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Seda Stepanyan
September 28, 2019
Actor’s Resume - Everything You Need to Know

Every job requires a resume. The resume is your image in the eyes of your employer regardless of the job type you are applying for. That is why people always spend time and efforts to create a great resume that will help them get the job of their dreams. If you are an actor, the resume is a very special and important thing for your acting career in Hollywood. You need to have a good resume with a professional headshot for auditions in Los Angeles casting agencies. So, do not panic, concentrate, as here you will find everything you need to know for creating an outstanding resume.

First Steps

If you have just graduated from an acting school and these are your first steps for an acting career in LA, you should start looking for auditions in Los Angeles casting agencies. Even if you think that the particular role does not speak to you that much, still go for it. Remember that any kind of acting is right for a start. Even if the work is not paid, you should absolutely apply! After doing a certain amount of auditions in LA, you will become a more established actor. The more auditions you have in your resume, the higher are your chances to start a professional acting career in Hollywood. 


An actor’s resume, just as the one of other professions, has particular musts that should be completed. Some of them may seem logical and even ridiculous, but we assure you that there have been cases when people forgot to include the most essential ones. Down here, you can find the absolute must elements that need to be included in your professional actor’s resume.

Your Name

Yes, the presence of this point up here is really necessary. Some people do forget to put their name in the resume. In LA casting agencies, the casting group comes across wonderful resumes, which lack the name of the actor. You may say, “I am not that dull,” but still, please be attentive.

Contact Information 

Your resume should absolutely contain your email and a working telephone number. These are the means by which Los Angeles casting agencies contact you when they when consider you for the role you applied for. In case you have an agent, his or her contact information should also be listed in your professional resume. Your agent is your representative, and if you have them, the casting group will contact you through him/her. Sometimes actors do not even include their personal email address, but rather write the one of their agents.

Union Partnership 

If you have an affiliation to any union in both the acting sphere and others, it should be mentioned in your resume. You should write about your union affiliations below your name. This information is especially important for the Los Angeles casting agencies, as your membership gives you some kind of recognition. For instance, if you are a member of Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), Actor Federal Credit Union (AFCU) or Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), the casting agency may be interested in it and consider you accordingly. 

No Personal Address

Acting is a job that deals with some amount of fame and recognition. At some point of actor’s life, you will begin being identified for your roles, may those be movie, theatre or commercial ones. For that reason, you may want people not to know where you live. Once you put the information about your residence in your resume, it will become public. There are stalkers in every sphere, and acting is not an exception. What is more, actors deal with stalking really much. Your email address and phone number are more than enough for the Los Angeles casting agencies. So, save yourself from stalkers and never ever put your home address in your resume. 

No Age, No Birthdate

There is absolutely no need to state your age or the date of your birth in your resume. That is considered a piece of excessive information for the casting personnel. Do not forget that the people who you send your resume to are the ones to either give or not to give you the part. If they have not seen you yet, they may look at your resume, learn about your age, and decide not to hire you because you are too young or too old. They may assume that your age does not match the one of the offered characters. Yes, it is unfair, but it is also the truth. However, if your age is not written in your resume, you may go to auditions in LA, impress the casting personnel, and they will give you the part regardless of your age. Besides, if you want something to signal about your age, let it be your headshot. 


Here we arrived! The headshot is the most essential thing in the actors’ resume. If you are in the process of writing a resume for your acting career in Hollywood, the very first thing you should do is to get a headshot. If you are new in the acting domain, you may want to start by looking for affordable headshots for your first auditions in LA. However, as mentioned, headshots are the most important element of your resume; that is why they should be made by a professional photographer in the Los Angeles area. Your headshot is the first thing casting agencies notice in your portfolio. The reality is that images do talk about people. Images are the things that create the first impression, which, as we know is the most significant one. So, make sure your headshot is a really good one and by all means. You can find some headshot tips here. Besides, take some time to choose the best outfit for your studio headshot. The best suggestions for a headshot wardrobe are listed here

Your Acting Credits

The toughest one has come. You are required to mention your actual acting credits in your resume. Are you a newly developing actor? If yes, then list every single part you played throughout your academic life. Start out with secondary roles of plays you made in your acting school. Have you played Benvolio in “Romeo and Juliet” or Cassio in “Othello,” Olivia in “Twelfth Night” or any other Shakespearean staff that any actor plays at school? Do not hesitate to include those. If you had a chance to play a more leading role such as “Hamlet” either professionally or no, it should absolutely be in your resume. The size of your part really does not matter. If you are just starting your acting career in Hollywood, list every single thing you have done so far.

If you are already a little experienced and you have more professional parts left behind, you can be selective in your acting credits. You may want to remove your high school acting experiences as those may seem to be too amateur. After that, when you gain even more qualified, you can also consider removing some of your small parts of college. Even if you have played smaller roles professionally, they may seem unnecessary in your resume. When you are more mature and more acknowledged, your post-graduation part is more relevant. 

How to List Acting Credits?

When listing your acting experience in your resume, it is not only important to know what to list, but also how to list. It is not enough to write the title of your performance. That will tell nothing to the Los Angeles casting agencies who consider you for a particular role. Here you can see what information makes the acting credits section of your resume complete and relevant. 


Who do you play? If you list a theatre role, you should write where the character you play belongs to. Is the character taken from a famous play? Is it a new personage from a modern play? Include both the title of the play and the author. 


Where did you play the role? Is it a theatre role? Write the name of the theatre and its location. 

Is it a movie character? In that case, write down the film studio who produced the movie you played in. For your roles in commercials, there is also a lot of information to put in. You should write the name of the company which produces that commercial. If it is an advertisement, you  also have to write the name of the product. Do not forget about the location. 


Who produced the content you played in? This is probably the central thing that defines the quality of your acting experience. You may have played a 5-minute long part that appeared only once on the theater stage. However, if that role had been in Broadway Theater, it would be considered a huge plus in your resume. On the other hand, if you played “Hamlet” but did it in a middle school, it would obviously not seem to be a big thing. 


Director is the person who makes the play or movie or a commercial. Not listing the director means a lack of information and appreciation. You may have made a one-minute appearance in a movie and pronounced one line that did not have much significance in the whole movie; however, that may have been a Tarantino movie. So, if you forget to mention the director’s name, you may not be adequately appreciated and vice versa. Do not forget that the casting agencies in Los Angeles know names very well. They want to know what directors you have had the experience to work with. Listing directors is not only absolutely required, but it can also be beneficial for you.

An acting experience contains a lot of information about its place and the people involved in it. All of these should be listed appropriately in your resume so that your credits are considered countable. 

Special Skills

The special skills section is vital in an actor’s resume. This section should include all the skills you possess that may be useful at any moment of an acting career in Hollywood. As you can understand, these skills refer not only to acting abilities. They can range from singing to biathlon skiing.  

The special skills section is principally important when you apply for commercial roles. You can revise your resume when you are about to audition for commercials and include every single thing you are good at. Literally, anything you do well or are somehow experienced at will be a huge plus in your resume. Here is a list of things you can surely consider for adding to your resume, in case you can do that, of course.

Foreign languages/dialects 

An outstanding skill which can make you compatible not only in Los Angeles acting agencies but in other countries as well.  

Vocal Abilities

Vocal abilities are essential in commercial ads. Companies usually hire special people to do voice acting. If you already have those abilities, you are one step ahead of your competitors. 

Sports, Dancing 

This is especially important. If you are good at any sport, list it in your resume immediately. You will have an advantage over other actors, as no stuntman will be needed. Therefore, hiring you will be beneficial for your employers as well. 

Playing a Musical Instrument

Why not? At least, it will never be worthless. And there are many other skills like this that may seem irrelevant at the moment but are in fact very important and valuable for casting agencies in LA. 

The resume is the identity of an actor. All the information about your acting skills, and most importantly, your experience as an actor is listed there. Your resume is what the casting personnel looks at to consider you for a particular role. A professional resume with all its components and a good headshot is an absolute requirement for auditions in Los Angeles. You now know how to write a resume for your future acting career in Hollywood. You are ready to go and rock at your auditions.   

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Seda Stepanyan
September 22, 2019
7 Tips on Business Headshots

Living in a world of business, you have definitely faced the need of having business headshots.

Headshots are an essential element for the image of a businessman. You may understand the importance of getting headshots and even find a professional headshot photographer in Los Angeles. However, there are several factors you should take into account when you get headshots. Here they are:

1. Headshot Wardrobe

What you wear for your headshots is extremely important for your image. As Alexander McQueen once said, “Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, where you are going.” This quote of the outstanding couturier is tightly connected to your look in headshots. Your headshot is your ID in your business, and that is why the way you are dressed there should correspond to your name of a business persona. In a business headshot, your outfit should reflect seriousness and confidence. Here you can find a couple of tips on how to dress for a business studio headshot.

No T-Shirts

You are a business persona, not a teenager. Forget about T-Shirts and put on a classic shirt. Classic shirts are a sign of seriousness and solemnity. More specifically, they reflect that you have a steady approach to your work. T-Shirts, on the other hand, will present you as a more frivolous persona. This fact will not create your desired reputation, but instead, will give a wrong interpretation of yourself. 

No Strips

It is preferable to wear a plain shirt with no kinds of strips on it. Strips do not look good on camera. Strips construct a sort of a rippling pattern, which is exclusively noticeable when your headshot image is small. It may sound too loud, but strips are frequently associated with prisoners, which may create a wrong impression. Instead, you may want to seem like the owner of yourself, so choose a classic shirt. 

No Images

Images on a shirt talk about special interests and preferences. For a business headshot, you would better avoid subjectivity and inclination. Those images may look really cool; however, they may create an extra visual impression. Images may shift the attention on themselves while diverting attention from yourself. That will obviously distract the viewer from your professional look and, therefore, spoil the image.   

No Bright Colors 

Usually, business headshots are black and white. For this reason, you may want to pay attention to the color of your shirt. There should be some contrast between your shirt and your tie. If you choose a white shirt and pink tie, you should clearly review your choice. That may be a perfect combination in real life, but on a black and white headshot, the colors may look the same. For that reason, choose dissimilar colors in your clothing.  

You can find more information about some appropriate and inappropriate wardrobe choices for your business headshots.

2. Headshot Hair

Regardless if you are a man or a woman, your hairstyle is significant for your business headshots. Still, women have more options for their hairstyle, and here are some tips for them. 

Face, not Hair 

Never let your hair cover your face. You may have the most beautiful blonde curlies in the world; however, they should never compete with the look of your face. Your eyes should be the first thing that one notices on your headshot. Therefore, do not let your hair fall on your eyes. 

Smooth Your Hair

It is important that your hair does not look wild. Smooth hair always talks about being well-groomed. That kind of look is especially significant in business headshots. Your look should be as sharp as possible. That distinguishes business environment from any other. 

No Coiffures Needed

Avoid any fancy styling for your business headshots. This is what many professional headshot photographers would suggest. Styling will only create unnecessary artificiality. The simpler your hair is, the better your look in a headshot will be. Less means more!

Do Not Make a New Haircut Right Before Your Headshot

Many people go to freshen their hair before important events. However, this practice is not recommended. It is essential to give yourself time to get used to your new haircut. It is very important to feel comfortable and natural about your hair. When the length or the form of your hair is new to you, you may not sense the required comfort in the first couple of days. That is why you should give yourself time after you get new hair. 

Dying Your Hair

Again, if you decide to dye your hair before getting a business headshot, never do that right before. New color of hair means a huge change in yourself. You need time to make the new color part of yourself. There is one more nuance regarding the color of your hair. As mentioned before, your headshot is the face of your business project. Your customers should see in your company the way they saw you on your headshot. So, make sure your hair colors of now and then match. 

3. Accessories 

Accessories are beautiful tools that contribute to your outfit. They enrich your outfit and help you to look special in some ways. However, accessories need a limit; otherwise, they would prevail your total look, which is absolutely inapplicable for corporate headshots. 


A tie is a symbol of formality. The presence of a tie on your shirt will immediately create an impression of a business persona about yourself. Ties also provide gentleness to men and unintentionally present them determined professionals. However, ties decorate not only men’s outfit but also that of the women. If you are a woman or a lady, do not hesitate to wear a tie for your business headshot. Apparently, do not wear a male tie, but rather, choose an elegant scarf-like female ties. You will look very elegant and serious at the same time. 


You may see a lot of corporate headshots of women with huge scarves around their necks. Usually, those scarves are very colorful and full of patterns as well. Many women think that as in headshots only their top is seen, then there should be something beautiful to decorate that. That is a nice idea; however, a scarf is not the best option. The truth is that most of the time, scarves fully hide your neck. Hiding the neck talks about anxiety and confusion. You, as a business persona, do not want to face such an opinion about yourself. That is why put all your scarves away!


It is natural that women intend to wear accessories to seem prettier. Sometimes they wear accessories for no apparent reason. However, when you want to get a corporate headshot, you may want to reconsider your accessories. Accessories often accentuate the personality and give more elegance. However, for business headshots that accentuation should be slight. For that reason, avoid wearing big and very visible necklaces. What is more, never wear necklaces that contain figures specific to a particular culture. Be neutral! 


Once again, accessories should just contribute to your elegance. They should not draw too much attention to themselves. Your earrings should provide confidence and status. It is better to wear studs and avoid wearing hoops or chandelier. Hoops and dangling earrings will get messed up with your hair and maybe even spoil it. For business headshots, it is necessary to be simple but elegant. Your earrings should be slightly visible from your hair. No extra chic is needed!  

Remember! When getting a corporate headshot, all the attention should be on your face, and not on your clothes and accessories. Jewelry and things such as scarves and ties can draw attention from yourself. Still, you can bring the accessories you like to the studio, and your headshot photographer will suggest which ones to go with. 

4. Makeup

This section refers to our beautiful business ladies. Every woman, regardless of her age or status, wears makeup. Cosmetic makeup is women’s best friend, but when it comes to business headshots, it needs balance. 

Do Not Go Overboard 

This is a business headshot, not a celebration. Don’t forget about that. You may be wearing heavy makeup to work, and that is absolutely normal. However, it is something more personal, where you should look as natural as possible. Choose light colors for your lipstick and avoid smoky eye shadowing. Keep it simple and elegant!

Do Not Make It Too Little Either

Any professional headshot photographer would say that right makeup is essential. However, the word “right” is a key one here. Your cosmetics should reflect your status. It is not a secret that cosmetic makeup gives confidence to ladies, especially to the ones with career ambitions. Business ladies should never look pale, especially in Los Angeles. 

Your makeup on a headshot should make you look confident, business ladies. It should be little enough to show your seriousness, yet much enough not to show you pale.

5. Skin

Most of the time, when you get headshots, the photographer takes time to prepare the studio and set up the lights. This is a part of headshot photographers’ job, as these activities will contribute to getting a better business headshot of yours. However, there are sometimes disadvantages related to this studio headshot setup. The worst impact of artificial lighting lies on the skin. Ladies and gentlemen, take care of your skin before getting a corporate headshot. You can read more about getting your skin ready for the shoot.

6. Smile

As serious, you may look with your outfit, hairstyle, and makeup, as much relaxed you need to seem on your business headshot. A good way to show that you feel comfortable and calm is to smile. 

No Forced Smile 

Just relax. Do not imitate delight and artificial happiness. Headshot photographers always tell their clients not to open their teeth as if they are smiling. Smile has to come naturally. Think of something positive during your headshot session; remember a friend who makes you laugh or a funny event. This will help you to relax and look natural as well. A really professional headshot photographer will tell you something to make you smile. A forced smile has the potential to make you seem deceitful; thus, remember to avoid it. 

Smile with Teeth vs. Without Teeth 

Doesn’t matter! Smiling both with and without teeth is applicable for corporate headshots. You can smile however you feel more comfortable. Still, closed mouth smile is considered more formal and subtle to catch one’s attention. With teeth, smile is associated with a more informal atmosphere. However, you already look formal with your outfit, so you can easily apply with teeth smile.  

If you are not sure if your smile looks well, ask your photographer to take some test shots so that you can see what smile you look better with.

7. Choose the Right Side

You have probably met people who say that a particular side is more preferable for them while taking photos. Those people know how they will look on the picture if they stand on the left or on the right side. This is usually because there are certain features on a specific side of the face they do not want to be taken by the photo. You certainly want to look in the best possible way in your business headshot, so consult these points:

Tell Your Headshot Photographer

Your headshot photographer should know about your special side preferences. It is extremely important to inform him/her in the very beginning of your business headshot so that he/she can set the lights and the studio correctly.

Let Your Headshot Photographer Choose a Right Side for You

Photographers are like therapists: you should trust them. Your photographer is the first person who sees your corporate headshot before it is even made. So let them tell you how you look good. Do not panic! Photographers never lie. They want the best!

Your headshot puts a face into your business. In your headshot, you have to follow the requirements of formal appearance that features business personas. However, at the same time, you should look natural, so avoid any artificial investments to your look. Trust your headshot photographer to make the best corporate headshot of yours. 

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Seda Stepanyan
September 16, 2019
How to Choose an Acting School in Los Angeles

Do you want to make fantastic performances and get an Academy Award or Golden Globe? Do you want to build an acting career in Hollywood but do not know where to start? That means you are in the right place. Acting schools in Los Angeles are the best place to start.

As a headshot photographer I would recommend starting from getting a headshot and delve into the movie industry, and, at the same time, choose an acting school. The fact that you live in Los Angeles and are looking for an acting school there is a huge plus for you. Attending an Acting School in Los Angeles, you will be in the center of the entertainment industry. You will be very close to the top directors, agents, and professional photographers in LA; therefore, you will have good perspectives of building a good acting career.

One of the central questions is what choice of an Acting School will be the best one? 

Acting Schools in LA

The followings are the Best Acting Schools in Los Angeles with their official websites and brief information about them. 

California Institute of Arts

Located in Santa Clarita, 30 miles north of Los Angeles, the School of Theatre Department of this institution provides training that aims to prepare completely prepared theatre actors. The programs in this school give students all the necessary skills of acting and the tools to pilot agency.

The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute

This school after the famous Polish-American theater practitioner Lee Strasberg prepares professionals of Method Acting. The Alumni of this acting school include Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Alec Baldwin, Sally Field, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, and many other recognized actors and actresses.

American Academy of Dramatic Arts Los Angeles

Following the slogan “Acting is a Call to Greatness,” the Academy teaches acting for over 130 years. The academy offers theoretical and practical courses of acting by honorable instructors. The Academy has phenomenally talented and widely famous actors including Robert Radford, Grace Kelly, Kirk Douglas, Adrien Brody, Anne Hathaway, Paul Rudd, and others.

Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theater

Located in the heart of Hollywood, the academy offers extensive training for theatre and cinema acting. The students explore here the technique of honorable Stella Adler that is based on the famous method of Konstantin Stanislavski. Benicio Del Toro, Mark Ruffalo, and Bryan McCoy are among the alumni of the Academy.

Theater of Arts

This is a cutting edge school for theatre acting in LA that teaches all the disciplines of modern acting. First opened in 1927, Theatre of Arts is the longest living theatre school in LA. 

Private Acting Coaches vs. Acting Schools

Another option to study acting may be taking lessons with a private acting coach. Many actors actually have a hard time while choosing between a coach and the school. You may ask why does there even exists such a dilemma? Here are the main factors you may want to consider while choosing how to learn acting.

Acting Schools 

In the nutshell, acting schools teach the basics of acting. You will learn how to audition, how to create and present characters, how to behave on the stage, and how to portray emotions. The group improvisation performances are very popular in Acting Schools learning processes. Hence, graduating from an acting school, you will be not only a professional actor with theoretical knowledge but also a good team player.

Acting Coaches 

Acting Coaches usually provide individual lessons. This fact may be advantageous or disadvantageous depending merely on a person. You may be a better group learner or an individual. If you think you need a more intimate approach, then you may better go for the acting coach option. You can google an individual acting coach service in Los Angeles not forgetting to pay close attention to reviews.

Overall, you should take the time to think which option is more preferable for you. Are you a group member or an individual? When you figure that out, it will be much easier for you to choose. It’s like choosing the best headshot out of hundreds of images.

How to spot a bad acting coach?

When you are in the process of choosing an acting coach, how do you know they are real professionals? Here you can find 3 signs that the coach you consider is not a proper one.

headshot photographer

– References 

A good acting coach should have recommendations from a considerable number of former students. The best possible recommendation will be the success an in acting career in Hollywood of those students.

– Credibility 

A good acting coach should have professional experience, training in honorable institutions, and formal qualifications.

– Guarantees 

It may sound bizarre, but good acting coaches never give guarantees to their students. Their only job is to educate and to train, but it is your job to become successful.

The coach is the person who makes you professional in your job. Be careful in choosing him.

2 Ways of Self-education in Acting

Today’s world allows us to implement what is called self-education in any sphere. Acting is not an exception, and you can always find a way to educate yourself in acting. The following are some ways how to do that.

1. Record yourself 

Imagine the camera is your audience and start performing in front of it. It may be a challenging experience, as you have the imaginary audience in front of you, so you have to do your best. Besides, you then have the chance to evaluate your acting yourself.

2. Watch movies and theatrical performance

Look at the works of other actors on the stage or on the screen. Evaluate them and learn from them!

You can surely go for self-education and learn acting by yourself. However, none of the methods mentioned above will give you the theoretical knowledge and professional acting skills the way acting schools give. Watching movies will not replace the Stanislavsky method that acting schools teach. No camera practice will replace the improvisation courses at schools. 

When to stop attending acting classes? 

As in most colleges, learning in acting schools lasts 4 years. During those years, you get your training and theoretical knowledge of acting. However, as in many other professions, acting requires constant learning. You as an actor need to involve yourself in exploring your profession during your whole life. The following are the main reasons why actors should always keep training.

acting career in Hollywood

Acting is Competitive 

Many actors want the same role that you do. That is why your acting should be the best one during the audition. You have to practice over and over again to be the unique one among the many.

You Love Your Job 

If you are an actor, it means you love acting. If you love your job, you should be the best in it. Learn and practice every time to enjoy yourself in your job.

Find yourself

Thanks to your hard work, you will be able to understand what kind of actor you are. You will also figure out what kind of roles you prefer. Only with constant learning, you will be able to discover yourself as an actor.

You can graduate from your acting school, but you should never stop learning and practicing acting. Acting is a life-long career, and it has always got something new to discover. 

Top 7 Types of Acting Classes

 If you eventually decided to involve yourself in acting classes, the following are the types of lessons you will have in your school.

1. Acting Technique Classes 

These are the most important classes that every actor should take and learn profoundly to build an acting career in Hollywood. The acting technique can be called a foundation course in any acting school in the world. This is where you learn the basics of acting and obtain the core skills you will use in all of your future movies/performances. You will be introduced to the core acting principles, including the method of Stanislavski, Method Acting, Stella Adler, etc.

2. Improvisation Classes 

Improvisation is an inseparable part of acting. You, as an actor, always have to be able to come up with something new and original at the moment. This course will teach you that!

3. Body Language Classes 

The ability to come up with natural body movements is another significant part of an actor’s job! Body language is a whole sphere in acting and requires in-depth practice.

4. Voice Classes 

Did you know that voices identify characters? Probably, the voice acting is one of the most difficult and simultaneously one of the chief courses of acting schools. Heath Ledger spent over one month for working on his voice for the Joker. Think of it for a minute and never miss Voice classes.

5. Audition Technique Classes 

The auditions for a role are sometimes more challenging than performing the role. Auditions are also very stressful, especially for the ones who are just starting their acting career in Hollywood. So, that is a good idea to have a preparatory course for auditions, isn’t it?

6. Cold Reading Classes 

This class basically teaches reading from the script. It may sound simple, but it is not that easy to do. Sometimes actors get lost in the script and mess up their lines. This course teaches how to analyze the script. You will learn how to break down the script and memorize your lines in a short period of time.  

7. Scene Study Classes 

This class is responsible for teaching how to act in front of the camera. Young actors usually lack experience of on-camera acting, that is why they face some challenges at the beginning of their career. This course will fix that issue.

What’s the next step after graduating?

 Congratulations! You successfully graduated from acting school. You are a professional actor now, and the time has come to start your career. The following are the primary steps you should take to start building your acting career in Hollywood.  

acting career in Hollywood

– Market Yourself!

The first thing actors should do after graduation is auditioning for roles. The first thing Hollywood directors or casting agents look at while considering an actor for a role is the resume. That may comprise the professional experience, training, and headshots. Prepare a complete resume and audition for anything possible!

– Get Headshots! 

Getting headshots is an essential part of the actors’ career too. Actors have to have headshots for their resumes while auditioning for roles. It may be a good idea to find a personal photographer in Los Angeles to get new headshots for each audition. You may want to get a studio or outdoor headshots with a professional photographer in your area (it can be Glendale, Burbank, West Hollywood) before auditioning in Los Angeles casting agencies.

Remember! Casting directors get the first impression about you from your headshot. Therefore, hiring a professional headshot photographer in LA may be a good investment for your acting career.

Learn more about headshot mistakes.

– Get an agent! 

Lastly, you should begin your agent research. The agent is an important persona in a professional actor’s life. Your agent will submit you to auditions, deal with your contracts, find an affordable headshot photographer, and basically take care of your acting career in Hollywood.

– Get a manager!

Having a manager is also an important step for an actor. Managers will contribute to your career with their connections. Besides, the manager will direct you to become a more profitable actor.

 Surround yourself with professional agents, managers, and headshot photographers, and with the education you have, you will become a successful Hollywood actor. You have the best profession ever, enjoy it! 

4 Hollywood Actors who Never Took an Acting Class

You may say, “But there are actors who are very successful but never took an acting class in their life.” You are right! Such talented figures exist. However, those figures were either too talented or too lucky or both. Here are some highly successful of the actors who have not studied acting.

Joaquin Phoenix 

According to IMDb, Joaquin Phoenix gained the fame of an actor without having an acting degree. At a young age, he had to do street acting to provide for his family. Hollywood agent Iris Burton noticed his the incredible talent and gave him the opportunity to appear in television shows. That is where hi started his acting career in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lawrence 

headshot photographer

The highest-paid actress of 2015-2016 and the most successful actress of the 1990s, according to IMDb. Lawrence’s fruitful career is due to her exceptional talent, which was discovered in her teenage years by New York talent agents.

Johnny Depp 

acting career in Hollywood

This brilliant actor actually reached success thanks to luck. His career as an actor started when his wife introduced him to Nicolas Cage, who then helped him appear on television.

Tom Cruise  

acting career in Hollywood

Cruise pursued his acting career by presenting an improvised play at a drama festival. This talented performance impressed the organizer, who then helped out with his acting career.

Maybe you are as talented as these people are and maybe you are lucky too. Acting classes, however, are irreplaceable. Here is a fact you should consider. According to The Guardian, an Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey started teaching at the University of Texas in August 2019. So, notice that a successful actor emphasizes the importance of learning acting.

Here we go! Now you know everything about starting an acting career in La. It’s time for action. Oscars are waiting for you! 

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Seda Stepanyan
August 10, 2019
3 Tips for Emerging Actors!

Acting has become one of the toughest, most challenging, and competitive industries. Nowadays, with so many acting opportunities and various media platforms it is harder to get noticed as a professional actor. Here are a few useful tips for emerging actors who are struggling to get through auditions. 

1. Be confident!

Whether you are a teacher, a lawyer, or a president you need maximum confidence to get the job done. Otherwise, the directors and the production crews would not trust you to be part of their project. If you do not believe in yourself, why would they believe in you? But, don’t forget that confidence comes with knowledge, skills and having your homework done. You can’t just stand there and feel confident without knowing the lines. As a headshot photographer, I can state that there are no good or bad looking people. There are just confident and less confident ones. As headshots mostly focus on eyes, they easily give away what’s in your mind and how you feel about yourself. Just work on yourself on a daily basis and confidence will come with intelligence and experience. 

2. Keep improving!

Los Angeles is full of acting opportunities. Every day thousands of actors make it through auditions. What about you? Your agent hasn’t responded to your calls for a while? No auditions fit for you? What do you do? Keep busy! Take acting classes. Collaborate with other actors, photographers, directors. Finally, shoot a short film, web-series, or a vlog. Besides keeping you busy they will keep you in shape, add to your acting portfolio, keep your social media accounts active. Nobody wants to go to an audition after months of pause and look out of shape. 

3. Update your headshots!

Haven’t had any success in auditions for a while? Maybe, it’s time to get new headshots. Usually, you should update your headshots every one or two years if you’re an adult. For kid actors, it is recommended to get new headshots done every six months. We also advise getting new headshots if you have gained or lost weight, changed the hairstyle, or got rhinoplasty done (especially if you’re an Armenian, like me). Another reason why to get new headshots is adding new character looks to your existing headshots. I understand that headshots in Los Angeles can be a bit too pricey. But, believe me, it is worth it. If you are not sure how much it makes sense to spend on a headshot consider how much a day you make as an actor. Don’t save on hair and makeup, as well. Wearing the right makeup is crucially important. Some photographers offer headshot packages that include hair and makeup as well. Check out this page for our headshot pricing and packages in Los Angeles. Check out our future posts for more tips for actors.

tips for actors

To get more information on how to get ready for the photoshoot and how to avoid the most common mistakes read our blog.

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Seda Stepanyan
July 14, 2019
How to Get Ready for the Photoshoot - Common Mistakes.

As a headshot photographer, I can work any magic on your skin with photoshop, however, I always recommend my clients to get their skin ready for the photoshoot; it concerns both male and female clients. Most men think there’s nothing they need to do with their skin. However, it is a wrong approach. Most of my clients reside in the Los Angeles Area and the climate here is quite “skin-friendly”. Regardless, you need to start getting ready for the photoshoot a week beforehand. 

What to Do a Week Before. 

Drink plenty of water. This advice is one of the most common ones, however, not everyone follows it. Water helps to hydrate your skin, get rid of dryness, as well as help fine lines appear more plumped and smooth.

Skip Alcohol! 

It is not a secret how badly alcohol impacts your body. Everything you eat and drink is visible on your skin and the camera sees and records everything in detail – especially if you are looking to do a professional headshot session in a studio and in daylight. Alcohol dehydrates your skin. If it is a special occasion or an event and you cannot avoid alcohol, you need to compensate it with an excessive amount of water. Too much alcohol deprives the skin of vital vitamins and nutrients. Moreover, the regular use of alcohol can cause aging and wrinkles. Alcohol dilates the pores of the skin which leads to blackheads and whiteheads. If it is not properly treated, it can cause inflamed skin papules and cystic acne.

Get a Facial!

Irrespective of your gender, age, financial situation, religion, and anything else, please, please, please, get a facial! I’m saying this to everyone. Do it 5-7 days before the shoot. Your face needs to be prepared for the photoshoot by a trained professional, even if you do not have blemishes, hyperpigmentation, severe acne, or any other problems. Don’t forget to let your esthetician know that you are getting ready for a headshot session. Knowing this, they will choose the right way to treat your skin without leaving redness.  Ask them to focus on hydrating your skin. 

If it is not included in the facial, make sure to pay extra for a facial massage. It’s really worth it as it improves blood circulation in your face. It means that your cells get lots of nutrients, as well as oxygen, that is carried along with the blood. This makes the cells healthier and leads to a glowing face. Photographers love it.

Anyways, if you think you cannot afford to get a facial by a professional, you can! Just save on a couple of lattes and cappuccinos and find a beauty salon on Groupon! It’s totally doable!  

If you are not a beauty salon goer, in my next blog I will write about how to take care of your skin yourself before the photo session. 

Girls, NO Facial Hair! Please!

Nowadays, some people are saying that facial hair is trendy. However, it is rare to see movies or magazines with female actors who have facial hair; if it is not part of their character, of course. If you “love” your photographer save their post-production time and get rid of facial hair. Remember: it should be done at least 2 days beforehand.

Eyebrows should also be waxed or reshaped 1-2 days before the shoot. Let your photographer save the time they will spend doing that in Photoshop and enjoy the Los Angeles sun instead! 

Take Care of your Hair!

The first important requirement for your hair is that it must be healthy. If the headshot session is outdoors, under natural light, dull strands and split ends will accentuate the unhealthiness of your hair. That’s why, a day before the photo shoot, you should use a nourishing, deep conditioning treatment on your hair and get rid of the damaged ends. 

Obviously, your photographer can give you professional advice on how to do your hair for a photoshoot better. In any case, the choice is yours. But keep in mind that your hairstyle should not look too carefully done. Natural looking hairstyles for photoshoots are the best. Check out these romantic spots for photoshoot in Los Angeles

Read more: “How Photos Make your Business Fail“.


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Seda Stepanyan
June 7, 2019
How Photos Make Your Business Fail

According to marketing researches, bad photographs can cause more harm to your company’s reputation than anything else. The good or bad quality of the images can make the first impression on your potential clients. It’s a shame to lose potential clients because of badly lit, blurry, or stolen images on your website. Don’t put your company’s reputation under risk and save money on hiring a professional headshot photographer both for your website and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Why in the hell do I need to spend hundreds of dollars on professional photography? I can do it myself! It’s free and easy!

This is what everyone says months before their business fails.

So, Please, Invest in Professionals!

If you want your clients to take your company seriously, invest in professional photography. Firstly, every business, no matter what you are selling or what type of service you provide, looks more reliable with modern websites and social media pages that have unique media content, including images.

How can your business benefit from professional photography? Or, can professional photos make your business more successful?

The answer is “Yes”! Every business owner should understand how vital it is to invest in high-quality professional photography. Here’s why.

professional photography

1. Online Presence

Nowadays, most consumers make a decision to purchase your product or service by searching online. Due to our fast-paced life nobody wants to waste time on going from store to store. And that is why the quality of photos is equally and even more important than that of your product or service.

2. Brand Representation

I agree that professional photography is usually pricey. And many business owners try to look for cheaper alternatives at a lower cost. If you consider taking the pictures yourself, think twice. Remember, the photos represent your brand. Amature photos will make the same amature impression. In every aspect of life the first impression is essential! Don’t save on it.

3. Customers Love Unique Brands

Stock photos can seem to be a low-priced replacement for a professional photoshoot. While they are affordable and professionally made, they do not represent your company. They do not tell a story specific to your brand. And, again, it can damage your company’s credibility because the customers can come across to the same images in your competitors’ websites. The best way to win your potential customers’ trust is to show them your team members and actual photos of your product.

4. Google Loves Optimized Images

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the essential part of your website which helps your business have higher ranking on search engine results. To achieve it, you need to strategically optimize various elements of your website, including images. Well-optimized photos can make your website be easily found on Google photos and lead your potential clients to your website. Read more on SEO optimization here.

5. Professional Photos Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

Nowadays, photos are the most powerful part of the content. They make your website more engaging and impressive. Besides, they can represent you on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. They can also be used in promotional materials like flyers, brochures, banners. If you are really interested in promoting your business, do it in a right way – hire a professional photographer who will take your business to the next level. Our photographers’ team in Los Angeles area can do the job for you.

As a conclusion, every business in Los Angeles and anywhere in the world has to have budget for professional commercial photography as an important part of marketing investment. It will help to build your brand, promote your business, enhance your brand awareness and corporate image irrespective of the industry you work in.

In the end, I would suggest to view samples of commercial photos made in Los Angeles.

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Seda Stepanyan
March 19, 2019
6 Ways to Fail Your Acting Career

1.Sitting and Waiting.

Exactly! Don’t sit and wait for an agent or a manager to sell you, or a director to offer you a part. Every day is a struggle to do more, to create more and to strengthen your skills as an actor. About doing more: work on your social media by not just posting food or nice landscapes but create your instagram page as an actor, create your brand and try to engage as many followers as possible. Nowadays, videos engage more audience than photos. Choose a topic and tell your story both on instagram and youtube. As an emerging actor you could document and share your experience with getting booked for auditions, making or failing them, getting headshot sessions, learning new special skills like martial arts, a new language or an accent, and adding them to your resume. Anything you do, from getting into auditions, taking acting classes, making connections to getting new headshots will get you to the next level.

2. Judging Yourself Negatively.

Don’t be negative about yourself. By doing so you can eventually convince yourself that you are not good or talented enough. That way you lose your confidence and the failure will be there waiting for you. Instead, evaluate your current skills and abilities and work on yourself. It is also worth asking for others opinion. And, if you follow my advice and start your vlog, you will have a larger audience to ask opinion from.

3. Competing All the Time.

Acting is not boxing or some other type of a sport. There are no winners or losers especially if you’re part of the team. It’s more about collaborating than competing. If people feel that you are trying to defeat them, they would not feel comfortable to work with you. Remember, it’s like any other business, we hire people we enjoy working with.

4. Procrastination.

Don’t put off things you should have done weeks ago. If you get into habit of procrastination it is hard to get rid of it. It results less success and more stress. Besides, it lowers your self-esteem and can ruin your career. As a result, you start blaming yourself, feeling negative and blowing a lot of opportunities. Instead, make a poster that says “Do it now!”, pin it to the wall. Schedule your day, your week, your auditions, meetings, headshot sessions, acting classes and stick to your goal plan. You can schedule headshot sessions with us by clicking here.

5. Saving Money on Professional Services.

There’s this popular saying “Dress for Success”. For actors, it also includes turning to professionals for taking care of your skin, hair, getting headshots by professional photographers, making sure to have your makeup and hair done by professionals as well. If you don’t look your best in the pictures, believe me, it’s waste of money. I used to offer free headshots and people would come with dirty hair and bad skin. Why? Why would they waste both their and my time? As a result, I wouldn’t even get a chance to use those pictures for my portfolio. Nowadays, I charge for headshots. You can see my current rates here. For auditions, try to wear neat and new clothes. They don’t have to be super expensive but looking neat is a way to say that your respect yourself and people who are about to give you a job.

6. Giving up.

Giving up is the easiest thing. You can find chapters about giving up the acting career in every famous actor’s biography. It could be caused by rejections, failed auditions, lack of money or support. If you want to make it to Hollywood you should never give up!

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Seda Stepanyan
March 5, 2019
5 Tips for Actors to Survive Long Work Days

1. Be on Time!

If you are pursuing acting career in Los Angeles you should know how important it is to be on time. This is the most important tips for actors. Being late weakens your position as you get stressed and lose your confidence. On the other hand, being on time is a great way to feel calm and collected, to make an impression and show respect to agents, casting directors, photographers, makeup artists or the film crew by valuing their time. How to be on time? I’ll write about it in my next blog post.

2. Learn how to Keep Energy for a Long Time!

tips for actors

The second tip for actors is to watch what you eat and drink. Avoid meals in large portions. Drink a lot of water. Besides, eat healthy snacks like yogurt with nuts and berries, dried fruits, dark chocolate, cheese, baby carrots with hummus, dates and pistachios throughout the day.

3. Get Enough Sleep!

headshot photographer's tips for actors

Start getting ready for a long-day shoot a day or even a night before. This is the third most important tips for actors. There are a couple of proven tips that will help you sleep better. Firstly, avoid caffeinated drinks late in the day. Secondly, avoid long daytime naps. And finally, avoid alcohol and heavy food in the evening. Instead, take a relaxing bath or shower before sleep, exercise regularly but not before the bedtime and try to stay calm. Photographers recommend to start getting ready for the headshot session days before to have your skin perfectly ready. You can read our recommendations here.

4. Go Outside!

Los Angeles headshot photographer

If there’s a chance take a 20-minute walk, do it. Fresh air and sunlight will make you feel alive and boost your energy.

5. Laugh and Socialize!

tips for Los Angeles actors

Laugh is a proven way to boost your energy. The best way is get social. This final tips for actors is chatting with people, telling funny stories or listening to theirs and laughing will help you feel awake. Socializing is also vital for making connections as people prefer working with the ones they know and trust. However, if you are shy and you still want to laugh, youtube is always there for you.

“Goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency.” – Denzel Washington

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Seda Stepanyan
February 25, 2019
8 Amazing Locations for Headshots in Los Angeles

Where to go for a great headshot session in Los Angeles? What is the best photo session location in Los Angeles?

Dear actors, models and photographer, we have picked our top photogenic spots in LA.

The usual locations for headshot sessions are either parks or urban areas. Beaches are also an option, however, it could be challenging to get the best light.

If you are looking for an urban location it is preferable to schedule the session early in the morning to avoid distractions and groups of passers-by.

We recommend the newbies to photography to arrive early to be able observe the lighting, the location and the background options.

We have made two lists of locations paid and free ones.

FREE Photo Session Locations in Los Angeles

1. Pasadena City Hall

headshot in los angeles

One of the most popular locations for photography in LA. Weekend mornings are recommended to avoid crowds of people.

2. Santa Monica Beach and Pier

photo session locations

If you are looking for various backgrounds like the ocean, the surf, sand and the Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica is irreplaceable. Again, you will have to go there as early as you can or just before the sunset. Beware of heavy traffic during the weekend.

3. Walt Disney Concert Hall

headshot in los angeles

If you are looking for a location with amazing architecture and lighting, go there. Preferable times are 8am and before sunset.

4. Old Town Pasadena

headshots locations los angeles

Here is another urban location for headshot session in Los Angeles. It is one of the most picturesque places with its museums, old but well-preserved buildings, cultural institutions, rose gardens, unique coffee shops. You can get any type of background for a photo session here.

5. Travel Town Museum

photo session

If you are looking for a vintage train setting, Travel Town Museum is a great choice in LA. There are no fees however you need to call them prior to the photosession to get a permit for free.

Paid Photo Session Locations in Los Angeles

6. Arboretum of Los Angeles County – Fee $50+

headshots Los Angeles

This is a perfect location for portrait photography in Los Angeles. Many actors prefer getting headshots there because of the perfect lighting and an amazing garden setting.

7. Arlington Garden – Fee $100+

photo session locations

It is an amazing location for mini headshot sessions. However, you should be aware of all their rules and regulations. Amateur photographer is allowed free of charge, however you cannot use professional equipment like lights, reflectors and props.

8. Descanso Gardens – Fee $300+


Here is another great location not only for headshots but also for engagement sessions. If you can afford it, I would definitely recommend it.

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