In order to have a clear and successful actors’ plan 2021, you have to look at your past experiences first. No matter if you are an actor with already long experience, or you are just starting your career. We always have to look back to analyze what we have done and why we have done so. Moreover, we may have reached lots of successes and accomplishments due to our willpower and skills. We may have failed or overcome several challenges that made us stronger. Especially last year, 2020, was full of unexpected challenges, and we have had to put in extra effort in order to “survive.” They say, the past is not important, and we have to be mindful and concentrate on the present. However, looking at your past experience will help you understand and avoid the same mistakes and realize the tricks that will help you to improve yourself more.

As an actor, you should analyze how you have improved your talent. This includes whether you have done an individual self-exploration trying to understand, for example, your actor type. Or have you learned new skills yourself or due to acting workshops and classes? You can analyze your job choices too. What were your top priorities while looking for a job; getting something appropriate for your “type,” earning more money, trying yourself in something new, or all together? Remember were you making a great CV while applying for those jobs with an acting headshot done by a professional headshot photographer? Or did you not choose the one who does the best headshots? Also, remember whether any acting agents or managers helped you.

Here, we will introduce some tips on how to make an efficient 2021 actors’ plan in your favor and what points to include in it.


1. You have to define your clear goals and purposes

If you want to have a beneficial 2021 actors’ plan, you have to put a clear goal in front of you. Many research shows that people who have the “end in mind” are more likely to reach that end. This means that before starting anything, you should have the clear result in your mind that you imagine accomplishing. In that way, you will also analyze and acknowledge the process and steps you are going to go through, the means you are going to use while reaching that “end.” And one more important part is that having a clear purpose will make you ready for any difficulties. Sometimes, we fail to estimate that everything might not go too smoothly, and we stop while meeting challenges. But you have to be ready for them and already plan the means to overcome them.

An essential part is not to overestimate your abilities as an actor while making your plan and defining your purpose, but also do not underestimate your abilities. Your purpose and the “risks” you are going to take to reach it should be realistic, and if it is so, do not hesitate. They say, when you take a risk, you may fail, but when you do not try, you ensure failure. So, you surely do not want to ensure your acting career failure. That is why act with courage to reach your purpose. Now, do you want to get the role you wanted too much in 2021? Or maybe new connections? You might want to get more professional headshots, as acting headshots are crucial? Or maybe you want to change your career from a comedy actor to a drama actor? The latter will be a huge job, but you can do it.


2. Skills you will need: Creativity and Positivity


Creativity is the highest level of thinking. According to Blooms’ taxonomy, you have to pass several stages to be able to create something: remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, and evaluating. Just imagine you study how to do all these and practice. You will already become a really great thinker who will skillfully succeed in his or her acting career. And, imagine you have creativity in everything you do. It can be creating an outstanding CV with the best headshot, interesting design, and some content that has never been applied. You can be creative during casting auditions while presenting yourself for the job you want. You can be creative everywhere. So, if you think you lack creativity, make sure to involve its development in your 2021 actors’ plan. Remember, the beginning might not be that easy, but many experiences will solve the problem.

Creativity will also help you become proactive. The latter means creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened. Sometimes, we sit down and wait for something good to happen to us. We may wait for one famous casting director to call us and tell us that he has always been dreaming of us to play the suggested role. Or we may be waiting for an acting agent to come and beg us to work with them. Unfortunately, this will never happen. Proactivity means taking action yourself. Stand up, explore, and try. While applying for the role you want or for an acting agency, be creative. Imagine what will attract them the most. Try to involve your professional headshot photographer in the process to get a good acting headshot. Professional headshots are crucial. Start early to reach mastery!


I do not know your personality traits, but, in any case, you may need to add “positivity” to your actors’ plan 2021. Why so? Well, positivity is defined as a tendency to have an optimistic attitude. Our attitude is how we apply to the situations, events, and people around us, how we perceive everything, and how we react. Positivity in an acting career will help you stand up after failure, or just not even think about anything negative that “may happen.” I know the latter is very common, and you too have probably already thought about “what if” you are not chosen for the role, “what if” the workshop you are applying for is not that good one, “what if” you do not get a professional headshot just because yours is not a professional headshot photographer. Lots of “what ifs,” but, remember, our thoughts tend to become a reality; think positively.

People are also important

Adding positivity to your 2021 actors’ plan does not only refer to you as an individual. It also refers to the group you surround yourself with a circle of friends, close people, not only as a person but as an actor too. It is not a secret that social factors and people have an enormous effect on us, our behavior, and our perception of ourselves. Positive human interactions increase mood, give strength and motivation, while the negative ones make us feel depressed. Imagine you have a positive circle of people around with whom you can even try roles, stage plays, decide how to apply somewhere in a creative way, etc. So to say, having positive actor friends will be even more beneficial for you.

And, imagine you have the most positive and professional headshot photographer with whom you can cooperate to make the best headshots. Best headshots need positivity! So, what are you waiting for? Exclude all the negativity from your life and strengthen the light and positivity within and outside yourself. It may not be straightforward at first, but, again, everything comes with experience.

3․ The power of Belief and Right Evaluation

Every person needs to believe in his or her abilities in order to succeed because the one who is going to reach the final purpose is the person himself. If you are not sure that you have sufficient skills, how are you going to motivate yourself to move on? As at an individual level, at a professional level too, you need to boost your self-confidence, but do it wisely and in an appropriate way. Hence, try to analyze and feel whether you are happy about your experiences? Are you satisfied with the skills the acting classes and workshops gave you? Do you believe that you will be accepted with all your current characteristics? If you have some hesitations, make sure to add this “self-confidence boosting” part in your actors’ plan 2021 too, in order to work on it during the year. Do such activities to believe in yourself more.

It is not that only self-belief will help you. You also have to be extremely aware and conscious about what is your “value.” By this said, I mean, what is your experience worth? Have you worked so hard to get the same backstage roles the whole time? So, what is the problem then? Maybe you have not chosen the rightest professional headshot photographer who makes the best acting headshots? Or perhaps you are not that good at audition rooms? But what if you are great, but you cannot find out about it, and you are constantly presenting yourself wrong. Everything comes with experience. Day by day, try to analyze your potential, and you will become so experienced you will be totally aware of yourself. Remember, self-trust and the right evaluation are the keys.

4. Let’s move on to the main thing

You have probably heard a lot that if you want to manage your works efficiently, you may need a planner, a calendar, a reminder, or something that will sum up your plans and remind you about them. It is also essential to write down on paper the exact plan by which you are going to reach your steps. This is because when the result is clear, we have to concentrate on the means and the difficulties we may face. So right down your actors’ plan 2021 in a detailed way.

Let’s discuss an example 

Let’s assume that you are working extremely hard for years and doing your best as an actor. And, this is not without purpose; you have a clear aim. You have always dreamed of being an “active” actor and participating in lots of famous shows and films at some stage. Now, you feel your time has come. What are you doing? You are writing down and clarifying your dream workplaces when you are going to get connected to your acting agent or manager if you have one. What kind of help are you going to ask from them?

An essential part will be to write down the detailed process of applying for the jobs. You should have a clear vision of where they take the best headshots in order to get an outstanding acting headshot. Your professional headshot will be the basis of your success. Write down how you are going to reach the audition room. Include what kind of connections you are going to use; personal and professional, maybe? Also, it is vital to have a backup plan. You can never be sure that your first plan is going to work, so, in order not to get broken and be unaware of what to do next, have a backup plan.

And remember, they say, plans written with pen on the paper have more probability of coming true 🙂 

Summing up what you need to include in your 2021 actors’ plan?

We were thinking of how to make a sufficient actors’ plan 2021 for you. The first step will be looking back at your past experiences and analyzing them. Analyze your previous learning, CV making, getting hired, and other processes. Then define your clear purposes. You may want to try new roles. You may want to get an acting agent or find a professional headshot photographer to get the best headshots. The reason is that the acting headshots are very crucial while creating an opinion about you, which is why for a good impression, you will need professional headshots.

Add creativity and positivity to your list if you lack them. Creativity will help you while introducing yourself in the audition room, for example. It is the highest level of thinking which needs to be practiced. Positivity means looking at things with optimistic sight. It is also important to surround yourself with positive people, including your actor friends and the ones who will do the professional headshots for you. Believe in yourself and know your value. It will help you orientate easier. Write down on paper your detailed plan and try to reach it.

Hope this was helpful!

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