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Category: Headshot Tips

10 Halloween Photo Shoot Spots in Los Angeles
October 8, 2019

It is fall already, and you maybe thinking about doing something cool and memorable. Obviously, there is nothing more exciting than Halloween, right? Yes, it is. What about a Halloween photo shoot in Los Angeles? Everybody looks forward to this date impatiently and starts preparing a costume on the very first day of October, or maybe even earlier.  A truly cool thing to do on this special day is to organize a photo shoot in Los Angeles. You...

How Demo Reel Serves your Acting Career?
October 3, 2019

Hey, future Hollywood star! Still in the process of creating a resume for an acting career in LA? Have you already got a great headshot done? Well done! But it is not enough. It’s time to complete your resume with a demo reel, which is another kind of a calling card for an actor. Wanna know how demo reel serves your acting career? What is a demo reel? Briefly, a demo reel is a video collection of your previous acting work that lasts no...

Actor’s Resume - Everything You Need to Know
September 28, 2019

Every job requires a resume. The resume is your image in the eyes of your employer regardless of the job type you are applying for. That is why people always spend time and efforts to create a great resume that will help them get the job of their dreams. If you are an actor, the resume is a very special and important thing for your acting career in Hollywood. You need to have a good resume with a professional headshot for auditions in Los Angeles...

7 Tips on Corporate Headshots
September 22, 2019

Living in a world of business, you have definitely faced the need of having business headshots. Headshots are an essential element for the image of a businessman. You may understand the importance of getting headshots and even find a professional headshot photographer in Los Angeles. However, there are several factors you should take into account when you get headshots. Here they are: 1. Headshot Wardrobe What you wear for your headshots...

How to Choose an Acting School in Los Angeles
September 16, 2019

Do you want to make fantastic performances and get an Academy Award or Golden Globe? Do you want to build an acting career in Hollywood but do not know where to start? That means you are in the right place. Acting schools in Los Angeles are the best place to start at. As a headshot photographer I would recommend to start from getting a headshot and delve into the movie industry, and, at the same time, choose an acting school. The fact that...

3 Tips for Emerging Actors!
August 10, 2019

Acting has become one of the toughest, most challenging, and competitive industries. Nowadays, with so many acting opportunities and various media platforms it is harder to get noticed as a professional actor. Here are a few useful tips for emerging actors who are struggling to get through auditions.  1. Be confident! Whether you are a teacher, a lawyer or a president you need maximum confidence to get the job done. Otherwise, the...

How to Get Ready for the Photoshoot - Common Mistakes.
July 14, 2019

As a headshot photographer, I can work any magic on your skin with photoshop, however, I always recommend my clients to get their skin ready for the photoshoot; it concerns both male and female clients. Most men think there’s nothing they need to do with their skin. However, it is a wrong approach. Most of my clients reside in the Los Angeles Area and the climate here is quite “skin-friendly”. Regardless, you need to start getting ready for...

How Photos Make Your Business Fail
June 7, 2019

According to marketing researches, bad photographs can cause more harm to your company’s reputation than anything else. The good or bad quality of the images can make the first impression on your potential clients. It’s a shame to lose potential clients because of badly lit, blurry or stolen images on your website. Don’t put your company’s reputation under risk and save money on hiring a professional photographer both for your website and...

6 Ways to Fail Your Acting Career
March 19, 2019

1.Sitting and Waiting. Exactly! Don’t sit and wait for an agent or a manager to sell you, or a director to offer you a part. Every day is a struggle to do more, to create more and to strengthen your skills as an actor. About doing more: work on your social media by not just posting food or nice landscapes but create your instagram page as an actor, create your brand and try to engage as many followers as possible. Nowadays, videos engage...

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