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Category: Headshot Tips

10 Tips on Actors’ Career in Los Angeles
March 9, 2020

I am sure each day you listen or read a lot of advice on how to create a successful career. Me, being a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I also heard a lot of useful and important advice. But also in my career, I understood that being talented is never enough. Yes, if you are talented, then you will be noticed by many people. But besides talent, one of the most important things are the habits that you have as a professional, and how you develop...

Actors' Networking Events in Los Angeles
March 2, 2020

Every actor dreams about a successful career in Hollywood. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, who does many affordable headshots for actors, I know that many young talents work hard to be one of the most successful actors. But in this sphere, being talented and having a good portfolio is not enough. In order to stay in the game, you must develop your networking skills during your whole life. Networking is one of the essential skills that...

Romantic Spots for Photoshoot in Los Angeles, CA
February 24, 2020

Los Angeles is one of the most photogenic cities in the world. It has a lot of beautiful locations, where you can have affordable headshots, and at the same time, admire the scenery. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I always try to find new places. And I always wonder how many appealing locations there are in this city. In my previous article, I have already made a list of interesting places for photoshoots. Now I have decided to make a...

Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas - Part 2
February 13, 2020

Air is already full of love, which means that one of the most beautiful and romantic days of the year is around the corner. And we all know that Valentine’s day is the perfect day to have a romantic photoshoot and save memories forever. In my previous article, I have already shared a couple of unique Valentine’s day photoshoot ideas. But as I am a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I always search for new and inspiring ideas to make them a...

Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas - Part 1
February 11, 2020

Valentine’s day is near, and couples are already counting the days until February 14th. This is the perfect day to show your loved ones how special they are. Each day of the year must be a celebration of love. But we all know that February 14th has a unique energy, and we always want to make that day memorable. Most of the couples plan their surprise ahead of time, and others just wait until the last day. But remember, it is essential to be...

How to Do a Professional Photo Shoot at Home
February 4, 2020

Wouldn’t it be great if each of us could arrange a professional photo shoot at home? For example, when there’s a need for a new profile picture for Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and we want it to be fabulous. Or maybe you want to become a professional photographer, and experimenting at home on different models and subjects will be the right thing to do. Besides being affordable, this also allows to feel as a headshot photographer in Los Angeles...

Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles
January 28, 2020

 We’re halfway through winter, which means that one of the most romantic days of the year is near. Many couples are already professionals in planning Valentine’s Day and choosing the right gift, but for some, it is still really hard to choose something special for their loved ones. Sometimes it may seem that there are no ideas at all, and at that exact second, the panic starts. Take a deep breath, and remember that in spite of everything, you...

6 Best Free Casting Websites of 2020
January 16, 2020

Today, thanks to the development of technologies, actors who are about to begin their acting career in Los Angeles, have the chance to find job opportunities online. Casting websites make that process accessible to actors, thus making it simple to respond to Los Angeles casting calls. It is no more necessary to print out your resume and a headshot made by a Los Angeles headshot photographer. Opening your computer right now, you have the chance to...

Top 5 Los Angeles Acting Blogs to Follow
January 9, 2020

If you live in Los Angeles, and you are an actor, this is a blog you should absolutely read. Los Angeles acting blogs will give you an insight into all the musts of acting. Reading acting blogs, you will understand how to create good resumes, how to participate in auditions, how to respond to Los Angeles acting calls, and how to find a professional Los Angeles headshot photographer. Acting blogs will also introduce you to how and where to book...

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