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Seda Stepanyan
November 25, 2019
Where to Find Acting Auditions in Los Angeles

As an actor, you want to have an acting career in Los Angeles like Meryl Streep or Tom Hanks. That is a great wish, but for it to come true, you have a lot of work to do. That work includes not only finding Los Angeles headshot photographers to get professional headshots for your resume and your social media accounts. What does an acting career actually start with? It begins with the thing most actors hate and are even scared of: Auditions and casting calls. Yes, acting career begins with those stressful experiences called auditions.

It is not a joke saying that your acting career depends on acting auditions in Los Angeles. Therefore, you should respond to as many Los Angeles casting calls as it is possible to be successful. Don’t worry; everybody has gone through this at the beginning of their career, even megastars. 

Don’t stress!

It is natural that you stress about this issue; however, everything becomes simple when you know what to do. This article will help you make the first step towards your dream acting career. Here you will read about where and how to find the best acting auditions in Los Angeles and enrich your resume with various acting experiences. 

What to start with?

First of all, you should realize that in the modern world, there are many tools to help you reach your goal. There are many opportunities for everybody, and most importantly, it is effortless to find those opportunities. Also, you should realize that nobody is going to bring you those opportunities, but it is your job to look for them and to find them. It may sound a little sad, but it is temporary. You are just a starting actor, don’t forget about that. Soon after, the best directors of Los Angeles will start inviting you to play in their movies. But before, let’s look for some auditions.

As I said, there are so many tools, and the first one is the Internet. What does it mean? Yes, you can open your computer right now and find an audition for a role. The first website name you should type in your browser is Backstage.

1. Backstage 

Backstage is a perfect website for starting actors. It offers not only professional advice but also provides casting calls in Los Angeles. Those calls include different types of acting auditions in Los Angeles. You can find roles in theatre, movies, and commercial advertisements on the Backstage website. 

However, it is essential to note that Backstage is a paid website when it comes to Los Angeles casting calls and that is natural. In fact, most of the websites offering acting auditions in Los Angeles are paid. Backstage requires a monthly membership, which costs $19.99 . For that price, Backstage offers you:

Job applications

You can have unlimited access to Los Angeles casting calls of different types. It sounds like a perfect start for your acting career in Los Angeles, right?


Signing up to Backstage, you can create a professional talent profile. Here you can post your resume, your demo reel, and the most recent headshots by a professional Los Angeles headshot photographer.

Signing up to backstage is a perfect start for your acting career in Los Angeles. This website is legitimate, and it is not very expensive. Even though there are cheaper websites, you may still go for Backstage, as it offers terrific Los Angeles casting calls. It also gives you a considerable amount of suggestions on how to participate in acting auditions in Los Angeles. Therefore, paying to Backstage will be a tiny investment in your future career. 

2. Breakdown Services

If you have an agent, then the website that will be really helpful is Breakdown Services. This is the best website where you will meet the best acting auditions in Los Angeles. This is where all the casting agencies and individual casting directors post announcements about Los Angeles casting calls. However, there is a nuance concerning this website. When I asked about the agent, it was necessary. The point is that only agents can use this website. They get special permission from this website and then, access to the best Los Angeles casting calls by professional casting agencies. 

Unfortunately, as an actor with no agent representation, you will not have the chance to participate in these casting calls. However, this should serve as a motivation for you. Take steps to become a more prominent actor: do more acting work, contact more Los Angeles headshot photographers for photo sessions, be more active in your social media. This is all to say, get involved in your sphere more. Agents will notify you and suggest their services. 

3. Actors Access

One more website for you to expand the variety of opportunities for acting auditions in Los Angeles. And there is one more good news concerning Actors Access. You don’t need an agent for that! This website provides not only Los Angeles casting calls, but also the ones in New York and Chicago just in case you need them. 

However, logically, these services are not free. You should pay for applying to the casting calls. Do you want one more surprise? OKAY! It is very cheap! You pay only 2$ for one acting audition. You can also pay $66 per year and have unlimited access to all the possible auditions in Los Angeles. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, and a person very familiar to the acting industry, I suggest you pay $66, as you will participate in much more acting auditions in Los Angeles than you imagine. Let’s be serious: nobody applies for just one Los Angeles casting call. It is impossible to choose 1 in 10000. Just pay $66 and ask for all the 10000. You will save a lot of money, which you can spend on creating a website for yourself, getting good headshots from the best Los Angeles headshot photographers, and making good videos. 

As you may understand, Actors Access is a dream place for starting actors. So, don’t hesitate to sign up. 

4. Other services

There are many more websites where you can find acting auditions in Los Angeles. The three sites mentioned above are not the only ones. There is always a chance to do more and discover more. These are the names of other casting websites (I wanted to hyperlink the blog I have written called “6 Best casting websites of 2019, but it was not submitted in the website”) that you may find useful to sign up for:

  1. Casting Networks Incorporated
  2. Playbill
  3. Mandy.com
  4. Casting Frontier

Don’t miss your chance to take the most and the best that the Internet offers you as a help for building your acting career in Los Angeles. There will be no harm from signing in to as much casting websites as it is possible to get access to all the acting auditions in Los Angeles.

Social Media

Let us not forget about this powerful tool called social media, as casting agencies don’t forget about it. It is not a secret how powerful social media can be when it comes to spreading and looking for information. For starting an actor looking for Los Angeles casting calls, social media is beneficial.


Many events related to the acting industry take place in Los Angeles. These events may not necessarily have websites, but they may be vital for your acting career. Participating in activities can actually be a perfect start of a job and a chance to participate in prestigious acting auditions in Los Angeles. You can meet influential casting directors during these events and communicate with them. You can also meet agents and persuade them to represent you during Los Angeles casting calls. Therefore, make sure to follow social media pages of events. 

When you like or follow a particular page, make sure to scroll down to see the recommendations that the social media platform provides. As you are making only the first steps of your acting career, don’t hesitate to follow everything connected to Los Angeles casting calls. You will not necessarily communicate with all the pages you follow. However, these pages are extremely useful in that they provide you the chance to be aware of the news in the acting industry and the most recent acting auditions in Los Angeles.  

By the way, don’t forget to follow all the official social media accounts of movie productions. What if they suddenly decide to make a job announcement? Who knows? And above all, it is your responsibility to follow the productions you dream to work with. 

Social media will also allow you to find the best headshot photographers in Los Angeles and register for photo sessions. 

Keep networking

It is extremely important to be active in the acting industry. Let’s say you have used the websites mentioned above and participated in a number of acting auditions in Los Angeles. That is not enough. You should search for more and more, and most importantly, you should make some contact with the influential people of the acting industry. You should make casting directors, writers, and maybe even producers know about you. What to do to find more casting calls and to participate in more acting auditions in Los Angeles?

  1. Get a job in the local theatre
  2. Don’t hesitate to do some volunteer acting in commercials
  3. Visit events connected to the acting industry
  4. Volunteer to participate in the films students make for their college projects
  5. Sign up for different acting classes even if you have already graduated from an acting school
  6. Join various filmmaking associations 
  7. Follow the famous Acting blogs and YouTube channels to expand your knowledge and skills 

Auditions for extras

Well, nobody said that becoming the new Meryl Streep or Tom Hanks starts with a lead role in a movie. Absolutely not! All the actors start with small characters where they appear for a couple of seconds in a crowd. Brad Pitt played an extra in a movie called “Less Than Zero” and he got only $38 for his role. Who could even imagine that this guy would appear in 2 Quentin Tarantino movies? So, don’t ever underestimate the job of extras and apply for Los Angeles casting calls for extras. 

At the beginning of your acting career in Los Angeles, the work as an extra in an effortless and rapid way to get into more substantial roles in movies. However, of course, everything depends on you. You should take that role of an extra really seriously. Try to impress the director. Try to do everything so that the director notices you. Show off all your skills and demonstrate a massive interest in what you are doing. Grab the attention of the director and the crew, and maybe they will consider you for more prominent roles. 

It will be unrealistic to say that the job of an extra is the key to a successful acting career in Hollywood. Don’t take it too easy. It should serve you like nothing else but a boost to achieve higher goals and be only the first step of a ladder leading to peaks such as the Academy Award for best actor or actress.

As a Conclusion…

Today, the Internet allows us to have quick and easy access to the information you are looking for. The acting career in Los Angeles does not start from the top. You have a colossal path to go through before you reach your goals and become a famous actor in Los Angeles. You should start your way by preparing a good resume, which includes a beautiful headshot by a Los Angeles headshot photographer, and then start filling in your acting experience. This experience should be vibrant, and for that, you should respond to all the Los Angeles casting calls you come across.

Take real steps to find casting calls and sign up to the websites and follow acting social media accounts that I presented in this article. Be very active: participate in events and never ever stop networking. Participating in acting auditions in Los Angeles is crucial for your acting career, so do that as much as it is possible, and you will become the Meryl Streep or Tom Hanks of the future. 

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Seda Stepanyan
October 12, 2019
Networking Dos and Don'ts for Los Angeles Actors

Invited to a party? Now that’s where you’re wrong. When you are an actor, any party is an important networking event. Of course, you should bring your dancing shoes, but for you, what’s essential is lying outside of the dance floor. Firstly, you should know networking dos and don’ts for actors in Los Angeles.

Yes, being talented and perfecting your craft is essential, but the talent is never enough. To be a well-known actor in Hollywood, you must look around and utilize everything and everyone you have around you. Networking is creating and maintaining relationships with professionals in the industry who might be able to help you in a hasty manner or in a way that you could never imagine.

Being an experienced headshot photographer in Los Angeles comes with its perks. Read on to see my tips on the common mistakes and unknown methods of good networking for actors in Los Angeles.

Be Proactive

If you’re at a party where you don’t know anyone, it’s common to feel timid and shy, maybe even hide in the bathroom. But, to take the first step, you must build up some confidence and go for it. Chances are everyone around you is doing the same thing. So don’t miss out. Any Los Angeles party is a hidden group of agents and actors looking to be paired up. 

Represent yourself

Always put your best foot forward. Having your “elevator pitch” ready will put you at a much higher advantage over those who are going in unprepared. Try to summarize your past experiences, your hobbies, your motivation, and personality in a short 1-2 minute speech-type text. This should not be too heavy and hard to take in, and should not sound like you’re robotically reciting a text that you have no connection to.

Be quick, precise, and accurate at all times. Ensure you have the listener engaged. Try to hook your listener and make it memorable by starting with an action phrase and ending with a call to action. Use simple language, but do not dumb it down too much. 

Having your “elevator pitch” ready will put you at a much higher advantage over those who are going in unprepared.

Ask Questions

Asking questions will allow you to better what you already know and learn new things about the industry. Before going to any event, try to research and ask around about who will be present there along with you and look them up. Find their work and other information you can, and note down some questions you would like answered. Always have a few more vague questions in mind in case you meet with someone you didn’t know before. When answering questions, the person in front of you will feel a sense of importance and appreciation. And, in the end, this will only benefit you. 

You should engage not only with known professionals but try to approach people who are drinking a cocktail alone or are looking around. They may be on the same level as you. Everyone has different experiences, and they may tell you about an agency or an open call you don’t know about. Asking questions will also help steer the conversation to more interesting topics if you feel that it’s becoming awkward or repetitive. This is one of the most important networking dos and don’ts for actors.

Keep in Touch

At the end of a conversation, always ask for the person’s contact information and preferred platform. It’s essential to keep in touch but also to stay in touch and to follow up. Send articles once you think they’d like or ask about something you know they’re interested in. Try always to keep your business cards on hand. I am a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, and I also keep my cards on hand, because I can find a client in the most unexpected places. 

It is also vital to stay in contact with your old friends, coworkers, teachers, classmates, headshot photographers, and so on. They can be a huge help if they see an opening that matches your description, or maybe one of them might be friends with an agent. I am not saying send them a text message every single day but try to keep in touch. That’s one of the networking don’ts for actors. In Hollywood, the more people you know, the more opportunities you have. 

Do Pay Attention

When talking to any person, it is important to look out for signs that will show you how they’re responding to what you’re saying. It’s vital you do not ignore the emotions shown by the person in front of you, or you will leave a bad impression. You must pay attention to what you are saying and what response you are receiving in return. 

Don’t Ask for Things

When you approach someone who you know is in the industry, NEVER start off by asking for a part or something similar. Even if you know this person from your research still take the time to get to know them. Find common ground and use this as an ice breaker or conversation starter. The common ground could be a favorite drink or an episode of a show, anything to keep the conversation going.

When you approach someone who you know is in the industry, NEVER start off by asking for a part or something like that.

If you approach someone and say that you know they’re looking for an actor for a part, you will immediately get rejected. Not only does it make you seem desperate and annoying, but it also dehumanizes the person you’re speaking to. It reduces them to a walking job poster, which is not what you’re aiming for.

After a light conversation, you may steer the conversation towards a more specific topic and maybe even exchange contacts at the end. 

Listen and Learn

Of course, it is important to always prepare questions and conversation starters beforehand, but it is just as important to listen. In front of you are professionals with many many years in the industry and have been through unimaginable things. Take your time and carefully listen to what advice they give and what they recommend. What they say you will find nowhere, not online or in any book.

The rule you should follow is the 80/20 rule. That means to listen to the other person 80 percent of the time, ask questions 10 percent of the time, and share your own opinion 10 percent.

When people say what they want to say, they are more likely to focus afterward on what you have to say. 

Even if they aren’t a world-famous agent, you can collect tips anywhere. If someone tells you about their bad experience with a specific agency, you should make your own research and if it turns out to be true – avoid that agency. It’s better to learn from others’ mistakes than to waste time making the same mistakes yourself. I always take the time to get to know my client during the headshot session and give them tips I’ve learned from past clients. 

Don’t Overdo it

Pay close attention to the person in front of you. Don’t be too much of a fan and ask too many questions about their past and their experience. If you feel the person getting uncomfortable, change the topic, and tone it down.

Don’t pile your experiences on them and don’t ask for a job.

If you feel them getting distracted and look around, maybe it is time to part ways. Exchange contacts and find someone else to talk to. Don’t feel down on yourself if you can’t feel a connection, you will meet thousands of people every week and not all of them will work out. Time is valuable in this industry, and you must respect your time and their time. Let them talk to other people and find someone else to talk to yourself. 

After some time, you will get the hang of this and realize how long networking conversations usually last. You must talk enough, so you are memorable and leave an impression, but you should be careful not to overdo it. 

“All the richest people in the world look for and build networks; while everyone else looks for work.”

Network Everywhere in Los Angeles

You never know who’s the person jogging next to you every morning or taking that Zumba class with you. Have you talked to your neighbors, do you know what they do for a living ? Especially in Los Angeles, sometimes it is even better to meet industry professions in a relaxed, non-industry setting.

Actors’ networking like this feels more organic and authentic and takes some pressure off combining with Los Angeles vibe. If you become genuinely interested in the world and start paying more attention to the people surrounding you, you are sure to get farther than those who only give business cards out at specific events.

Don’t Give up

You have chosen a very challenging path, so you must understand that it won’t always be easy. Giving up sounds relieving, but I’m sure that deep in your heart, you will miss this industry. I can’t tell you how many times the people I meet at my headshot photography sessions in Los Angeles tell me that this is the last straw and they are going to quit, but then they get that one role. Networking takes time, and building connections takes lots of effort, but it will only benefit you as an actor. 

Lose Count

Strive to speak to as many people as you can and use your time wisely. Don’t stay with one person too long, or you might miss out on a bigger opportunity. Limiting yourself is wrong. Most likely, 90% of these connections won’t lead to something right away, so the more connections you make, the better off you are.

Talk to everyone in your vicinity and don’t try to keep count. Valuable contacts can also be people outside of your field and people who look to have less experience than you. You don’t know who can make that one introduction you need.

If you don’t connect with someone and something feels off, just move on and don’t dwell on it.

Don’t Expect an Immediate Response

In fact, don’t expect any response. Fans of the “Friends” show might remember when Rachel was newly unemployed and ran into a former coworker who immediately offered her a job in Paris. It would be fantastic if networking worked this way in real life, but sadly this isn’t what it is like. You will be building ongoing relationships for months before one of these relationships leads to an actual job. That’s okay!

It takes some time to build trust and to make your abilities known. The only problem you have is the image in your head of how it should be. Go in without any expectations, and disappointment will not greet you.

Networking events will not lead to a job the next day, but they will give you connections. Connections that will put you ahead of your coworkers. 

Be Authentic

People who have been in this industry for a long time can immediately tell apart the genuine from the fake. So, your best bet is to speak truthfully about your work, your motivations, and what you hope to gain from the profession. Don’t act like the ideal actor character you’ve created in your head, instead be who you really are. Chances are, people will pick up on your genuineness and that will leave an impression.

If you lie about your experience in Hollywood, professionals will find out immediately and it will destroy your reputation.

Prior to the event, make sure that all the information about you online and on social media is up-to-date and accurate, your digital brand matches you and your headshots are new. If someone takes a liking to you, but the resume you have online is old and doesn’t include everything that will immediately put them off. 

Networking seems easy at first, but there is so much more to it than shoving your business card down the other person’s throat.

It includes minor details and actions that might or might not get you that connection. Follow these tips, and your networking is sure to be a success. Los Angeles is full of people looking for the perfect person for the one role, or have a director friend looking for someone to fill some role, and networking will help you find these opportunities easily. 

Never take an invitation to an event, a dinner, or a party lightly, and always try to find out who will be there. Be prepared but also enjoy the process; networking is one of the most fun parts of the industry. It is also vital for an actor’s career. So many of my friends in the industry have gotten major roles by a word from people they met somewhere. Then what are you waiting for? Get your evening gown on and hit the town with your business cards. 

P.S. Check out the “Free Headshot” Actors Networking Event organized by Stepanyan Photography. Also, read more “6 Ways to Fail your Acting Career“. Tips that will help you avoid a failure. 

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Seda Stepanyan
September 28, 2019
Actor’s Resume - Everything You Need to Know

Every job requires a resume. The resume is your image in the eyes of your employer regardless of the job type you are applying for. That is why people always spend time and efforts to create a great resume that will help them get the job of their dreams. If you are an actor, the resume is a very special and important thing for your acting career in Hollywood. You need to have a good resume with a professional headshot for auditions in Los Angeles casting agencies. So, do not panic, concentrate, as here you will find everything you need to know for creating an outstanding resume.

First Steps

If you have just graduated from an acting school and these are your first steps for an acting career in LA, you should start looking for auditions in Los Angeles casting agencies. Even if you think that the particular role does not speak to you that much, still go for it. Remember that any kind of acting is right for a start. Even if the work is not paid, you should absolutely apply! After doing a certain amount of auditions in LA, you will become a more established actor. The more auditions you have in your resume, the higher are your chances to start a professional acting career in Hollywood. 


An actor’s resume, just as the one of other professions, has particular musts that should be completed. Some of them may seem logical and even ridiculous, but we assure you that there have been cases when people forgot to include the most essential ones. Down here, you can find the absolute must elements that need to be included in your professional actor’s resume.

Your Name

Yes, the presence of this point up here is really necessary. Some people do forget to put their name in the resume. In LA casting agencies, the casting group comes across wonderful resumes, which lack the name of the actor. You may say, “I am not that dull,” but still, please be attentive.

Contact Information 

Your resume should absolutely contain your email and a working telephone number. These are the means by which Los Angeles casting agencies contact you when they when consider you for the role you applied for. In case you have an agent, his or her contact information should also be listed in your professional resume. Your agent is your representative, and if you have them, the casting group will contact you through him/her. Sometimes actors do not even include their personal email address, but rather write the one of their agents.

Union Partnership 

If you have an affiliation to any union in both the acting sphere and others, it should be mentioned in your resume. You should write about your union affiliations below your name. This information is especially important for the Los Angeles casting agencies, as your membership gives you some kind of recognition. For instance, if you are a member of Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), Actor Federal Credit Union (AFCU) or Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), the casting agency may be interested in it and consider you accordingly. 

No Personal Address

Acting is a job that deals with some amount of fame and recognition. At some point of actor’s life, you will begin being identified for your roles, may those be movie, theatre or commercial ones. For that reason, you may want people not to know where you live. Once you put the information about your residence in your resume, it will become public. There are stalkers in every sphere, and acting is not an exception. What is more, actors deal with stalking really much. Your email address and phone number are more than enough for the Los Angeles casting agencies. So, save yourself from stalkers and never ever put your home address in your resume. 

No Age, No Birthdate

There is absolutely no need to state your age or the date of your birth in your resume. That is considered a piece of excessive information for the casting personnel. Do not forget that the people who you send your resume to are the ones to either give or not to give you the part. If they have not seen you yet, they may look at your resume, learn about your age, and decide not to hire you because you are too young or too old. They may assume that your age does not match the one of the offered characters. Yes, it is unfair, but it is also the truth. However, if your age is not written in your resume, you may go to auditions in LA, impress the casting personnel, and they will give you the part regardless of your age. Besides, if you want something to signal about your age, let it be your headshot. 


Here we arrived! The headshot is the most essential thing in the actors’ resume. If you are in the process of writing a resume for your acting career in Hollywood, the very first thing you should do is to get a headshot. If you are new in the acting domain, you may want to start by looking for affordable headshots for your first auditions in LA. However, as mentioned, headshots are the most important element of your resume; that is why they should be made by a professional photographer in the Los Angeles area. Your headshot is the first thing casting agencies notice in your portfolio. The reality is that images do talk about people. Images are the things that create the first impression, which, as we know is the most significant one. So, make sure your headshot is a really good one and by all means. You can find some headshot tips here. Besides, take some time to choose the best outfit for your studio headshot. The best suggestions for a headshot wardrobe are listed here

Your Acting Credits

The toughest one has come. You are required to mention your actual acting credits in your resume. Are you a newly developing actor? If yes, then list every single part you played throughout your academic life. Start out with secondary roles of plays you made in your acting school. Have you played Benvolio in “Romeo and Juliet” or Cassio in “Othello,” Olivia in “Twelfth Night” or any other Shakespearean staff that any actor plays at school? Do not hesitate to include those. If you had a chance to play a more leading role such as “Hamlet” either professionally or no, it should absolutely be in your resume. The size of your part really does not matter. If you are just starting your acting career in Hollywood, list every single thing you have done so far.

If you are already a little experienced and you have more professional parts left behind, you can be selective in your acting credits. You may want to remove your high school acting experiences as those may seem to be too amateur. After that, when you gain even more qualified, you can also consider removing some of your small parts of college. Even if you have played smaller roles professionally, they may seem unnecessary in your resume. When you are more mature and more acknowledged, your post-graduation part is more relevant. 

How to List Acting Credits?

When listing your acting experience in your resume, it is not only important to know what to list, but also how to list. It is not enough to write the title of your performance. That will tell nothing to the Los Angeles casting agencies who consider you for a particular role. Here you can see what information makes the acting credits section of your resume complete and relevant. 


Who do you play? If you list a theatre role, you should write where the character you play belongs to. Is the character taken from a famous play? Is it a new personage from a modern play? Include both the title of the play and the author. 


Where did you play the role? Is it a theatre role? Write the name of the theatre and its location. 

Is it a movie character? In that case, write down the film studio who produced the movie you played in. For your roles in commercials, there is also a lot of information to put in. You should write the name of the company which produces that commercial. If it is an advertisement, you  also have to write the name of the product. Do not forget about the location. 


Who produced the content you played in? This is probably the central thing that defines the quality of your acting experience. You may have played a 5-minute long part that appeared only once on the theater stage. However, if that role had been in Broadway Theater, it would be considered a huge plus in your resume. On the other hand, if you played “Hamlet” but did it in a middle school, it would obviously not seem to be a big thing. 


Director is the person who makes the play or movie or a commercial. Not listing the director means a lack of information and appreciation. You may have made a one-minute appearance in a movie and pronounced one line that did not have much significance in the whole movie; however, that may have been a Tarantino movie. So, if you forget to mention the director’s name, you may not be adequately appreciated and vice versa. Do not forget that the casting agencies in Los Angeles know names very well. They want to know what directors you have had the experience to work with. Listing directors is not only absolutely required, but it can also be beneficial for you.

An acting experience contains a lot of information about its place and the people involved in it. All of these should be listed appropriately in your resume so that your credits are considered countable. 

Special Skills

The special skills section is vital in an actor’s resume. This section should include all the skills you possess that may be useful at any moment of an acting career in Hollywood. As you can understand, these skills refer not only to acting abilities. They can range from singing to biathlon skiing.  

The special skills section is principally important when you apply for commercial roles. You can revise your resume when you are about to audition for commercials and include every single thing you are good at. Literally, anything you do well or are somehow experienced at will be a huge plus in your resume. Here is a list of things you can surely consider for adding to your resume, in case you can do that, of course.

Foreign languages/dialects 

An outstanding skill which can make you compatible not only in Los Angeles acting agencies but in other countries as well.  

Vocal Abilities

Vocal abilities are essential in commercial ads. Companies usually hire special people to do voice acting. If you already have those abilities, you are one step ahead of your competitors. 

Sports, Dancing 

This is especially important. If you are good at any sport, list it in your resume immediately. You will have an advantage over other actors, as no stuntman will be needed. Therefore, hiring you will be beneficial for your employers as well. 

Playing a Musical Instrument

Why not? At least, it will never be worthless. And there are many other skills like this that may seem irrelevant at the moment but are in fact very important and valuable for casting agencies in LA. 

The resume is the identity of an actor. All the information about your acting skills, and most importantly, your experience as an actor is listed there. Your resume is what the casting personnel looks at to consider you for a particular role. A professional resume with all its components and a good headshot is an absolute requirement for auditions in Los Angeles. You now know how to write a resume for your future acting career in Hollywood. You are ready to go and rock at your auditions.   

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Seda Stepanyan
September 26, 2019
How to Book Auditions in Los Angeles

Auditioning is a necessary and unavoidable process for the beginning of your acting career, especially in Los Angeles. However, you should not consider auditions as a job interview, but rather a chance to start doing what you love the most, to begin creating new characters and to get used to performing in front of the audience.  Still, auditioning, especially in Los Angeles, may be a tense and stressful process as a group of casting directors will gather in a small room watching your performance. For this reason, here are some tips for you to gain an insight on how to audition for a role in Los Angeles.  

What do you need for an audition?

The first thing you need for an audition is to arrive not less than 15 minutes earlier to enter the casting room. However, there are several things you should prepare before the audition: 

Role Preparation 

As Konstantin Stanislavski’s method of acting dictates, “The actors’ job is to inhabit the characters they play.” This quote applies not only to confirmed roles but also to auditions. In fact, it is far more essential to have that task completed for the audition to have more chances to get the part. Having done the character research, you will build a reputation of a professional actor for yourself. 

Know the plot of the play/movie/commercial

If the casting director does not consider you for the role you auditioned for, you may get another one if you know the script and the whole plot well. Your knowledge will make an impression on the casting crew, and you will have a chance to demonstrate yourself as another character. Tom Hiddleston, for example, first auditioned for the role of Thor in Marvel’s “Thor.” However, the casting director did not see the Thor in Hiddleston and suggested him to play Loki, as he knew the plot very well. So, follow the example of Tom Hiddleston, and go to the audition maximally aware. 

Memorize your lines

Los Angeles auditions are tough. They are even tougher if you are going there without memorizing the lines of your character. Moreover, it is a complete waste of time. They expect you to learn your lines before entering the audition room so that you can demonstrate your acting skills and not your reading skills. The professional casting crew may put you in various situations to test your body language skills, your posture, eye contact, etc. If you need to have a paper with your lines in your hands, you will surely fail all the task you may be assigned to do. Some Los Angeles casting agencies will immediately kick you out in case you do not know your lines by heart. 

Who auditions you?

You are already in the room where you have to perform in the best way you can to get the role you are dying for. Forget about yourself for a moment and look at the people sitting in front of you. Who are those people? Obviously, they are the ones who decide whether you will receive the part or not. So, it is worth knowing them well, isn’t it? So, just Google them as much as you can.

Casting Directors

These are the first people who see the actors in the auditioning room. The job of casting directors is not only to look at the actors and consider them for roles but also to take those talents and lead them to become distinguished actors. We say that directors “have an eye on the talent.” Hence, the casting director is the person who you should impress first of all, even if you are not chosen for the role. Casting directors not only look for an actor for that particular role, but they look for talents for the future. If you impress them with your performance, they will be likely to remember you and help you to grow as an actor. 

Remember, it’s all about connections in Hollywood.

Casting Associates

Casting associates are the casting directors’ right hand. They “filter” the actors. Out of thousands of candidates for a specific role in a movie, they pick a maximum of hundred. Therefore, you may need to impress them to get the chance to impress the casting director as well. In reference to the final audition, the association takes care of contacting the agents and schedule your audition. Casting associates know everything about you and sometimes even present you to the casting director. So, make sure the casting associates like you.  

The Reader

Even if compared to the casting director and the associate, the reader may seem to be a secondary persona; they are more influential than you can imagine. Basically, the reader is the person who reads the lines of the other characters of the story. However, your interaction with the reader is extremely important for the casting director. The reader is considered to be your partner, and your interaction with him/her is a test of your ability to interact with your real acting partners. 

The Creative Team

All of the movie industry professionals mentioned above are important, right? However, the creative team is probably the most essential out of everyone. The group includes the director, producer and the writers. These are the people who are going to make the final decision whether you will play the part or not. In other words, if you impress the casting associate and the casting director, you are on the final line of your audition. This team meets the final candidates for the role. If this team finally chooses you for the role, it will also match you with your future co-stars and the crew. 

What to bring to an audition in Los Angeles?

Now, when you are already registered for an audition, and you have done your preparation, it is time to think about what you are going to take there with yourself. 

A Headshot and a Resume

These are the two things that are undoubtedly the most important for your presence in a casting room. Even if the casting director knows you very well, you have to have a detailed resume and a headshot by a professional photographer in your hands. These 2 items serve as a passport for an actor. What is more, it is essential that your headshot and your resume are stapled together. The headshot is the first thing Los Angeles casting agencies look at when considering an actor. If you wonder how much it costs to hire a Los Angeles headshot photographer, click here. It is vital for them to have your resume together to be able to form an opinion. 

The day before the audition

You have done preparation for your character, researched, learned your lines, and read the script. Now is the last day before your audition that will give a start to your acting career in Hollywood. There are a couple of things left for you to do. You should:

Revise your lines

Yes, we said that you have already learned them. Repeat them once again. It will not take too long, but “repetition is the mother of learning.” Make sure you know everything well, and if you forget your lines, you will most probably fail your audition.

Put an extra copy of your headshot into your bag

If you forget your headshot or something happens to it on the way, it will be hard to find a headshot photographer in Los Angeles in a couple of minutes to get a new headshot. Remember, the headshot is your entrance ticket to the Los Angeles audition room, so take care of it.

Choose your outfit carefully

Never ever leave this task to the day of the audition. Choosing clothes is a source of panic, which you need to avoid by all means. You should not load your mind with the difficult task of picking an outfit. The last day before the audition is a perfect time to decide what you are going to wear at the audition. The only thing you will have to do on the day of the audition will be just putting those clothes on and leaving the house. Audition clothing rules are similar to those of headshot sessions. Here is information on wardrobe rules and restrictions.

Make a morning checklist

Does it sound an obvious thing? Well, most people forget about this and run in the house in the morning of the audition, and when they finally get out, there is an impression that the house has been under a nuclear attack. The audition is a key event in every actor’s life and your future acting career in Hollywood. That is why everything should go smoothly on the day of your audition. So, take a moment to write down a morning schedule for the audition day. 

Set 3 alarms

Childish? No, it is extremely efficient. Most of the auditions start early in the morning. You need to make sure to get up on time on the day of the audition. Try to wake up from the sound of the first alarm, but if you accidentally don’t, no trouble as you have 2 more alarms set.

What’s happening after leave the audition room

The audition process generally takes from a couple of weeks to several months. You may have to wait very long until you get final decision. If you do not receive an answer for months, do not worry! The audition may still be in process. You may be interested in what actually happens when you leave that room to wait for the life-changing decision. 

Basically, after you leave the audition room, other candidates walk in and out. In the end, the casting team starts narrowing down the list. It happens very rarely when one candidate takes the role immediately. Usually, the casting team makes a shortlist of candidates and calls them back for new tests. It is necessary to note that in this whole process, the final decision is not made by a single person. A whole team works on choosing the best candidate. Therefore, after you leave the audition room, a whole discussion about you and your performance may take place. 

Los Angeles Actors’ Common Mistakes

You may be perfectly prepared for your audition in LA; however, there exist a certain amount of common mistakes. Even the most experienced and talented Hollywood actors can make those mistakes you would like to avoid. Here are the main mines actors tend to step in:

Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse

It is always evident for the casting director whether the actor has rehearsed his part or no. If you have not rehearsed, you only waste your time during the audition. If you do not rehearse, it means you do not take the audition seriously. It also means that you are not very passionate about the role you are auditioning for. More practically, if you have not rehearsed, you will not be able to have a natural conversational rhythm. 

Learn your part every day 

Do not leave the rehearsals to the last day. You need time to get used to your role so that you can perform in the most natural way. Do not say that you got the script a day ago. Everybody can say that. You may want to look above the other contestants. So, if you really want to have the role, take some time, and prepare. The casting directors notice everything. They will understand that you have spent a couple of days to prepare for the audition; hence, you have a serious approach to your role, and they will pay special attention to yourself.

Don’t ask to perform once more

Casting directors hate when the contestants stop in the middle of their performance and ask to start over. Never pronounce the phrase “Sorry, can I please restart?.” It makes the casting directors nervous. They prefer confidence in actors. That is why, if you feel that you did not start well, just say, “I will start once more” and do it. The casting directors will appreciate that. They do not like vulnerability but prefer courage and certainty. In one of our previous articles we offer 3 tips to emerging actors.

You, as an actor, should know that you will need to participate in several auditions in Los Angeles to build an acting career in Hollywood for yourself. Auditions require serious preparation, professional headshots, and there are numerous things you will have to do before the audition date so that you leave the room successfully gone through the audition process.

Finally, if you would like to get information on casting calls in Los Angeles register yourself in some top casting agencies. If you are not sure which ones to trust, ask Yelp.

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Seda Stepanyan
September 22, 2019
7 Tips on Business Headshots

Living in a world of business, you have definitely faced the need of having business headshots.

Headshots are an essential element for the image of a businessman. You may understand the importance of getting headshots and even find a professional headshot photographer in Los Angeles. However, there are several factors you should take into account when you get headshots. Here they are:

1. Headshot Wardrobe

What you wear for your headshots is extremely important for your image. As Alexander McQueen once said, “Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, where you are going.” This quote of the outstanding couturier is tightly connected to your look in headshots. Your headshot is your ID in your business, and that is why the way you are dressed there should correspond to your name of a business persona. In a business headshot, your outfit should reflect seriousness and confidence. Here you can find a couple of tips on how to dress for a business studio headshot.

No T-Shirts

You are a business persona, not a teenager. Forget about T-Shirts and put on a classic shirt. Classic shirts are a sign of seriousness and solemnity. More specifically, they reflect that you have a steady approach to your work. T-Shirts, on the other hand, will present you as a more frivolous persona. This fact will not create your desired reputation, but instead, will give a wrong interpretation of yourself. 

No Strips

It is preferable to wear a plain shirt with no kinds of strips on it. Strips do not look good on camera. Strips construct a sort of a rippling pattern, which is exclusively noticeable when your headshot image is small. It may sound too loud, but strips are frequently associated with prisoners, which may create a wrong impression. Instead, you may want to seem like the owner of yourself, so choose a classic shirt. 

No Images

Images on a shirt talk about special interests and preferences. For a business headshot, you would better avoid subjectivity and inclination. Those images may look really cool; however, they may create an extra visual impression. Images may shift the attention on themselves while diverting attention from yourself. That will obviously distract the viewer from your professional look and, therefore, spoil the image.   

No Bright Colors 

Usually, business headshots are black and white. For this reason, you may want to pay attention to the color of your shirt. There should be some contrast between your shirt and your tie. If you choose a white shirt and pink tie, you should clearly review your choice. That may be a perfect combination in real life, but on a black and white headshot, the colors may look the same. For that reason, choose dissimilar colors in your clothing.  

You can find more information about some appropriate and inappropriate wardrobe choices for your business headshots.

2. Headshot Hair

Regardless if you are a man or a woman, your hairstyle is significant for your business headshots. Still, women have more options for their hairstyle, and here are some tips for them. 

Face, not Hair 

Never let your hair cover your face. You may have the most beautiful blonde curlies in the world; however, they should never compete with the look of your face. Your eyes should be the first thing that one notices on your headshot. Therefore, do not let your hair fall on your eyes. 

Smooth Your Hair

It is important that your hair does not look wild. Smooth hair always talks about being well-groomed. That kind of look is especially significant in business headshots. Your look should be as sharp as possible. That distinguishes business environment from any other. 

No Coiffures Needed

Avoid any fancy styling for your business headshots. This is what many professional headshot photographers would suggest. Styling will only create unnecessary artificiality. The simpler your hair is, the better your look in a headshot will be. Less means more!

Do Not Make a New Haircut Right Before Your Headshot

Many people go to freshen their hair before important events. However, this practice is not recommended. It is essential to give yourself time to get used to your new haircut. It is very important to feel comfortable and natural about your hair. When the length or the form of your hair is new to you, you may not sense the required comfort in the first couple of days. That is why you should give yourself time after you get new hair. 

Dying Your Hair

Again, if you decide to dye your hair before getting a business headshot, never do that right before. New color of hair means a huge change in yourself. You need time to make the new color part of yourself. There is one more nuance regarding the color of your hair. As mentioned before, your headshot is the face of your business project. Your customers should see in your company the way they saw you on your headshot. So, make sure your hair colors of now and then match. 

3. Accessories 

Accessories are beautiful tools that contribute to your outfit. They enrich your outfit and help you to look special in some ways. However, accessories need a limit; otherwise, they would prevail your total look, which is absolutely inapplicable for corporate headshots. 


A tie is a symbol of formality. The presence of a tie on your shirt will immediately create an impression of a business persona about yourself. Ties also provide gentleness to men and unintentionally present them determined professionals. However, ties decorate not only men’s outfit but also that of the women. If you are a woman or a lady, do not hesitate to wear a tie for your business headshot. Apparently, do not wear a male tie, but rather, choose an elegant scarf-like female ties. You will look very elegant and serious at the same time. 


You may see a lot of corporate headshots of women with huge scarves around their necks. Usually, those scarves are very colorful and full of patterns as well. Many women think that as in headshots only their top is seen, then there should be something beautiful to decorate that. That is a nice idea; however, a scarf is not the best option. The truth is that most of the time, scarves fully hide your neck. Hiding the neck talks about anxiety and confusion. You, as a business persona, do not want to face such an opinion about yourself. That is why put all your scarves away!


It is natural that women intend to wear accessories to seem prettier. Sometimes they wear accessories for no apparent reason. However, when you want to get a corporate headshot, you may want to reconsider your accessories. Accessories often accentuate the personality and give more elegance. However, for business headshots that accentuation should be slight. For that reason, avoid wearing big and very visible necklaces. What is more, never wear necklaces that contain figures specific to a particular culture. Be neutral! 


Once again, accessories should just contribute to your elegance. They should not draw too much attention to themselves. Your earrings should provide confidence and status. It is better to wear studs and avoid wearing hoops or chandelier. Hoops and dangling earrings will get messed up with your hair and maybe even spoil it. For business headshots, it is necessary to be simple but elegant. Your earrings should be slightly visible from your hair. No extra chic is needed!  

Remember! When getting a corporate headshot, all the attention should be on your face, and not on your clothes and accessories. Jewelry and things such as scarves and ties can draw attention from yourself. Still, you can bring the accessories you like to the studio, and your headshot photographer will suggest which ones to go with. 

4. Makeup

This section refers to our beautiful business ladies. Every woman, regardless of her age or status, wears makeup. Cosmetic makeup is women’s best friend, but when it comes to business headshots, it needs balance. 

Do Not Go Overboard 

This is a business headshot, not a celebration. Don’t forget about that. You may be wearing heavy makeup to work, and that is absolutely normal. However, it is something more personal, where you should look as natural as possible. Choose light colors for your lipstick and avoid smoky eye shadowing. Keep it simple and elegant!

Do Not Make It Too Little Either

Any professional headshot photographer would say that right makeup is essential. However, the word “right” is a key one here. Your cosmetics should reflect your status. It is not a secret that cosmetic makeup gives confidence to ladies, especially to the ones with career ambitions. Business ladies should never look pale, especially in Los Angeles. 

Your makeup on a headshot should make you look confident, business ladies. It should be little enough to show your seriousness, yet much enough not to show you pale.

5. Skin

Most of the time, when you get headshots, the photographer takes time to prepare the studio and set up the lights. This is a part of headshot photographers’ job, as these activities will contribute to getting a better business headshot of yours. However, there are sometimes disadvantages related to this studio headshot setup. The worst impact of artificial lighting lies on the skin. Ladies and gentlemen, take care of your skin before getting a corporate headshot. You can read more about getting your skin ready for the shoot.

6. Smile

As serious, you may look with your outfit, hairstyle, and makeup, as much relaxed you need to seem on your business headshot. A good way to show that you feel comfortable and calm is to smile. 

No Forced Smile 

Just relax. Do not imitate delight and artificial happiness. Headshot photographers always tell their clients not to open their teeth as if they are smiling. Smile has to come naturally. Think of something positive during your headshot session; remember a friend who makes you laugh or a funny event. This will help you to relax and look natural as well. A really professional headshot photographer will tell you something to make you smile. A forced smile has the potential to make you seem deceitful; thus, remember to avoid it. 

Smile with Teeth vs. Without Teeth 

Doesn’t matter! Smiling both with and without teeth is applicable for corporate headshots. You can smile however you feel more comfortable. Still, closed mouth smile is considered more formal and subtle to catch one’s attention. With teeth, smile is associated with a more informal atmosphere. However, you already look formal with your outfit, so you can easily apply with teeth smile.  

If you are not sure if your smile looks well, ask your photographer to take some test shots so that you can see what smile you look better with.

7. Choose the Right Side

You have probably met people who say that a particular side is more preferable for them while taking photos. Those people know how they will look on the picture if they stand on the left or on the right side. This is usually because there are certain features on a specific side of the face they do not want to be taken by the photo. You certainly want to look in the best possible way in your business headshot, so consult these points:

Tell Your Headshot Photographer

Your headshot photographer should know about your special side preferences. It is extremely important to inform him/her in the very beginning of your business headshot so that he/she can set the lights and the studio correctly.

Let Your Headshot Photographer Choose a Right Side for You

Photographers are like therapists: you should trust them. Your photographer is the first person who sees your corporate headshot before it is even made. So let them tell you how you look good. Do not panic! Photographers never lie. They want the best!

Your headshot puts a face into your business. In your headshot, you have to follow the requirements of formal appearance that features business personas. However, at the same time, you should look natural, so avoid any artificial investments to your look. Trust your headshot photographer to make the best corporate headshot of yours. 

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Seda Stepanyan
August 10, 2019
3 Tips for Emerging Actors!

Acting has become one of the toughest, most challenging, and competitive industries. Nowadays, with so many acting opportunities and various media platforms it is harder to get noticed as a professional actor. Here are a few useful tips for emerging actors who are struggling to get through auditions. 

1. Be confident!

Whether you are a teacher, a lawyer, or a president you need maximum confidence to get the job done. Otherwise, the directors and the production crews would not trust you to be part of their project. If you do not believe in yourself, why would they believe in you? But, don’t forget that confidence comes with knowledge, skills and having your homework done. You can’t just stand there and feel confident without knowing the lines. As a headshot photographer, I can state that there are no good or bad looking people. There are just confident and less confident ones. As headshots mostly focus on eyes, they easily give away what’s in your mind and how you feel about yourself. Just work on yourself on a daily basis and confidence will come with intelligence and experience. 

2. Keep improving!

Los Angeles is full of acting opportunities. Every day thousands of actors make it through auditions. What about you? Your agent hasn’t responded to your calls for a while? No auditions fit for you? What do you do? Keep busy! Take acting classes. Collaborate with other actors, photographers, directors. Finally, shoot a short film, web-series, or a vlog. Besides keeping you busy they will keep you in shape, add to your acting portfolio, keep your social media accounts active. Nobody wants to go to an audition after months of pause and look out of shape. 

3. Update your headshots!

Haven’t had any success in auditions for a while? Maybe, it’s time to get new headshots. Usually, you should update your headshots every one or two years if you’re an adult. For kid actors, it is recommended to get new headshots done every six months. We also advise getting new headshots if you have gained or lost weight, changed the hairstyle, or got rhinoplasty done (especially if you’re an Armenian, like me). Another reason why to get new headshots is adding new character looks to your existing headshots. I understand that headshots in Los Angeles can be a bit too pricey. But, believe me, it is worth it. If you are not sure how much it makes sense to spend on a headshot consider how much a day you make as an actor. Don’t save on hair and makeup, as well. Wearing the right makeup is crucially important. Some photographers offer headshot packages that include hair and makeup as well. Check out this page for our headshot pricing and packages in Los Angeles. Check out our future posts for more tips for actors.

tips for actors

To get more information on how to get ready for the photoshoot and how to avoid the most common mistakes read our blog.

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Seda Stepanyan
March 5, 2019
5 Tips for Actors to Survive Long Work Days

1. Be on Time!

If you are pursuing acting career in Los Angeles you should know how important it is to be on time. This is the most important tips for actors. Being late weakens your position as you get stressed and lose your confidence. On the other hand, being on time is a great way to feel calm and collected, to make an impression and show respect to agents, casting directors, photographers, makeup artists or the film crew by valuing their time. How to be on time? I’ll write about it in my next blog post.

2. Learn how to Keep Energy for a Long Time!

tips for actors

The second tip for actors is to watch what you eat and drink. Avoid meals in large portions. Drink a lot of water. Besides, eat healthy snacks like yogurt with nuts and berries, dried fruits, dark chocolate, cheese, baby carrots with hummus, dates and pistachios throughout the day.

3. Get Enough Sleep!

headshot photographer's tips for actors

Start getting ready for a long-day shoot a day or even a night before. This is the third most important tips for actors. There are a couple of proven tips that will help you sleep better. Firstly, avoid caffeinated drinks late in the day. Secondly, avoid long daytime naps. And finally, avoid alcohol and heavy food in the evening. Instead, take a relaxing bath or shower before sleep, exercise regularly but not before the bedtime and try to stay calm. Photographers recommend to start getting ready for the headshot session days before to have your skin perfectly ready. You can read our recommendations here.

4. Go Outside!

Los Angeles headshot photographer

If there’s a chance take a 20-minute walk, do it. Fresh air and sunlight will make you feel alive and boost your energy.

5. Laugh and Socialize!

tips for Los Angeles actors

Laugh is a proven way to boost your energy. The best way is get social. This final tips for actors is chatting with people, telling funny stories or listening to theirs and laughing will help you feel awake. Socializing is also vital for making connections as people prefer working with the ones they know and trust. However, if you are shy and you still want to laugh, youtube is always there for you.

“Goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency.” – Denzel Washington

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Seda Stepanyan
February 19, 2019
5 Headshot Mistakes

Headshot mistakes are easy to avoid if you know them all. Your headshot is your business card. It is the impression that you make before being considered for an audition and getting the part. This is why you need to treat it seriously. Here are some common headshot mistakes I would like to talk about today.

1.You don’t look like you.

Makeup is great. It saves the photographer a lot of time. However, don’t overdo with it. It might sound a little bit rude but if you have a bad skin, take your time before the headshot session and cure your skin instead of putting on tons of foundation. I mean, a professional headshot photographer can fix anything on Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, but why not to look your best. It will also give you more confidence.

2. Retouching Wrinkles.

Another headshot mistake is retouching the wrinkles. If you have wrinkles it does not make sense to ask the photographer to get rid of them as the casting director would not be happy to be tricked by a retouched picture. If you are 60, don’t try to look 20. As the Italian actress Anna Magnani, an Academy Award Winner, once said “Please don’t retouch my wrinkles. It took me so long to earn them”.

“Please don’t retouch my wrinkles. It took me so long to earn them”.

Anna Magnani

3. Distracting Jewelry.

Are you trying to get a part in a jewelry ad? Are they shooting a movie about a jewelry queen? No? So, keep it to minimum. The most shiny part on your headshot have to be your eyes. This is another headshot mistake. Nothing should distract the agents’ and casting directors’ attention. Still wanna wear your jewelry? No problem. Wear earrings. Not too big. Not too heavy as you don’t want your ears to be pulled down.

4. Distracting Background.

Again, the focus has to be on your face. Does the background matter for a headshot? Nope. I mean, yes. It has to be as neutral as possible. You can get a headshot in your backyard as long as it is blurred. If your photographer doesn’t agree to come to your Los Angeles based fancy backyard, listen to your him/her as he/she will choose the most suitable location for your purposes. Another important thing is not to choose a background that has the same color as your hair and/or your shirt. Or, just change your shirt.

5. Selfies.

Yes, I know, these days you can make a movie on your iphone. You can make a headshot. You can do anything on iphone. Does it look professional? Not really. Sorry.  This is another common headshot mistake. I don’t believe people who say they do not have money for a headshot. If you had money to pay for your iphone, you could save some for a great headshot. I hope it does not sound too rude. Any business needs investments. Just invest in headshots as they are the key that will open doors to Hollywood film production. Read more on how to build your brand as an actor.

Inspiration for Actors!

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Thomas A. Edison
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