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May 26, 2020
Coronavirus in Hollywood

Coronavirus has changed everything in just months, and many industries are shaping and facing a lot of challenges. Everything gets cancelled, and people are staying at home to fight the disease in order to go back to our normal life as soon as possible. Of course, Hollywood is not an exception, and the Coronavirus had its effect in Hollywood. In March, SXSW Conference and Festivals were supposed to happen, but of course, it also got cancelled. In addition to this, everything is now closed, including Hollywood acting schools. Although there are some predictions of this disease, anyway, Coronavirus has left the world in a very uncertain situation. Being a headshot photographer in Los Angeles who takes affordable headshots for film industry professionals, I know that Coronavirus in Hollywood has left many people quite stressed. But in these tough times, it is essential to be calm, and remember that everything will be over soon if we follow all the safety rules and be responsible.

Number of Cases

Right now, there are more than 4 million cases across the world and approximately 300.000 deaths. The borders of countries are still closed, and most of the countries are in complete lockdown. In the United States, there are about 1,5 million cases and about 84.000 deaths, which is the biggest number in the world. At this moment, scientists are working on finding the vaccine. But as they have not discovered it yet, the number of infected people is rising, and many people are dying. Stock prices are falling, schools are closing, people are panicking and buying a lot of products in the stores. There were days when the stores’ shelves were empty. People were not able to purchase anything. Maybe panic is as dangerous as the virus is. So these days it is crucial to stay calm, be kind to each other. And remember that everything will be back soon.


As everything is closed and people are not leaving their houses, it is evident that the economy is being affected very severely, and the world needs time to recover after the Coronavirus. Maybe many companies will go bankrupt in the end, and others may find a way to survive. Anyway, there are other spheres, such as the IT industry, where different IT companies are benefiting from this situation. For example, these days, many people are using ZOOM for their classes, meetings, etc. And their shares also rose.

Effects of COVID-19

It is essential to state that it’s hard to comprehend precisely how enormous an effect this pandemic will have on the world, particularly the entertainment industry, a multibillion-dollar business that is based on different social gatherings, interactions, and, of course, travel. It is evident that this may take a long time, and Coronavirus will have its effect in Hollywood. But anyway, today, it is essential to stay positive and believe in the best scenarios. 

Economic Effect

Since updates on the outbreak of the COVID-19 started to rise out of Wuhan, China, in January, entertainment organizations and talent offices have begun forcing travel limitations. They asked a few representatives in influenced territories to work from home. Besides, they urged staff members to accomplish more video chatting and less in-person gatherings. The critical economic impact is already starting to include the entertainment and media industry. As reported, Disney shares have fallen almost 23%, while ViacomCBS has fallen over 51% so far this year. During past economic declines, shared utilization of mainstream society — going out to see the films, seeing a show — has frequently been seen as downturn confirmation. That is not the situation with COVID-19.

Condition of Entertainment and Media Industry

As media analysts state, every industry is going to suffer because of COVID-19, but one of the most significant impacts will be on the entertainment and media industry. People are not going out of their houses, and even if the situation calms a little bit, anyway people will still be afraid to attend places where there are a lot of other people. And if this continues for a long time, then the entertainment and media industry is going to suffer hardly. In the following article, you can find a fascinating and useful article about the impact of Coronavirus in Hollywood

Administrators, movie producers, operators, marketing specialists, and experts state that the circumstance is entirely exceptional. In recent years COVID-19 is the first epidemic which affected every country in the world and every industry, at the same time.


When more individuals become ill with the virus, they will probably remain at home, staying away from crowded places, Broadway theatres, and different performances. People stay at home and want to entertain themselves, so they will probably run various streaming services such as Netflix or Disney Plus, which offer motion pictures and shows. That’s why Netflix is doing very well in this situation. The shares have risen by 12.5 %. And if people continue staying at home for months, then obviously the streaming will keep growing. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I also stay at home these days, and watching movies or shows on Netflix helps me to stay entertained. As we can notice, the situation is very beneficial for Netflix in the financial aspect. Anyway, Coronavirus remains a massive danger in Hollywood and other parts of entertainment.


But this doesn’t mean that companies like Netflix do not have hard times. For example, the production of movies or TV shows stopped because of the lockdown. Actors are also staying at home and not working, so it is hard to film anything. Of course, this situation is not easy for actors too. Most of them maybe had massive projects which are now in a very uncertain condition. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles who takes affordable headshots for actors, I know that many beginner actors were very excited about their projects, which got delayed, for an uncertain period. Right now, it is essential to stay positive and try to work from home if it is possible. I have an article which may be useful for actors in this situation. In the article, you can read about five things actors should do during COVID-19.

Everything which I mentioned above causes enormous financial losses. Production companies, crews, actors are losing vast amounts of money because of the delays. Many shows and movies may even cancel. So there is a discussion that maybe insurance companies may help in covering the financial losses. 

Movie Premiere Cancelations and Delays

In addition to this, there were many ready films that had to make the premiere, but the organizers postponed them. Most of them have moved until the end of the year; at that time, hopefully, the situation will be better. For instance, the famous James Bond movie “No Time to Die” was ready to be premiered in April, but the producers moved it to November. Of course, this is the most reasonable decision, because no one would go to theatres these days. I know most of us were waiting for the premiere of “Mulan”, but it also is postponed, which caused financial problems.

As a fan of the “Friends” show, I was waiting for their comeback episode, which they announced at the beginning of the year. But it is not being filmed now, and we hope that at least at the end of the year we will be able to enjoy the famous “Friends” comeback. The estimation is that the movie business lost approximately 2.15 billion, because of all the delays, and the number will rise if the situation with the virus lasts for months. In this sad situation, the only thing that we can do is wait and stay at home to help fight this deadly disease.

Events Cancelation 

Many of us were waiting for Comic-Con 2020, but it was also cancelled. It will take place in the summer of 2021, and hopefully, at that time, we will not think about Coronavirus anymore. The organizers were discussing postponing the events, but it is now clear that it will not be safe to attend the events. So the wisest decision is to cancel the events this year and come back in 2021. In the 50 years, this is the first year that they cancelled Comic-Con. Cannes has also been cancelled, which is also devastating, because many great movies had to be premiered during Cannes. And for the filmmakers, it is one of the best parts to create a film and eventually hand it over to the audience and listen to their feedback.

Alternative Solutions

Nowadays, it is essential to be flexible to come up with new ideas and ways to help the industry to survive. Most people are at home, and as they have a lot of free time, they need content to stay entertained. As everything is digital right now, organizers of different events are thinking of making a digital version of these events. For example, different movies may stream digital, and people will be able to watch them at home. Now the organizers are discussing whether it will be possible to make a digital event of SXSW.

Such big festivals are not only a necessity for filmmakers, productions, actors, etc., but these festivals are also great traditions. And many people are waiting for these festivals because it is a big part of the entertainment industry. Finding an alternative is not easy, but as the situation is critical, it is essential to experiment with ideas and come up with something new. 

Effects on Music Industry

Different music festivals are also being cancelled, of course. For example, well known Coachella has already got cancelled. Many famous artists had to gather in one place for this great festival, and fans were already planning their unforgettable days during Coachella. But of course, COVID-19 changed everyone’s plans at the last minute. Besides this, imagine the amount of the lost money, because of the full cancellation. It will take a long time to recover from this, and hopefully, in 2021, nothing will stop us from enjoying these great festivals with great music.

Many famous artists have introduced their schedules for the upcoming tours. But many of these artists already postponed the dates.

For example, Justin Bieber released a new album in the beginning of the year called “Changes”. Fans were already waiting to see their favorite artist on stage and listen to good music, but the decision was to postpone the concerts for a couple of months. Recently, many artists are giving online concerts and performances in order to entertain people and keep them positive. Of course, this is an excellent initiative because each of us can contribute to fighting these hard times. For example, a couple of weeks ago, Andrea Bocelli gave a live concert in the centre of Milan, in front of the Duomo Cathedral. Of course, there was no live audience, but many people were watching it from home, which was very emotional.

To Sum up

COVID-19 will have a huge negative impact on every country in the world. Each of us became part of this situation, and it is our responsibility to help to fight this disease. The world is facing massive economic problems, and as I already introduced, the entertainment industry has suffered the most. Throughout history, people faced many scary and challenging issues, which they managed to overcome. Of course, the recovery will not be fast, but I am sure we are strong enough to overcome this virus. In the future, look back and feel proud that we were able to fight and continue living. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I can’t wait to go back to my work. But now the only thing that I can do is stay at home, keep calm and try to think positively. Soon, step-by-step everything will be as it was before. I am sure that Coronavirus will no longer be a danger in Hollywood and in the world.

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April 23, 2020
5 Things Actors Should Do during COVID-19

Many of us have wondered what we would do if we happened to be on an island for a long vacation. Or, what we would do if imprisoned. The answer is everything that we do not manage to do in our everyday life. COVID-19 has given us a unique chance to do whatever we have been procrastinating for a long time, to work on ourselves or to open up new talents in us. I am a Los Angeles headshot photographer, and I have closed down my Glendale photo studio in mid-March.


It’s been about a month without headshot sessions. So, I’ve started to paint. I had zero knowledge about painting. Meaning, whatever I used to learn at primary school. I was lucky enough to purchase professional paints and canvases right before everything shut down. Online painting classes have come to replace my regular professional photography workshops and masterclasses.


With this blog, I would like to share my thoughts on what actors could do during the self-quarantine to grow as a professional and not to waste time while at home. Some people say that to be an actor one has to have natural talents. However, the professionals state that acting is a skill that one can develop over time. If you want to become the actor you dream of, to be confident and captivating, you should build your acting skills. And, now is the right time for that.

This article will help you enhance your acting skills irrespective of your acting level and where you are in your career. Everything mentioned in this article requires efforts and dedication. 

If you think it is impossible to strengthen your acting skills every day, I am going to prove you wrong. We will talk about working on movement, knowledge, text work, voice, and acting. All the elements mentioned above are crucial for you as a professional actor.

1. Voice

Some actors neglect the importance of voice; however, it is one of the essential instruments that an actor should work on. It includes your form of expression, articulation, breath support, and resonance.

1. Why Work on Your Voice?

Voice is one of the essential aspects of the character. If you want to get various roles, your voice has to vary, too. You cannot use your voice for all the roles you get. What if your character speaks twice as fast as you? You cannot develop a fast-paced speech overnight. It is long hours of out-loud reading and practicing. When my clients try to create various characters during the headshot session, they even change their voice, accent, and overall their way of speaking.


Los Angeles actors know how to make the headshot sessions fun. Professional photographers know that, too. So, for emerging actors, we use some of those techniques to help them relax and calm down. The professionals’ advice is to keep your voice flexible to embody any character you want. Collect as many “voices” and accents as you can. You have plenty of time now.

2. Voice Warm-Ups

If you google, you will find plenty of voice warm-ups for you to choose from. All shapes and sizes. You need to define which one works for you. The best option is to have a professional acting coach to select the best warm-up that will work for you. If you have a chance, try to schedule an online lesson with an acting coach. I am sure there are many acting coaches available online. Or, if you have done it beforehand try to remember what warm-ups you used to do with your acting coach. When you finish choosing the warm-ups now, it is time to schedule a 5-10 minute warm-up every day. As a professional photographer, I can tell you that consistency beats everything. When I was learning adobe photoshop, I would watch online lessons every single day. It would work for me better than a three-hour session just once a week.  

3. Articulation Exercises

Choose a literature piece that inspires you and start working on your articulation. Some actors often neglect this skill; however, it is vital to work on it. Don’t forget that every skill you are working on has to be on a daily basis. Add 5-10 minutes of articulation exercises to your daily routine of becoming a better actor. 

– Strengthen your Tongue

There are several articulation exercises that can help you strengthen your diction. Firstly, work on your tongue. Try to get more control over your tongue. You can do it by reading aloud or just talking to yourself whenever you are by yourself. 

– Work on your Articulation Muscles 

Learn tongue twisters and practice them as much as you can. Whenever I feel that my clients cannot relax during the headshot session, I ask them to say 3 pf their favorite tongue twisters. And here they are laughing. Besides, it helps them relax their facial muscles. Another good exercise is stretching the jaws and running the tongue around the walls of the mouth.

– Mirror Exercises

While doing all these articulation exercises sit or stand in front of the mirror. Choose a favorite story or a dialogue from a Hollywood movie and try to read out loud. If it is a movie dialogue, try to mimic their style and pronunciation. 

2. Move and Do Yoga

Every professional actor has to be able to move freely. Like with voice, being able to move and do any basic physical movement is essential for a good actor, not to mention how much more role opportunities get the ones who specialize in martial arts and other sports.

As we all have to stay home, and there is no hassle, it is the right time to do yoga. Find an online yoga course on YouTube and work on your body on a daily basis. Here is my favorite yoga channel. Day by day you will feel how flexible your body becomes. Like with any skill, you have to be consistent. Whenever I was fully booked for headshots, I would spare 5 minutes in between headshot sessions and stretch my body on my yoga mat in my photo studio. 

3. Enrich Your Knowledge

Quarantine is the right time to challenge yourself and expand your knowledge. Write down a list of books, scripts or plays you wish to read. Be realistic but don’t pity yourself. Ready at least 100 pages per day. It can be something about the Hollywood industry, acting skills, self-improvement. For example, I prefer reading books on photography business in Los Angeles, online marketing and psychological books as every headshot photographer has to know psychology as well. 

To improve your acting skills, some professionals advise reading drama plays and movie scripts. Most reading materials are available online, even for free. Reading helps you observe different characters, genres, language styles. After reading so much, you may start writing yourself. This is what some actors do after a certain time in the industry. If you don’t know what to start with here is a list of top 50 drama plays. 

Watch Online Movies, Theatre, and TV Shows

When you get tired of reading there comes another great way of expanding your knowledge as an actor. Watch a movie, or a TV show or an online drama play. Here is an excellent list of streaming theatres. Now, it is the right time to enjoy almost live performances. You have to engage in the industry to be able to get your niche in it. Challenge yourself to at least a movie or a performance a day. Even if you think some of those are terrible, you will also learn how you should not do and will be able to tell the good stuff from the bad stuff. 

4. Work with Text

Working with text is tied to your voice exercises. A good actor can bring any text to life and give it a unique interpretation.

1. Read out loud

Another thing that you can do while at home is reading out loud. This point is tied to your daily voice exercises and expanding your knowledge. It will help you become more confident with text, try various accents, voices, styles. Choose an article, a dialogue, a script, or just read the rest of my blogs. I have a lot of blogs on the acting industry in Los Angeles, networking in Hollywood, tips on how to choose the headshot wardrobe and get ready for a headshot session. Just make sure it is out loud. 


2. Learn a Monologue

As you have to stay home during this COVID-19 pandemic, it is the best time to learn a monologue. Some emerging actors think one cannot practice acting alone. In this case, it is not true. Pick at least two monologues a week and learn them. As you have a lot of time, you can record yourself and share them on social media and get comments. You can also send them to your acting coaches to get their professional feedback, too. Or, just send it to your headshot photographer who is sure to have some spare time to watch your video. In my practice, I always end up being friends with my headshot clients as they come back again and again with their friends and classmates.


Work on Your Acting Skills

COVID 19 has shut down all the acting schools. But it cannot stop you from improving your acting skills. Consider taking an online acting class. There are plenty now. My advice is not to just watch them as entertaining stuff. Take notes. The best thing about online courses is the opportunity to pause, to watch again or just to jump if it is too boring. From my personal experience, as once I was watching a lot of photography courses, I can say that Masterclass has the best stuff for online learning. Read more on Los Angeles acting career.

5. Keep Learning

The key to becoming a professional actor is to keep learning. Again, I’m not tired of saying that you have to learn on a daily basis. Don’t strive to be a perfect actor, just be better than yesterday. If your goal is to be perfect, it won’t work because none of us is perfect. Moreover, it may make you miserable. 

I may take you years to become a skilled actor. But hard work will take you anywhere. Use this time, and by the end of the quarantine, you will become a better actor, and you will not feel depressed or even lonely. Of course, nobody knows when this pandemic will be over, but we should not get miserable because we have no chance to do our jobs as an actor or, me, as a headshot photographer. Now, it is the right time to invest in yourself. If you had an idea to start an Instagram page or a vlog, it is the right time to do so. It will strengthen your acting muscles and improve your on-camera techniques. 

Organize online reads

If after all these you feel lonely and need some companionship, schedule a skype call with an actor friend and do dialogues with them. When you master the craft, you can do a live performance for your social media followers. Another motivating thing is to do all the mentioned above exercises on camera, record yourself and turn it into a success story that can become a movie or a YouTube vlog. Why not? Entertain your friends, family, and followers who are at home. Share the tips from this article with them with your samples. That will definitely be motivation not only for you but for the viewers as well. It can turn into a job as you get more views on Youtube and monetize them.


As a Conclusion

Now that you have plenty of time, you can plan your actors’ post-COVID-19 activities. Define what kind of actor you want to be. Comedy or drama? Stage or screen? The same is true for the photography industry. Nowadays, most of the headshot photographers in Los Angeles have turned into product photographers.

Consider taking an acting class. There is a huge selection of acting classes in Los Angeles. Google or ask your friends. Read the reviews. Explore their pricing. And make sure they are not a one-time or a one-weekend deal as it is crucial to keep the consistency even after the pandemic.

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