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Seda Stepanyan
May 14, 2023
Mastering the Art of Headshot Photography in Los Angeles

In the bustling heart of the entertainment industry, headshot photography in Los Angeles has taken on a life of its own. As an integral part of the city’s vibrant culture, it not only caters to actors and models seeking their big break, but also to professionals across many sectors looking to make their mark. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about headshot photography in LA.

What is Headshot Photography?

Headshot photography refers to professional photos primarily focused on a person’s face, usually framed from the shoulders up. These photographs are typically used in corporate settings, on social media profiles, and in the entertainment industry. They’re more than just a picture; they’re a personal branding tool.

Why is Headshot Photography in Los Angeles so Crucial?

In the city of angels, where dreams come true, and careers can skyrocket overnight, having a professionally taken headshot is a critical first step. Given the vibrant entertainment industry and the burgeoning tech and startup scene, headshot photography in Los Angeles has become a thriving industry.

Your headshot is your first impression, your digital handshake. It can convey your professionalism, approachability, and personality even before you walk into the room. Whether you are an actor, a business professional, or a job seeker, a well-taken headshot can make a significant difference.

Choosing the Right Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles

With a multitude of photographers specializing in headshot photography in Los Angeles, choosing the right one can be daunting. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Portfolio: Always check a photographer’s portfolio before hiring. It gives you a sense of their style, technique, and expertise.
  2. Experience: Look for photographers with significant experience in headshot photography. They’re likely to have a good understanding of lighting, angles, and how to bring out your best features.
  3. Reviews and Testimonials: Look at reviews and testimonials from previous clients. They often provide valuable insights into a photographer’s professionalism and demeanor.
  4. Budget: Prices for professional headshot photography in Los Angeles can vary greatly. Be clear about your budget and find a photographer within that range. Remember, high-quality headshots are an investment that can pay off significantly.

Tips for a Successful Headshot Session in Los Angeles

After choosing the right photographer, it’s time to prepare for your session. Here are some tips to help you get the best headshot:

  1. Outfits: Choose outfits that reflect your profession and personality. Neutrals often work best, but don’t shy away from colors if they suit your brand. Avoid logos and overly busy patterns.
  2. Grooming: Ensure your hair and makeup are professionally done. They should enhance your features, not overshadow them.
  3. Be Yourself: The best headshots capture your genuine personality. Be relaxed and let your natural expressions come through.
  4. Communicate: Discuss your expectations with your photographer. Let them know if you have specific ideas or if there are features you’re self-conscious about.


Headshot photography in Los Angeles is more than just a picture—it’s a representation of who you are and what you bring to the table. Whether you’re an actor seeking casting or a professional looking to elevate your online presence, investing in a high-quality headshot can make all the difference. Remember, your headshot is your calling card in this city of dreams, so make it count!

So, are you ready to step into the limelight with a professional headshot? Contact us today and let our expert photographers help you put your best face forward. Welcome to the exciting world of headshot photography in Los Angeles!

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Seda Stepanyan
February 18, 2023
Is it Worth Getting a Professional Portrait for Your Dating App?

Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to turn to dating websites and apps to find a partner. And while your profile picture may not be the only factor that determines your success on these platforms, it certainly plays a significant role. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in a professional portrait session for your dating website profile picture. Here are just a few reasons why:

First Impressions Matter 

Your dating website profile picture is often the first thing potential partners will see when they come across your profile. As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” A professional portrait can help you put your best foot forward and make a strong first impression.

Stand Out from the Crowd 

With so many profiles to choose from, it can be tough to make your profile stand out. A professional portrait can help you do just that. By investing in a high-quality photo, you can make yourself more noticeable and increase your chances of attracting potential partners.

Show Off Your Best Self 

A professional portrait can highlight your best features and present you in the best possible light. By working with a portrait photographer, you can create a photo that showcases your personality and captures your unique style.

Build Trust 

A high-quality profile picture can help you build trust with potential partners. By investing in a professional portrait, you show that you’re serious about finding a partner and willing to put effort into your profile.

Increase Your Response Rate 

A professional portrait can help you increase your response rate on dating websites and apps. According to research, profiles with professional portraits receive significantly more attention than those with selfies or low-quality photos.

Boost Your Confidence 

When you look good, you feel good. A professional portrait can help boost your confidence and make you feel more comfortable and confident when communicating with potential partners.

Save Time and Money 

While a professional portrait session may seem like an investment, it can actually save you time and money in the long run. By creating a high-quality profile picture, you can increase your chances of finding a partner faster and avoid the need to constantly update your profile with new photos.

Present Yourself as a Professional 

A professional portrait can help you present yourself as a successful and professional individual. Whether you’re looking for a partner who shares your ambitions or simply want to create a strong first impression, a high-quality profile picture can help.

Highlight Your Interests 

Your dating website profile picture can also help you highlight your interests and hobbies. By working with a professional portrait photographer, you can create a photo that showcases your unique personality and interests, making it easier for potential partners to connect with you.

Emphasize Your Best Features 

A professional portrait can emphasize your best features and help you feel more confident about the way you look. Whether it’s your smile, your eyes, or another feature, a professional portrait can highlight the things you love most about yourself.

Make a Lasting Impression 

A high-quality profile picture can make a lasting impression on potential partners. By creating a photo that is both professional and memorable, you can increase your chances of finding a partner who is a good fit for you.

Create a Cohesive Brand 

A professional portrait can help you create a cohesive brand across your dating website profiles and other social media channels. By working with a portrait photographer, you can create a consistent look and feel that makes it easier for potential partners to recognize you and connect with you.

Finding a Professional Portrait Photographer in Los Angeles

When it comes to finding a professional portrait photographer, it’s important to choose someone with experience and a portfolio that aligns with your vision. If you’re looking for a portrait photo studio near you, we recommend Stepanyan Photography, located in Downtown Los Angeles. With years of experience capturing high-quality portraits for clients in a variety of industries, Stepanyan Photography is the perfect choice for anyone looking to create a stunning dating website profile picture.

Their portrait photographer specialize in creating portraits that showcase your unique personality and style. By working with us, you can feel confident that your profile picture will stand out and help you attract the right kind of attention on dating websites and apps. Don’t leave your dating profile picture to chance – invest in a professional portrait session today.

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Seda Stepanyan
February 17, 2023
Is a Professional Headshot Worth the Money?

A professional headshot is an essential marketing tool for many professionals, including lawyers, actors, and business executives. In Los Angeles, headshot sessions can be quite expensive, leading some to wonder if they’re worth the investment. In this blog post, we’ll explore why headshot sessions are expensive in Los Angeles and whether a professional headshot is worth the money. We’ll also recommend Stepanyan Photography, a headshot photography studio in Downtown LA, for anyone looking for a high-quality corporate headshot.

Why are Headshot Sessions Expensive in Los Angeles?

Gear and Studio Rent 

One of the main reasons why headshot sessions are expensive in Los Angeles is because of the high cost of gear and studio rent. Professional headshot photographers need to invest in high-end cameras, lighting equipment, and backdrops to create high-quality images. Additionally, the cost of renting a studio in Los Angeles can be very high, which adds to the overall expense.

Photographer’s Experience 

A professional headshot photographer with years of experience and a strong reputation will likely charge more for their services. These photographers have honed their skills over time and can provide a level of quality that less experienced photographers cannot.

Hair and Makeup Services 

Many headshot photographers offer hair and makeup services as part of their packages. This additional service can add to the overall cost of a headshot session, but it can also make a significant difference in the final result. Professional hair and makeup artists can help to ensure that you look your best in your headshot.

Marketing Expenses 

Like any business, headshot photographers need to invest in marketing to attract new clients. This can include expenses like website design, advertising, and social media marketing, which can add to the overall cost of a headshot session.


Professional headshot photographers often offer retouching services to help you look your best in your headshot. This can include removing blemishes, reducing shine, and adjusting color balance. Skilled retouching can be time-consuming and requires specialized software, which adds to the overall cost.

Props and Wardrobe 

Depending on the style of headshot you’re going for, you may need to invest in props or wardrobe items to complete the look. For example, an actor may need to bring costumes, while a business professional may need to invest in high-quality suits or blouses. These additional expenses can add to the overall cost of a headshot session.


If you’re not located near a headshot photography studio, you may need to travel to your session. This can add to the overall cost of your headshot, especially if you need to book a hotel or rental car.

Time and Expertise 

Creating a high-quality headshot takes time and expertise. Professional headshot photographers need to know how to pose you, adjust lighting, and capture the right expression to create a compelling image. This expertise comes at a cost and is reflected in the price of a headshot session.


In some cases, headshot photographers may charge more for their services because they’re in high demand and can only take on a limited number of clients. This exclusivity can add to the overall cost of a headshot session.


Finally, some headshot photographers may specialize in a particular niche, such as actor headshots or business headshots. If you’re looking for a photographer with specialized knowledge and experience in your industry, you may need to pay more for their services.

Is a Professional Headshot Worth the Money?

While a professional headshot can be expensive, it’s often worth the investment for many professionals. A high-quality headshot can help you make a strong first impression, convey a professional image, and set you apart from the competition. Additionally, a professional headshot can be used for a variety of purposes, including on your website, social media profiles, and business cards.


If you’re looking for a professional headshot photographer in Los Angeles, we recommend Stepanyan Photography. Their team has years of experience creating high-quality headshots for professionals across a variety of industries. As a headshot photography studio near you, they’re conveniently located in Downtown LA, making it easy to schedule a session.

In addition to their technical skills, Stepanyan Photography provides hair and makeup services to ensure that you look your best for your headshot. They also offer a range of packages to fit different budgets and needs, making it easier for you to get the headshot you need without breaking the bank.


In conclusion, while headshot sessions can be expensive in Los Angeles, they’re often worth the investment for many professionals. A professional headshot can help you make a strong first impression and convey a professional image, which can be a valuable asset in your career. When choosing a headshot photographer, be sure to consider their experience, the services they offer, and their reputation. With the right photographer, you can get a high-quality headshot that’s well worth the investment. And if you’re looking for a headshot photography studio near you, we recommend Stepanyan Photography in Downtown LA.

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Seda Stepanyan
August 19, 2021
How to Communicate with your LA Headshot Photographer?

It is not a secret that communication is key to every relationship, and the relationship between headshot photographer and actor is not an exception. Nowadays, you can look through professional LA headshot photographer s’ websites, social media pages like Facebook or Instagram, google and yelp reviews to get the idea of who you are going to deal with. Usually, people choose someone whose work they love and whoever they can afford. We have collected a few tips on how to communicate with your headshot photographer to ensure you are on the same page. 

Send your headshot photographer samples of photos that inspire you! 

Photographers are mostly visual. If you wish to create a specific character, style, or mood, show them the images that are close to what you are looking to get. Sometimes people can understand your words differently. This is why we recommend you to show rather than tell. One of my clients once told me she wanted a headshot that was “commercial, sexy, powerful and at the same time vulnerable”. I told her to show me. And after a couple of hours, she sent me a couple of headshots from my portfolio and it became clear what she wanted. 

My clients send me photos from my website or Instagram or other LA headshot photographer s’ works just to clearly explain what they want. Mostly, they are looking for some specific character or feeling, sometimes it’s just a lighting style. 

What character are you going to create?

When my clients call me to schedule a headshot session this is one of the first questions that I ask them: “What character are you going to portray? What are their features? Is it a leading woman? A housewife? A girl next door?”. And when we have the answers we start working on creating the characters, defining the style, clothes, backdrop colors, etc. I usually send them samples of every character to make it easier for them to choose. They also send me a list of movie character names to make it more understandable. 

Choose the best way to communicate with your headshot photographer! 

Based on my experience, most of my clients prefer to communicate over the phone, however, some prefer to text or email. If you feel it takes too much time and effort to describe your thoughts it is better to call or even to schedule a meeting or a facetime call before the shoot. It will help us both to get a clearer picture of what we are going to create. 

During the free consultation, I’m happy to brainstorm with you, discuss all the details, answer all the questions you might have. I even recommend you a makeup and hairstyle and makeup artists and hairstylists. And at one point we start talking by texting or emailing photos to each other to better explain what we mean. 

What if you don’t like your headshots?

This is a topic for a whole blog post that I’ll write in future. However, I’d like to give you an idea of how this process goes on. During the headshot session, I show you your images so that you know how to look on the camera. It helps you to make changes if you don’t like anything in your posture, clothes, hair or makeup; or if there’s something that bothers you concerning studio lighting of the backdrop color. We fix everything and continue to shoot. After the session, I offer my clients to stay and take a look at their headshots on a big screen so that we can shoot again while you are at the studio. My clients always leave the studio already knowing which images they’re going to choose for the retouch.  

In which cases you can get a free reshoot?

After receiving all the images you think you don’t like any of them, you can call me and tell me about it. If there’s something wrong with lighting, angle, or background that you didn’t like I will always offer you a free reshoot to fix it. And no matter, you told me everything was fine while you were checking out the images at the studio. However, I don’t take “I just don’t like my headshots” as an answer. If you don’t like them because of your hair, makeup or anything else that was your responsibility it will not be fair to blame the photographer for it. It happened to me once, though.

In conclusion!

Make sure you share all your thoughts with your photographer with the help of images. Take time to call your LA headshot photographer before the session, or even schedule a video call or meet her in person. Be sure you like everything in your photos before leaving the my Los Angeles photo studio. Don’t hesitate to ask for a reshoot if you don’t like anything that has to do with the photographer’s skills.

You can view more Professional Headshots | Los Angeles Headshot Photographer on our home page.  Check out our headshot photography pricing/rates.


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April 23, 2020
5 Things Actors Should Do during COVID-19

Many of us have wondered what we would do if we happened to be on an island for a long vacation. Or, what we would do if imprisoned. The answer is everything that we do not manage to do in our everyday life. COVID-19 has given us a unique chance to do whatever we have been procrastinating for a long time, to work on ourselves or to open up new talents in us. I am a Los Angeles headshot photographer, and I have closed down my Glendale photo studio in mid-March.


It’s been about a month without headshot sessions. So, I’ve started to paint. I had zero knowledge about painting. Meaning, whatever I used to learn at primary school. I was lucky enough to purchase professional paints and canvases right before everything shut down. Online painting classes have come to replace my regular professional photography workshops and masterclasses.


With this blog, I would like to share my thoughts on what actors could do during the self-quarantine to grow as a professional and not to waste time while at home. Some people say that to be an actor one has to have natural talents. However, the professionals state that acting is a skill that one can develop over time. If you want to become the actor you dream of, to be confident and captivating, you should build your acting skills. And, now is the right time for that.

This article will help you enhance your acting skills irrespective of your acting level and where you are in your career. Everything mentioned in this article requires efforts and dedication. 

If you think it is impossible to strengthen your acting skills every day, I am going to prove you wrong. We will talk about working on movement, knowledge, text work, voice, and acting. All the elements mentioned above are crucial for you as a professional actor.

1. Voice

Some actors neglect the importance of voice; however, it is one of the essential instruments that an actor should work on. It includes your form of expression, articulation, breath support, and resonance.

1. Why Work on Your Voice?

Voice is one of the essential aspects of the character. If you want to get various roles, your voice has to vary, too. You cannot use your voice for all the roles you get. What if your character speaks twice as fast as you? You cannot develop a fast-paced speech overnight. It is long hours of out-loud reading and practicing. When my clients try to create various characters during the headshot session, they even change their voice, accent, and overall their way of speaking.


Los Angeles actors know how to make the headshot sessions fun. Professional photographers know that, too. So, for emerging actors, we use some of those techniques to help them relax and calm down. The professionals’ advice is to keep your voice flexible to embody any character you want. Collect as many “voices” and accents as you can. You have plenty of time now.

2. Voice Warm-Ups

If you google, you will find plenty of voice warm-ups for you to choose from. All shapes and sizes. You need to define which one works for you. The best option is to have a professional acting coach to select the best warm-up that will work for you. If you have a chance, try to schedule an online lesson with an acting coach. I am sure there are many acting coaches available online. Or, if you have done it beforehand try to remember what warm-ups you used to do with your acting coach. When you finish choosing the warm-ups now, it is time to schedule a 5-10 minute warm-up every day. As a professional photographer, I can tell you that consistency beats everything. When I was learning adobe photoshop, I would watch online lessons every single day. It would work for me better than a three-hour session just once a week.  

3. Articulation Exercises

Choose a literature piece that inspires you and start working on your articulation. Some actors often neglect this skill; however, it is vital to work on it. Don’t forget that every skill you are working on has to be on a daily basis. Add 5-10 minutes of articulation exercises to your daily routine of becoming a better actor. 

– Strengthen your Tongue

There are several articulation exercises that can help you strengthen your diction. Firstly, work on your tongue. Try to get more control over your tongue. You can do it by reading aloud or just talking to yourself whenever you are by yourself. 

– Work on your Articulation Muscles 

Learn tongue twisters and practice them as much as you can. Whenever I feel that my clients cannot relax during the headshot session, I ask them to say 3 pf their favorite tongue twisters. And here they are laughing. Besides, it helps them relax their facial muscles. Another good exercise is stretching the jaws and running the tongue around the walls of the mouth.

– Mirror Exercises

While doing all these articulation exercises sit or stand in front of the mirror. Choose a favorite story or a dialogue from a Hollywood movie and try to read out loud. If it is a movie dialogue, try to mimic their style and pronunciation. 

2. Move and Do Yoga

Every professional actor has to be able to move freely. Like with voice, being able to move and do any basic physical movement is essential for a good actor, not to mention how much more role opportunities get the ones who specialize in martial arts and other sports.

As we all have to stay home, and there is no hassle, it is the right time to do yoga. Find an online yoga course on YouTube and work on your body on a daily basis. Here is my favorite yoga channel. Day by day you will feel how flexible your body becomes. Like with any skill, you have to be consistent. Whenever I was fully booked for headshots, I would spare 5 minutes in between headshot sessions and stretch my body on my yoga mat in my photo studio. 

3. Enrich Your Knowledge

Quarantine is the right time to challenge yourself and expand your knowledge. Write down a list of books, scripts or plays you wish to read. Be realistic but don’t pity yourself. Ready at least 100 pages per day. It can be something about the Hollywood industry, acting skills, self-improvement. For example, I prefer reading books on photography business in Los Angeles, online marketing and psychological books as every headshot photographer has to know psychology as well. 

To improve your acting skills, some professionals advise reading drama plays and movie scripts. Most reading materials are available online, even for free. Reading helps you observe different characters, genres, language styles. After reading so much, you may start writing yourself. This is what some actors do after a certain time in the industry. If you don’t know what to start with here is a list of top 50 drama plays. 

Watch Online Movies, Theatre, and TV Shows

When you get tired of reading there comes another great way of expanding your knowledge as an actor. Watch a movie, or a TV show or an online drama play. Here is an excellent list of streaming theatres. Now, it is the right time to enjoy almost live performances. You have to engage in the industry to be able to get your niche in it. Challenge yourself to at least a movie or a performance a day. Even if you think some of those are terrible, you will also learn how you should not do and will be able to tell the good stuff from the bad stuff. 

4. Work with Text

Working with text is tied to your voice exercises. A good actor can bring any text to life and give it a unique interpretation.

1. Read out loud

Another thing that you can do while at home is reading out loud. This point is tied to your daily voice exercises and expanding your knowledge. It will help you become more confident with text, try various accents, voices, styles. Choose an article, a dialogue, a script, or just read the rest of my blogs. I have a lot of blogs on the acting industry in Los Angeles, networking in Hollywood, tips on how to choose the headshot wardrobe and get ready for a headshot session. Just make sure it is out loud. 


2. Learn a Monologue

As you have to stay home during this COVID-19 pandemic, it is the best time to learn a monologue. Some emerging actors think one cannot practice acting alone. In this case, it is not true. Pick at least two monologues a week and learn them. As you have a lot of time, you can record yourself and share them on social media and get comments. You can also send them to your acting coaches to get their professional feedback, too. Or, just send it to your headshot photographer who is sure to have some spare time to watch your video. In my practice, I always end up being friends with my headshot clients as they come back again and again with their friends and classmates.


Work on Your Acting Skills

COVID 19 has shut down all the acting schools. But it cannot stop you from improving your acting skills. Consider taking an online acting class. There are plenty now. My advice is not to just watch them as entertaining stuff. Take notes. The best thing about online courses is the opportunity to pause, to watch again or just to jump if it is too boring. From my personal experience, as once I was watching a lot of photography courses, I can say that Masterclass has the best stuff for online learning. Read more on Los Angeles acting career.

5. Keep Learning

The key to becoming a professional actor is to keep learning. Again, I’m not tired of saying that you have to learn on a daily basis. Don’t strive to be a perfect actor, just be better than yesterday. If your goal is to be perfect, it won’t work because none of us is perfect. Moreover, it may make you miserable. 

I may take you years to become a skilled actor. But hard work will take you anywhere. Use this time, and by the end of the quarantine, you will become a better actor, and you will not feel depressed or even lonely. Of course, nobody knows when this pandemic will be over, but we should not get miserable because we have no chance to do our jobs as an actor or, me, as a headshot photographer. Now, it is the right time to invest in yourself. If you had an idea to start an Instagram page or a vlog, it is the right time to do so. It will strengthen your acting muscles and improve your on-camera techniques. 

Organize online reads

If after all these you feel lonely and need some companionship, schedule a skype call with an actor friend and do dialogues with them. When you master the craft, you can do a live performance for your social media followers. Another motivating thing is to do all the mentioned above exercises on camera, record yourself and turn it into a success story that can become a movie or a YouTube vlog. Why not? Entertain your friends, family, and followers who are at home. Share the tips from this article with them with your samples. That will definitely be motivation not only for you but for the viewers as well. It can turn into a job as you get more views on Youtube and monetize them.


As a Conclusion

Now that you have plenty of time, you can plan your actors’ post-COVID-19 activities. Define what kind of actor you want to be. Comedy or drama? Stage or screen? The same is true for the photography industry. Nowadays, most of the headshot photographers in Los Angeles have turned into product photographers.

Consider taking an acting class. There is a huge selection of acting classes in Los Angeles. Google or ask your friends. Read the reviews. Explore their pricing. And make sure they are not a one-time or a one-weekend deal as it is crucial to keep the consistency even after the pandemic.

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Learn more about headshot pricing in Los Angeles.

Click here to book a headshot session in Downtown Los Angeles.

You can view more Professional Headshots | Los Angeles Headshot Photographer on our home page. 

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Seda Stepanyan
January 16, 2020
6 Best Free Casting Websites of 2020

Today, thanks to the development of technologies, actors who are about to begin their acting career in Los Angeles, have the chance to find job opportunities online. Casting websites make that process accessible to actors, thus making it simple to respond to Los Angeles casting calls. It is no more necessary to print out your resume and a headshot made by a Los Angeles headshot photographer. Opening your computer right now, you have the chance to find casting opportunities that are appropriate and free. If you are a starting actor and if you are looking for a place to make your first step in, this is the right place for you to be. Below you can find the best free casting websites of 2019 with detailed descriptions.

1. Backstage


Backstage is one of the dominant acting websites. It describes itself as a platform that educates and informs emerging actors about the requirements of their career. Backstage essentially leads actors to become talented performers and achieving their goals. It is a a webpage that is looking for your talent and does everything possible to make it possible for you to reach your purposes. 

You can see Los Angeles casting call opportunities just by entering the casting calls section of Backstage. You will find out more than 10000 acting job opportunities there. It provides the following information for each job opportunity:


Backstage provides a detailed description of each casting opportunity it offers. You can select the “read more” button of each of the description sections, and you will find all the information you need about that job. It enables you to find the company name, the production details, and the suggested roles. You will also be able to apply in this section just by clicking the Apply button. 

Dates And Locations

You will find the location of the production and what time you need to be there right below the Description section. You will also see any dates with important meetings or rehearsals that you need to attend. If a special interview date is listed, don’t forget to take your resume and headshot. You may need these two at any moment. 

What are you auditioning for?

A commercial? A theater performance? Or, a film? What kind of film is it? You will see a small icon in the upper part of the job offer. In case you are interested in the particular form of an acting career, you may consider this tool helpful. 

Additional Information

Backstage also notifies with a green icon whether the job is paid or not. Further, the casting call provides some information about additional requirements, such as the desired age or gender for a specific role. 


The ability to filter among the thousands of job opportunities is the best thing about this website. It enables you to filter the characteristics of the casting call you wish to have. You may choose a special role type, production, and location. You can also filter your gender and approximate age in order not to waste time. 

Backstage serves as a casting streaming tool where you can find a job among numerous Los Angeles casting calls. You can get quality opportunities here as it truly cares about your career and is willing to work with emerging talents.

2. Casting Frontier

casting frontier los angeles

Casting Frontier is one of the first innovators to implement an online casting opportunity. Launched in 2006, it made it possible to do the step-by-step audition online. Now there is no more need for struggling through the stress of entering the audition room. This platform allows casting directors to post their announcements on the website. Consequently, it becomes easier for emerging actors to do the preparatory work, including writing a resume and getting a headshot at a Los Angeles headshot photographer’s studio as the auditioning process itself is less stressful.  

Casting Frontier, as one of the best casting websites, suggests the following 4 steps that lead to reaching your goals. 

Create Your Profile

Here you can showcase your professional resume, headshot, and demo reel.

Find Acting Roles You Want

You can search among dozens of casting calls and filter with characteristics that are applicable to you.

Apply To Auditions With A Click

The only thing you have to do for applying to a casting call is just one click. 

Audition From Anywhere

You can be located anywhere in the world, and the casting directors can contact you remotely. 

On this website, with numerous casting calls in Los Angeles and other locations, you have three membership options. Signing in to the Casting Frontier, your free account will include the following:

  1. An online resume 
  2. 1 headshot by a professional headshot photographer 
  3. Casting call submissions with limited role possibilities 

The free subscription already provides decent opportunities. However, if you want more professional headshots and other options, you can pay for premium or premium plus membership level. 

Thanks to casting frontier, it becomes easier both for the actors and for the casting directors to organize the auditions. Take advantage of the fact that it is free and start your phenomenal acting career in Hollywood.  

3. Casting Networks Incorporated

casting networks los angeles

Casting Networks Incorporated is also one of the best free casting websites that is a pioneer in this field. It was one of the first organizations that understood that the so-called talent scouting is not making the casting process productive. That is why this is a great place to respond to Los Angeles casting calls and audition online. 

Casting Network Incorporated scheduled 14 million auditions since its creation in 2002. As you can see, Casting Network Inc. is one of the best casting websites right now, so you can think about finding your dream job here. 

There is a free account opportunity on this website, but it requires you to have agency representation. The free membership includes the following:

  1. A free professional headshot 
  2. A profile that casting directors can search and find
  3. An online resume with a personalized Uniform Resource Locator
  4. Free access to new projects 
  5. Access to people such as directors, Los Angeles headshot photographers and acting coaches

Casting Network Inc. is a professional website and one of the best ones where you can find quality casting calls. Therefore, even if you do not belong to any agency, you might think about paying $25 and becoming a member here. 

4. Playbill

playbill casting agency los angeles

If you live in the United States, you have probably heard about playbill. You should be familiar with playbill as a magazine, and you may associate it with the famous yellow pamphlets. Some people find them cool, while others think they are annoying. But did you know that Playbill does something more than just producing those yellow pamphlets? Yes, it does, and it is actually what you desperately need if you are an actor.

The company has a casting website where you can find numerous casting calls in Los Angeles and other cities as well. On the website of Playbill, you can find new jobs and auditions every day. This website serves as a free resource for you to look for opportunities to start your career or to earn some money as an actor. 

Unfortunately, Playbill does not have a submission portal; however, all the posts are legitimate and of high quality here. They provide all the necessary contact information so that you do not have difficulties. It also provides information on what you should have for your application, including the number of headshots, the details about your demo reel, etc. Make sure to know how to prepare an excellent demo reel and where to get a headshot by a professional LA headshot photographer. 

5. Actors Access

Los angeles casting calls

Actor Access is a fantastic platform today not only for emerging talented actors but also for casting professionals. Breakdown Services run this website, which talks about nothing else but the professionalism of the website. Being one of the primary distributors in the acting industry, Breakdown Incorporation makes Actors Access one of the best casting websites in 2019. 

Actors Access is a website where you can find high-quality gigs even if you don’t have an agent. As the website has a free membership opportunity, you may want to know what it includes:

  1. All-day access to breakdowns in the website 
  2. A resume, a size card and 2 headshots to upload for free 
  3. A 7-second-long video where you introduce yourself 

As in any casting website, Actors Access also has maintenance fees. Therefore, the additional elements that you wish to have in your profile need payment. However, the free membership provides opportunities that are surely enough for responding to Los Angeles casting calls. 

There is one thing that makes Actors Access special among the other best casting websites. It has a tool called Showfax, which allows you to search for future projects in your city. For instance, if you live in Los Angeles, just choose your city here and find the best casting calls that have the potential to put a start for your acting career in Hollywood. 

Actors Access provides every single service that may come to an actor’s as well as a casting director’s mind. It is a perfect place for the actors to make the first step towards their acting career in Hollywood and. It is also a great place for the casting directors to find the most talented actors for their projects. 

6. Mandy.com

casting Los Angeles

Among the free casting websites that you had a chance to read here, Mandy.com is the one with the highest recognition. There are certain characteristics that define Mandy.com as a quality website. 

Many opportunities 

Mandy.com provides free access to auditions in different spheres of acting, including theatre roles, films, and TV productions, voiceovers, and child acting. What is more, in case you are interested in, there are also casting opportunities for musicians, dancers, and singers at Mandy.com.


Mandy.com is very simple. Right after entering the website, you make your free registration and start looking for casting calls. 


Mandy.com has over 6500 casting calls each month. You can have access to various job opportunities with their contact information and choose the best one for your acting career. 

In addition to this, Mandy Network is in the leading position among the best free casting websites thanks to the services it provides. Here they are:

Instant Job Alerts

Registering at Mandy.com, you will receive notifications about new jobs and auditions via email. This may seem natural. However, the ones that you receive will match your location and correspond to your skillset. Sounds great, right? Mandy.com facilitates your research.  

Professional Profile

You will have the opportunity at Mandy.com to create a personal profile, where you can upload your headshots made by your Los Angeles headshot photographer. You will create a platform where casting agencies will be able to find out some information about you as well. 

Network and Connections

In a community with over 2.7 million participants, you will be able to find new contacts and new opportunities to achieve new goals in your acting career.

Create a Website

The Mandy Network creates the opportunity to turn the profile you made into a real website just with one click. 

As you may already guess, Mandy.com is a fantastic place to consider for starting an acting career in Hollywood. It is also a great place for agents to find new jobs for their clients. The Mandy Network is a professional platform and is in a leading position among the best casting websites. 

So, let’s imagine that you, as a starting actor, have just finished writing your resume and have just got a fantastic actor’s headshot from a Los Angeles headshot photographer. It is now time to look for Los Angeles casting calls for your career. As you already know, it is not necessary to go to a casting agency physically. The new age with digital technologies allows you to look for opportunities and build your career with the use of your electronic devices. You can get your job online thanks to the best casting websites that you had a chance to read about above.

Articles to check out: YouTube for Actors in Los Angeles. Get more information on useful information that actors can get from YouTube. Another article you should read is about capturing personality in portrait photography.

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Learn more about headshot pricing in Los Angeles.

Click here to book a headshot session in Downtown Los Angeles.

You can view more Professional Headshots | Los Angeles Headshot Photographer on our home page. 

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Seda Stepanyan
January 9, 2020
Top 5 Los Angeles Acting Blogs to Follow

If you live in Los Angeles, and you are an actor, this is a blog you should absolutely read. Los Angeles acting blogs will give you an insight into all the musts of acting. Reading acting blogs, you will understand how to create good resumes, how to participate in auditions, how to respond to Los Angeles acting calls, and how to find a professional Los Angeles headshot photographer. Acting blogs will also introduce you to how and where to book acting auditions, and most importantly, they will provide you with good ideas about building an acting career in Los Angeles and, most importantly. Therefore, you may find it essential to know about acting blogs and follow them. Below, you can read about the top 5 acting blogs.

los angeles headshot photographer

1. Reddit Acting

Reddit Acting is a platform where you can participate in various discussions connected to acting. If this form of art interests you, you can register to Reddit and meet up with many other people who share your interest. Reddit Acting welcomes both professional and starting actors on its website. Reddit Acting describes itself as a community, where the users support each other with valuable information as well as share exciting topics for discussion. 

For instance, in case you want to know specific details about how to respond to Los Angeles acting calls, or how to get a good headshot by a Los Angeles headshot photographer, you may go through the articles on the Reddit Acting discussion forum.

In case you have a specific specialization for your acting career, Reddit Acting offers the following subreddits:

  1. Theatre
  2. Shakespeare
  3. Musical Theatre
  4. Technical Theatre
  5. Voice Acting

Reddit offers a considerable amount of acting information that can be extremely helpful for you. Here you can find:

Professional Information 

If you have made a final decision to become an actor, you can consult the Reddit articles on some theoretical knowledge. You can get introductory information on acting techniques such as Method Acting and The Michael Chekhov Technique. You will find the articles helpful as a start for building your Los Angeles acting career. 


Reddit Acting, being one of the best Los Angeles acting blogs, also provides some tips that you may find helpful for starting your acting career in Hollywood. You can read the great blogs about resume formatting and tools for starting professional acting jobs.

Reddit Acting is one of the most active acting blogs in Los Angeles. It has about 84 new posts each week. So, hurry up to register and read them all.

2. Daily Actor

Daily Actor has particular reasons for being one of the top Los Angeles acting blogs. This is a blog you should follow not only for getting quality information for your future acting career in Hollywood but also for entertainment. Here are the types of information the Daily Actor offers: 

Acting Tips

This is a section that can not only contribute to your development as an actor but also give you the opportunity to spend some good time reading interesting articles. 

Actors on Acting

Probably the best thing about Daily Actor and what makes this blog unique among all the Los Angeles acting blogs. You can read multiple blogs with suggestions and exciting facts for actors. You can read entrancing articles about famous actors’ thoughts about their roles. Recently they posted a fantastic article about Joaquin Phoenix’s about his Joker. There are many other articles like this, so don’t hesitate and visit Daily Actor. 

Advice Columns

There is no question the answer to which you cannot get in this section of Daily Acting. You will find many suggestions from professional actors, producers, Los Angeles headshot photographers, and many others. 

Audition Tapes

Audition: This is a word all the starting actors are scared of. How to prepare for auditions? How to respond to Los Angeles acting calls? Don’t worry! Everybody goes through this. But you are one step forward as you are following Daily Acting, which will tell you what to do. 

How to Become an Actor

If you are thinking about an acting career but are not sure how to start, this is a blog you should read. Daily Acting can help you make the first steps into the job of your life. 

How to Memorize Lines

If you are an emerging actor, you have definitely faced the problem of memorizing lines. This happens to everybody. However, there do exist solutions, and Daily Acting gives some practical suggestions that you should read. 

Acting Resources

This section is more professional and educative for your acting career in Los Angeles. It will give you all the necessary information to become licensed in your sphere and be able to respond to Los Angeles casting calls effectively. Here you can read about:

  1. Acting Resumes
  2. Los Angeles Acting Classes 
  3. Acting Schools and Colleges in Los Angeles, New York as well as Bachelor of Fine Arts acting schools
  4. Casting Websites
  5. Headshot Photographers in Los Angeles and New York 
  6. Screenplays
  7. Stage Directions


Another thing why you should absolutely become a follower of Acting Daily. In the reviews section of the website, you will find quality reviews of the following acting genres 


In this section, you can find fantastic reviews of the latest movies, which will give you a real insight into the film and make you discover new phenomena about them. Sounds interesting, right? 


Daily Actor does an excellent job reviewing the recent theatre performances in Los Angeles. You can read the reviews not only for professional purposes but also for entertainment. Therefore, Daily Actor is an excellent page to follow to read some interesting articles if you have a couple of free hours. 


Never forget about the professional field. Daily Actor takes various books and textbooks on acting and reviews them for you. As a starting actor, you may consult this section and find out some new literature for developing your acting career. 

Actor Services 

Finally, and most importantly, Daily Actor provides actor services. You can not only learn and have a good time in this blog but also make real steps toward higher points of your acting career in Los Angeles. Here you can find services of

  1. Airchecks  
  2. Demo Reel
  3. Website Design 
  4. Mailing Labels

Overall, as you may have understood, it is a real lapse for you if you don’t follow Daily Actor. Don’t miss fantastic movie and theatre reviews, and don’t miss the chance to get new skills for your acting career. Go there, and you will love it! 

3. Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio

Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio is one of the best Los Angeles acting blogs for students who are eager to learn about acting as a form of art in an inspiring environment. This is more of a professional rather than an entertainment area where emerging actors can develop in their sphere. Therefore, it offers individual acting lessons in an acting studio, about which you can know about following the blog. 

Following the Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio blog, you can learn about and register for the following classes:

  1.  Meisner Technique 
  2. Beginner Acting Classes in Los Angeles
  3. Scene Study Acting Classes
  4. Fitzmaurice Voice Workshops and Classes
  5. Movement Program
  6. Speech for Actors
  7. Playing Shakespeare Class
  8. On-Camera Auditioning
  9. Actor’s Life and Business

In this blog, you can also read an educative article about scene studies, which will be helpful for your future work with this blog. Following the Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio blog, you will gain a lot of new skills and quality experience in acting. 

4. Lesly Kahn Acting Classes and Coaching Blog

Lesly Kahn is one of the best acting coaches in Los Angeles. Here drama school locates in 1720 La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046, United States, is one of the most visited acting schools in Los Angeles. Therefore, it makes sense following her blog, as you will definitely find new things to learn about there. Here is what you can get following Lesly Kahn Acting Classes and Coaching Blog:


Lesly Kahn’s blog offers classes, coaching, and workshops for actors. Following this blog, you will have the chance to find new horizons for your acting career. You will acquire new skills and new knowledge that will help you when applying for Los Angeles casting calls. 


In her blog, Lesly Kahn provides not only services but also some theoretical material that you can use for learning. You can find a fantastic reading list for your studies. The best thing in this blog is Lesly’s Little Black Book. This is a list containing all the possible contacts you may need as an actor, including Los Angeles headshot photographers, casting directors, editors, beauty specialists, and many others.


The blog section itself is not only one of the best acting blogs in Los Angeles but also a unique one. It is a friendly atmosphere where you can get inspiration, advice, and recommendations from acting professionals and Lesly herself. 

If you do not follow Lesly Kahn Acting Classes and Coaching Blog yet, right now is the time to get there and start reading. You will be welcomed from the very first second you enter this friendly online atmosphere. So, don’t hesitate! Lesly is waiting for you! 

5. Andrew Wood Acting Studio

Another Los Angeles acting blog you can follow to develop your acting career is Andrew Wood Acting Studio. This is the blog Mr Andrew Wood has graduated with a Master of Fine Arts at the Yale School of Drama. Sounds inspiring, doesn’t it? Here is what you can get following the blog of Andrew Wood:


As mentioned, Andrew Wood himself offers acting services. He organizes various workshops and testimonials in his studio, which you might find interesting to participate in. It is a chance to learn something new about your profession and discover yourself in a new environment. Following the blog, you will be aware of the latest programs and the original dates of classes by Andrew Wood.


Andrew Wood’s blog offers you a vast range of resources that may be necessary for your acting career in Los Angeles. You can find contact information for different schools and services such as:

  1. Casting resources 
  2. Self-taping services 
  3. Names of acting instructors with contact information
  4. Other helpful sites and social media pages


Finally, Andrew Wood has a special section called “blog” on his website, where you can find multiple different articles that you will enjoy reading. For instance, you may find great articles about dealing with anxiety if you are a starting actor or how to prepare for a role. Besides, there are some op-ed articles on the acting performance of famous actors in movies and theatre. Therefore, following this blog, you will have the chance to read about the opinion and some professional analysis of a drama specialist. It is also worth noting that Backstage named Andrew Wood’s website, a top Los Angeles acting class. Therefore, it becomes logical why this blog is one of the best Los Angeles acting blogs you should absolutely follow. So you have already got 5 blogs recommended by a headshot photographer in Los Angeles that can turn your acting career into a definite line. 

Being an actor in Los Angeles requires you to participate in the new initiatives connected to acting actively. That includes not only responding to casting calls and updating headshots at a studio of a Los Angeles headshot photographer. Those are things every actor does. If you want to be one step forward, you should also be familiar with online activities about acting.

Following acting blogs is the best possible solution you may find for being informed, even for a headshot photographer. Acting blogs offer vast amounts of information and services for the development of your acting career in Los Angeles. You can read suggestions on how to create a good resume for auditions, where to find auditions, and how to behave on them. You can also find answers to all the questions you may have concerning acting. Now you know what the best Los Angeles acting blogs are, so what you have to do right now is to follow them. Don’t forget to check out actor’s headshots on our main page. 

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Learn more about headshot pricing in Los Angeles.

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Seda Stepanyan
January 2, 2020
12 Amazing Locations for Headshots in Los Angeles

Attention all aspiring models and actors! As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I know how hard it is to find the perfect location for headshots. It may look like every corner of Los Angeles is a good location. But, sometimes the slightest thing in the background may distract from your face in your headshots. I have gathered here my favorite list of places to shoot headshots in Los Angeles. This is actually the second part of my list of locations, you can check out more sites here.

1. The Griffith Observatory

Griffith Park Photoshoot

The Griffith Observatory is a facility in Los Angeles that sits on the slope of Mount Hollywood. It overlooks all of Los Angeles, including Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, and even the pacific ocean. Weekends are usually crowded, so consider going sometime during the week! This is one of the more trendy and beloved spots for access to pictures with the Hollywood sign! Parking is also a difficulty. So you should either take an UBER up to the top or parking outside the park and hiking up. 

2. The Bradbury Building

Los Angeles Photoshoot

Aside from being a hotspot for cafes and shopping malls, downtown Los Angeles also has many beautiful historic must-sees. The Bradbury Building is the place to go if you are looking for a more vintage style in your photos. The main feature is the elegant elevator shaft and circling stairs. Both the stairs and the elevator catch rays of light that stream down from the skylights. This is a great spot for history and drama! This location may be perfect for some but may cost others their casting. So, make sure to know what you are looking for when choosing a site according to your desired role. 

3. Echo Park

Los Angeles photographer

If you enjoy the outdoors and would like to somehow integrate it into your headshots without it being too much, Echo Park is the place to go for you. Echo Park is a neighborhood with colorful street murals, trendy bars, and food trucks along Sunset Boulevard, along with cute coffee shops and boutiques. This park also has a beautiful skyline, especially during sunrise or sunset. 

4. Union Station

headshot photographer LA

Another one of Los Angeles’ most iconic and historical spots for great headshots. This station has even been dubbed “the last of the greatest railway stations”. Union Station is the heartbeat of the city, combining the hustle and bustle of travelers with luxurious decoration from times long gone. The main area for photography is the lobby with iconic chairs, high ceilings, and intricate finishes. This location gives off a very vintage and rustic vibe. So, before choosing this spot, be sure to evaluate what your brand is.

If you want to be cast in modern movies, this may not be the location for you. Your headshots must always reflect who you are, and what type of roles you are aiming for. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles and have been in the industry for quite some time, so I will help you with this task once you book your session

5. The Korean Bell of Friendship 

photoshoot locations in LA

The Korean Bell of Friendship is a massive bronze bell located in a stone pavilion in Angel’s Gate Park. This is in the San Pedro neighborhood of Los Angeles. This is a stunning yet very specific location. Once again, your brand will decide if this place is right for you or not. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I will be able to tell you if we should shoot here or not once you tell me what roles you imagine yourself doing. 

6. Venice Beach

photo session location in Los Angeles

Venice beach is one of my most favorite locations for headshot sessions in Los Angeles because of its variety. It has a bohemian feeling to it and is always buzzing with soul and adventure. Venice beach is a famous beach town with many cafes, restaurants, and food trucks. It is also full of cool shops, street performers, and beautiful murals. There is also a skate park nearby and the beach. A picturesque collection of canals is surrounded by modernist homes, which make for a great background. There is also a skate park nearby full of graffiti, which will portray a mix of natural and urban in your headshots.

The Venice Canals are also at this location, with a beautiful set of small bridges and palm trees for a relaxed and natural background. We can pick our location here together, and find what fits you best. There are many options, and it will take some time to find the perfect spot. This location is also beautiful during sunset. Venice Beach is a very touristy spot, so try to book your session during a weekday so it will be less crowded.

7. Grand Central Market

professional photo session location in LA

The grand central market is basically a huge food court with a somewhat vintage and urban style. It is a very iconic and well-known spot, and many people come here for food, so you must be ready as it will take some time to get the perfect shot. It is full of food vendors and even a neon sign mural, which makes for a great backdrop. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I will be able to move around this busy location with ease and find us the perfect background for your headshots. 

8. Downtown Los Angeles Rooftops

professional photo session in Los Angeles

Any local you will talk to will tell you that part of Los Angeles’s life is all about rooftops. Rooftops offer a great view of the city and are beautiful at night with a background full of lights. They are also never crowded, so you will not have to worry about having people walk by in the background. I know some people are shy when it comes to photoshoots, so rooftops offer a mostly private area with excellent backdrops. You can already imagine how great sunsets and sunrises on these rooftops are. Some of these rooftops are open to the public, but some are not.

As a long-time headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I know a few locals who will happily give us access to their rooftops for your headshot session. There are also no worries about permits, parking, and closing hours when you are shooting on a private rooftop. The only concern is the weather, so check before you book and pick the day and your outfit accordingly. 

9. “Urban Lights” at LACMA

LACMA photoshoot location

Urban Light is a large-scale art piece/sculpture on the Wilshire Boulevard entrance to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This installation consists of restored street lamps from the 1900s. This is a spot you’re sure to have seen all over Instagram. Even though it might seem obvious or overused to you, it is still a great location if you know how to use it. It is essential that your headshot photographer knows how to get the most out of a location and not make it cliche.

Being a headshot photographer in Los Angeles for quite some time now, I have seen how people waste a perfect background with a wrong angle or lighting setup. Depending on the type of photo you would like to get, we can choose whether we want to try shooting at this location during the daytime or nighttime. Shooting at different times of the days will give your headshots totally different moods. During the night, these lights are turned on, and during the day, they provide a great architectural background. 

10. Santee Alley

professional headshot location in Los Angeles

Santee Alley is located in the Los Angeles Fashion district and is not for those who get tired quickly. This is a location that offers many unique photo opportunities if you are willing to test your creativity. Santee Alley is a narrow street for pedestrians filled with shops on both sides. It is usually full of people, which adds to the atmosphere but can also make your photo background distracting. Since there is no one iconic spot for photos, we must look around before we choose someplace for your headshots.

Being a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I have been to Santee Alley many times for professional and personal reasons, so I know just how to make this location work for you. I will recommend the perfect time to go, so it is full of life yet not too crowded with people. Then, after discovering photo ops in Santee Alley, we can explore the rest of the District of Fashion that is full of colorful stores, food trucks, and street art. You must keep in mind that with popular local locations such as this one, finding the perfect non-distracting background and lighting might take some extra time, so clear your day before booking!

11. Micheltorena Stairs

locations for instagram shoots in LA

The Micheltorena stairs are the most Instagrammed stairs in the world and are a must-see for all those looking for cute pictures. The colorful stairs and big heart offer a very vibrant and full-of-life backdrop for headshots. If you’re looking for a sweet girl-next-door role or if you are looking for a good location for kids’ headshots, then this is the spot for you. Once you book a headshot session with me, we will take the time to talk over what role you’re looking for and choose if the spot you selected is right for you or not.

Since this is a very colorful and bright background, you must be portrayed so that you stand out but do not clash with the colors. Both of my headshot session packages include wardrobe consultation, so a professional will tell you what to wear according to your brand and chosen background. These packages also include unlimited looks, so if you cannot decide what to wear, just bring all the options with you, and we will try them out to see which goes best with the background. 

12. The Huntington Library Botanical Gardens

professional photoshoot in Los Angeles

The Huntington is mainly known for the Library and Art Museum. But, what most people do not know is that it houses a vast botanical garden full of very well-cared-for plants and natural photo backgrounds. The space is very large, so you are sure to find precisely the background you are looking for. There are green spaces and spaces full of all types of flowers if that is what you are searching for as a backdrop for your headshots. A natural and flowery background isn’t the ideal choice for everyone, so evaluate your brand carefully before you select this option. Parking is also free at this location, so that’s one less thing to worry about. The ground space here is very large, so there will be no crowds of people in the background of your photos. 

As a Conclusion…

Before choosing a headshot location in Los Angeles, always remember to keep your brand in mind. Your brand is what should get across to the casting directors when they look at your headshots. It should include parts of your personality and what roles you’re searching for. If you’re looking to be cast in a cowboy western-style movie, then headshots from Echo Park or rooftops locations are surely not going to get you that role. I am a headshot photographer in Los Angeles and have been in this industry for some time, know what details in headshots get the attention of casting directors and what loses them.

Once you select the type of roles you are looking to get cast for, we will go through a few location options together and select the ones most suited to you. Both headshot session packages I offer also include free wardrobe consultation, to help you match well with the background we choose and the type of energy you’re looking for in a headshot. I know it’s hard to choose an outfit for a shoot, especially when you don’t know how it will go with the background. I suggest you bring them all with you to the shoot! Both packages include unlimited looks, so you can try all types of outfits to find the one you love. With all these perks and this list of locations, you are sure to get the headshots of your dreams!

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Seda Stepanyan
December 19, 2019
Christmas Gifts for your Actor Friends

Your best friend tells you in March that they are going into acting. You congratulate them, wish them luck, and move on with your life. But suddenly it’s December, and you have no idea what to get that one friend, what the best gifts for actors are. You want to get something practical, a gift that will show you recognize and appreciate their career path but not something that your friend will throw away the next day. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I have had my fair share of experience with actors and am here to share my tips with you.

1. Gift Cards and Certificates

These types of gifts offer a whole variety of options and can be suited according to what your friend would prefer. Gift cards can be used later when needed and are what most actors say they prefer.

Accent and Dialects

For actors, using a new voice can be a fun experience, but it also takes some work. Fully acquiring a dialect takes time and is not an easy task. There is pressure to respect a culture by accurately portraying their way of speaking. The way an actor portrays this can be imperative for their craft and reputation. While sometimes productions have a dialect coach to help you with the dialogue, other directors expect actors to do the preparation themselves. Many accent coaches in Los Angeles offer one-on-one session and audition preparation, and you can purchase gift certificates online. Even if your friend doesn’t have an audition for a german character role tomorrow, mastering of a dialect is an excellent skill to have and may attract casting directors.

Headshot Sessions

A headshot session is definitely the type of a gift your actor friend will be most grateful for. Headshots aren’t cheap, and they need to be updated frequently. A headshot is what an actor must always have on-hand and is the first thing casting agencies will ask for. It will lead to problems if the actor’s headshot is old or doesn’t represent their current look. I have heard of many qualified actors not getting a role because their headshots weren’t up-to-par. You do not have to spend too much on this and can buy a session from an experienced and affordable headshot photographer in Los Angeles here. With Seda Stepanyan as your headshot photographer, you will never have to worry about how your photos will turn out as all her reviews are full of praises. 

Casting Websites

Having excellent headshots and demo reels will be useless if the actor has no place to submit them. Getting a casting agency or a rep is difficult. Websites for open calls are designed specifically with lone actors in mind and are the perfect place to get started. Buying your friend a subscription to backstage or IMDB Pro will surely make them happy and may even get them their next role. For more location-specific sites for Los Angeles, check out L.A. casting or Actors Access. Most casting website subscriptions will cost under $100 annually, so this gift will not put a dent in your personal finances. 

Acting Classes

Your friend may act like they know everything there is about acting, but deep down, they know that you can always learn more. Acting classes aren’t cheap, and no one can afford to go to many as much as they would like to. Acting Technique, Scene Study, Cold Reading, Improvisation Classes, Voice/Vocal, and Body Movement are only a few of the types of acting classes that acting schools offer. Try to check which one your friend has been to and get them to try something new with your gift. An acting class as a gift for an actor will be a fun experience, will help them perfect their craft and put in work towards their next role.


This may not be an obvious gift for an actor friend, but it is very useful. Being an actor is not cheap, all the classes and workshops cost lots of money. Imagine also having to pay to get from one end of the city to the other for an audition. Hollywood is big !! A gift is a perfect opportunity to help out with some of their dues. If your friend has a car, try to find a way to gift your actor friend a card or certificate for fuel. In case your city has a decent transport system, consider buying your friend a bus or metro pass. This pass will make their life significantly easier as they won’t have to worry about getting to the audition and instead on the audition itself. Another option is gifting an UBER card or a similar taxi service card.

Spa Day

Being an actor in Los Angeles is exhausting. It’s classes, workshops, and auditions all day. All this can really take a toll on someone’s body, so why not gift your friend a spa or massage session. It isn’t an industry-related gift, but they are sure to appreciate it. A day of pampering and relaxation is sure to get them back on their feet and get their mood up.

2. Hands-on Gifts

The only downside of giving a card or certificate is that the price is shown, and for most people, that is okay. But if you are gifting it to someone who you would prefer not to see the money you spent, I am here to offer you some other options. 

headshot photographer in Los Angeles


As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, any actor I have spoken to at my headshot sessions is always reading something. It may be a book on acting, on the industry, a book of tips from an agent, or something similar. Books may seem outdated in this modern age, but they are one of the actor’s most excellent tools. Take some time to research what book your friend might need. There are many resources online which will help you choose a book. If you really have no options, just go to your local bookstore, find the “Drama” section and fill your shopping cart. You can even get copies of plays for your friend.


This idea may seem funny to you, but it really is a big help. Imagine you’re in a cold marble-floored dressing room or trailer all day. You would be very grateful for a pair of soft and fluffy slippers, wouldn’t you? A pair of slippers really isn’t the main gift but more of an add-on to the other options in this list. 


For this option, you will have to do some snooping around your friend. Ask around and try to find out what type of roles they frequently audition for. If they are auditioning for the role of a bad boy or girl, buy them a nice leather jacket and shirt to go with it. Or if they’re auditioning to be a cowboy, get them the hat and the shoes. You get the idea. If your friend doesn’t usually concentrate on one type of role, you can always gift them formal clothing they can wear to auditions. This will undoubtedly take a load off their mind, so they will always have their outfit ready to go. 

A Printer 

This is a more expensive gift, but if you’re ready to splurge, this is the place to do it. Actors always have to have their resumes on hand; you never know when the need will arise. They also need to print scripts to take notes on and plays to practice. As a Los Angeles headshot photographer, I know that many actors I know spend a fortune each year printing all the documents they need, so a good printer will surely come in handy. You can also get an actor a box of office supplies such as pens, highlighters, staplers and so on. This gift may sound more like something you would get for a non-actor, but believe me, acting can become a desk job sometimes.

Demo Reel Tools

Most actors prefer to film their auditions and demo reels at home, as shooting elsewhere can be expensive. Many parts go into this process. If you know your friend shoots at home and you are willing to spend a good amount of money, get them some equipment. A good camera, a new backdrop, or a microphone will always be much appreciated. You can also buy them editing software, as it takes many tries to get that final perfect clip. Good editing will show casting agencies that the actor has put time and effort into their product. 

An Acting Kit

This suggestion is a cute gift which you can make on your own, so I recommend it for closer friends. You can get a nice case or bag and start filling it with items. You can put in eyeliners, hairspray, gum, coms, brushes, baby wipes, pens and highlighters, bobby pins, band-aids, make-up remover, face powder, and a book. Of course, you can add more items you find to be suitable for your friend. Maybe stick a photo of you two together in it for that extra boost before a role.

You can get a case with a built-in mirror, which will come in handy for spontaneous make-up situations. Every Los Angeles headshot photographer knows that. This kit is a gift that shows how much effort you put into creating it. Alternatively, you can make a make-up kit and include the essential items in it. You can also get a small kit with a few things and put a Sephora/Ulta gift card in it so they can get exactly what they need. 

A Big Bag

During a full day of classes and auditions, the last thing an actor needs to worry about is where they should put their things. Look for a functional bag with lots of pockets, sturdy straps, and enough room for a pair of shoes. Actors burn a lot of calories and always need to keep up their energy, but eating out is not a cheap option. So, you can also include a lunchbox with this bag, and it’s the best way to keep your friend fueled up. 

Workout Gear

All professional actors practically live in their workout clothes. And not only at the gym. Acting class, dance calls, rehearsals, and auditions are a good reason to get your friend comfortable clothing. An actor’s life is already hard enough; there’s no need to spend so many hours in jeans. Look for clothes that feel comfortable, but don’t turn too many heads on the street. Avoid flashy colors and designs, and opt for a one-colored look. 

3. Invites and Tickets

Acting is performance art. And to get big in this industry and be different, you must immerse yourself in all types of art. It will help you get perspective and understand your position more. To help with this, you can buy your friend all sorts of tickets. 

Christmas gifts for actors

Movie Tickets

Movie tickets is an obvious answer, but it still is a really good gift. To make it more special, you can try to get a ticket to a movie premiere. Los Angeles is the heart of the industry, and there is a premiere here every week. The premiere will give the actor a chance to network, meet new people and enjoy a new film. You can also look for early screenings, more exclusive and smaller-scale events.

Theatre Tickets

Theatre is a way to enjoy facial expressions and live acting. Your friend might also learn a few tips for improvisation from this experience. It is also an all-around enjoyable time and a great way to spend an evening.

Networking Event Tickets

Networking is truly one of the most vital parts of an actor’s life. To make it in Hollywood, actors must make themselves known and establish working relationships. Any headshot photographer in Los Angeles will state that any party in Hollywood is a place to network. But, there are also special events designed for networking, with an invitation list full of big names in Hollywood.

One of the biggest networking events in Los Angeles is called ” The Acting Experience.” Actor Dijon Talton covers many topics from the industry. It is a high-rated event, and tickets start at $499.00, so this will be the gift of a lifetime. Another big networking event in Los Angeles is called “The National Achievers Congress.” This one is a much cheaper, yet still a prestigious event. You can also find other networking events happening around the time of your friend’s birthday and buy a ticket. Make sure not to buy too close to the date as your friend will need time to prepare for the headshot session.

As you can see, buying a gift for your actor friend isn’t a hard task. Of course, it is preferable if you know their needs and can get something from this list that is better suited to them. But, even if you have no idea what they do in their acting career, these tips will still be useful. So don’t waste any time and get your shopping on!!

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