Los Angeles is one of the most photogenic cities in the world. It has a lot of beautiful locations, where you can have affordable headshots, and at the same time, admire the scenery. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I always try to find new places. And I always wonder how many appealing locations there are in this city. In my previous article on amazing locations for headshots in Los Angeles, I have already made a list of interesting places for photoshoots. Now I have decided to make a list of the most romantic spots. I am sure that many couples have already done a lot of photoshoots in photo studios in Los Angeles. So if you want to find a new place, which will be completely different from the photo studios in Los Angeles, you need to start to explore this beautiful city. There are many places where you can do photoshoots with low photoshoot rates. The weather here is always sunny and warm, which is another advantage of doing photoshoots in Los Angeles. So, here are a couple of the most beautiful and romantic spots in Los Angeles, which you definitely should check out. 

1. Universal Studios Hollywood

Many people who think about Los Angeles, the first thing that comes into their minds is Hollywood. Today, one of the most famous destinations of Los Angeles is Universal Studios Hollywood. Each day hundreds of people go there to explore the backstages of their favorite movies. Even if you don’t have any connection with cinematography, I am sure in childhood you had your favorite movies and dreamed about being in one of them. You can explore all the locations that you once saw in a movie. And a headshot photographer in Los Angeles can take pictures of you in those places. I am sure it will be a fascinating experience to feel like a movie star for a day and capture those moments forever. This is one of the most magical and interesting places for doing a photoshoot in Los Angeles. You can get more information about Universal Studios Hollywood here

2. Disneyland Park

Most of us grew up watching Disney cartoons and movies. Our childhood is connected with most of them. Disneyland has a specific atmosphere that transforms us into our childhood. This place is definitely not only for children, and everyone can have a wonderful time there. In order to make the photoshoot in Disneyland even more appealing, you and your loved one can dress up as a prince and princess from your favorite cartoon. You can pose in the themed places of Disneyland, or in front of the castle. This is the simplest way to become a prince and princess for a day. Imagine how interesting the final result will be, and in the future, you can show the pictures to your children and tell them how that magic happened. Photo studios in Los Angeles also arrange these types of photoshoot at a very professional level. But the photoshoot will be better if it is done in Disneyland. The entry price of Disneyland is around $90. 

3. Gondola Ride

Venice is famous for its gondola rides, and many couples go there to feel the romance of those rides. But fortunately, you can experience gondola rides not only in Venice but also in Los Angeles. This is one of the few ideas, which can’t be made into reality in the photo studios in Los Angeles. So, right now, it’s the best time to arrange this photoshoot. You can take your loved one to Redondo Beach, where you can have a gondola ride and have a photoshoot in such a romantic atmosphere. Take with you your favorite wine, and enjoy the time spent together. This is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your significant other. It is also an easy way to relax from your daily life. You can go there in the evening, when the sun has already set, this will help to catch magnificent pictures and enjoy the breathtaking view. This is one of the most romantic ways to do a photoshoot in Los Angeles. 

4. El Matador State Beach

One of the most popular beaches of Malibu is El Matador State Beach. It has beautiful rocky surroundings, and the water is very clear. Many couples visit this beach because it has a special and very romantic atmosphere. You can just lay down on the sand and listen to the sound of the water and enjoy each other’s company. But as the view is breathtaking there, it is a perfect place not only to relax but also to do a photoshoot. As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, I would recommend you to go there during the sunrise or sunset, because at that time you will most probably get the best pictures. There are a lot of guides on how to choose the best hours of sunlight, so I am sure you will manage to catch the perfect lighting. Los Angeles always welcomes its visitors with warm and sunny weather, so the weather will help your pictures to be magnificent. It is possible, with very low photoshoot rates, to have a very romantic photoshoot in Los Angeles, take affordable headshots and enjoy your loved one. 

5. Exposition Park Rose Garden

Another romantic spot for couples in Los Angeles is Exposition Park Rose Gold. If you are tired of fast, crowded and dirty city life, then this place is what you need. Most of the headshot photographers in Los Angeles will recommend you to go there in spring because, at that time, flowers bloom, and the colors will let you have one of a kind pictures. You can implement different ideas there, and with the help of a headshot photographer, get affordable headshots and eventually, your desired result. Take your significant other and hide in this place full of colorful roses and romance. Although in the photo studios in Los Angeles, you will get a high level of professionalism and great quality, but there are certain things that are impossible to arrange indoors. Besides doing a photoshoot with low rates, you can also visit the museums which are located in the park. You just need to check the open hours and days. Be ready to explore the park and take affordable headshots in such a beautiful place.

6. Greystone Mansion

If you want an elegant and classic location for your photoshoot in Los Angeles, then you must head to Greystone Mansion. It is not only a historic place but also a spot with interesting architecture. A lot of movies were filmed, and festivals were held here due to its loveliness. You can have a fairy tale photoshoot there, and enjoy the beautiful garden. This is a perfect option for you if you want to take affordable headshots with a great backdrop. The mansion is located in Beverly Hills, which is one of the most popular places in Los Angeles. To correspond with the style of Greystone Mansion, I would highly recommend you to wear something classic. In this way, it will be easier for you to choose your look for the photoshoot. In the garden, there is a beautiful balcony, where a headshot photographer can take pictures of you during sunset. 

7. Runyon Canyon 

If you and your significant other love adventurous activities like hiking, then keep in mind Runyon Canyon. A photoshoot in a place like this will be quite unusual, but the final result will be very original. Headshot photographers in Los Angeles, often encourage their clients to experiment with different ideas and try new things. You can hike with your partner to the top, and enjoy the magnificent view with each other, and take a lot of pictures with the view of city lights. Remember that the city lights are one of the most beautiful backdrops. You can take great pictures also on your way to the top, which I am sure will be full of emotions. This will also be a good way to work out together. So, with a low photoshoot rate in Los Angeles, you can get affordable headshots and spend fun time together. 

8. Wayfarers Chapel

Wayfarers Chapel has amazing architecture and design. Its surroundings have a beautiful nature, where everyone can find peace. To have a photoshoot here, you need to book in advance and examine the rules of the Wayfarers Chapel. There are certain days and hours when you can do a photoshoot there. A lot of couples arrange their wedding photoshoots there, but I am sure a regular photoshoot will also be very appealing. Most of the headshot photographers in Los Angeles would recommend you to investigate the area and understand where you want to capture pictures. This will help you not to waste time, and fully enjoy the process. I am sure you want pictures, which will be lovely even after many years. So, the photoshoot in Los Angeles will be easier if you know the place quite well. 

9. Sunset Ranch Hollywood

This is a perfect opportunity to take your loved one to a great horseback riding. Even if you haven’t tried horseback riding in your life, you will remember this for the rest of your life. This is one of the most romantic and fun things to do. You can do a themed photoshoot here by trying a cowboy look and trying to ride a horse. At the same time, a headshot photographer in Los Angeles will catch creative pictures of you. There are a lot of tours available, you just need to choose your favorite one and enjoy the day. If you are a fan of activities like this, then this is a perfect option for you. You will not only take affordable headshots but also enjoy the breathtaking views. There are different tours available, and mostly they vary from $50-$125. 

10. Palm Springs

Palm Spring is known for being a perfect vacation destination. It is a great way to combine a photoshoot with a vacation. There are a lot of beautiful spots in Palm Springs, where you can have a magical backdrop and effortlessly capture beautiful pictures. In Palm Springs, you can enjoy the gifts of nature, and add them to your photoshoot. For example, there are appealing mountains, sandy beaches, etc. There are no rules on how to arrange a photoshoot there. You can decide any theme, and a headshot photographer in Los Angeles will take great pictures. Photo studios in Los Angeles, of course, can’t provide such kinds of backdrops. So you will not only take affordable headshots but also have some rest with your partner. 

11. The Broad

If you love unique architectural design, then The Broad is what you are searching for. You will not only capture beautiful pictures but also enjoy the museum, and see many appealing things. The exterior is so beautiful that both at night and during the day, you will have one of a kind pictures. If you check The Broad’s website, I am sure you will want to go there immediately. This is a unique place, which will guarantee unique pictures. 

Los Angeles is full of romantic locations. It doesn’t matter what is the occasion of your photoshoot, because in every place you will manage to take great pictures. There are certain tips that you must follow, and you’ll notice that step-by-step each next image comes out better than the previous one. You just need to remember that the most important thing in every picture is the emotions, so don’t try to take quick photos, and don’t forget to enjoy the process of a photoshoot fully. After all, when you look at those pictures, you will remember all the memories from that day and how special it was. Pick with your loved one your favorite spot, and don’t be afraid to get creative. Trust the photographers and collaborate with them, because they are professionals, and know how to satisfy your needs. Decide the photoshoot rate together, and have your dream photoshoot in Los Angeles. If you are more into films read about filming locations in Los Angeles in my blog.

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