshot that just shows who you are. This way, you will seem professional and concerned about your career rather than your appearance. Be modest, and that will be appreciated. 

2. Outdated Content

One of the common mistakes of an actor’s website is keeping old information. If you have relocated to Los Angeles, your website should not state that you live in New York. We live in a modern world right now, remember? This means that with every new day, yesterday’s information gets old and becomes unnecessary. Therefore, you should follow this principle on your website to help your acting career in Los Angeles proper. 

Your website should contain your latest credits, including the most recent resume and a fresh headshot by a skilled headshot photographer in Los Angeles. It would be a failure if the last update on your website if from 2015 today. Casting directors will immediately consider you unprofessional. 

Instead, you should take the time to keep your website up to date. Don’t forget that your website is an excellent tool for your development as an actor. Show the casting directors that you are active in your job and that you are always looking for new opportunities. No agency will cast you if they see that you are not engaged in your professional domain. 

Even if you have gone through a period with no new roles, never leave your website without updates. You can post content about your personal life, or you can write blogs to keep your website updated. If one sees a gradual stop in your updates, they will think you quit acting.

According to Backstage magazine, 

“If you can’t update your website with new photos, videos, bios, and/or news on your own, you’re going to have a heart attack .”

So, take care of your own future. 

3. Auto-Playing Video

It is indescribably annoying when you visit a website, and a video starts to play without your command. This is an essential point for you to consider in order not to make one of the most common mistakes of an actor’s website.

This point mostly refers to the videos or the demo reel page. Make sure to embed any videos you upload on your page so that they do not start playing automatically. Just check the default option. 

For you to understand why this is extremely important, let’s get into a casting director’s shoes. Imagine a casting director reading your resume when suddenly a video starts playing. The director will be annoyed by the function and may decide to leave your website as he/she has many other candidates for the role. 

About the quantity of the videos: keep in mind the same as we discussed the headshots. Even if made by a professional headshot photographer in Los Angeles, many headshots are excessive and even give low quality to your website. For the videos, however, the quality is something more actual. If you have many videos on your page, it may start loading slowly. This is one more source for the casting directors’ annoyment and the potential to leave your webpage. So, try to keep it simple and don’t do risky things. 

4. Inconsistent Navigation & Design

Any website loves easy navigation. People love it when everything is clear on a website, and it does not require much effort to find the necessary page. 

Make all the pages of your website similar. If each new page is entirely different from the previous one, it will be very confusing for your visitors. They may need to take time to find specific sections, and they may essentially get lost on your website. But what if one does not have that time and what if your visitor is a very busy casting director? The answer is obvious: he/she will leave your page immediately.

Therefore, give an easy organization and a logical sequence to the sections of your website so that your visitors are not frustrated.

Make the front page with a brief description of you. Afterwards, give a logical follow to the section about the first steps of your acting career in Los Angeles. Then, get them to your resume, headshots, and demo reel section. Leave the video sections to the final part of your website.

Not following these standards is one of the most common mistakes of an actor’s website that you may wish to avoid. It is not enough to have a website; it should be attractive for the vie as well!

5. Where is your contact information?

Many actors get fantastic websites for developing their acting career in Los Angeles using great tools and systems such as WordPress. Their websites have beautiful designs and look very professional. However, surprisingly, having all of this, they forget about the most important thing. That is the contact information. Believe it or not, people do not pay attention to how their contact information page looks like. 

You should provide all the conditions so that it takes a little time and effort to contact you. Therefore, link to all your social media profiles so that people can access them immediately. Also, try to make your telephone number clickable as well. This way, the ones who visit your website with a smartphone are able to call you just by one click. 

The contact information of your agent and manager should be easily accessible to the visitors of your website. Make their social media page link clickable so that people can find them fast. As a reminder, agents are the most critical people for actors. Agents and managers are the ones who look for opportunities for you to build your acting career in Los Angeles. They are the ones who organize photo sessions with Los Angeles headshot photographers and book auditions for you. When casting agencies to consider you for a particular role, they first find out whether you have a manager, and if you do, they look for his/her contact information. Therefore, don’t make one of the most common mistakes of an actor’s website: don’t forget about contact information.

6. Paying too much or too little 

Today, there exists a common opinion that a good website is something very expensive. You may think that you should hire a specialist and pay him a lot of money to get a terrific website. However, that is absolutely not necessary. Furthermore, excessive investment in a website may seem an unnecessary luxury. An essential function of a website is just serving as a tool for building an acting career in Los Angeles. Therefore, your website should first and foremost care about providing quality information about yourself.

On the other hand, paying too little is also a common mistake on the actor’s website. Spending just a few dollars will give you low quality and poorly composed website. It will be noticeable that you decided to save money. Your mission is to seem as professional as it is possible, so it is not a solution to pay very little. Your marketing shows casting directors how serious you are in relation to your future acting career in Los Angeles. 

Taking all of this into consideration, your primary goal should be having a simple, quality website and nothing more. The finances you allocate for this purpose should be neither too big nor too little. A perfect solution would be paying monthly services such as Squarespace for creating your own quality website.

7. Mixed-up Purpose

This is probably the worst among the common mistakes of actor’s websites. Since the second person enters your website, it should be clear to him or her what is your website for. Is it a website with information about a professional actor, or is it just a personal site that has some information about acting as well? There should be no mixed-up purpose if you plan to have a successful acting career in Los Angeles. 

If the purpose of your website is to promote you as an actor, you should include only the information corresponding to that purpose. 

As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I always ask my clients what the purpose of their headshot is. Where is it going to be used? Depending on the answer, the headshot will have specific characteristics. Moving on, the videos you post should have merely acting content. This way, the casting directors who visit your website will know for sure who you are and what your purpose it and most importantly, they will consider you a serious candidate for their project.

8. Boring design 

The final common mistake of actor’s websites is their boring design. As mentioned before, it is not obligatory to pay tons of money for a website. You can use the available templates on the internet. However, make sure to edit the premade templates. Your website should not look like any other. It is your professional territory where you are free to express yourself. 

You are an actor! Therefore, the words cliche, default, and template should have no connection to you. When visiting your website, casting directors can evaluate your creativity and individuality by the external look of your website. 

You can change the fonts and the colors to make it characterize yourself. You can insert any backgrounds and shapes that will make your website unique, among others. However, do not forget to stay in the scopes of professionalism. The design of your website should communicate to the visitors and make them remember you as a persona with no similarities. 

Pay close attention to the design of your website. Try to make it memorable so that after reviewing the website of other actors, the casting directors memorize yours and return to it. 

And Finally…

A website is an essential tool for the development of your acting career in Los Angeles. Having a quality website, however, has many nuances, and there are many mistakes many actors make. Focus on the purpose and the content of your website. Include only necessary information and take good care of its appearance. Don’t forget to post the details that casting directors look for: a resume, a headshot made by a professional Los Angeles headshot photographer, videos, and a demo reel. Take the information of this article into consideration and don’t make the common mistakes of the actor’s website.

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