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Seda Stepanyan
August 19, 2021
How to Communicate with your LA Headshot Photographer?

It is not a secret that communication is key to every relationship, and the relationship between headshot photographer and actor is not an exception. Nowadays, you can look through professional LA headshot photographer s’ websites, social media pages like Facebook or Instagram, google and yelp reviews to get the idea of who you are going to deal with. Usually, people choose someone whose work they love and whoever they can afford. We have collected a few tips on how to communicate with your headshot photographer to ensure you are on the same page. 

Send your headshot photographer samples of photos that inspire you! 

Photographers are mostly visual. If you wish to create a specific character, style, or mood, show them the images that are close to what you are looking to get. Sometimes people can understand your words differently. This is why we recommend you to show rather than tell. One of my clients once told me she wanted a headshot that was “commercial, sexy, powerful and at the same time vulnerable”. I told her to show me. And after a couple of hours, she sent me a couple of headshots from my portfolio and it became clear what she wanted. 

My clients send me photos from my website or Instagram or other LA headshot photographer s’ works just to clearly explain what they want. Mostly, they are looking for some specific character or feeling, sometimes it’s just a lighting style. 

What character are you going to create?

When my clients call me to schedule a headshot session this is one of the first questions that I ask them: “What character are you going to portray? What are their features? Is it a leading woman? A housewife? A girl next door?”. And when we have the answers we start working on creating the characters, defining the style, clothes, backdrop colors, etc. I usually send them samples of every character to make it easier for them to choose. They also send me a list of movie character names to make it more understandable. 

Choose the best way to communicate with your headshot photographer! 

Based on my experience, most of my clients prefer to communicate over the phone, however, some prefer to text or email. If you feel it takes too much time and effort to describe your thoughts it is better to call or even to schedule a meeting or a facetime call before the shoot. It will help us both to get a clearer picture of what we are going to create. 

During the free consultation, I’m happy to brainstorm with you, discuss all the details, answer all the questions you might have. I even recommend you a makeup and hairstyle and makeup artists and hairstylists. And at one point we start talking by texting or emailing photos to each other to better explain what we mean. 

What if you don’t like your headshots?

This is a topic for a whole blog post that I’ll write in future. However, I’d like to give you an idea of how this process goes on. During the headshot session, I show you your images so that you know how to look on the camera. It helps you to make changes if you don’t like anything in your posture, clothes, hair or makeup; or if there’s something that bothers you concerning studio lighting of the backdrop color. We fix everything and continue to shoot. After the session, I offer my clients to stay and take a look at their headshots on a big screen so that we can shoot again while you are at the studio. My clients always leave the studio already knowing which images they’re going to choose for the retouch.  

In which cases you can get a free reshoot?

After receiving all the images you think you don’t like any of them, you can call me and tell me about it. If there’s something wrong with lighting, angle, or background that you didn’t like I will always offer you a free reshoot to fix it. And no matter, you told me everything was fine while you were checking out the images at the studio. However, I don’t take “I just don’t like my headshots” as an answer. If you don’t like them because of your hair, makeup or anything else that was your responsibility it will not be fair to blame the photographer for it. It happened to me once, though.

In conclusion!

Make sure you share all your thoughts with your photographer with the help of images. Take time to call your LA headshot photographer before the session, or even schedule a video call or meet her in person. Be sure you like everything in your photos before leaving the my Los Angeles photo studio. Don’t hesitate to ask for a reshoot if you don’t like anything that has to do with the photographer’s skills.

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Seda Stepanyan
February 23, 2021
Actors’ Plan 2021

In order to have a clear and successful actors’ plan 2021, you have to look at your past experiences first. No matter if you are an actor with already long experience, or you are just starting your career. We always have to look back to analyze what we have done and why we have done so. Moreover, we may have reached lots of successes and accomplishments due to our willpower and skills. We may have failed or overcome several challenges that made us stronger. Especially last year, 2020, was full of unexpected challenges, and we have had to put in extra effort in order to “survive.” They say, the past is not important, and we have to be mindful and concentrate on the present. However, looking at your past experience will help you understand and avoid the same mistakes and realize the tricks that will help you to improve yourself more.

As an actor, you should analyze how you have improved your talent. This includes whether you have done an individual self-exploration trying to understand, for example, your actor type. Or have you learned new skills yourself or due to acting workshops and classes? You can analyze your job choices too. What were your top priorities while looking for a job; getting something appropriate for your “type,” earning more money, trying yourself in something new, or all together? Remember were you making a great CV while applying for those jobs with an acting headshot done by a professional headshot photographer? Or did you not choose the one who does the best headshots? Also, remember whether any acting agents or managers helped you.

Here, we will introduce some tips on how to make an efficient 2021 actors’ plan in your favor and what points to include in it.


1. You have to define your clear goals and purposes

If you want to have a beneficial 2021 actors’ plan, you have to put a clear goal in front of you. Many research shows that people who have the “end in mind” are more likely to reach that end. This means that before starting anything, you should have the clear result in your mind that you imagine accomplishing. In that way, you will also analyze and acknowledge the process and steps you are going to go through, the means you are going to use while reaching that “end.” And one more important part is that having a clear purpose will make you ready for any difficulties. Sometimes, we fail to estimate that everything might not go too smoothly, and we stop while meeting challenges. But you have to be ready for them and already plan the means to overcome them.

An essential part is not to overestimate your abilities as an actor while making your plan and defining your purpose, but also do not underestimate your abilities. Your purpose and the “risks” you are going to take to reach it should be realistic, and if it is so, do not hesitate. They say, when you take a risk, you may fail, but when you do not try, you ensure failure. So, you surely do not want to ensure your acting career failure. That is why act with courage to reach your purpose. Now, do you want to get the role you wanted too much in 2021? Or maybe new connections? You might want to get more professional headshots, as acting headshots are crucial? Or maybe you want to change your career from a comedy actor to a drama actor? The latter will be a huge job, but you can do it.


2. Skills you will need: Creativity and Positivity


Creativity is the highest level of thinking. According to Blooms’ taxonomy, you have to pass several stages to be able to create something: remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, and evaluating. Just imagine you study how to do all these and practice. You will already become a really great thinker who will skillfully succeed in his or her acting career. And, imagine you have creativity in everything you do. It can be creating an outstanding CV with the best headshot, interesting design, and some content that has never been applied. You can be creative during casting auditions while presenting yourself for the job you want. You can be creative everywhere. So, if you think you lack creativity, make sure to involve its development in your 2021 actors’ plan. Remember, the beginning might not be that easy, but many experiences will solve the problem.

Creativity will also help you become proactive. The latter means creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened. Sometimes, we sit down and wait for something good to happen to us. We may wait for one famous casting director to call us and tell us that he has always been dreaming of us to play the suggested role. Or we may be waiting for an acting agent to come and beg us to work with them. Unfortunately, this will never happen. Proactivity means taking action yourself. Stand up, explore, and try. While applying for the role you want or for an acting agency, be creative. Imagine what will attract them the most. Try to involve your professional headshot photographer in the process to get a good acting headshot. Professional headshots are crucial. Start early to reach mastery!


I do not know your personality traits, but, in any case, you may need to add “positivity” to your actors’ plan 2021. Why so? Well, positivity is defined as a tendency to have an optimistic attitude. Our attitude is how we apply to the situations, events, and people around us, how we perceive everything, and how we react. Positivity in an acting career will help you stand up after failure, or just not even think about anything negative that “may happen.” I know the latter is very common, and you too have probably already thought about “what if” you are not chosen for the role, “what if” the workshop you are applying for is not that good one, “what if” you do not get a professional headshot just because yours is not a professional headshot photographer. Lots of “what ifs,” but, remember, our thoughts tend to become a reality; think positively.

People are also important

Adding positivity to your 2021 actors’ plan does not only refer to you as an individual. It also refers to the group you surround yourself with a circle of friends, close people, not only as a person but as an actor too. It is not a secret that social factors and people have an enormous effect on us, our behavior, and our perception of ourselves. Positive human interactions increase mood, give strength and motivation, while the negative ones make us feel depressed. Imagine you have a positive circle of people around with whom you can even try roles, stage plays, decide how to apply somewhere in a creative way, etc. So to say, having positive actor friends will be even more beneficial for you.

And, imagine you have the most positive and professional headshot photographer with whom you can cooperate to make the best headshots. Best headshots need positivity! So, what are you waiting for? Exclude all the negativity from your life and strengthen the light and positivity within and outside yourself. It may not be straightforward at first, but, again, everything comes with experience.

3․ The power of Belief and Right Evaluation

Every person needs to believe in his or her abilities in order to succeed because the one who is going to reach the final purpose is the person himself. If you are not sure that you have sufficient skills, how are you going to motivate yourself to move on? As at an individual level, at a professional level too, you need to boost your self-confidence, but do it wisely and in an appropriate way. Hence, try to analyze and feel whether you are happy about your experiences? Are you satisfied with the skills the acting classes and workshops gave you? Do you believe that you will be accepted with all your current characteristics? If you have some hesitations, make sure to add this “self-confidence boosting” part in your actors’ plan 2021 too, in order to work on it during the year. Do such activities to believe in yourself more.

It is not that only self-belief will help you. You also have to be extremely aware and conscious about what is your “value.” By this said, I mean, what is your experience worth? Have you worked so hard to get the same backstage roles the whole time? So, what is the problem then? Maybe you have not chosen the rightest professional headshot photographer who makes the best acting headshots? Or perhaps you are not that good at audition rooms? But what if you are great, but you cannot find out about it, and you are constantly presenting yourself wrong. Everything comes with experience. Day by day, try to analyze your potential, and you will become so experienced you will be totally aware of yourself. Remember, self-trust and the right evaluation are the keys.

4. Let’s move on to the main thing

You have probably heard a lot that if you want to manage your works efficiently, you may need a planner, a calendar, a reminder, or something that will sum up your plans and remind you about them. It is also essential to write down on paper the exact plan by which you are going to reach your steps. This is because when the result is clear, we have to concentrate on the means and the difficulties we may face. So right down your actors’ plan 2021 in a detailed way.

Let’s discuss an example 

Let’s assume that you are working extremely hard for years and doing your best as an actor. And, this is not without purpose; you have a clear aim. You have always dreamed of being an “active” actor and participating in lots of famous shows and films at some stage. Now, you feel your time has come. What are you doing? You are writing down and clarifying your dream workplaces when you are going to get connected to your acting agent or manager if you have one. What kind of help are you going to ask from them?

An essential part will be to write down the detailed process of applying for the jobs. You should have a clear vision of where they take the best headshots in order to get an outstanding acting headshot. Your professional headshot will be the basis of your success. Write down how you are going to reach the audition room. Include what kind of connections you are going to use; personal and professional, maybe? Also, it is vital to have a backup plan. You can never be sure that your first plan is going to work, so, in order not to get broken and be unaware of what to do next, have a backup plan.

And remember, they say, plans written with pen on the paper have more probability of coming true 🙂 

Summing up what you need to include in your 2021 actors’ plan?

We were thinking of how to make a sufficient actors’ plan 2021 for you. The first step will be looking back at your past experiences and analyzing them. Analyze your previous learning, CV making, getting hired, and other processes. Then define your clear purposes. You may want to try new roles. You may want to get an acting agent or find a professional headshot photographer to get the best headshots. The reason is that the acting headshots are very crucial while creating an opinion about you, which is why for a good impression, you will need professional headshots.

Add creativity and positivity to your list if you lack them. Creativity will help you while introducing yourself in the audition room, for example. It is the highest level of thinking which needs to be practiced. Positivity means looking at things with optimistic sight. It is also important to surround yourself with positive people, including your actor friends and the ones who will do the professional headshots for you. Believe in yourself and know your value. It will help you orientate easier. Write down on paper your detailed plan and try to reach it.

Hope this was helpful!

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You can view more Professional Headshots | Los Angeles Headshot Photographer on our home page.  Check out our headshot photography pricing/rates.

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Seda Stepanyan
February 2, 2021
Top Talent Agencies in Los Angeles

If you know where to find the top acting agencies, you will succeed in your acting career in Los Angeles. This is because acting agencies help the actors find the best-paid options for movies, TV shows, commercials, theater, etc. Overall, acting agencies are groups of talent agents who are connected to various acting directors. Therefore, they will find opportunities for you that you would probably have difficulties finding. Also, they are beneficial for casting directors too, as they help find and hire the most talented actors in accordance with the role.

When you sign a contract with an acting agency, they automatically take several responsibilities. Such is presenting some marketing tools about you to the auditions. One of the most crucial ones is your acting headshot. They can also suggest where to find a professional headshot photographer. Also, where to find good acting schools in order to prepare yourself for your acting career in Los Angeles. Besides, they present your resume, call and speak with acting directors about your advantages, and help in callback auditions. It is also essential to be able to negotiate for higher pay if needed. However, acting agents are not responsible for improving your acting, boosting your image, etc. There are specific things you will be responsible for yourself.

One research done taking into account several dimensions of client opinion, reputation, etc., introduces 6 top acting agencies, which you can find below.

William Morris Endeavor

According to research, this was overall the best acting agency that will help you succeed in your acting career in Los Angeles. William Morris Endeavor was initially created as William Morris Agency in 1989. Then, it united with Endeavor Agency and became the largest talent agency in the world. WME has offices in New York City, London, Sidney, etc. Overall, in 25 countries. About 3 million people work here. It represents some famous and loved actors of Hollywood such as Joaquin Phoenix, Millie Bobby Brown, etc.

WME works not only with actors but also with musicians, athletes, comedians, with other talents. As the top acting agency in the world, it ensures that you will get the role you want as an actor. However, it is also understandable that this agency will choose you if only you have an effective resume. Therefore, this may not be the best option for beginners. Although, there are some ways to impress WME and start working with it. Start with less famous and smaller agencies. Try to get substantial roles, which you can show in your resume then. Present yourself in a satisfactory manner, even through your personal connections. Try to be effective in your acting headshot and resume. You can also create YouTube and other videos that will be viral.

Creative Artists Agency

Creative Artists Agency’s main competitor is William Morris Endeavor, mentioned above. So, this is the second top acting agency in the world. It was founded in 1975 in Los Angeles. The latter ensures your rise in your Los Angeles acting career. Although it was founded in Los Angeles, it managed to spread worldwide. Now, CAA has agencies in the US, Asia, and Europe. CAA has about 2 million employees, less than its main competitor. It works with talents of television, sports, social media, etc. Clients include Jeremy Renner, Melissa McCarthy, etc.

As this is the second top agency worldwide, it also seeks to work with quite professional and already well-known actors. That is why, here too, you have to start with little agency and try to present yourself in a sufficient way while applying for CAA. Here, finding a professional headshot photographer will help you stand out. Using your connections may be beneficial too while trying to impress talent agents.

Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates

This agency is among the top acting agencies as the best for theater Los Angeles acting career. It was founded in 1957 in Los Angeles. KMR was initially famous as The Wormser Agency. When it opened its New York office in 2002, it quickly became one of the leading boutique agencies. Usually, acting agencies concentrate on finding good opportunities for actors in highly paid areas. Such are movies, TV shows, etc. The uniqueness of KMR is that it prioritizes the theater roles a lot, encouraging actors to find roles there. Hence, it prepares all the marketing tools, including acting headshots, corresponding to it.

However, Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates does not only concentrate on theater. Its clients also can land roles for commercials, TV, film, etc. KMR has given professional actors to famous shows such as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, etc. The most significant advantage of KMR is that it values every actor and seeks to represent those with disabilities too. Overall, every actor can contact KMR via email, as this agency is not as famous and large as those mentioned above. It is more “friendly” and beneficial for those who look especially for theater acting. It helps actors who just start their career and agrees to represent them.

Central Casting

You will not become famous in an acting career and get the leading roles as quickly as you may imagine. In the beginning, most of the actors start from background roles. Among the top acting agencies, we have searched for, the one which is beneficial for a background acting career is Central Casting. It was founded in 1925 in Los Angeles. At that time, about 35.000 actors lived in Los Angeles who were seeking background roles. After 90 years, CC became the top background acting agency and opened its offices in New York, Atlanta, etc. It has worked with professional artists like Will Ferrell and Eva Longoria.

One of the main benefits of Central Casting is that it suggests its own payroll services. This helps make sure that the actors they are working with will get paid by the workplace on time. Hence, when CC starts working with any production, it makes sure they use its payroll management services. CC is open to working with any actor. The steps are simple. You should find the application form on the website first. You will then visit one of the CC offices, complete some paperwork, get photographed for an acting headshot by a professional headshot photographer for the database, etc. Central Casting is open for every actor too.  


Gersh is the best top acting agency for working actors. It was founded in 1949 in Beverly Hills. The founder was Phil Gersh, after whom the agency is named. Now Gersh’s two sons own the agency. Initially, it was founded in Beverly Hills but now has offices in New York too. During its existence, the agency represented actors like Jamie Foxx, Adam Driver, etc. Thanks to it, lots of nowadays famous actors got their roles in loved productions. Tobey Maguire landed his role as Spider-Man, for instance. Gersh works with talents of theater, TV, films.

Gersh is not as huge and famous an agency as WWE and CAA are. That is why it accepts to work with actors who are not that famous yet and are just starting their acting career. And, usually, the actors working with Gersh find themselves in larger acting agencies later, as they gain experience thanks to Gersh. For cooperation with Gersh, there is a need for industry referral. This is when someone in the actor’s network refers to him/her to submit materials. Actors with good representations and good working experience will have an opportunity to work with Gersh. That is why you should review your resume carefully and ask for help from a professional headshot photographer.

Boals, Winnett & Associates

Boals, Winnett & Associates was founded in 2002 in New York. As you have already noticed, this one is a bit younger agency but has already managed to become the top acting agency for beginners. It will help you in your film, television, and Broadway acting career in Los Angeles. This professional agency helped its clients get roles in Broadway, television, and film such as The Irishman, Mean Girls, Waitress, etc. BWA, during his existence years, has worked with famous actors like Isabelle McCalla and Mia Pinero. They have played accordingly in The Prom and West Side Story.

Boals, Winnett & Associates helps its clients in landing auditions, building resumes, etc. Therefore, it will make sure you are going to the right professional headshot photographer and have a high quality and powerful acting headshot. This top acting agency also makes sure you will have a well-organized shoutout on social media pages. If you are a beginner and are interested, you can submit the needed documents via email. In case of need, they will call you for an interview by appointment. Remember to connect via email, as phone calls or drop-offs are not accepted.

The costs of acting agencies

When the acting agency finds it convenient to work with you, the payment also will be included in the contract. Usually, if you get the role you wanted, you should pay some compensation to the acting agency. If you are a union actor, you will pay about 10% of your salary. Non-union actors pay approximately 20% of their salary. That is why most of the top acting agencies want to make sure you are a professional actor and you are going to have a promising acting career in Los Angeles. They want to make sure they will benefit from signing a contract with you. Also, remember that sometimes actors complain that the acting agencies speak about some upfront payments. Legitimate agencies do not do so. So, be aware.

Is using this service worth it?

You may think that you can present yourself perfectly too. So why is there a need for acting agents? The thing is that the productions do not always share all the role requests publicly. They share some of them with professional acting agencies to make sure they will find good actors for the role. The more experience the acting agency has, the much is the possibility of having strong connections with the acting directors. So, they will be the link between you. You may be extremely busy during your acting career in Los Angeles. So, acting agents are also for helping you complete some acting works you will not be able to complete. In that way, you can totally concentrate on your playing, and even have free time for your hobbies and the things you enjoy. Relaxation may be very beneficial for you.

Summing up

There are tons of acting agencies worldwide. So how to distinguish top acting agencies? The best method is to do it, taking into account several dimensions. For instance, as you have already noticed, we have separated top agencies for theater, beginners, background roles, etc. The idea was to find the best ones in different areas. In addition, we have also paid huge attention to client reviews and feedback. The best way to know about the agency is to consider people’s opinions who have already used the service. We have also paid attention to whether the agency was famous worldwide and to its reputation.

As you have also noticed, there are agencies founded in the 1920s and 2000s. However, the difference of over a decade does not make their high qualities differ. Indeed, the hugest agencies like WME and CAA will have more experience and other preferences of choosing actors than smaller companies. The reason is they want to make sure the contract and their work will pay off, and you will get the role you want. It is worth taking acting agencies. Especially when they have strong connections and can help you get the roles that are not offered publicly. These agencies will help you build the needed resume, with a suitable acting headshot done by a professional headshot photographer, validly present your experience. They will organize the meetings with casting directors and will do some part of your job, letting you have more free time.

So, hope this was useful and will help you succeed in your Los Angeles acting career.

You can view more Professional Headshots | Los Angeles Headshot Photographer on our home page.  Check out our headshot photography pricing/rates

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Seda Stepanyan
January 16, 2021
6 Professional Headshot Mistakes

Professional headshots will help you to get noticed, while the weak ones may ruin your success in being chosen. What this means is, when the casting directors get thousands of headshots of actors, sometimes most of them look quite similar. Hence, they have a hard time understanding who stands out. They will try to pick the most professional headshots at first. If they choose your headshot, after this, only you will have an opportunity to show your personality besides your appearance.

If you go to the right Los Angeles headshot photographer, they will already know how to make your headshot stand out as an outstanding marketing tool. Yes, headshots are marketing tools in acting, as, depending on how you will present yourself, you will be either chosen or not. People usually try to pay attention to headshot pricing and then choose an affordable headshot option for them. But the most important part is to be sure the quality will be high. Even if you are quite far from photography, you can notice which headshot will make you stand out, which not. Below, we introduce some tips on what makes the headshot ruined and less effective and how to avoid it.

1. No Concentration on Eyes

It is not a secret that movies have an emotional influence on the viewers. And, oftentimes, we choose what to watch based on our mood. The ones who transfer the emotion and feeling to the audience are the actors. Hence, the casting directors will, first of all, look at your headshot. They will pay attention to whether your headshot is effective or not. Indeed, there are some deadpan characters for whose role it will be arduous to find the most efficient ways of transferring emotions. However, some methods can always be used for professional headshots.

One of the best ways to be effective is to do it through the actor’s eyes. Your Los Angeles headshot photographer will concentrate on your gaze in the headshot. Our eye contact and gaze behavior are some of the most critical parts of our non-verbal communication. They are parts of our body language, where we express ourselves parallel to or without words. Good eye contact can break the ice and make a connection between people, while a bad one can cut the link.

It is also essential that the casting directors are not only affected by your gaze but also see that it is natural. You have to see your nature in it too and be in your most relaxed condition. This is the key in professional headshots, and headshot pricing should, indeed, include trials of making you comfortable and natural. Indeed, as we mentioned in the Actors’ “Type” in Los Angeles blog, you can expand your characteristics and personality a bit to fit the character you want.

2. No Plan

To succeed in our initiatives, we need to have a clearly defined purpose and see the target outcome beforehand. Just as a business tries to make a final product to sell, you are trying to make a final professional headshot to be accepted for the role you want. Before doing a headshot affordable for you, you should do long research and understand your purpose. What genre of movies is the best for you? Which character personality suits your traits the most? What kind of shows are you the most obsessed with? Create a clear vision, also by using the methods mentioned in the previous blog on how to find your “type.”

It would help if you never left the question of understanding your headshot’s purpose to the imagination of the casting directors. You should show it on your own, without letting them come to a wrong conclusion. Indeed, we often have one professional headshot for several roles, like we adjust our resume for different jobs, but you have to be realistic. It is obvious that you cannot present yourself with the same headshot to get both the role of a kind, loving dad and a serial killer. Again, you cannot have the same headshot for the role of “girl next door” and “queen bee.” If you choose a place with affordable headshots, you can get two separate headshots for the two roles. But, again, make your purpose and vision clear, then discuss it with your headshot photographer in Los Angeles to find the best option.

3. A Wrong Background

Professional headshots’ main concentration is on the person. However, the background is also something noticeable and essential in your headshot. They try to choose beforehand what to hold the photo camera’s focus on before starting shooting. And, your Los Angeles headshot photographer will know that it should exactly be you. There should not be very colorful, huge, and distracting objects in the background. They will distract the attention of the viewer from your eyes to the background, which is not beneficial for you. The eye effect is essential, while the red picture in the background, for example, will catch the attention first.

Colors are significant. They should create the mood you want and be corresponding to the character’s traits you are willing to get chosen for. For getting the role of “bad boy biker,” you have to create a dark and mysterious atmosphere, indeed. However, pay attention not to blend into the background. Imagine you wear a black leather jacket that suits the mentioned role to get the headshot, and you have black hair. If you choose a black background, it will ruin your headshot. The latter will underline just your floating face. You will profit if you try to examine not only headshot pricing and lead yourself with them, but also the previous works of the photographer. This will help you to be sure he or she is good at this part.

4. Unprofessional Makeup

It is well known that women use makeup to look more good-looking and highlight their beauty in daily life. However, makeup is also often needed in an acting career, where you have to present yourself right under different lighting, for instance. But, before getting to the movie, you have to introduce yourself in your headshot right to be chosen. Professional makeup will make both you and your headshot look professional, while the bad one may spoil the opinion about you.

Here are some common types of good and bad makeup. We already said that eyes and gaze are a crucial part of your headshot as they create connection and underline your personality. That is why you have to be very attentive to your eye makeup. Too heavy eye makeup will hide the message your eyes should transmit. Make sure your foundation does not look like clay or is gray. Also, pay attention to matching skin tones. This is one of the most obvious problems that will make you look less professional.

Your makeup should be appropriate for you. It should be suitable for your age, first of all. If you are relatively young, do not use too dark colors. On the contrary, it is not appropriate to use the brightest colors if you are going to apply for the role of a grandmother. Examine your character beforehand. Understand its personality and traits. Choose makeup and colors based on it. Headshot pricing, indeed, will not include doing makeup. If you are used to doing your makeup yourself, this time, probably, you will need professional help. If you choose an affordable headshot, you will have the opportunity to save money for this. The professional will notice what you are doing wrong and advise on how to be more effective. Surely, as in the case of headshot pricing, you will look at makeup pricing too, but, again, try to choose a professional with high-quality works.

5. Badly Chosen Wardrobe

You should research beforehand to find out your “type” as an actor and find it out based on your personality traits and other dimensions. Knowing your type in advance will also help you to have an appropriate wardrobe for it. This is because you will already know that you are the best at serious roles such as a lawyer, for example. And, hence, you will have an appropriate wardrobe, including costumes and ties. For “bad boy biker,” as mentioned above, you will need a wardrobe full of black leather jackets, for example.

However, be attentive while choosing how to appear to your Los Angeles photographer to get your professional headshot. Your clothes should not be the first thing the viewer notices. On the contrary, it should be the last thing. Any distracting thing on your clothes or your clothes themselves can ruin your headshot. Such can be some shiny buttons or snaps, very light designs, etc. These will distract the viewer from your eyes, which is the most crucial part of your headshot. Headshot pricing often does not include clothing. However, you can discuss your appearance with your photographer and take advice.

Another aspect here is that appearance is not the most crucial part of an actor. The most vital is how the actor creates the personality of the role right, how he or she plays and transfers emotions to the audience. Hence, your distracting appearance in the headshot may tell the casting directors that you will appear with similar clothing if you get the role. In addition, this may suggest that you will choose something that will make you move with difficulty, for example, and disturb acting properly. That is why, while choosing a photographer for an affordable headshot and managing to save money for your clothing, try to be wise while buying clothes. Choose clothes corresponding to the role, but avoid anything distracting. 

6. Wrong Lighting

Light is one of the keys in photography. Not only is the photo successful with the presence of appropriate lighting, but also the lighting is what creates the wanted environment. With the company of shadows, you will create a mysterious atmosphere, for example. While a luminous environment will be a sign of lightness and easiness. No need to tell that you can make you more corresponding to the role you want in this way.

However, again, the most essential part of your professional headshot is you, not the environment. Your face and head are the things which should be seen the most obviously. This is because the casting directors want to know who they are going to work with. They want to know your exact appearance characteristics, and it would be great to see your eyes clearly. Imagine a shadow on one of your eyes; it will cut the link. Indeed, you will need some shadows for some edgier characters, but make sure to let your eyes be highlighted. Overall, make sure your headshot pricing includes this important aspect too, and discuss the lighting with your headshot photographer in Los Angeles beforehand.

Summing up the Professional Headshot Mistakes

To sum up, we went through how headshot shooting details may ruin your headshot and make you look less professional. Besides, we went through how to avoid those mistakes and get a strong headshot to get chosen for the role you want. Remember, your eyes and gaze behavior are the most important. Do not try to hide them; on the contrary, underline them. Also, pay attention to the lightning; it should neither cover your eyes nor other essential parts of your face. The casting directors want to see it. Do not forget to do research beforehand to find out your “type.” This will help you understand better what environment to create and how beneficially introduce yourself. Avoid distracting background and distracting clothing. Anything that can move the acting directors’ attention from your eyes you should avoid.

Indeed, your Los Angeles headshot photographer should know these details. Hence, you can always discuss them with her or him and get advice. Make sure the headshot pricing includes all the essential elements you already know about. Consider that makeup and wardrobe are your responsibility. Hence, pay attention to choosing an affordable headshot session to do your preparation correctly. If you want to get some information about pricing and find an affordable package, you can visit our headshot pricing page.

Hope this was helpful!

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Seda Stepanyan
December 30, 2020
Actors' "Type" in Los Angeles 2021

Los Angeles actors will succeed if they know about the “type” of an actor before starting their career. What is it, and how can one know his or her exact type? Acting is like a business, where we can consider the actors as products and the audience as consumers. In order to sell your product efficiently, you have to know where it exactly fits and what characteristics it has. Actors in Los Angeles can understand their type based on the dimensions of age, sex, physical characteristics, personality traits, and job title. Knowing your type as an actor has lots of advantages, such as saving your time while looking for a job, knowing who will be interested in you, avoiding getting typecasted, etc. So, let’s understand whether everyone suits any type, how you can find yours, what exactly is typecasting, and other questions together. 

Does every actor have a type?

It finds out that every actor has a type. Even the ones who are very versatile and flexible Los Angeles actors and seem to have played lots of roles have a type. In fact, the actors who just started their acting career will benefit from knowing their. They will find a language with casting directors and prospective agents easier. The reason is that the latter will take them more seriously. After gaining some credibility and visibility, it becomes easier to act against and delineate from your type. This is because knowing the roles you can play will bring you to the cast from the audition room. Then, you will do what you love. Experience shows that when you do what you love, you will grow really fast. Latter, eventually, will let you change your role easier as a famous actor.

Some common types

There are lots of “types” of actors that we meet very often in the movies and series. Each of them has its own characteristics. We have separated some of the common “types” below.

“Girl next door”

This role is usually someone who is easy to approach and young. She is crushable, clever, and the one who can make you laugh hard. However, this is not usually the “queen bee” and is someone, not the most popular or hottest.

“Bad boy biker”

This character’s appearance usually underlines his leather jacket and tattered jeans. He usually creates a feeling of mystery and resilience. Although, may sometimes be misunderstood. We meet this type, especially in high school dramas and comedies.

“Queen bee”

This one is usually the leader. She is cold-hearted and analytical. Eventually, gets what is coming to her, usually ends up being a CEO or occupying other high positions. While its difference from the “girl next door” proves the fact that the former would become a mother of three children.

How to figure out your type

The first thing which will help you understand your type is self-observation. Being self-conscious and knowing about your traits is always important, but be more attentive while determining your “type.” Stand in front of the mirror and examine your hairstyle, clothing, expression of your eyes, and overall appearance. Pay attention to whether you look older or younger from your age. Do you imagine real you with all your characteristics in a comedy movie or a serious drama? Sometimes it is really hard to accept ourselves with all our advantages and disadvantages. However, try to be honest and examine your traits honestly.

If you are not very well at self-observation, ask questions to others. This may be difficult because people who know you well will answer in a biased way. That is why you can ask your close people just to list several adjectives that they think describe you the best. And, it is better to ask questions to strangers or those you have just met. The questions might be: “How old do you think I am?” or “What role would suit me the best, you think?” And it is important to be ready for every answer and accept them with a smile.

If you are an actor in Los Angeles, you are probably participating in lots of headshots or photo sessions. You can benefit from it and ask your headshot photographer in Los Angeles these questions and explore how professional or artistic you look in front of the camera. And, again, be ready for every answer. Sometimes, what you think you do not fit with reality. If you want to grow as an actor, you have to accept yourself as you are at first.

Another way of exploring your type is by trying yourself in a process like during Actors’ networking event in Los Angeles, as experience brings the skill. Improvisation classes, where you will have to act quickly at the moment, will help you discover your hidden talents. Trusting your instincts, you will find out more things about your characteristics. Workshops for Los Angeles actors will give you diversity. You can try as many roles as possible to find out which suits you the best. On-camera classes will let you observe your play after the class. You will look at yourself from the side, which may be very beneficial.

There are some more ways to figure out your type. Even if you do not manage to attend lots of acting workshops and classes, you can take advantage of films, TV, and theater. Try to watch lots of movies, soap-operas, plays, and try to examine the characters carefully. Write down a list of the traits you think the characters have that are similar to yours. Also, write down the ones which you would like to have, but you think you do not yet. You may have productive discoveries about yourself through the comparison with others. And you can also improve yourself while thinking about the traits you would like to develop.

The role of age you think you can play

Very often, the casting directors ask the actors what age they can play. If your answer is “Better you tell me” or “Something between 18 and 60,” you will not be taken seriously, for sure. The directors may think you are not a professional, as the professional would surely know that crucial detail about his or her acting. An important point here is to know that actors can usually play a role within the range of 5 years. And, in order to find out exactly which 5 years, you can use the methods mentioned above: self-observation, asking questions, gaining experience, etc. 

It is often better and more accepted to play for an older role even if you look younger than the contrary. When you choose the age range, it is essential to come into the field of reality. If you are not quite that young, forget your wrinkle-free or in shape times. You should accept yourself as you are now, not 10 years ago.

How your type affects the time in the audition room

You have to know your type in order to have an appropriate wardrobe and clothing for it. That is because when the directors call you to the audition room, you will already know what appearance to appear with. For example, imagine you know your “type” will suit the lawyer’s role, and you have heard that it is one of the suggested roles by the directors. Now, you will choose the corresponding clothes from your wardrobe. But the thing to highlight is that your acting is the most important part. The appearance is not the most crucial thing in the audition room. Hence, you do not need to add any extra or heavy or any kind of detail to your clothing, which may disturb your acting.

Another importance of knowing your type is how you will present yourself in your resume. It is not a secret that we try to adjust the information about ourselves to the job or the role we want to get through our resume. And, we include our headshot photos in it very often. Discuss the role you are willing to apply for with your Los Angeles headshot photographer. Consider Los Angeles headshot rates and photoshoot rates because you may need lots of headshots in order to find the best photo. Decide how you are going to present your “type” in order to get the role you want. However, do not get too far, because you will need to show yourself in an honest way. Do not forget that they will find out the reality at the end working with you.

What about standing out and showing your uniqueness?

We already said that you will have to know how to introduce yourself in order to get the role you want. And we already mentioned that, before that, you have to know your type and be realistic in your role choices. Very often, actors in Los Angeles hear “be yourself” in the audition room. So, how to overcome the contradiction of introducing yourself in a needed way and being yourself? The key point here is that you will always have to take into account all your unique characteristics and traits as a Los Angeles actor and not to hide them. The role you are applying for should not be totally different from your essence. It should just be your characteristics extension. And, indeed, it should save your specific and unique descriptions, which make you a differentiating actor. Just extend and modify them for a little.  

Typecasting and how to avoid it

Knowing your type has lots of benefits, as we already mentioned. You will probably play the same “type” roles during your path to success and growth and will be accepted according to that one exactly. Typecasting, which is changing the “type” may become difficult over time. And here may emerge the hardest problem: if you are enough professional and experienced but want to try new things in a new role, how can you do it? It will be very difficult to convince the directors that you are more suitable for the role you want to try than for the one you have experience in. The process of convincing may be difficult, but you can find some tips to succeed. Indeed, the changes in your acting style may be beneficial. 

Another good way maybe, again, how you will present yourself via photos. If you are a professional and famous actor, you would have probably already participated in lots of photo sessions in Los Angeles. During your next Los Angeles photoshoot, you can try to present yourself in another way. For example, if you have always played good roles and presented yourself in a positive atmosphere, but now want the devil role, try to present yourself as a bad guy.

Another option to avoid typecasting is not being afraid to start acting “against the type.” The beginning is always difficult, but do not overthink it. You may have to choose places for changing that are not very glorious or famous. However, that is what will make you succeed. You can start acting against typecasting in web series or indie, which are very comfortable for the beginning. Then, you will have more proof to convince the directors that you are suitable for the “against-type” role you want. So, be attentive to taking the opportunities and chances you are given.


If you are going to become a Los Angeles actor and have not known a lot about an actor’s “type,” I hope this was helpful and will help you to succeed in your Los Angeles acting career. To sum up, we looked through the type of actor, whether it refers to everyone, the most common types, and how you can find yours. We also concentrated on how knowing your “type” is connected to the audition process or whether you need to highlight your unique characteristics or not. In the end, we talked about typecasting and how to avoid it.

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August 14, 2020
Photoshoot Wardrobe Tips by a Los Angeles Photographer

Appearance is one of the most critical aspects of the first impression. There are many cases in life, like a photoshoot, when we think in advance about what we are going to wear. And usually, we try to analyze everything to find the best outfit for the occasion. And here come the photoshoot wardrobe tips especially by a professional Los Angeles Photographer. For example, when someone invites us to a job interview, we try to choose a professional outfit. It is essential, because the interviewer may get the wrong impression if we are not appropriately dressed. Of course, you may not wear the same outfit as you wear in your daily life, because the atmosphere is different.

As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I can say that appearance is crucial during photoshoots. Sometimes, there are cases when the client doesn’t like the result, because of the outfit. The whole mood of the photoshoot can change with your outfit. For example, you can wear retro clothes and create a vintage atmosphere. Or wear your daily clothes and create interesting street style photos. Clothing is essential, and you should pay a lot of attention to it. In this article, I will give you photoshoot wardrobe tips, which will help you choose outfits. 

How to Prepare for a Show

I think everyone who attended a show for the first time, knows how nervous and emotional it can be. The first time is always hard, and as time goes by, you will become a professional. So, don’t be sad if you feel a little bit nervous. It is normal. But there are some aspects which will help you to overcome the stress. Sometimes because of the inappropriate outfit, the whole show can go in the wrong direction. And it is essential to do everything in order to choose the right outfit. It should be not only beautiful but also comfortable. 

As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I highly recommend you to choose comfortable clothes. Because I am sure, you don’t want it to take your attention away from the process. When you feel comfortable in your clothes, you will be more confident. Hence, especially if you are going to attend a show for the first time, you need to prepare well in advance. In this article, I will present you to the essential photoshoot wardrobe tips for preparing for a photoshoot

Do a Detailed Research Before the Show

Research before the show will be beneficial for you. For example, you can watch different episodes of that show. This will help you understand how other guests choose outfits and how the host is usually dressed. For example, if the host wears something casual, it will not be appropriate to wear an evening dress. Another important aspect is whether you will be seated or standing. There are shows when the guest is standing behind a desk. This will mean that you should wear comfortable shoes. So to avoid unpleasant surprises, you need to be well informed before the show. I know many cases when people haven’t researched before the show. And of course, in the end, they were in a bad situation. 

Colors and Style of Clothing

During the research, you should understand the atmosphere of the show and its style. As you understood, a lot depends on the type and style of the show. But there are specific rules which apply to every kind of show. The first rule is that it is not acceptable to wear striped clothes on TV. It may create a very unpleasant optical effect for the viewer. If you can’t decide the color, then try to wear something neutral. It is usually not recommended to choose a total white look because it may also be overwhelming for an eye. 

Green is one of the primary colors which you should avoid. You know that there is a green screen where different scenes are being projected. The whole green look is something that you should not take into consideration. Also, if you like playing with colors, do it carefully. Try to do it with taste and style. And of course, don’t forget about comfort. If you are wearing glasses, you can wear contacts instead. Lenses reflect the lights, so contacts will help you to avoid it. 

How to Choose Outfit

If you are going to choose an on-camera outfit for the first time, it may be difficult to orientate. I know that you may also feel very nervous before the show. To avoid it you need to wear the most appropriate clothes. You should understand which style and color are the most suitable for the shooting. It may vary from different types of shows. But there are certain useful pieces of advice that I would like to give to you. As a headshot photographer, I know that they may raise different issues because of the wrong outfit. So, it is important to know how to get ready for the photoshoot. Keep in mind all the photoshoot wardrobe tips that I will give right now. 

Comfort Should Be your Number One Priority

As I have already mentioned above, in choosing the outfit, the most critical aspect is comfort. Don’t wear a dress that is beautiful or appropriate for the show, but you don’t feel comfortable. Your face and movements will reflect that you don’t feel comfortable. Hence you will not like the result when you see your video. 

Body language is one of the most important things for everyone. If you are not feeling comfortable in your clothes, then your body language will struggle. For example, high heels may make your feet hurt, and your movements will show your pain. So pay huge attention to it, and don’t let anything distract you.

Pay Attention to Details

Details matter a lot. So I advise you to pay a lot of attention to every detail. I know many cases when the smallest wrong detail ruined the whole outfit. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles who takes affordable headshots, I try to capture every detail. And I always ask my clients to choose their outfits very carefully. The main reason is that people want to save pictures for many years. And sometimes, people don’t like their photos because of the outfit or a specific detail. 

For example, if you have chosen to wear a skirt, consider not wearing a short dress. It may be a little bit awkward on camera. This is important to avoid unpleasant situations. In case you are going to wear makeup, don’t overdo it. It is always beautiful to keep it natural. Remember that your real-life appearance may be different from your on-camera look. Try not to wear bright makeup, such as a red lip, etc. Red lipstick can be beautiful, but if you’re going to attend a show for the first time, I recommend keeping the makeup simple. 

What You Need to Bring to the Studio

You should not only prepare before the show but also go prepared to the studio of the show. There are a couple of necessary items that you should take with you to the set. It can be extra clothes, or a makeup set, etc. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should take a suitcase with you. But it will be smart for you to be ready for different situations. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I always take all the necessities with me to shootings. In addition to this, I encourage my clients to bring a couple of dresses with them in order to change. Below I will try to mention a couple of tips that will help you understand what to bring with you to the studio. 

Bring a Couple of Clothes

As I have already mentioned above, it is essential to prepare before the shooting. So try to always bring other clothes with you in case of an emergency. For example, the studio of the show may be unexpectedly cold. In that case, you may need to wear a jacket in order not to freeze. Or you may go to the show, and notice that there is someone who wears the same clothes as you. I am sure the second outfit will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises. That is why in advance, you should pick 2 or 3 outfits. And hence bring the other two outfits with you to the set. You can leave it in a separate room, and it will not disturb you. 

Don’t Forget About Your Makeup Bag

During a day comes a time, when a little touch up of makeup is quite necessary. That is why, if you have done makeup, then you should always have your makeup bag with you. Sometimes studios may be too hot, and in addition to this, you may be nervous. Hence, you may sweat a little bit. So, in that case, your makeup set will help you to perfect your makeup. You can also bring tissues with you. 

You can bring a convenient bag with you. There is usually room for people’s stuff, and you can put your bag there. If you are not going alone, you may ask your friend to hold your bag while you are shooting. Having a bag, with every necessity, is one of the most critical photoshoot wardrobe tips. 

How You Should Behave on Camera

So, now we have reached the most important part. Everything mentioned above will help you to behave confidently on camera. Remember that you will be nervous, especially if you are going to be on camera for the first time. Each next time, you will feel more comfortable, and you will be more professional. The key is to act naturally and not let your emotions ruin everything. I am sure you heard this many times, but always try to keep it in mind. People love honesty, and if you behave naturally, others will value it. 

Act Naturally

One of the main and big mistakes that people make on camera is smiling all the time or not showing any emotion. Everyone has a unique personality, and you should try to show your personality. If you smile all the time, people will perceive you as a fake person. You should show different emotions in a very gentle way. Take a breath, and focus on your speech, body language, and facial expressions. Avoid very sharp movements, and don’t speak very loudly. Don’t touch your hair and face too much, as it districts a lot. I recommend you to practice at home a little bit. For example, you may ask one of your friends or relatives to ask you questions. Answer them, and imagine that you are in the studio. And then ask your friend to give you feedback. Or you can even film the process, and then look at you. 

As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I always encourage my clients to act naturally. It is a vital part of any successful photoshoot. There are times when I can feel that the client is not comfortable. I try to create an atmosphere where they are not shy and pose however they want. The most beautiful pictures are natural ones. So, when you go to any type of shooting, keep in mind that there are people who are professionals in their job. And in any case, they will help you to overcome your fears and stress. 


Above, I tried to include all the essential aspects that you need to know about the preparation of shootings. Sometimes, it is hard to remember everything when cameras are on. But remember that these are only shootings and you need to enjoy every moment of it. I know that there are some people who are more comfortable on camera than others. But if you work hard and practice a lot, you will start feeling comfortable on camera. So be relaxed and don’t let the stress disturb you. Understand which behavioral aspect you should work on before the show. I hope that these photoshoot wardrobe tips will help you and that you have gained a lot of new information. 

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August 12, 2020
How to Capture Personality in Portrait Photography - Tips

We all faced the struggle of not being able to capture personality in portrait photography. There is always something that makes the picture not appealing. Whether it is the pose, the face impression, the background, or something else. And we have to retake the photo again and again until we take the best one.

Sometimes it may take a couple of hours to capture the right picture, which is both beautiful and unique. Most of the time, the problem of failed photos is the wrong direction of the whole process. That is why even the most beautiful model can seem unattractive in the picture. But there is a solution to anything.

As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I take many photos of different people. Through my working years, I understood that there are a couple of aspects that make the photoshoot great. One of the most important things that a headshot photographer in Los Angeles should do is to make sure that the model is confident. If they feel comfortable in front of the camera, you can be sure that the process will be successful. Try to motivate them, and after every shot, give them proper directions. This will help them to become better after each shot, and together you will create great results.

In the article, I will provide you the most helpful and essential portrait photography tips so that you can take magnificent portraits. Even if you are not a professional, you will be able to take control of the camera in a short time. As the photography rates in Los Angeles can be high sometimes, your skills can be useful for your friends. And I am sure you will amaze your friends and relatives with your skills. 

How to Capture Personality in the Pictures

When the camera is in your hands, you have to take responsibility and direct the whole process. Everyone wants to have a unique photo. And one of the ways to do that is to capture the model’s personality. So the idea is not only to take a picture but to show the real emotions, expressions, and movements. You need to be informed of all the features of your camera in advance. Also, examine the location thoroughly, so that you know all the beautiful angles. And continuously work and direct your model. Without it, your pictures will look the same, and not attractive. Below, you will find a couple of the most famous portrait photography tips to capture the model’s personality in pictures. Before continuing this article, I recommend you to read about seven tips on corporate headshots. If you are interested in photography, it will be very informative for you.

Capture the Movement

Movements are always beautiful in the photos if the photographer knows how to capture them. In the beginning, you can give ideas to your model on how to move. For example, they can move their hands, play with their hair, or just walk. You will be able to take in between shots and hence capture candid moments. Step-by-step your model will come up with ideas and work with the camera more comfortably. Another way to create a movement is to use some objects. For example, the model can take a specific object in the hands, and play with it. 

A great tool to create movement in the picture is to use music during the photoshoot. You can ask for the model’s favorite music, and then turn it on. They will enjoy music and even start dancing under it. Hence you can use the moment and take pictures of their beautiful movements. I recommend you create the playlist in advance so that you won’t waste time on that during the photo shoot.

Capture the Laughter

Of course, if you tell your model to laugh in the middle of the photoshoot, it will be awkward. The pictures will feel made-up and not attractive. So if you want to capture laughter, you have to create it naturally. While taking photos, you can tell funny stories or describe situations. You can even tell something funny about yourself or your previous experience. In this way, you will create a fun and happy environment, and models may also tell funny stories. You can even generate laughter from their poses. For example, tell them about an occasion that happened when someone did such a pose. 

Remember that laughter pictures are beautiful when it is made candidly. Don’t just tell your models to laugh. This will make them feel uncomfortable. So at first try to create an appropriate atmosphere, and then help your model to laugh. Such pictures are the most beautiful and appealing. 

Find the Best Angles 

I am sure each of us has the desired angle for pictures. The job of each professional photographer is to find those angles. Usually, models may tell you which are their favorite angles at the beginning of the photoshoot. You need to understand the purpose and the desired outcome of the picture. If the model wants a picture where the face is in the primary focus, pay more attention to it. You should work with light and shadows to capture the best photos. If you find the right angle, it will be easier for you to catch the light. 

Always direct your model, and be communicative with them. For example, you can ask them to move their head towards the sun or change a pose. Also, this will help them to know their best angles and become informed of the future. As a headshot photographer, I may take a couple of photos and then catch the best angles. Don’t stick to one place and always move. Sometimes, to capture the perfect picture, you may need to stand in very uncomfortable poses. But believe me, the result is still worth it. 

Follow the Body Language

Every person has a body language which makes us unique. One of the biggest jobs of the photographer is to work with the model’s body language. This is one of the main ways to capture someone’s personality. I believe that every picture has a specific message, and body language plays a massive role in delivering the message. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I highly recommend you to read about body language. You will find out a lot of useful information. For example, for portraits, people sometimes use the pose of crossed hands. It may help you look more professional, and the model can use the photo on Linkedin, for example. It may also help the model to control the hands and feel comfortable. There are a lot of small details which can help your pictures become beautiful and appealing. 

Create an Atmosphere

To make your photos even more appealing, you can create a unique atmosphere. For example, if you want to make retro-themed photoshoot, then use decorations for creating the mood. And in that case, the model will become part of the scene, making it easier for them to pose. If you want them to seem happy or thoughtful, then ask them to imagine a scene. Don’t just ask them to smile or look serious. This will help your pictures to be natural. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles who takes affordable headshots, I always try to create beautiful scenes. For every photographer, it is essential to have a lot of room for creativity. And hence use every moment of the photoshoot to show your creativity and use it in the process. 

Tools for Editing Portrait Pictures

Now it is time for some touch-up. After creating some great pictures, you should use tools to edit your photographs. Every photographer edits the photos for a better result. For example, you may cut something from the picture, or blur some little detail. Even if you haven’t done this before, you will quickly learn how to do that. There are many applications with hundreds of useful tools. It is important not to overuse the editing tools so that your pictures look natural. Sometimes people may edit too much, and in the end, the client may not be satisfied. Everything is beautiful when you do it in the right amount. Below I will give you some tips on how to edit. 

Clear Complexion

There are great tools that help to erase some undesired blemishes that every photo may have. For example, you may feel the need to delete some wrinkles or any imperfections. Sometimes models ask to correct some little part of the photo. For instance, models usually ask to erase the dark circles and make the look more awake. And you, as a photographer, can take into account their wants. But don’t overuse this tool as it may make the picture unnatural. But I highly recommend you to keep the uniqueness of the model. For example, if they have a birthmark, then don’t erase it. Such things make the look of the model different from others. And these are part of the personality of your model. 

Define the Face with Contouring 

Usually, makeup artists define the face with the help of contouring. It became popular, especially in the last few years. And many people use this trick to define their faces. With the help of contouring, makeup artists create light, shadow, and define some parts of the face. But today, it is possible to contour the face also with editing tools. As every skin tone is different, you should be careful to pick the appropriate colors. As a headshot photographer, I use this tool in some cases. This is especially helpful when I want to add some extra definition on the face and help capture personality in portrait photography. It can be handy, especially for portrait photography.

Define the Eyes

Sometimes the expression in the eyes can tell a lot about a person. Eyes are part of someone’s personality, and they are transferring a lot of emotion. So especially in portrait photography, it is essential to define the eyes. Eyes should be noticeable enough and be one of the main focuses of the photo. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I always pay attention to the eyes and try to enhance them. You can brighten the eyes and make them more awake. And even if the model didn’t sleep well at night, it will not be noticeable. So working with eyes can result in great photos. 

Whiten the Teeth 

This is a beneficial tool when the model is smiling in the picture. You can make the teeth of the model whiter, but at the same time, it will look very natural. But again, don’t overuse this tool. Just use the brush a little bit, and you will notice the better result immediately. I don’t always use this tool, but in some situations, it can be beneficial. Sometimes the clients ask the photographer to make their teeth whiter. But there are a lot of cases when the model has naturally white teeth, and this tool may not be useful. 


For every photographer, it is essential to talk with the model before the actual photoshoot starts. You should understand the needs of the model, and as a result, the work process will be smoother. Try to understand why they need pictures. For example, are the photos for professional needs or just for social media. To have a great result, you should explore the location, pick the best time of the day, etc. I recommend you choose the time of the golden hour because at that time the light is lovely. 

And remember that to become a master photographer, you should practice a lot. At first, the photos may not be the way you want. And of course, it is normal. After a short time, you will notice how each next picture becomes better than the previous one. In the beginning, arrange photoshoots for your friends and family, to master your skills. And then, after some time, you may start photographing clients. Enjoy the process and use these capturing personality in portrait photography tips to get the best photos.

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June 28, 2020
Do You Tip Photographers in Los Angeles?

Should I tip photographers in Los Angeles? If you have worked or are working with a photographer, this question probably popped up to your mind. Tipping photographers is a topic of immense debate. Some think that it is not ethical not to tip photographers. But some people believe that tipping is unnecessary. As photography rates in Los Angeles are relatively high, many clients may not afford to tip. Me as a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I have encountered many cases when clients tip. I also tip when I like how people provide different types of services. I think that it is a great way to show our appreciation. And also it makes others happy.

Clients may tip photographers for different occasions, such as weddings, engagements, birthdays, professional photoshoots, affordable headshots, etc. Sometimes they may even tip photographers in advance for motivating them to do better work. This is especially common during weddings or other parties. In any situation, there are a couple of factors that affect whether it’s appropriate to tip photographers or not. In this article, I will represent everything that you need to know about tipping photographers in Los Angeles.

What is Tipping?

For every photo shoot, usually, there is a fixed amount that a client pays. But there are certain situations and occasions when the client wants to show a little gesture to the photographer. For example, when they are pleased with the result and want to thank the photographer in Los Angeles. Tipping is widespread in the hospitality industry, especially in restaurants and cafes. And when we like the service, the food, and the overall atmosphere, we tip to show our appreciation. Mostly it is reasonable to pay 5-10% of the total bill as a tip. But, this is not a rule; each of us can choose the desired amount. And it is normal to not tip anything if the service and food were bad.

There are countries that have their tradition in regards to tipping. For example, in Japan, tipping may seem a little bit offensive. So, if you go to Japan, make sure to be aware of their traditions. It will help you to avoid unpleasant situations. But in the United States, tipping is normal. And even there are industries, such as hospitality, that not tipping can seem offensive. As you can notice, there are many opinions connected with tipping. Some think that it is a beautiful gesture; others believe that it is inappropriate. Overall, tipping is very typical in many industries, and it is up to the client to decide whether tip or not.

Whom Should I Tip?

This is another common question. Usually, clients can’t orientate whether they should tip independent contractors or agency photographers. Often agency photographers get their minimum monthly wage from their managers. And in this case, clients may want to give some additional money to them for their work. This may happen when the client likes how kind and patient the photographer is. And especially if the result is appealing, clients may tip after they receive the pictures. But it is not a common practice to tip agency or corporate photographers. But once again, situations are different with each client and photographer. 

In the case of individual contractors, many self-employed photographers set their pricing. They are their managers, and usually, they take all the money. So they decide the amount by taking into consideration their skills, photoshoot conditions, etc. If they charge a lot of money, then you may not tip. But there are cases when photographers in Los Angeles work with a lot of people and under challenging conditions. For example, in cold weather. You, as a client, can show your appreciation by tipping a small amount to them. In Los Angeles beginner photographers provide affordable headshot rates. And many clients try to motivate them at the beginning of their careers by tipping.

Do Photographers in Los Angeles Expect Tips?

This question is very debatable and doesn’t have a specific answer. It depends on the country, culture, industry, etc. There are industries, like hospitality, where workers in the restaurant expect tipping. But in regards to photography, usually, the occasion and the situation decide if tipping is expected. The most useful thing that I can recommend is to discuss every aspect of the photoshoot with the photographer. If they include every service in the fee, then the tip may not be expected. But if you ask for some additional services during the photoshoot, the photographer may expect a tip. Tipping very much depends on a particular situation. So if your friend tipped the photographer once, it doesn’t mean that you should tip as well. Consider all the aspects, and of course, rely on your feelings and emotions.

Is There a Tipping Etiquette?

In reality, there is no guide on whether you should tip a client or not. Tipping is very individual, and as I already said, it depends on the situation. It is essential to understand that tipping is not a formal act. In some cultures, it is acceptable; in others, it may seem weird. So, before tipping, you should know the tipping culture of the country. As I mentioned, in the United States, tipping is accepted and is quite common. And, of course, tipping is also common in the photography industry.

There are some types of photoshoots where tipping is necessary. For example, during a wedding, photographers usually work hard. They take pictures of hundreds of people and in different conditions. Clients sometimes tip even at the beginning of the marriage. So, in that case, the right decision should be to tip. But there are also cases when clients don’t tip, and it is normal. Below I will touch on a couple of the examples separately.

Tipping Headshot Photographers

If you need a professional headshot photo for a special occasion, then you need a headshot photographer. Of course, you can arrange a photoshoot by yourself at home and have a pleasant result. But if you don’t have time or need a professional approach, find a headshot photographer. However, you may not need to tip a headshot photographer. But if you were pleased with the result and the service very much, go ahead and tip! In addition to this, there are many affordable headshots in Los Angeles. So tipping may be accessible. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I faced many cases when the client tipped. This is not only motivating but also it helps always to keep high standards. In this way, you will show your appreciation, and the photographer may be very motivated.

Tipping Wedding Photographers

As I already mentioned above, it is common that the clients tip wedding photographers. Wedding photography is the most appropriate case to tip. During weddings, photographers put a lot of effort into taking great pictures. They spend all day with you in order to make the dream result. Sometimes photographers work in very harsh conditions. For example, even if it is extremely hot, they can take pictures for hours under the burning sun. Besides taking photographs, they try to handle all the stress and pressure. Because during the wedding everyone wants to have a magnificent picture. So it is excellent when clients tip the photographers. It is up to you how much to tip, but between $50 and $100 is an average amount to tip. But of course, you are the one who decides how much to pay.

Tipping Engagement Photographers

For couples, engagement day is also an exceptional occasion. Of course, most couples don’t celebrate engagement as big as they celebrate the wedding. So, during the engagement, photographers’ jobs are not as tense as during weddings. Engagement photographers do a lot of work during the engagement as well. But the overall task is not very complicated and time-consuming. Before the event, you should confirm everything with the photographer, and they will tell you the fee. Most of the clients don’t tip engagement photographers. But if you are planning to have a big party, then you may consider tipping.

Tipping Portrait Photographers

In this situation, there are a couple of aspects to take into account. For example, if a photographer takes only your portraits in the studio for 30 minutes, you may not tip. Usually, such kind of photography rates can be high in Los Angeles. In addition to this, photographers give you the exact amount that you should pay for them in advance. And they provide service which corresponds with the fee. So you may not tip at the end. 

But if you are hiring independent photographers to take portraits of your family, you can give a small tip. As a headshot photographer, I know that family photography can be tough and time-consuming. So you can leave 5% or 10 % tip, and it will be enough. Photographers in Los Angeles work hard to make your portraits appealing. So a small tip can be a beautiful gesture for them.

Tipping Baby Photographers 

I know that this is an exceptional photoshoot for the parents. It is one of the cutest moments when someone takes a picture of your baby. And then you look at the pictures and remember all the great memories. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I was part of such photo shoots, a lot. It is not only emotional but also very important. So such pictures are very worthwhile because parents keep them forever. Many photographers in Los Angeles do such photoshoots. Baby photography rates in Los Angeles are not very high. So, in the end, there may be clients who tip. There is not an exact rule about tipping baby photographers. But if you like the work that the photographer did, then, of course, he or she will appreciate the tip. 

Tipping Real Estate Photographers

If agencies hire real estate photographers, then most probably they will not tip the photographer. But even if a client hires a photographer to take pictures of the home, usually tipping is not common. In this case, the photographer has a fixed and technical job that doesn’t require additional services. They are just trying to capture the house so that you can distribute it on the site. So they will provide a fee which includes all the aspects of their job. Hence in the end, when you pay, you may not tip. Mostly, real estate photographers don’t wait for tipping. But, again, there is not an exact rule. You may feel that the situation requires tipping and paying some extra money at the end.

Tipping Photo Booth Attendant 

Photo booth attendants are usually a representative of an agency or an entertainment company. I am sure in different department stores or during events, you have taken a picture in the photo booth. Usually, photo booth attendants take two or three photos, and you may not even interact with them. Hence it is not common to tip them. There are many cases when photo boots are self-managed, and there are no attendants. Of course, this helps people to avoid these tipping situations.


Above I tried to include everything that could be useful for you. The most important thing to remember is that no one can force you to tip. It should be your decision, and there are no specific rules for that. I understand that sometimes the service is not worth tipping. And tipping may not be appropriate. Most of the time, photographers include all the services in one fee. So tipping is just an additional way to show your appreciation and a beautiful gesture. If you want, you can tip at the beginning of the photoshoot, to motivate the photographer. Anyway, if you don’t want to tip, there are other ways to show your appreciation. For example, you can leave a good review on a website or social media. There are many ways to thank photographers in Los Angeles, choose the one which is the most convenient for you.

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June 19, 2020
Everything about Filming in Los Angeles

It is not a secret that Los Angeles is one of the most photogenic cities in the world. Thousands of people want to take pictures and film in Los Angeles. The city of Angels has numerous beautiful locations that are known to many. But there are also unknown places, which are not a popular destination for people. Previously I have written an article about amazing locations for headshots in Los Angeles. If you want to find a couple of the most beautiful places in this city, make sure to read my article. Los Angeles is a dream location for the ones who produce films and create one-of-a-kind projects. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I know how important it is for filmmakers to find breathtaking scenes. I am also always in search of new places.

If you have decided to make your first steps in Los Angeles, I am sure the result can be admirable. But before filming in Los Angeles, there are a couple of essential aspects that you have to pay attention to. You can’t just rent a film set in Los Angeles, and film wherever you want. This city has its orders, and you may need a film permit before filming in Los Angeles. If you are a beginner, then you may not be very well informed about the film permits. I will try to give answers to all the questions that may bother you connected with filming in Los Angeles. 

About a Film Permit

In order to be able to film in a particular region, you need to have a film permit. Without official permission, you will not be able to produce a film. The absence of permission may also lead to unpleasant consequences. In order to get permission, you have to submit specific details about the production of the film. Those details should include the exact date and time of the filming, the location, information about the crew, and equipment. There may also be other additional information that you may need to indicate, about which you will prior be informed. Of course, you should get the permit before the actual shooting day. It is essential to know that it is your responsibility to gain permission. 

As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I always try to make sure that I always have the required permission. In every situation, it is better to prepare in advance than face unpleasant charges later. I know many students from Los Angeles acting schools, and I am already informed about the filming rules and laws. 

If you are new in the industry, it is crucial to understand where and how you can get permission. Make sure to check the FilmLA, in order to know how to get a permit for filming in Los Angeles. It is essential to get information only from official sources. 

When You Should Have a Film Permit

You will need a film permit before starting the filming. If you are filming in Los Angeles to gain profit, in most cases, the permission is obligatory. But there are cases when even the non-profit project shooting may need permission. To be sure whether you need a permit, you have to check it in the exact location you want to shoot. One of the cities where you need to have permission to shoot even a non-profit project is Santa Monica. 

If you are filming something for your pleasure, for fun, and with your friends, you will probably not need permission. In addition to that, your project should not include serious equipment and crew. If you plan to rent a film set in Los Angeles, it may mean that the filming is professional and needs a permit. Remember that before filming in Los Angeles, you should check whether you need to have permission. As a headshot photographer who takes affordable headshots, I recommend you to research before starting. 

Do Students Need a Permit?

In reality, students may also need a film permit. But the good news is that for students it may be cheaper to get the permit. If you check the FilmLA website, you will find all the fees for a film permit there. Of course, you should show proof that you are a student, and your instructor should also give you a statement. The statement should indicate that the filming is for educational needs and that you are not going to sell it. If you are new in the industry then it may be easy for you to get permission. The reason is that there are many resources that will help you; you just need to use it wisely. And also, people who give the film permit try to help students in many ways. 

As I take affordable headshots for actors, I know that students from Los Angeles acting schools participate in educational filmings. And they always say that the conditions to get film permits are favorable for them. 

Do YouTubers Need a Film Permit for their shootings?

As Youtube is becoming one of the most popular platforms, more people are creating accounts and filming videos. So this question is one of the most famous and important ones. There is no one definite answer to this because everything is individual. For example, someone may film just for fun and alone in different locations. In this case, if you are not going to make money from that, then probably you won’t need a permit. But if you are filming in Los Angeles and posting it on Youtube to earn money, then you need a permit. So I recommend you to specify your intentions and understand your situation. 

Today there are a lot of resources, which makes it easier to find answers to our questions. Be sure to be aware, in order not to be in stressful situations later. I know many cases when people were filming in Los Angeles, and they didn’t have a film permit. As a result, they faced the consequences, which, of course, disturb all the process. 

The Costs of Getting a Film Permit 

The cost depends on a couple of factors. The main element is the location where you are going to film. So the price may vary depending on which city or in which place you want to film. The cost may start from $60 and rise to $700. In order to understand the exact amount, you need to specify every detail connected with filming. As I mentioned above if you are a student, then the fee will be even less than $60.

So as you can see, you have many privileges as a student. If you are not a student, then the film permit costs may seem a little scary for you. In any case, it is better to pay that money rather than face all the charges later. 

The film industry can be costly, so you have to be ready to deal with all the high costs. But the result is worth all the difficulties that you may face in the process. In addition to this, if you dream of becoming a film producer, I am sure nothing can stop you.

The process of Obtaining a Film Permit

As I have already mentioned above, FilmLA is dealing with giving film permits. So the whole process goes through this non-profit organization. Below I will provide a step-by-step guide for the entire process. 

Contact with FilmLA

In this process, FilmLA will be your number one helper and adviser. I highly recommend you to contact them before deciding where your location will be. They will help you in choosing one and will give you all the information about the requirements. As they are very professional and have the knowledge, I am sure they will make the process effortless for you. You can also choose a couple of your desired locations, before calling them. Tell them about your plans, so that they understand your condition, and they will help you in finalizing your decision.

Provide a Proof of Liability Insurance

One of the first steps that you have to take is to provide proof of liability insurance. In this case, also, there may be variations in the requirements. The differences highly depend on the location and all the activities that you will take. Once again, this is also very individual. Many aspects are taken into consideration. Before starting any type of filming in Los Angeles, do your best to understand all the requirements. It may take time, but this is an essential part, as it may prevent you from misunderstanding. 

Submit the Application for Permit

The next step that you have to do is to submit your application with the FilmLA. This is one of the easiest steps, and you can quickly submit it online. Maybe in the process, you will be asked to provide some information about additional requirements. If you face any problem during this process, make sure to contact the specialists. This is very important because it is better to ask than to provide the wrong information. Note that the FilmLA website is very informative and detailed too. Overall this is a simple process, and I think you will not face any serious problem.

Notices to People who Live in the Shooting Location

One of the essential parts of this whole process is to inform residences and businesses of your desired location about your filming. FilmLA will distribute to them the notices so that they are informed, what is going to happen in the neighborhood. They should be informed about your activities and all the essential details about filming in Los Angeles. For example, if during your shooting there are going to be noises, then people should be aware of it. In this case, you, as a film producer, will be more confident. And also you will know that people are not going to complain about you. 

The payment

The final step to finish this process is payment. There are many payment methods, and you can choose the one which is the most convenient for you. You can pay both online and offline. This makes the process more convenient and fast. More details about the methods you can find on their website. Without the payment, you will not be able to finalize your application for receiving a film permit. Once you pay, you will see that you have finished the form. You have done everything from your side, and now the only thing that you can do is wait. 

How Long Will it Take to Get the permit?

It will take a couple of days until your permit gets approved. The average number of days is 3, but there may be some variations. There are many applications, and the representatives need time to analyze everything. In the process, there may also be other work-related delays. So I highly recommend you not to leave this at the last minute. For your confidence, start this process at least a couple of weeks before your filming. This will help to prevent you from stressful situations. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I know about the harmful effects of the delays on work. 


I have tried to include everything that you may need to know about a film permit. You can use my article as a guide for you in this process, and I will be happy to help you. Right now, there is too much information, and I have tried to choose the essential ones. Also, you can check out my website Stepanyan Photography. I am sure you will find there many useful articles about Los Angeles. If you have chosen Los Angeles for your shooting, I can assure you that you can have magnificent scenes. I live in Los Angeles for a long time, but every time I discover new beautiful places. Discovering something new is one of the greatest parts of my work. Filming in Los Angeles can be one of the most memorable and delightful experiences, so get your permit and start your journey. 

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