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Category: Headshot Tips

5 Tips for Actors to Survive Long Work Days
March 5, 2019

1. Be on Time! If you are pursuing acting career in Los Angeles you should know how important it is to be on time. This is the most important tips for actors. Being late weakens your position as you get stressed and lose your confidence. On the other hand, being on time is a great way to feel calm and collected, to make an impression and show respect to agents, casting directors, photographers, makeup artists or the film crew by valuing their...

8 Amazing Locations for Headshots in Los Angeles
February 25, 2019

Where to go for a great headshot session in Los Angeles? What is the best photo session location in Los Angeles? Dear actors, models and photographer, we have picked our top photogenic spots in LA. The usual locations for headshot sessions are either parks or urban areas. Beaches are also an option, however, it could be challenging to get the best light. If you are looking for an urban location it is preferable to schedule the session...

5 Headshot Mistakes
February 19, 2019

Headshot mistakes are easy to avoid if you know them all. Your headshot is your business card. It is the impression that you make before being considered for an audition and getting the part. This is why you need to treat it seriously. Here are some common headshot mistakes I would like to talk about today. 1.You don’t look like you. Makeup is great. It saves the photographer a lot of time. However, don’t overdo with it. It might sound a...

Headshot Wardrobe: Dos and Don'ts
February 5, 2019

How to break into Hollywood movie industry? Take acting classes, move to Los Angeles, get an agent, etc. But most importantly get a perfect headshot! Firstly, you need to know the dos and don'ts of headshot wardrobe to look as professional as possible. Not everyone knows what agents and casting directors want to see, or what kind of headshot looks can capture casting directors’ attention. Here are some dos and don’ts I have written down to...

5 Headshot Tips
January 29, 2019

Tip 1: Headshots should show your personality How would you show up for an audition? If you know the answer then you should look exactly like that. Your photo has to show your personality. Here are some headshot tips by a Los Angeles headshot photographer. Don’t wear too much makeup and don’t overdo your hair. Actually, listen to the photographer advice on hair and makeup artist. Headshot photographers usually have the HMUA who they trust...

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